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Image 4 of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.), August 29, 1952

Part of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.)

AUGUST 29, 1952 0 YEARS AGO South Park Road By Mrs. Thomas Brinley Bardslown Road News Ml. Washington News OUR Mrs. Fleldsn Frederick By Mrs. T. H. Parrhh 7. DEMOCRACY- - -- Lane was rushed to the hospital Monday with a heart attack. We hope his condition is not serious. Mrs. John Kaufman has been Bates Lane News byMat By Mrs. L. M. Bishop Well kids, it looks as if the An tVlA Gl.b- Hot nrrnlM Dr. and Mrs. J. W. D. Skiles Mr. and Mrs. M. R. Porter, Ten members of Jeffersontown Mr, and Mrs. Noah Donhoff time has rolled around again and , Drive carefully Troon No. 1. Bov Scouts of Amor- - flnrf children arrived here last Misses Judith Ann, Svbil and and son, Durward, left last week this Labor Day the school bells will ring out. To week-en- d. "fHE VOICE OF OUR. DEMOCRACY TENDS TO BECOME outing vveck from Florida and are vis- - : Meribeth Porter recently enjoyed for a vacation trip through ica, went on a four-da- y mose parents wno are sending LOUPE IN A PfcESIPENTIAL ELECTION 'EAR. at Floyd's Fork in charge of As- - itms relatives and friends. They a vacation trip in the hast, lhey . J - .i m u:i J f.-i.1'iuiuieii, jum me n oi your AT THIS SEASON, WHEREVER. AMERICANS COME Robert Millard, of Louisville, sistant Scoutmaster J. C. Alcock. caii0d on Mr. and Mrs. Tom Brin- - spent three days at an adult con- school, know your child's teacher IN TRAINING Boys making the trip were Bane jCy( Thursday. They will return vocation at Lake Junaluska and spent a week of his vacation with TOGETHER, THE POLITICAL DISCUSSION WAXES HOT. as a friend. You will also learn heard a sermon by Billy Graham. his uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Agee, Curtis Alcock, William back to Florida next week. more of the parents of the chil Made up of men of the Louis- They visited Chimney Rock in William Norris, at Old WilderBryan, DeWitt Davis, Walter Mrs. Irene Brinley and children your child is with all day. j ville area, the Seventh Special 71 .' t i? Walter Evans, James dren and Mrs. Shirley Wallace South Carolina, Natural Bridge ness IFort, on the Taylorsville V This will help to build a stronger j Infantry Company, United States in Virginia and other places of Road. Larzelere, Guthrie Polk, Joe Ros-ell- e and baby were callers Wednesfellowship in the community Marine Corps, is undergoing a .Tony F. day evening of Mrs. Katherine interest. and Edwin Swift. Dr. and Mrs. Orris Aaron, of two-wetraining period at Par-r- is Bro. J. N. Causey read a letRoselle, Louisville hatter, pro Brinley. Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Monro, Elizabethtown, are the recipients Island, S. C. tents. Shively, spent the week-en- d ter he received from Bro. J. O. with of a little daughter, born last i vided the Mr. and Mrs. William Nally Capt. Dallas A. Arnold, Coral , StJ'S r::- 01 J Watson Sunday in church. Bro. The Jetierson county muwi children Mrs. Tom Brinley his aunt. Mrs. Jasper Smith and week in an infirmary m Louis- - i , wM.' Watson and family left in March Ridge, physical education inr;in..H Sundav family at Mauck Port, Ind. Institute was held at the courtville. Dr. Aaron is head of the 1..T 'i;ip's V'NfWio.r as missionaries in Rosario, Ar- - structor at Valley High School, house in Louisville under super- - nftcrnoon on Mr. and Mrs. Rob- Mrs. Sara McClure has return-visio- n Surgery Department of the new comof Orville J. Stivers, coun- - prt Brink,y and childivn and ed from a visit with Mr. and Mrs. Elizabethtown Hospital and Mrs. gentina. They are having their is commanding the pany. Executive officer is SecTro- ty school superintendent. winter now and have no heat in Aaron is the former Miss Jessie Mr rom Risisi;er of R0utt Road, Clvde Hood, in Illinois. mw, ah.bium, oU)er callers jn thig same home the houses and are quite , cold. ond Lieut. Edward J. Driscoll, 218 fessor J. i. Miss Shirley Dean Hall has re- Reeves, who lived at Fern Creek. ' They would love to hear from MacArthur Drive, film director was the instructor. tQ see the new babv werc Mr. turned from a business trip to Mr. and Mrs. Fielden Frederick of WHAS-TH. A. Brown, who moved to and Mfs Bud Wanler ami bahy Mississippi the folks here and any news j Mrs. Orville Stivers, Mrs. Homer j for Bell Telephone. I Fern Creek Mrs Anna Wald?n nnd b;lbVi Foley, Ala., from would interest them. YET, WHEN IT COMES TO THE BALLOT BOX, AS MANY AS The family of the late G. P. Thomas, and son, Keith, and Missj sent several sweet potatoes to E. Mrs SMic Brinley and Mrs. Mol. Sunday night after church Bro. ' Geraldine Brumley spent Thurs- - j 4 OUT OF 10 tLIGIBLE VOTER.S MAY FAILTO CAST Wigginton and wife held its anB. Berry, secretary of the Jeffer- - Jie WaldenCausey showed pictures thev Diamonds nual reunion Sunday at the home dav at Bardstown, and visited I Jewelry THEIR.VOTES. THE FOUNDERS OF OUR COUNTRY, WHO Company, lor snn Pnuntv Fair j took on their trip to Asheville, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Brinley of Mrs. Ella Wigginton, wife of "The Old Kentucky Home." u:u::n nnmooc AnnnrHintT in FOUGHT FOR THE VOTING PRIVILEGE, WOULD LITTLE HAMILTON N. C, and Ridgecrest. ELGIN QRUZM proud parents of a baby the late Dave Wigginton, the eldMr. and Mrs. James Page of APPRECIATE OR. UNDERSTAND THIS FAILURE TO the editor bf The Jcf- - are the WATCHES Lou born Mrs. C. W. Peers is visiting Ionian "had the pleasure of on very August 19of Bobb.e litlte est son. Present were Mrs. Beargrass Avenue, entertained EXERCISE THE RIGHT OF FRANCHISE. proud her in Hodgensville, Ky. Laura Shelburne, Mr. and Mrs. relatives from Russell Springs making several meals from three " Carl Wigginton, Mr. and Mrs. Hu and Columbia, Ky., last week. Mr. and Mrs. L. G. Peers arc . which weighed f rotner. h ." of the potatoes iMT ROGERS BROS. SILVER Mrs. Rose Brinley and chil- - bert Wigginton, Mr. and Mrs. Mr. William P. Kerlin, who is the proud parents of a baby girl. four pounds." We are sorry L. G. had to be in son, Doris Robert, arrived at dren, Bobby and Mary Rose, are Allen Thurman (Grace), and Mr. selling his house and furnishings, Cxpcrt Repairing A Eiubllibed U33 Korea at this time in the Army. the home of Mr. and Mrs. Fred spending two weeks with her Bemus Shake, husband of the late this week, will leave for Okolo-ho242 FRANCIS BUILDING Raymond Leffel and Ora Wigginton. to make his home, where Congratulations! Johnson. Fern Creek. The mother brother, Mr. Phone JA, 0446 Mary Ann is the name of the he owns other real estate. was the former Miss Pearl An- - family. We were happy to have five LOUIS VILLI j spent baby girl born August 14 to Mr. Mrs. Thomas Brinley Mr. and Mrs. William Norris derson. new people to apply for memI 11 ll I 'I 1 VI Branch in JEFFERSONTOWN Mrs. Maggie Meyer, 48, Bue- - Tesdav with her sister, Mrs. An- - and Mrs. R. Lee McAfee. Billy-i- s were dinner guests on Friday bership in the High View Bap- -' i 114 N. TAYLORSVILLE i proud of his little sister. evening of Mr. and Mrs. Fielc'en chel, died following a brief ill- nie Welch, in Louisville, tist Mission Sunday. May they ness of appendicitis. . . Mrs. Phil- i From last reports, little Joyce Mr. and Mrs. Freddie Staten Frederick. be blessed for taking this stand ip Graff, Sr.: her daughters. Mrs. Holt is feeling some better and (Carolyn Harris), of Louisville, in this community. The relatives of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Nickles and Miss Elizahave named their new baby girl, Gilbert Lewis, who spent the is at home now but has to reWe missed Mr. and Mrs. Horbeth Graff ,and Miss Lillian main in bed. Sandra Lynn. summer with them on Bradford ace Reaves Sunday who are on "Complete Coverage" injured when a ' Nickles were Mr. and Mrs. Amos Brown's Drive, returned last week to their Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Brinley vacation. Also several others. HOME buggy overturned on Six Mile had as callers Monday night, Mr. son has been named home in Florida. David Bates Lane Is proud of its Lets keep faith with our. founding fathers, six AUTOMOBILE Lane. The horse became fright j and Mrs. Jack Derham and Those from this community fourth new arrival this year. BURGLARY months from now, and by voting - sach and all ened by an automobile. Lou, Mr. and daughter, Mary Mr. and Mrs. S. F. Smith and who attended the homecoming Mr. and Mrs. Martin Bischoff are of us- - discharge this primary responsibility Graduates of county schools Mrs. John Brinley and daugh Kennedy Insurance Agency Sunday at Knob Creek Church in the proud parents of a big boy, as citizens of our. democracy. received their diplomas at excr- - ter. Peggy Lynn, Mrs. ruchard grandsons, Linton, Lee, Larry and CH. 4072 Barry Hickman, left last Friday Bullitt County were: Mr. and Walter Jerome Bischoff born risps held at Louisville Girls Brinley and children, Paul, Don-n- y to visit his sister, Mrs. J. B. Lloyd Mrs. Orville Stivers, Mr. and Mrs. Bank of Buechel BIdg. Wednesday afternoon about 4:30. They included High School. and Beverly Diann. (Mollie) and Mr. Lloyd, return- Otis Stivers, Mr. and Mrs. James Congratulations folks and best Misses Rosalind Scoggan, Tillie I McCullough, Mr. and Mrs. John Mrs. Mary Neagle called Sun- - ing home Monday. Young. Marie Diemer and Edna from St. Anthony's Hospital guests Wednesday of Mrs. Nina wishes. .1 ,U... Revival services are in nrnn- - J. Luhr, Mr. and Mrs. Lee Suther- Tuesday. She is doing very well. Mcintosh. Mr. and Mrs. George Young and Russell Frederick, nay aiieruoon on net iuuli;mv. Kraecer land, Mr. and Mrs. Fielden Fred, , . ilQll. HIT -Cnt,,T4o n!i,Ut uu I rf, nt Rlthpi nutuviiri t Maury Wright, William D. Frey Mrs. Alma Hams. Mrs. Cora Hazelwood is in a .J mgiii n mi. uuu inia. iviarsnau ftODCrtS ana allaee and son. Rev Vcrnon chandler js the erick, Mrs. J. H. Shively, Mr. and Louisville Mrs. Shirley hospital where she Fredie, Mrs. William Lee Mark- - Mrs- - William Wiederman and George Frey, all of Buechel. of Monday on pvanf,eist assisting Mrs. Hugh Standiford, and Mr. t the well and Gary were guests last Louisville, who also have a new Further improvements at the Thomas Lee, called Jesse Harris underwent an operation. Rev. M B. MaVE Fisher and Mrs. Danny Fulkerson. Mr. Mrs. D. Aubrey and son, J. T., Wednesday of Mr. and Mrs. son- PROMPT DELIVERY Jeffersontown Christian Church her mother, Mrs. and daughter, Joy, have charge Orville Stivers brought the mes rr AT r Qnrl TVTc ATA n Waldon Roberts. Mr. Marshall Mr. and Mrs. I. C. Grant, of were discussed at an conureo- - and family. sage at the morning service to a Mrs. Bett:e Kays and children of music Thursday night. b tional business meetinc called by Roberts and Marshall joined them Louisville, were Tuesday mornfull house and later a basket dm- called on Mrs. Nellie Nally and MrS- - Sarah phim t the in the evening meal. J. T. Wheeler, chairman. ing callers of Mr. and Mrs. L. M. ' Ml ner was enjoyed at Ferguson "7; Mrs. children. Monday. Mr, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Blanton and Bishop. Suburban 1 Parrish, Grove where a large crowd was ,pplr pnH with Mr 10 YEARS AGO fus Phillips. children and Mr. and Mrs. RayMrs. J. V. McAfee, Misses Mary We are happy to hear Mrs. in attendance. Folks from In, "Domestic enemies have been v nun tijiu n ,i Water Delivery Co. Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Drury mond Gentry and children called Mose Konnorman and daughter, .a.- Catholic and protectant cUtl'y-me- n IW.UU leu iVJLrtieC, dianapolis, Chicago, La Fayette, oi Phyllis of St. Matthews ivet with attacking us throuch a devilish rjorjSi Incorporated and Kathrvn Ind., Elizabethtown and other called on Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Sunday to see Mr. and Mrs. Hal- - Betty hae returned from a campaign to destroy individual Pound were in Louisville MonMcGruder, Thursday night. lie Gentry. p r ti f Mr?. .T. M Wauoiv-rthree months trip to Germany places were present. by offerinc someMrs. Henry Berry was admitted to visit relatives. Dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. day. Greathouse School, tn talk .m v Mr. and Mrs. William Broyles Joe Baskctt, Sunday were Mr. 10 me thing for nothing." Win. J. f wnra! plans for a mnt;nunt!-uaptist Hospital t riday for Mrs. Geneva Dugan was after Lm Seay Our deepest sympathy to the who recently sold their home in and Mrs. J. C. Waldridge and observation. We wish for her a president of NAM. v. Th- Pa instruction church guest of Miss Georgia Buechel, are family of Mr. James Kaufman W. E. Lftwrtncc building a beautiful children, Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Au- speedy recovery. r Krut-- : hv!. ! 'i ii ti r. Sunday. who died Monday. residence on Watterson Lane brey and boys, Mr. and Mrs. church, va lr(t,.,l tist Mr. and Mrs. Llovd Tichi nor, which will soon be ready for ocWe are glad to see Mr. O. L. Vr.. nt tno Hl.lgl saiil. Tl Everett Welch, Mr. and Mrs. of the group. Mrs. Pearl H;,nis. Mi-- s Mariana cupancy. PHONES. Shobe out of the hospital. Hope In rau e of io:i: v; Harvey McGruder and Barbara, Oak Grove News the Kecei.N Harris and R...-e- r McCluve were Offic Rtildanc he is better. The new homo of .Mr and Mrs. Mrs. Annie Waldridge and Mr. y. ar ,i t tor tlio f. al Water Pistrn li o'clock dinner guests of Mr. TArlor 6U1 TAylot 1TIJ By Mrs. M. B. Graham and Wilfred Kaiser on Crawford Ave- -l Roy Waldridge. flag in honor of Miss A Mr. Chas. J. Waldron of Bates ending August 1 tot ale ! r..271.- Mrs. Hubert McGee, Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Drury spent Lucille Shncklette. a in n:h-- v of line, is nearing completion. 12 with expensed in hi-- ." ; Bro. Joe' Cox from Preston on'-- ; Army was' Mrs. II. F. Lutes, Mrs. I,.' I). Corp, Sunday with Mr. and Mr. Tommy Highway, began a series of meetpreciation of $fii0. of $t.!22.47. the Won. Miss Mildred Kaufman, daughLutes and Beverly Jean recently Drury. Lloyd W. Gates was chairman of dedicate I by the .Teffersonttwn ings at Oak Grove Church MonMrs. Frank Ratliff and ter of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Kaufthe commission: M. W. Ross, see- - Chapter. Order of Eastern Star. Mrs. Geraldine Weller at Vic- man, has accepted a position as day evening and will continue retary, and McKay King, tre- a- Miss Shaeklette was conductress tory. Mrs. Weller through the week. FloriA basket Brenilinger Lane witli an instructor in a school in returned There were 12!! con- - of the chapter. urer. da, for the coming term. dinner will be served on the lawn them for a visit. TAKES LESS TIME TO By Mr. Mary Hollowar Smith, 91. Spring- Mrs. Louisa sumers. Miss Elizabeth Standiford renext Sunday, August 31. You Mrs. Hale, mother of Mrs. O. P. A daughter. Helaine. was born field. Ohio, died at the home of turned home last week after Sunday, August 24, a group of are cordially invited to attend to Mr. and Mrs. Edward Napier, her daughter, Mrs. Vcrda Cate, Badgett, has returned from a teaching a summer term in Ore- friends motored to Sinai, Ky., to the services each evening at visit of ten weeks with her Fern Creek, in St. Anthony's Middletown. . . Other deaths celebrate the birthday of a dear 7:45; Bible study, Sunday at 10 granddaughter. Mrs. Chris Young gon. Hospital. The Napiers formerly were those of Mrs. Martha Bank-b- y Mail envelopes for the asking! friend, Mrs. Roy Langford. The a.m.; preaching at 11 a.m., also 45. and family in Florida. Rranham. Skidmore at the U. S. Naval Air'enee Because there's no parking problem no time table was spread under the shade at 3 p.m. and 7:45 p.m. Mr. and Mrs. H. II. McAfee, East Jefferson News RobJeffersontown: Mrs. Helen Klein lived in Jeffersontown. ins your normal banking business. Try it. Free Mr. Raymond Senninger, who of a locust tree and my what a Vittitoe, 3(i. Black Mud Lane, and Cincinnati, spent last week with V. Hancock, Jeffersontown. ert lost in making your deposit . . . banking by mail picnic lunch we enjoyed! Fried was badly burned last week at Mrs. Harvey McGrudtr is the fastest, most convenient method of transact- Station at Corpus Christi, Texas, Mrs. Catherine C. Becker. Crest-woo- d. his mother and made visits among rhickpn. rountrv ham and all the his home on Cedar Creek Road, the family, Wade McAfee. Tav- as an aviation cadet. Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Aubrey trimmines. to hie cakes eraeed is still in the hospital. We sinThe Jeffersontown Cemetery lorsville, Mrs. W. W. Spurr, Bue called on Guy Cornell, Jr., Sun- - j Methodist The Jeffersontown the center of the table Tnose cerely hope for his complete re50 from a chel, Mrs. E. E. Pound and her day night. realized a profit of SI Church held a dedicatory servwho enjoye(j the day were: covery. The money was ap- - sister and mother, Mrs. Svd Van fish fry. ice for a set of flags the congreDinner guests of Mrs. Everett Mr. and Mrs. Langford, Mr. and Bennie Finzer, 5 years old, against the Meter, near Elizabethtown gation had recently purchased. plied to indebtedness Welch, Thursday, were: Mrs. Mrs. George Atkins, Mr. and Mrs. cousin of Mrs. Rudolph Kuntz, The Rev. cemetery property. While Rev. M. B. Mav, Mrs. Included in the set was a Chrisis in a respirator at the hospital tian flag, an American flag and Dr. T. J. Graham spoke at the Harvcy McGruder and Barbara. I. N Poole and children, all of with polio, reported as a critical ! "m"r " Presbyterian weie v i1ifnC Mrs. i. .,. local Pennsylvania Run a service flag honoring pv,n M, case. It seems at this time there I MEMf FEOEIA1 DEPOSIT Methodist boys in the armed Church. . Zachary Taylor Post. at Marinn, ner uncle passed .A -i Anhrev and tmvs M . .T arA oofi -- i w vv aj , I INSUIANCE COrOATIOM j anu UO.J,U& gnu is no hope for his recovery. The iiLcxiij I forces. The latter banner hell American Legion, held its annual away. C. Waldridge and children, Mrs. j were received. Mr. and Mrs. Bob grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Ben supThe Lions Club Rally was very Alllll.t.4 win CITIZENS PIDItITT turtle soup and bratwurst nine stars. Finzer, live at St. Matthews. IANK I TIUST COMPANY. IOUISVIUI . Miss Velma Darbo was successful. A record crowd was uuuhmji inmuii ami maieia, mis. vvooaen canea in ine aiiernoon Edward W. Bensinger, Louis- - per. Maudie Durey, Mrs. Annie Wald- Master Wayne Farmer, son of Mr. and Mrs. David Jones and an in charge of a meeting of the in attendance and the financial ridge ville attorney, was appointed j and Mr. Roy Waldridge. children, Miss Annie Powell and Mr. and Mrs. Everett Farmer, return of $1,400 was very pleas additional trial commissioner by Jeffersontown Christian En Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Aubrey and Mr. Jim Powell called Sunday who has been suffering with polio mg. County Judge Mark Beauchamp. deavor. at his home on Billtown Road, 'The Bible Is The Only Rule of Faiih and Practice" Mrs. fJenrfia TVTnnrp enpnt Inn Mr. and Mrs. Bill Rogers, called afternoon to see Mr. and Mrs. on Mr. and Mrs. Ambrous Carey, j William Lee Markwell and Gary was admitted to the hospital last days with her sister, Mrs. Jasper j and they all were 6 o'clock din- - week for treatments. We are OAK GROVE CHURCH OF CHRIST Smith at Mauck Port, Ind., and Saturday night. Mar-spe- nt hoping for a quick response. TOR THOSt WHO CAR!" Mr. and Mrs. Everett Welch ner guests of Mr. and Mrs. with the Smith's visited another We deplore the tragic death of THIXTON LANE ROUTE 2. BUECHEL sister", over the week-en- d, last Sunday afternoon with sna11 Roberts and family. in Mrs. Mary Holloway called last Master Jerry Truman, son of Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Welch. Indianapolis. and Mrs. Edward Truman, who FORREST HURST, MINISTER Mr. and Mrs. H. L. (Jack) Mr. and Mrs. Georce Mentz I PRIVATE AMBULANCES live on Farmer Lane. The acEarl Sewell. Bible Class 10 A.M. Barnes and daughter, Miss Leda, have gone on a fishing trip. EQUIPMENT OXYGEN THERAPY Mr. and Mrs. Joe Robertson cident happened Friday at Farmspent their vacation on a motor 11 A. M. and 7 P. M. Preaching Service Miss Nellon Welch spent the MT. WASHINGTON. KT. BUECHEL, KY. trip to Smoky Mountains and week end with Miss Milda Faye attended a shower at Pleasure-vill- e, er Lane and Bardstown Road Phone 34 2 CHerokM Sunday afternoon, in the when he was struck by a car. The plea of the Churches of other Southern vistas. We hear so much about this Williams at Mt. Washington. Mrs. Vernon Smith and Mrs. home of Mr. and Mrs. L. D. Boyd Christ is to restore the aposMember Kj. Funeral Directors Burial Association we have just about forgotten Mrs. Adrian Insko was called Miss Anna Rose Shibley spent for their son, Billy, who is to be Manson Isaacs were Sunday tolic church, which simply that Christ, Himself, built a to the city last week by the illFriday night with Miss Nellon married. afternoon guests of Mr. and Mrs. means a complete return to church. He said: 'I will build ness of her brother. the original ground of the New my church." (Matthew 16:18). Mrs. Bessie Gentry, Mrs. Cur- Henry Breitenstein, Okolona. Mr. and Mrs. Lee McArthur Welch and Miss Betty Drury Mr. and Mrs. George Regen-aue- r, Testament church. Such an It belongs to Him by reason of tis Lindsey and son, Dennis Lee, entertained with a surpiise for spent Saturday night. appeal involves the going back purchase. Louisville, were week end He purchased it Miss Joyce Holt returned home and Charlie Gentry were all day Mrs. Minnie McArthur, last Sunbeyond all human creeds, with His own blood. guests of Mrs. Goldie Regenauer (Acts day. When she returned from councils and ecclesiastical au- 20:28). and mother, Mrs. Susan Smith. church her four friends, Mrs. thorities, to Christ and the in- 5. A Plea for Unity in Christ. You Other guests for dinner, Sunday, by Dick Shaw Myrtle Baird, Mrs. Josie Tyler, CUTAWAYS spired apostles; and restore all FULL DRESS SUITS We are not pleading for were Mrs. Lucy Miles and daughLouisville, Mrs. Sally Cornell, things wherein there has been union, but unity. A merging WHITE FORMALS ter, Miss Virginia Miles. TUXEDOS Bloomfield, and Mrs. Mamie Haran apostacy. This is not a plea of denominations is not the Bro. Brent Hickman, Mrs. Hickto reform some church, or to sort of unity for which Christ ris were guests. For Weddings and All Occasions man and baby, with Mr. and Mrs. establish a new one. prayed so earnestly. Mrs. Lloyd Yates, of Maud and (John John Gottschalk, motored to Cin 1. A Plea for the Name of 17:20-21- ). Is such unity as Mrs. Lillian Parrish were guests cinnati Saturday and attended that which Jesus desired pos- Christ, from Sunday until Friday with the Zoo. They reported a nice Ile who says there is noth- - sib.le today? How was such daughter, Mrs. Virthe former's trip and a good time. ing in a name is not familiar unity had in the first cen gil Ifinseh and family, in IndianPHONE JACKSON 2634 312 WEST JEFFERSON Miss Vivian Smith was enterwith the Scriptures. Salvation tury of the Christian era? apolis. is in the name of Christ. (Acts There was a united church in tained at supper, Sunday, by Miss 4:32). 4:12). Remission of sins is in Jerusalem (Acts 2:44-4Lilly Veteto in Louisville. the name of Christ. (Luke The next step was to estabMessrs Will Reader and James 24:46-4Christians are those lish churches of the same Reader surprised us with a short Lake Dreamland who wear Christ's name (Acts faith and order in other cities TRULY AN EXTRAORDINARY COAL Remvisit, Tuesday afternoon. and towns. By and by there 11:26; I Peter 4:16). By Miss Etta Charbonneau iniscing was on the agenda, quite 2. A Plea for the Word of was a church of Christ at Anti-oc- h, a pleasant visit. Mrs. Joe Bilielhanser, Camp another in Samaria and Christ. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Parris have Ground Road, gave birth to a The word of Christ is eter- another in Philippi. How can installed an oil furnace as winter 10 I!), boy. Both are doing fine. (Mark 13:31; I Peter we hope to have such a church nal. is just around the corner. They Only by preaching 1:25). Mr. Fred Ilcrpt was in the The word of God is today? believe in being prepared. sufficient to give us all the re- Christ and Him crucified, as hospital for a few days. Mrs. Lucy Miles had as all ligious instruction that we did the preachers and teach, Mrs. Collon's year old baby has need as Christians. (II Tim. ers of the apostolic century. night guests, Sunday, Mr. and polio gut is getting along nicely. 6. A Plea for Consecration to 3:16-17- ). Mrs. George Regenaner, of LouisThey live on Lake Dreamland Arrival of September means that Christ. 3. A Plea for the Authority of ville. Road. Christ. (Matt. 28:18). In baptism we put on Christ. .summer is on the way out. A very Billy Smith, who is in Little Mr. and Mrs. Nick Bibelhanser The Bible teaches that God (Galatians 3:27). Baptism is Kosair Hospital with polio, is and daughter moved into their good reason why you should ardelegated all authority to not the end, but marks the be' doing fine, we are glad to report. new home on Camp Ground Jesus, who in turn delegated ginning of the Christian life. Micheal Flechler, baby of Mr. range for next winter's supply of Road. the same authority to the Conversion involves a comand Mrs. Cletus Flechler, is not so Apostles. He gave them the plete surrender of solf and dependable Lcatherwood Coal j The Lake Dreamland Fire Deour well at this time. Dr. Reed ad- (Luke Holy Spirit to guide them into substance to Christ. partment was called out at 4:50 vised them to keep him away NOW. You won't be disappointed. all truth and to protect them 9:23; Matt. 10:38). Christiana.m. Tuesday to a car on Cane from crowds. from error in revealing the ity is more than simply being Road. Not much damage j Run Dial us today! Mr. Rudolph Kuntz sold his (John The Word. a member of the church. was done. 16:13). There is no evidence Christian must so live that Chevrolet to Mr. Phil Jenkins, of The Lake Dreamland and Cane in the Scriptures of this divine Christ can be seen in him. Okolona. Run Road Fire Department is authority ever being delegated (Matthew 5:14-1- 6; Phil. 2:15). petting organized for civil deto anyone else. Divine authorIt is our earnest desire that fense work. I There will be a until lYou when Dr. Thomas ity ended with the work and all professed Christians shall meeting soon at the Fire House. Walker made extensive exploraINCORPORATED revelation of the Apostles. be content with no name but Tb TrmliTl Sifrljr Serrict j Chief Teddy Travc Istead is chief tions in the Cumberland River (Rev. 22:18-19- ). Christian, no creed but the Buechel, Ky. 1941 Wat-taCHerokee for the 3rd Battalion. Lyn area, Kentucky was a virtually 4. A Plea for the Church of Christ, and no book but the LiM-Iiyou you ".i.tiircsscd your fiicuds without is Director of First Aid and Christ. uncharted part of the royal colony Bible. kil'iiv' llinn Nursing Service. of Virginia. VOICE ofDEMOCRACY ; A. , Wit ek ' J I T j 15-m- an i j ; j V. j ! - j I . to:.' I S. H. SHAW I il ll mmw mm ' j 1 1 ! INSURANCE Gil-mo- re. ! . rul - , WATER! 1 j r. P"lf : i 1 :; ' j j . BANK BY MAIL! .. Flor-report- ed t . . "citizens- . J2l . FIDELITY ,. 0j "- - I . I McAFEE FUNERAL HOME uLy 1561-156- dress suits rented Lucky SAM MEYERS 5; 7. SUMMER EXIT 14:16-17;14:2- 6; I Buechel Produce Exchange m

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