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Image 1 of Daily public ledger (Maysville, Ky.), April 7, 1894

Part of Daily public ledger (Maysville, Ky.)

IH9 w $ v.C-- rw - .a "DTTDT Tfl dSfiTw MA YaVll.I.R THIRD YEAR. . MAYSVILLE, tsTUc--T - - By)(y $ . ! I 1 I CI'., fe See the newest style lasts and colors Don't fall te 'attead the display at in Shoes en exhibition in Miner's show Mrs. L. V. Davis's Saturday. Zwelgart'a windows, Dleck. Hen. James II. Mulligan of LexingMrs. Jehn Davidsen, who has been ton has accepted the oppelatmont as Cen- sick for the past three weeks, is somesul General te Samoa. what better. ,lHm 41 LmmriK, , flB UDJJ JLU X nAXLV mrx ". H .BJ& T7 SATURDAY, APRIL 1 'tfSSO IT'S IN ONE CENT. 7, 1894. r PUBLISHER OF DONOHOE'S. 1 Great What-th- e THE Jrlflt li t y Will il m. 7 lO' Mf Owinq te the absence of Judge Morten Removal. I have moved my dressand S. G. Beyle the casus against the par making business te the room formerly tlcipants in the recent newspaper imbrog- occupied by G. W. SuNer ever Mitchell, lio at Lexington have been continued Finch & Ce.'s Bank. Second street. ; They were te have been tried yesterday. Mrs. Maoeib Smith. HKrVBLXCAlT. American Catholic Monthly Paine's Celery Compound. te Owes A PesTOKFiCR'has been established at Fert Themas. J. H. Kennedy was yesterday taxed $1 and costs for a plain drunk. Ir cost Dudley Jenes $1 and se forth for allowing his stock te run at large. A bi'LKNdid new school building costing $20,000 will be erected at Richmond. i m Edear Duncan and Miss Annie Reut, two excellent yeuug people of Kenten-town- , married at Mt.Olivet. Bertha Evans, who has been ill Tiia citizens are making gieat preparathe past week with quinsy, is slowly tions for the State Encampment, G. A. Rt te be held in Bowling Green next week. improving. TnE Bainmn farm of 2$H acres near It is thought work will be resumed en Dever'was bid in by L. T. Andersen at the C. and O. bridge ever Sandy at Catlettsburg by the middle of the month, $54 per acre. a W. H. Renu of Holena was The heuso of four maiden sisters named Scott near Ashland was burglar- director of the Farmers' and Shippers' Warchouse Company of Cincinnati this ized of $1,800 cash. Miss Rev. Dr. T. T. Eaten of Louisville lectured at Augusta last night. He had a wlde subject, "Our Peor Kin." Miss Mattie Oldham of this city has charge of the trimming department of Mrs. B. Barnes & Ce.'s Millinery Empo- XAXSVILLE WEATHER. v ' a' week. Judee Wadsworth yesterday fined William Conley $25 and costs for carrying a gun. A supersedeas was entered, and the jail sentence hung up until Circuit Court. There was a family reunion at the What We Jfy Ejciect Fer the Xext rium at Mt. Olivet this season. Hen. O. S. Dcmlng, Mt. Olivet, Ttccntu-fett- r Hourn. W. Duncan, proprietor of the home of Jehn Saturday, in honor of the birthday of Richmond daily meat market, assigned T U. IjlVls a TUB LBDOEtl'S , raim or show; above 'twill warmer Blue fma"m With Olach prow. jH IfOIaeA'lDENCATII . . COr.DKH'tWllI as a farewell te te W. S. Duncan for the benefit of credi- David S. Demng and Will C. Deming en his departure for his tors. Peor collections ami hard times new home at Warren, O. are given as the cause. a pleasant and a profitable There Balleneeii the Jeweler has the largest event at was Masonic Temple last evening, line of clocks in Mayavllle, from the Confidence Ledgo Ne. 52 conferred the Master's Degree en Messrs. Snm T. Hick man nnd C. Ed. Geiscl, and the "team' never did hotter or mere impressive work, After the ceremonies the members and a at goodly number of visitors sat down te a mond Albert Rose wns acquitted for delightful collation, and then followed r murder, but Beb Wilsen get a several unusually happy speeches. penitentiary sentence for stealing a little pig. And yet Kentucky justice rides en THE MAGIC CITY. n fine herso. cheapest woedon to the finest onyx, and be; Unless Dlacli't shown no change they nre warranted geed TO'li toe That's the kind te buy. Don't fail te see I HfTtaeihtrty-sl- re recasts ure made for a his stock. aboe period of i hours, eudlntr at 8 o'clock i evcnlnK. RichIn the Madisen Circuit Court timo-kcepcr- m 4 K ' i five-yea- ; t tggat. Lines in the Southern Itallwny and Steamship Association have been in- GltE.lT Hl'CCESS OF "THE " structed by Commissioner Stahlman te GIFT TO FATIIOXS. boycott the Chesapcake and Ohie Railroad for cutting rates against lines that IimtructtetiH Hew te Get a Set of the are members of the association. IIam1nemcHt 11'erld'n Fair I'eir The earnings of the L and IX. for the FiibllshetX. fourth week in March were $550,230, a decrease of $07,G23 09 from the same The Ledger en Saturday began disperiod last year. The decrense from July tributing te its patrons the finest series 1st, 1803, te March 31st, 1804, has been of World's Fair Views that have yet been 12,700,109 75. And yet nobody must issued. This is the testimony of all who howl have seen them: "Waxey," the well known negre New, we will try te make plain the cripple whose comic songs, dancing and way te get thern: performances en the violin have bcen First Cut out of The Ledger this s coupen: heard in the hotel lobbies in the capital for years, died in Lexington. SITrlflrSllTrSflfSJlFrlJBf?rIJi' His name was Jehn Henry Petltt, and his mother lives in Loulsvllle. atefctscr. M E3 B The set of silver knives and forks given away by Miss Lena Austin te the person 't Fert-foli- o m guessing hew many beans in a pint nnd a 0 Mtffic Citu Coupon. half jnr were counted by B. F. Williams and George YV. Ciewcll. The jar con- m EH Mall or brlntr te the ofllce of Tub tained 2,000, and Miss Cera Myrtle Sunier Ledger SIX Coupens llke this, of of the Sixth Ward was the lucky person, dlirerent dates, and Ten Cents In her number belug 3,000, which was the B ellver,orand rccolve Art Portfolio m Ne. 7 the World's Fair. nearest number te the amount. Nete Six Coupens of different dates and Ten Cents are required Uncle A. Dud. Telle of Rectervillo B for each Portfolio. There will be sixteen numbers. was in the city yesterday, for the first time slnce Jnnunry 1st. He has just SI recovered from a long and serious illApril 7, 1891 ness, having been visited by Dr. James fM Tayler thirty days in succession. At the lirJiWMfrlMMM'ffgJlrrlJE3 same time Mrs. Telle, Miss Mary L. Telle Second When you have cut out SIX and Ruth Pelly, embracing the entire coupons of different tlatts, if you live in family, were down with the grip. It the city and your paper is delivercd by was thought for some time that Mr, Tolle carrier, bring them te this ofllce with and Miss Mary would net recover, but ten cents, and one book of the Views the latter, who is 80 years old, is new will be given te you. If you live at semo well agnln, and nil the family are out. ethor place, send the six coupons and ten The Draektn Chronicle publishes about cents by mail te this ofllce and the boeh a "stick-fullof the meeting held in this icill be sent te you by mail from Philadelcity Monday fixing a time and place for phia. selecting a Domecratic candidate for Third If you have mislaid nny of Congress, and adds, apolegetlcally, for your coupons, you can get the books nt Its shortceming: 15 cents each, and you can get the back The papers of. this District were numbers at any ttme. After the set is te publish the proceedings, but finished appropriate binding can be had as the Secretary failed te furnish copy, at a small cost. we de the best we can from memory. The set comprises slxtcen books, and, Dear brethor, maybe tliey don't class you as a simen pure Democrat as we when coinpletcd it will form a most netico The Ashland ifctf' has the full pro- magnificent volume Thore'a no ethor way in which you can sccure such an art ceedings. treasure for se llttle money. LED-GEIV8- t- HAS HO LIMIT. y They talk about nwemun'a ephore, As though It bad a limit. There's net n place in earth or heaven, There's net a'task te mankind given, Thore's net a blessing or a woe. Thore'a net a mhlsper, yes or no, Thore'a net a life, a death, & blrtb, That has a foather's weight of worth, Without n woman In Itt . Landreth's Seeds arc the very best. I Chenewetii's Sarsaparilla is the best. P. S. Rbmi'BH, Fire Ins., 209 Court st. New styles in Shoes at Miner's. Loek at them. Miss Maud Walsh sends 351 stamps for Miss Dollle Rose. Ben CnATMAN and Mary Beckley, colored, married Thursday. James 8. Williams of Valley, Lewis county, has been granted n pension. Mrs. L. V. Davis will exhibit a beautiful line of trimmed Millinery Saturday. T -- in. Don't miss the very uttractlve display of new styles of spring and summer Footwear in Miner's show windows. . Colds, caused by the sudden change of temperature at this Bcasen of the year, make Ayer's Cherry Pectoral indispensable. W. H. Wallinovehd will add a story te the ell of his brick residence, Fifth "Ward. Lane & Werick have the con- tract. The Portsmouth Red Brick Company '' has. put in a new stiff mud machinery outfit, and the capacity is new 85,000 brick daily. The L. E. Society of Tollosbero onter- vS , taincd at the Glddlng Heuso Wcdnesday ovenlntr. Anrll 4th. In aid of the Lnuls. jVjllib Orphans' Bome, Quite a number were present uuu an enjoy cu tue Acc, ession. , , .Maiitin DeBell, uged about 03, went te the heuso of A. D. Tolle near Recter- - - vllle en' the 5th of January in apparent geed health, and died ou the Oth. The doctors pronounced It apeploxy. De- ' ceased was a half brother of Newton De- drewnod here semo . Bell, who was ' W: ' $& jrw. TFIKfcH.'.'JtJ months age. James Burrows, a most deserving young man, and who was the late Dr. vYardle'fl assistant, has opened an ofllce en Sutten street, in the room lately vn-- , eated by the Mays villa Buggy Ce., and will de work for Maysvllle and neighbor-I- s deatUte. Jin Is a careful sad pains- t taklag werkffltB and all work entrusted bia will tw strt te h does right. Blue-gras- public 1 0 nwminrr'1'ii WQmjm . s i 0 m " Afraid Itc'll JieArreatetU Qreenvp Oaietle, Judge Uarbcsen a lotter from Congressman Payn-te- r stating that he was net sure ha would be ahle te attdud this session of court. The situation is such in Congress that memberd ctinetffeet Way,' and it that de get away they are arrested and taken ,baekt The partyjn the majority are trying te held a quorum te have a vote en , one oefi'Med electkm . . that carried him ever.' Neither de I sympathize with the man who hides facts o just because their publication may the success of ethers. Paine's Celery Compound helped me. That's the fact of the case. "Finding myself run down and getting myself into a state of nervousness, recently, I took the advice of a medical friend, and bought Paine's Celery Compound. Its use gave me strength, energy, Business cares were and buoyancy. made lighter than before. "I belleve in the efficacy of Paine's Celery Compeuud!" Mr, Toemoy's oxperience is like that of thousands of ethers. Brain workers, these who suffer from debility, exhaustion, mental depression, sleeplessness, find Paine's Celery Compound a certain rejuvenator of the vital portions. Hard study among students is ' a direct cause of debility. Energetic nc-- OUR CHURCH COLUMN. Rev. G.N. Jelly of Sardis will begin a The Disciples will meet for worship and for rational religious instruction te protracted meeting at Murphysville tomorrow at 10:45 a. m. and 7:15 p. m.; morrow. He will be assisted by Mis Sunday-schoo- l nt 0:30 a. m.; Y. P. S. O. Mollie Merriman of Petersburg, Ky. E. nt G.15 p. m. Morning subject: "An Interpretation." Night subject: "The The Paster of the Picsbyterian Church Divinity of the Christ, or Whom De Men nt Washington will be assisted in a proSay I Ami" Strangers made welcome. tracted meeting by Rev. W. E. Keller of E. B. Cake, Minister. Bardstown, the meeting te begin tomorrow. Preaching at 11 a. m. and 7:30 The crowd at the First Baptist Church p.m. last night was estimated at 2,200, and Davis & Trait, merchant tailors, new about 100 people had te be turned nwny. occupy rooms ever Nelsen's Hat Store. Evangelist Flfe preached one of the Tim AitcnDEACON get a jag en and was most powerful sermons that was ever unusually demonstrative and Judge listened te in this city, and the fact that charged him 85 and costs. se many asked for prayer and signified n Wadsworth willingness te unite with semo church Welcomed by showed that the audience was deeply conAbout two hundred veterans of the victed. late war from Evansville, Ind., en route Mr. Fife will preach this morning nt te the grounds of the battle of Shiloh. 10:30, and this afternoon nt 3:30 Rev. Mr. wero met at Paducah by the Mayer and Malenoy will talk te the ladles and chil- Council, the A. P. Thompson Camp of dren at the Baptist Church. There will Confcdcrate veterans, the G. A. R, Pest be no preaching tonight. and a large delegation of citizens. They The program for tomorrow is as fol- wero escorted te the Palmer Heuse by a eows: l in the various brass band, and an address of welcome churches at 0 a. m.; Mr. Fife will preach delivered by the Hen. E. W. Bagby, at 10:30 a.m. and 7:30 p, m.; song scrvice which was responded te by General at 10 a. m, and 7 p. m.; at 3:30 p. m. Mr. and General Lew Wallace, la Fife will preach at Scott's Chapel te the his speech, Gencral Wallace referred colored pcople; at 3 p. m, in the Baptist feelingly te his campgrounds In and Church the Christian Endeavor Societies around Paducah. After the speech and the Epworth Lcague will held a union making they wero driven ever the city Ih meeting, te which all young peeplo are carriages under the charge of the Ms earnestly invited te attend; the Yeung and a committee General "Wallace Men's Christian Association will held its visited his old campground la that cjty. regular Sunday service In the same which Ilea sear the Paducah, Teaseee church' at 8:45 p, m. ami Alabama Depot, aad wu delighted Hereafter the deem of the ckuret, will at the Wea of btteg afele t nadltwtttwm he ejwaM at I e'eWek, yIlHA g B H . 'iluAWi. . m fleabb rememrbr, When we sny six coupons, we don't mean five. Whoa we sny coupon, we mean the tn tire coupon with the border around it, and net a plece of it. Thedate at the bpttem of the coupon is changed every day, and you must send us m of different dates. TJader be etreumstnticeewill anyexcep tteM be made te the Wve requiretneete, ... tlen cannot be kept up in the brain and stomach at the same time. If the mind be intently occupied with profound thought the nervous power will be concentrated in the brain, aLd the Btemach being deprived of it, indigestion and case ensue. Hence the weak digestion and sallow complexion of literary men and their constant complaint of ill health. It is also true that a hopeful man or woman can de mero work and get wel faster than one in despair. Frem the first taking of Paine's Celery Compound a feeling of confidence In recovery comes ever the invalid. New bleed and fresh nervous energy give a hopeful outlook. Paine's Celery Compound hastens conva-lesenc- e The name of Donehoo'3 Magazine, founded by Patrick Donoheo of Bosten, in 1870, is known and respected throughout the English-speakinworld. Within the past year It has achieved almost marvelous success, and stands today peerless in its field, doing splendid work for grcater religious tolerance and hotter economic conditions. 'This success has been wen under the direction of itsnewpublisher.Uen. Daniel P. Toomey, who, in addition, is nt the head of one of Bosten's book publishing companies and is a roprescntative from that city in the Legislature from Massachusetts. Mr. Toemoy writes as fellows in a enn-di- d and interesting letter: "I belleve in Paine's Celery Compound. If I tell you why, you may, perhaps, wish te publish my words. But even that docs net deter me from writing you the truth. I have no sympathy with the man who helps tear down 'the bridge THE rilOGIlAX FOB, ItELIGIOUS SERVICES TOMORROW. Hut Little Inter cat tn Anything Sate the Fife Jtectinas Several Lecal Announcements, lloiccvcrIJInhei liudlcu Here, Rev. U. W. Elliett, State Evangelist of the Christian Church, will preach at Mill-cree- k tomorrow morning and at the Mays lick Chrlsiien Church tomorrow night. t The Bishop of Kentucky will make his annual visitation te the Church of Nativity tomorrow. The serviccs will be: Morning prayer, sermon by the Bishop and celebration of the holy communion at 10:130; evening prayer, sermon and confirmation at 7:30. Rev. J. O. Vaught of Uarredsburg and Profosser E. 8. Fogg of Covington have been conducting a revival in Danville for two weeks, and great interest has been aroused, thore being ever fifty conversions. Se great has bcen thc attendance that the Methodist Church, which scats 800, cquld net accommedato the crowds, and the two FresbytoriatvChurchei have united and begun a series of meetings under the auspice or the Rey. Donald McDonald, Slate Evangelist for the Church, North, Pres-byerl- pro-met- dis. wonderfully. In the spring, if ever, there is need of feed for the nerves and brain. Paine's Celery Compound makes the weal: strong; makes pcople well. Try it. 1 ii Sunday-schoo- I il I i i

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