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Image 8 of Winchester news (Winchester, Ky.), October 14, 1908

Part of Winchester news (Winchester, Ky.)

2c X r 1 J i < + r Jll tSuff rwitl1 t l ii d J 0 es r 1 Indigest on t ig o s1i Y a11o ± be betcan be had en doctor > 4 c revf r i 1 caaes fad C <> < h I l > lZ 2Qc 12CJ Scsand 2oc r ibFancy Muir Peaches per lb Extra Fancy Apricots J0c erjlj j 1 re Balt 111 ands receive R frechshtpnlertt lUfQur tImes week orders given prompt attention J i a L t < r ROUNSAVALL STOKELY Mriifemdell x lid ad i2e justs ioiiFHuWs cross Od Sanborn Coffees and Teas Chase Pure Foods EQX lag Mobtfa fflorniiig rSome eight or ten Candia at 2o J i1TraffieJ r < Determine Women b Strategy J cars were demo = ikmittBd ponndsx The wreck WHS cleared ana traipf Were running by Monday night Mxg BS1iisusBeallof Lexihg ten awl MIS Mary Webber of WMcheefcr are visiting their neices ItfiiB es J9tefeaaobrbere Tfa Teachers Association met on JTniay tie 8th at the Franklin Addresses were deliv ck o2boase end by Profs Taylor Bbsley Tan = aer and otbeisv A nice dinner was The a feature of the occasion Meetisg was 41 splendid success John Miller and family are s y WEDNESDAY Iff he fouryearold son of ftjr and Mrs Miller Bradloy of Bloom igdale was buried Wednesday The cause of death was diptheria BURIED tt I 7 z Picture Moulding lf disorganizedthings I hOt Soda then And Now for Dress Goods it ¬ WINTERWILL HEADQUARTERS ¬ ¬ ¬ CLOTHS FLANNELETTES HOSIERY NO WHEN SHOES ARE SOLID THEY WE HAVE THEM WILL WEAR v ¬ whether they wish to buy or not tm noti I I Grass r crowdednightly j ¬ nEvening > I It i MASSIE I lador l if X fI 4 gr x 6 l ft f < lI f 1 if > t 0 WaltersRerb 1 T tryBARPJES a > l x f 1J f f1 Y Bronze Castings Capital r Undivided Profits y itifjJ i t Second crop of Peaches Findlay 0 Oct 14 Mrs James Litzenberger picked her second crop er peaches from is white cling tree They are extraordinary fine for the second picking The first ages were picked uc < a F G CORNELL TUESDAY OCTOBER BurtNicolai I I 1 H WITH ERSPOON LENA RIVERS H PRESIDENT Bars General Manager W R SPHAR ti r CASHIER SOLICITS YOUR GILBERT EBOTTO By MARY J HOLMES < The ACCOUNTS writer with over 5000000 Readers FOR Fresh sbVe 10Th Cured Meats 3 etables Country PreduceOPERA PHONES Dally Thought Peace In this life springs from ae quiescence even In disagreeable thins not In exemption In bearing them Fenelon Prolific Egss of Silk Worm One ounce of eggs will product 39000 silk worms MORSE BLOCK t 1 l X i A 4 < i r < + 1f tt fr y I g eAt > r r Nixon Offer In Her Own Dramatization of N F 1r 2O MISSPognter a4 1 HOUSE WINCHESTER iKY F s X I OB I Eye Beams Channels Angles Plates OPERA 1 f < j tr < 100000 160000 THE WINCHESTER j I Jobbers In r r i ¬ j h eo I WincliesierBank Eagle Casting Brass Stricken While Performing Operation Washington C H 0 Oct 14 Stricken with paralysis while In the act of performing a surgical operation Dr J L Worley one of the prominent physicians of this section of the state Iles in a critical condition at the couatry home of Joseph Hldy north of this city He held his lance in his hand and was about to make an incision in an abscess In a patients throat when he suffered the paralytic stroke 1YU jA itK burial to ydetar WMM flyditorium L FcburSfJWnel1a dealer mixes fresh j s i vatetwitKqysters and prevails onY9U to buyit at the Tate of from aoeto soepifquart HE may be smart but amt foolish Your water pariyfwiii sell yoif water at a much r lpirer i1N w if you want oysters to1YIr ixt re na ural flaor nlsQId meatsrq n9 water at allour Seal shtptQysters ill the Ill Tel honean or rtfj diO into our store C The Shoe Man ¬ 1 IE PRICES REASONABLE taughtfree 10123tf WHfmBUYWATER Oysteiealers f is filled with the newest and classiest shoe effects 6f the season They will gladden your feet and fin ish your costume I I > 7 to ¬ ¬ TheCorner Shoe Store 2 to 5 Afternoon L I BROSCO SCRIVENER the I J Ask for prices t3rlUnl JudBest t > tV Sureenough All Wool both the Warp and the Woof ofevery Blanket will sustain the statementjD We gladly invite all to make us a visit I i ¬ O An = WooI Blankets Company ¬ 1 ¬ TIONS ETC Hot r I D WALL PAPER CO LOOKED FOR Martin Cook Drug < t TOOUR BUTQUALITY ¬ SJ desire yojur house WORDS SHOULD BE FACTS at t ybur ¬ ¬ iRiJi1JS = l WATCH Dun ADS I LondonThe aI e its frame OS SOUTH4 MAIN STREET I 1F1c Vr r > WINCHESTER PAINT emonstrationI > 4 t I R r ifrou t Unemployed Also + i L t r One of Whom dismissed r jeana I t V J The lowest estimates given alnted ¬ iPxOOJtoT < I Jf you wipli an artistic piece of work let vl r j picture for you heroine of the day was Mrs Trayers Symons formerly secretary to James Keir Hardie the Socialist and independent member ofparliament who reached the door of the MILKING RULE A LIFE RISK house of commons by strategy The SIMPLY DELICIOUS house was solemnly debating a bill to WomanHating Cow Kicks Man with prevent children from cigaret smok SO THEY ALL SAY an Apron n Ct l ing when the woman dashed past the doorkeeper to a position in front of 1RIchmod Hill L I Because Brin the speakers chair and shouted V dleiia lon Horned cow owned b shilly Leave oft discussing children but we want YOU 9 titg KQSih will permit no one bu and talk about women a than to milk her Koch when he a Three officials seized Mrs Symons to come also you ettred at milking time attired in and carried her out bodily She was xas apron had his face cu ldhwhite willsay too Noth ¬ Me aBi Mrs Ode Piersall of open and bruised by a weUdirectcr Wiacijeste visited the Tatters kick from th cows hind leg Kocl order wag issued that hereafter woming so invigorating and ron because the board c en shall not be permitted in the build Ixetiic j Mr James Thomson Suuvhealth has ordered all persons milkin ing on any pretext whatever and in warming these frosty I f cows to wear them the future the historic grille will not jMba Mite Bart Fryer and sQn Brindle while she is a woimr screen feminine spectators mornings as a steam ¬ Chim cf7 of Missouri visited Hkter is easily deceived and it is The appeal issued by the suffra rll said that once a woman doanei trcu gettes a few days ago for SOOOO 1 per idrlrjf WiUs last week ing hot Tomato lsers and succecdedJn milking theKot sons to4 help r rush parliament was When wltho trouble is Nil Difference the most successful stroke yet Not Chocolate or Hot Cof tttOe While people talk oU1e came tpward her wearing his aprcr less than twice the number responded tied around his neck and up under hi to the call and ninetenths of these milk in tie cocoanut Mr Citiman fee our fountain WenT iiile WillieWhy do chin the cow glanced over hera shou were young people who came to see pett the fun There were also a few hun they say Inilic Itt doesnt look like der Is wwhatappelred to be coM and gave a kick that upset mill dred of the unemployed and their anything butt water Mr CUIman pail and milker sympathizers WeUPhUadelphlaPress t Then she lashed out cutting Koch Parliament was in a state of siege face above the left eye Koch took U A close triple line of police was his heels TOO LATE TO CLASSIFY drawn around three sides of the J square in front of the Building The EEKS CUT RATE MARRIAGE yard within the gates swarmed with FOUfla On Main street laclibs gold watch Owner can have same Michirsn Man Tries to Get Marker police and 200 guarded tne terrace In the year against assault by water und paying Down License in Indiana which the women Jwiceattempted A HASTINGS i small fleet of police boats also pa Q O Freight office C + South Bend Ind George E Graf trolled thQ Thames approachesof Bangor Mich came to South Bend All the mounted police in London lO12tt to drive a matrimonial bargain and and suburbs had been mobilized at 1 began by asking for reduced rates of this center and loads of hay were FOR SAtE OR RErJTThree Gristoph county clerk rooms Ripply Mrs Joicy Burgin FrankP with his intended bride unstacked In the streets for the rafts horses The whole police force toCollege Street 10 14tf walked Into the office and after being gether with cavalry Infantry and maRINK in told thepriqe of the license remarked rines numbering more than 5000 j 1 1 a J A Don you think the price a little was kept busy in restraining the Blue steep partner pushing struggling masses especially iWhen told that two dollars was the about Trafalgar square where the RASTDS Nelson monument looked down upon The skating season i Sr dense crowds In all directions with he lowed she was but added that busses motor cars and cabs mostly JOffliSTON BROWN now open and the rink he had hoped to save a little money filled with sightseers trying to thread is for his wife and not spend it all on a their way throughWTW 3GGTO license During October we will 13 A 3NOW COMES DOWNf cAfter much hesitation the man which delegation of the posuffragettes ice cordon approached be opefoam Michigan drew forth a roll of and was formally refused admission muttering that he could to parliament attempted a football tills and paid get married cheaper in Michigan than rushlJ but the police chivalrously rein Indiana pulsed the women with the least pos sibla roughness Two bodies of the Lays Egg In Lap of Autolst unemployed however which ap Sullivan 111 Recently while an auto proached the line were driven off mobile party was passing through a 10across small town near here they ran Into a with little saving grace oneother to Westminster bridge and the group of chickens out in the middle of police were pelt the road A hen in attempting to get St James park The out of the road of the machine flew ed with vegetables and some stones Any gentleman occurinto the lap of one of the lady occu in a few minor skirmishes that who has riot skated red but nobody was seriously hurt pants and deposited an egg The and who desires to egg was unbroken and was given b t Tisventyfour suffragettes and 12 of the unemployed were placed under the party to a storekeeper in the tow arrest Many persons fainted in the UtA BEATER FROM aidat has been placed on exhibition crush a few were trampled upon and taken to the hospitals between sessions NOTICE r Girl Sulcfdes After Quarrel Imake to your torder snits and Columbus 0 Oct 14Clara Walovercoats for 13 and up ters GEORGE N KOHLASS < cide by taking strychnine in her room 1 on South ifoiir h street The girl was r 1 removed to it was found stye had taken poison but she lived only about an hour She said in explanation Qf her act that she had quarreled with William Co Creaglow a saloonkeeper who had INCORPORATED l been paying liejr attentions and that Manufacturers of J he had slapped her Tire body of the Ir r girl will be takento Findlay for Gray Iron Steel SemiSteel < J r < L 5f Enter Buildingand Session Take Hand In t call oh us arid see our line of theverlatest1t EV tterns In Wall Papcrj cv We also carry a fullrlinerof Varnishes Class9and < IFVotLclp V l iY e l- i Square Battles Three Hours With JBeWs Flowers WANTTHEBEST r I od on o London OCL14The climax of the suffragette campaign was reached addition f OL 1299when an enormous mob hummed In RETURNS HOME parliament and stopped traffic In all MrBemSalendar who has been streets leading to Westminster For trayeling in Virginia and West Vir more than three hours the crowds giniajireturned to his home in this scuffled goodnaturedly with the por ci Tuesdaylice interfered with theatergoers cloak water v ioot Pone Force of City Mobilized Neighborhoodof Parliament Jn Prices REAL ESTATE SALE M J3 Pape 31 Wednesday morn ing sold to T D Corner a house andlojt on First avenue in Massie uichea Jglarex quantity of flour fcMBSt ioinsratiiiil uiarkea for tuba by tbe Company at lpfcr i1 Ib MCktand as purchased in qwntities of from one Hack to two < RIQCOMMONSr ATTEMPT TFOQTBAl RUSH > It I fP Entire v r t 1 t < f msin ere resent one of the most reliable oyster THE WINCHESTER NEWS 1r oor oas 15c 1 Jo SOFFRMEtTES ailI Pat dbtbe5atnepnce Our line of ffieduits isviipw invalid r j ua yfox our nsp itioit imp ani 4 a I C l r r r 1

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