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Image 4 of Louisville daily Democrat (Louisville, Ky. : 1862), September 21, 1862

Part of Louisville daily Democrat (Louisville, Ky. : 1862)

Tho IXarper' Perry Afiair. special to tbe Ciaclouatt Gaaette. WASHixoros, Sept. l(th. Bil FORD HI BOARD as Urge share of the Mame for the surrender of that position'to Col. Tom. Ford, of the C2J OLio, late Public rrinter, formerly of Ohio, and best Lieutenant-Governo- r speech in the ksown for hia g Convention in Philadelphia 1SSC. 2 hey say he abandoned Maryland HipUs against Col. Miles' positive order, and when thf re was no occasion or necessity for it. The Ilighti .were defended by Capttin McQrath's Lattery, corapored of Dahlgren guns, on two rifled gun, and two Napoleon howitiers: if uj porting this Lattery was Col. Ford's brigade, composed of his own regiment, the d Ohio, a battalion of the First Maryland Ilonitf brigade, and some Rhode Island and Maryland cavalry, and during the progress of the fight more troops were sent up. All familiar with th locality know that :be Maryland Hights commanded the whole position. Eyewitnesses declare they were perfectly able to hold the Ilights. A correspondent of the Tribune says Col. Ford ordered the evacuation, for what reason he could sot learn. - Capt. McGrath, as true and I rave a soldier as ever walked, upon receiving orders to spikehis guns was so astounded that be refused to obey it, and not until he saw the infantry deserting him could he be induced to perform the disgraceful task. He pat upon his guns and wept like a child, telling CoL Ford that no matter by whose orders it was done it was a piece of treachery. This abandonment of the key to he whole position certainly requires a most careful investigation at the hands of the proper authorities. Ford had positive and written orders to hold the place to the last extremity. Five thousand troops and all our batteries were to aid him. Col. F. had remarked that he had looked the hill all over and made up his mind to stay there, that not a man should come down until they had been whipped from it. His subsequent action certainly gives the lie to his words. Colonel Miles, who was at the extreme left, upon learning that the troops were leaving, rode hastily toward the spot, but met the men on their way np the hill and learning that the guns were spiked, did not order them back as he intended doing. As there was much talk as to whom belonged the responsibility of the evacuation of this position, your correspondent asked Colonel Miles if it was done by his orders. "No, Fir; but in direct opposition to them," was the unequivocal reply. Officers and men were thunderstruck at the performance, and Culonel Dul&ssy, commanding lha first, trigade, onered to retake and hold the posi tion, but Colonel Miles refused. The evac uation received merited condemnation of officers and men. Every one saw that the way lor the rebels waa now open. eign anti-SlaT- ry Know-Nothin- OF ALDERMEN..' TaTBbDAT Evixisa, Sept'18, 1362.' Present President Barrett and alt the members except Messrs. Downing and Murphy. The reading of the journal of the previous . was di'pensetf with. The Auditor's report of expenditures under the ditFurent heads of appropriations was referred to the Committee on Finauce. . The resignation of Richard Ckx, ctebool Trustee from the Seventh Ward, was ac- Thirty-aecon- cepted, when Alderman Brown offered a resolution ordering an election on Saturday, September 37, is1- in ih Vrd. to fill the' unex pired term of Richard Cox, resigned, which was adopted. 1 '.: i V the petition of Aliieruian Oa"buiu James Rudd, asking tbt- Council to remit the back taxes due the city by interest on same liim, which was refeired to the Committee on . . Finance. . . Alderman Terry nieaented a resolution for a session at nine o'clock this evening, for joint tne purpose 01 eiecuug a oacs tax collector ior the Eastern District, and one for the Western District, which waa adopted. Said resolution was returned from the Common Council, amended to elect also an interpreter of the City Court, when, on motion, the amendment was concurred in. Alderman Terry, from the Finance Committee, presented an ordinance authorizing the Mayor to borrow $20,000 to be loaned to the Louisville and Frankfort- - Railroad Company to .enable her to pay the interest ,ou bondi .due October.' 1st, 1SG2,- - which .was read once, rule suspended, and passed by the ' following vote: Yeas President Bnrrelt and Messra. Osborne, nubbard, Peter, Terry, Drysdale, nnd ' Baird 7. Nay Mr. Brown 1. AMerman Terry, from the Finance Committee, to whom was referred a resolution from the Common Council allowing Mrs. Eliza E. Austin $100 for attendance on Mr. F. M. Atkinson, deceased, reported against the same, when the resolution was rejected. s,nti 11 'lMuld CLAIMS imicers were eiecieu, viz: Charles Elliott, back Tax Collector' for th hastern District Win. Kaye, back tax Collector for the West ern District. Oeorge Jonas, Interpreter for City Court On motion, the joint session arose. TOABM3! TO ARMS ' r ' Alderman Osborne presented a resolution requesting the Mayor to contract with the Clerk of the City Court in regard to fees on the city due in said court, which was adopted Alderman Osborne, from Street Committee of the Eastern District, presented a petition irom me citizens in amoKeiown to have lian cock street opened. Alderman Osborne presented a resolu tion directing the Assistant City Attorney A resolution from the Common fVmnril tn 2. Company organirations will be at have constructed a culvert from Wenzel once effected, and elections of company of- Mam streets was referred to the Committee and on ficers held. The names of the officers elect, Streets of tbe Eastern and Western Districts. and the muster roll of the company, will An ordinance from 1lie Common Council be immediately returned to this oilic, in remilatine' the ronrhw ml taAvmhionn r.r order that commissions may le issued colored jiersona was referred to the Committees on Cemeteries and Revision. wunoui aeiay. Alderman Osborne presented a resolution 3. When more than six companies have Pump Contractor, of the East assembled at a single rendezvous, a battal- directing the to em District, clean out ion may be at once organired, and its off- corner of Grav and Second the well on the streets and rpt.air icers elected and reported for commissions; ine lane, wmcn was adopted. and if a pnfficient number ef men shall be A. resolution was adopted to adjourn to meet fcaai at single, place rcndeivous to again on i nursoar. evening, October 2d, 18C2, form three battalions, they may then go on at 1 o'clock, wiien,' on motion, the Board ' to perfect a regimental organization. adjourned. .. SAM L A- - MILLER, Clerk; 4. The Stale Guard law having been substantially is hereby referred to Hi a do a PnovoaT Marshal Gem'l or Ex- ) for full information aa to the details of (.he Locisville. Kt organization of companies, battalions, tregi- - Gesebal Obdebs No. 2.Au. 16. 1862. I ments, Jrigades and divisions. The hw MaL Complaints have been made to these will belound printed at length in the Headquarters that some of the to Stanton's Keviaed, fctatntes, :2d shals have' taken money from Provost Mar terBona nr. Vol., pages 7X0 to K4. Particular attention rested, in the shape of fees for .is called to the provisions ;of tha 7th;. Sec sc. oucn conduct cannot I oaths; bonds, toa strongly tion of the law, which prescribes lie man condemned, and Provost Marshals who may ner of holding elections and tuusteiing do so hereafter, either directly or indirectly, , men into service. will be arrested and brought to theae Head&. All rood and loyal citizens of the Com quarters. '"--- ' j monwealth, within the military age,' are 2d. I am ordered by '.General Boyle to urgently called npon to enroll themselves as members of the BtaU Guard, eo as to be ready for service as soon as 'the arms and equipments ran nrnvii1- In iU mean time, much instruction may be obtained by drill without arms. i j C. Muster rolls and blanks will be furnished on application to thia Depart ment. By order of the Governor.' t; - , e dtf i JltO. W. FlXHEL, Adjt. Genl. Ky. Vols. J- - "V. r.fVr,U"r'rof.'.rof of M.. frofrwuor A- - .Third street, bet wee Mala aad JMarkat. I'rofrsiur of ttia Greek Naurl BcUmc. , She Ifertltution TrotfarB JrtotBihwJ to carry ttitathenltmuglj thruiwh ti present tlUUln TUoiigb th.) i wul tu couuirr. 2w I ' TI BRAVES P"'i tyi. WTo f TIIE FIRST OF THE UKSULINES, H ic.', 10B OKE BOAKD, WASHINO, TUITION, Sii, in advaute. . . " MwiK French. U extr. . . fur one sLaan, 110, Iu 4 fiance..? 4rJ oruool frt-M-to beuitilrrosrd to Kev. Lean.lorStre-Jr- . Biwinem letters pnator of St. Martin' Charcta, Shelby street, or to Mother baieata Keitmaier. humTior. jj ld.lm GROTE ACADEMY. rpHE NKXT SESSION OF THIS INSTITUTION a wUl cotnmeuco on Monday, September lat, ina tourae of iuatructioa is tbnruufh, and apacial attention will he paid to prepare boya fur buaineaa. Icaaa gov for tuition, bimrtliuK, Ac, per aesaion of ten mouths, payable aiuuterly, in advaiice. . or further particulars, address ' - ana DtillU IU AND HPAltCH -- also- ' : I A lWAYS KEPT ON J.A. leci aaaorimenl ol HATES, ties the duty of keeping peace in the Stat, n the meanwhile, indriscimmate' arrests are strongly condemned. No arrests must be made, except for such cause as are set forth, in General Order No. 4. .from the Headquarters of Gen. Boyle. The charge must be specific and supported by the written affidavit of one or more responsi- uie parties, 3. Prisoners must not be sent to these Headquarter without the charges and proof. The cost of holding prisoners shall not exceed forty cents per dav. ft. rrovost Marshals and Home Guards organised by him, act voluntarily and without compensation. Their subsistence when on duty must be furnished by the ' counties in which they. aot. HAT MACK TTTK au20 dtf deitt, i Ordinanco Violations. ARK AXOEMENT8 TO DRAW Watches, ST0R DRUG ITALL - j , No. 123 Motart Building. NOTICE OF DISSOLUTION. THE COPARTNERSHIPUxtHERETOFORE Clark, between Henry aitd James A. ly EIea, TKH CRNT9, IIEPORT, 1802. rpHI X. JAS1KS A. CLARK, ' GEO. W. JlOklli. Louisville, March ldth. 132. aJ dtf J. IllCUliS ere li ants, ' ' zaalt and Whisky, mPBtt HA Bit AnVJNrK j j rH MADS TEAS! TEAS TEAS! I TTTE HAVE A FULL A980BTMENT OF IT ciuilce Black and Gram. Teas, selected from the laid iiuportatiuua, fi r sole cheap fur CMoh. J. T. LAMHAM A O , Impoitei-i . A, TLird RE3IOYA1. of Teas, st. LARGE AND HATING REMOVED TO THAT "Ham snet. be o. M4 Warehouse tween in uu and om tii, north side, 1 liavd in stor ana am daily rdceivtuir iroods in mv line to mate iu siock very ruu and coii.Flete, tJ which I luvlte the a leution oi casu cuyers. : . AtlJ-.CUOftK. aiuiaim PLANTERS' HOTEL! 0V' Pleiuo 'i address or coll on ' - FOR HOTEL 13 ON SIXTH STREET a thorough rtflttiiiir attention, good ijre ana moaeraie bim to nave a iiberul share cl puMi JAIVTE3 THEASY. t Saddles, Harness, Bridles, Collars, etc. Wholesale and rrtaiL ManuiacUiry cor. Sixth A Market. LoniaTtlle. Idt & szio., General Produce and COMMISSION MERCHANTS. At ??mT B. NASIIVII.LK. TKNN. dtiai Muslin Delaine. CASES PRINTED MUSLIN DELAINE JUST received and for sale by JAMES LOW CO., 2im and ZlOKixthst. au23dtf Tents ! Tents ! qENT CLOTH FOR SALE AND TENTS MADE TO order. A. 1 . COI.DE WAY, Third street, bet. Main and Market Special Notice. Eipiim Orrtcc or tbc ; Adams Compamt,') LouixTille, Sept. 2, lsej. j HIPPERS AND OWNERS OF FREIOHT NOW in our Dossesxion. deHtiued for Nashville and nther noinis Doutn oi Luuifvun'. are reauestea la call tor it. aa it is ueiu ai ineir iui iroui mis uuie. b. A. JONF.8. Agent setnAd Tom Thumb Lamps. TTTE DTAVE A LA ROE STOCK OF TOM THlMB honru'llffht. One II Night Lamps. Win. cent for teaCO., selOd, uAw . bkENK A Bullitt st. Parlor Xamps. LAMPS FOR BCRN1NQ COAL OIL CO., Bullitt it. Chimneys. I BIIC4 CniMNETS. FOR COAL OIL , uunps, wurrauten not w oreta. iu d. nAw WM.KENE ACQ., Bullitt t. JEFFERSONVILLE Ohango f WHIRt & CO., TTATF IN STORS AND FOR SALE TUX aA ( r FOR f FOL- lowing: - Iron' ancl Steel, Nails and Spikes. S l.OfiO tuns assorted, superior quality, warranted kscs. commUinu tha rnmruon VjM-- i fv. rr, S9d Fencing Tobaoco, Barrel, Lathing aud Wrought Also, Cut and W rought apikeew . : , j OnO Horse ScIiIulo Shoes. fiTfrnmpnt 1.0( n kesTS RAILROAD. Timo. olf ina ImnroTPil & Bnr 21aiiiIioads. asw 03 ltli. a ft hi ixpT,f rtir.rAavna w, .,; r.fa o.O Alvn t lows : EXPStSS I'EAIN wi.i w.?J l..dUv;. at) . stoppibg at all Mjiwni . a brouuos, Race I'uutk, Browtisboro, and air B,'tw, couuirctirs it Kuh lm9 f..r .NvwcMlie: at t for Lar. II rrnuuurg, aBd Ciaevilie: il jl r at PaTn's tor Oeoraet. wn, and st Leir.-o- u r..l stAge uu., tfjh th nil ( for ich rvhitni. 51:. teriing, ana ail interior to'-T- iiirl vr wiinimt Gieet, dirtvturei, Ulcers, Tnniors, laiH-ers- , SecottUr)f and Cotistitutioual byphilis, Disrass Of tad kWueys, Ac . Acr years of etenHv sractlce 'ercfosivelr de Fifteen voted to tL neatuient vf these eompiJnM. eualle us to enVct cures in cases where others ol luMuinrmiKc , have tailed. TRAIN will k:ivs LonisviTU at Spocial attention- given-the treatmexif of Ksrvnca l r. i. i,pmg at ail si .ituj paL Debility, lnipoteucy, deuiinal W'eaknasa. aud ail thuee rul,''"t;,.- - re.tun,n.g, will i,.u Frauk- "! l.ave distressing symptoms caused by a secret habit ol' . A. K .1 I )ouiii, which ruins tiie body and miud, uufltung the EXPRFaS TRAIN . biMlne.ts or society.- fcucue ot the l,ir.s!..0 suflerer lor either is , and arn-.a::)p s ettlcts of thxso early habits are dizziness ot the head, FBMUHtt TKAI.N l.avu tiaVil on M uJS, dimness of sight, paiptU'-ioof tho heart, weakueea Wcm ai..l I n l.u. OI the back aud limbs, nervotftnesx, dyspepsia, symp toms, sc. l pon tne miua tney proaueu Kwsol meia-orconlusiou of iduas, depression of spirits, t il forebodings, aversion to society, 'wight is received ud dist bsiel trom 7:30 a. m.,it timidity, Ac. lvt I.; rr,.i., give tone to tha nerves, streneih to the system, aa J averihrongh Tlck-- ts tor Tanviiu Cral, orchard, Snawrrt. Richmond, Cbeertuluess to the miud. lt. i. Berlin', Alarru-- nit u, or those contemplatin. Barrtase. who n inchesttir. n iv aresuHJTHig rroui any ol tbe a bo to lea: lui maudlss, aad other towns .u the interior, for iaie. and a.i can obtain permaneut and apeadj Ii.iu.-- by aa early "' "u oe u.h at tne utp,,i in Lonia-vili- e. ouruer of Jeifc-rso-a application at our otuce. and Bro. k tre-SAM I EL CILL. 9?Ft. i..rr. . TO THI5 lVlDIFN. MARIETTA AND CINCINNATI Mule Nails. nnttam Dt. H. Is sesnt for Dr. RAT1ER a FREN'cn PItRI ODU.AL PILLS, a safe and certaia reiiMtdy tor Men 0iukegluIe Shoes, trual Irregularities, Obstructions. Ac. Price per mail l ana one postsg sunns. CAUTlu! lnese I'll Is shoulj not be need during pregnancy, as they are sore to prod ace Baiacarrtage. 6,0(10 pound Hammered, best ntakoa. I ne aoovs remeuK-aeni ny man to any address. Patients at a distance can consult us by loiter, post- B?e sianiB mtioseu. OFtlLfc .No. lie Jeffersou street, between First and 'PO BALTIMORE, PHI LA DELPIITA, A5D KIW A We are the nscnta for the an I a rf t,i tnarkpt. of Second. All tellers sUould bs auares-wloft, via HAiiboal to tiuciunati. "R'.fr letta aaJ L, li ALL. M. D..I hio meee superior scales anu tcaie rieams; warranted cor- Medical laflrmary. Louisville, Ay sel9 connect loua. i ,, . receipts yivr n ft,r freight to Baltimore, PhUadelDh f Ly the and Sam hue, Great Ensllsn Consult lowest elects . did. o. bu k.N, .Aent, at tha DR. JNt. B. GROQER, So. 8 Court PWe, LouIvaie. , ' ni.iJiw:uir-l- pu.,n i,p.uirt, Suitable for Paymasters and others. cv-- t O R. F.R.O. TREATS SlIVFSrCLLT DIEA8tS OF "v dtf sMom. A.J euiales anL hil'lren; also all forma of tsaereal uas. SikliHTiu. 1 he direful tunuieuas oi mi r PuU.lTlvN removed. of the Lis aud C .1 We have a large stock of Manilla on hand. treated (y tne celebrated rainless vapor method. Bow nsed in the Hospitals ia Loudon and Paris with treat Hollow-wa- re success, rarucuur attenuoa paid to all rtisissi the blood. Throes, Lungs, t best. Liver, Ac. Ciwu and t tntula removed wiiUout tu. k.uil. Sterillts n- moved Incrvane of lauiiiy prevrau-cavaa txisTH. The Doctor's rxteusive nractic. In th. Ws have a general assortment. uus oi Luninig ana raris enables aim to cure a O, siio4da Plils ft r snW 1 i iDr. ia r Address Box eiewita stasBB to luaure reelv he beet relereuce Etvn. . N. H. Fnvat. uin.a S.r Anvils, Bellows. Ilaminera, Ac. Ladies. Ad t ice. and Ateduine to the Poor sbatis. Oinceopeu frva a. M. to r. . Ottlce No. S Court ' ! Plowmakers,'-Matfiria!sfiace, upstalnr. back or the Mty 11 all, touts tile, Ky. MAX CFACCRXD BT THE Medioiues sunt try mail or si press Se all parts of the Ovuutry. ' aajadAwly Vlnm Moldhoards. Han.lW A.v Com par-4j Horse .. Safes, Cordage & BATLROAD I .. Fairbanks' Scales. tne FnjilcUn, Oakum. SIXTY SHOTS PER MINUTE. Castings, Sugar Kettles, &c. Blacksmiths' Tools. Imu viij tt HEaRT'S lit.l PATENT REPEATING- ELTLR . ,,.,, Springs and Axles. Boat make, warranted, . Bolts,' Rivets and Washers, SHE ADER'S New Ilaven Anna Copartnership IVotlce. f If VaJ u. v. x Msasrs. ME IM BrsINES3 to IaAs sdect J. L. from July 1st, leU. The st Is of the Arm wul conUnue under tne name r-oi-t j. a. niligow A lo. ; - T-.,i t UTUWW, jyOtt. 3 nut a ana WITH Hinr. : Ml Mil M i 1 bo lu b MARHEL, gwyt, V."iVH" - TIIOSJS AFFLICTKD ITU ANT FuRX Disease caa rewaive BruuiDt treatment e.VDosore. viz: svuiiiiis. Uununbs. riK 230Cor.31aln anil Tlilrd Sla 1 XVXica Si CO., Con. acted on the plan of tbe Hospital aes uneneos, ram, LOUIfriVILLE, KY. J.J. Hlrivlibuht's Jewelry Store. W. B. BELKNAP s. courjon Patent w'u uaUr lcept Sunday) Bir;!mi K.a.1 and Mstn Boe4 Bardatowa Ju tua pauet Dipot at Vivr Aj' fr;(Hu fcr CURS OF ALL- Medical Iiiiirniary, ; .! IRON MERCHANTS A-- Till PRIVATE DZSakSHS, DR. H. ' T. JOHNSTON, i ray 30 ui uudergoine by prompt in t lie country. WM. SKENE se0 d, dAw bn PRIVATE MEDICAL DISPENSARY C.ndarted tke Europe Flma, MAIN SrR'JCET, TWO DOORS ABOVi THIRD. Ine Proprietor hopes ZLich SH. GATES' iTi PROPRIETOR. rpiIK FINE8T " TIIOtsF. AFFLICTKD WlTg "7 diejie of a PRIVATE l'A 1 bus., sul. ae twiMtrruea, I-ti Oleet, Stricture, Pniaary or 8ecuudry to mull ia. Besnlnel eAiHse, teaaal DebUlty. LEAVE JXFFIRSOYILL impuUMtcy, jsarresinees, vr any TRAINS WILL Luuisvllia, a diase Ot the tMSUIal or lii-3 00 AND 10:00 O'CUMTi P. Jt. -- LIQHTI5U KXPHEaS EAdT-D- aii QWlQOK tn. eacret. to aay ewe aiwuid wunuaji eacepin eonawting at J'evwoor no Sesoal Debility, seat by auall teaay addreee ou receipt , iiius o tea unio au-- Jliciiiinci ef one three rent postage stan p. This wwrk couuuus .l.n.l kt Ci.;iiintl, Coluiubns, Sew Yorls, Byetoa, Phlla- woch valuable iBftimiaUou uever boiore published, dVlLhiii, Riltlntore, aii I all Lastern I It :se, and at and of tbe neet vital lai.nrt.aoa tm the swaitu ana Iadjauapolis with the Lii lor tTeve-Ua- u, WARRANTED THI BEST IN THB MARKET. bnpptnees Of TJ iudivtjiul, both atai and hsBiaae. PiUsUu-phijulelphU BalUia. re, and ail it contains an elaborate t he various disthe principal iirtoe in inekast; aiso wltX Train. Ellaa Howe, Jr., and S. II. Roper'a Com eases Incident to lbt liuaital Organs of both Snxes, to- Hu,l ul L."ieV KIro.i. to geiuer wun list Of icm'Us, rrK-tsc St. bineJ Patents. Quir.cer, innt. are ageute for Slad. faiu jnsi A,Ai.'its.-v- e st. aud all tJ, Vtsat aad Nor'.nws.mtUisland, prmUfsi cit:v i othr praul's Ftni.a ilosTHii Pills, a sale and eflectual Straight-Lin- e tne Movements, Original Transverse SLu Uih aa IrrefuhtritiM. lftuur. minedy for all female d tie, aud Periphery Clamp Obstruetiviie of tbe Msasue, Whites, Ao, Price by puds c.uiuK.tiug at Seymour w'ut. TrUi.s on tae 8FWINO MACHINES COMBINE Tni mail, 11 and one postage tiaitip. . .. neuroma r most Teceni litipntvmm,ts, aie n5ti;y "vvt Iu.iinr..!;h..r wuU th. LiZ' fcCiiTioa. These Pills snuuUnot .be .t ail LA..urn ntu-stlen during prewnanuy, as they ai sue to produce c.ii.arrUe. wiieu in run with tho gTeatrst eese nnd i fc'Ulaui L.u. heiLrc-1 Iadi.i. Lt piuity, wu are oetter ailasted Ior ueu-ra- i Also, t r M. L Ooix Faasicii Patvortvi iPoW-dkr- s. DUI fWii Tulelo; Detroit .iri,i..l, l.uirl N Bu.lo, family line than any otlit-r- . By their use married ladles m&v limit the uum-bTL.y ikto not Lia.1 I to uut ivrk. a.. . ., l t m l . ,,,"7r,iu'' ol oruer, are exceeUiugly siinpie, aim r niadvr at tf thrtx otsirlnghealth,pleasure wubuut tbe leMat the suJ snd Cl2vi7 preely fcr rel practical utiliiy; they dosvsry vail i :Ls t:;::i.-,i,,dauiter of injur) to hey act by preweutiufe i luii,. ,. t, Jt t. OJ sewing, ftou the Uiico; woven tissu; to I he heavit-s- t connection taiiug place. On bea will last tut yean. woolen goods, hf ih tailoring and Sua lrather woik. Prke ty mail, $i and two postage stamps. t., and aii p. Jtortlv-Wmii ths Veai Any person may learn to operate them in a very short Females will obtain mmh iuble Information by . . tinie. . reading our New Medical Trsalwe. The great difficulty with all other Pentous wishing to cotisult us persoaaily on any of Machines . A 6. Clrtia.w. 3;;p't. . IS IOO in urn COtllDIU-allonJUl the above diseases will Itud us at our oince. north en runmrwiir m l.nirh adjustment, and such ikn amouut of mevhaLlcal skill corner Third and Mai ket streets; private en iraue ont and Ineeunity to nsethem to advnntKe. as to rac ier Third s.'rtet. trow a. M. to 1 r. .. aud fru Itut LOUISVULI AND FRANKFOET them of little comparative and 7 te r. u.) Buudays frmu 8 to U A. ia. iiu charge alue. But the WWIUI Mai hine UiMiinnirtBTnt liT Oiwi lor conmltatli B or eaaauuiationa. . toasiilisti jo man x irue are not liMe tJ these objection, as an rcomstbUreiy private., becrecy ia all eassa Imwlable. ersou, ou eeu a moment's examination, will resxlily . Address all letters to TiEXIN QTO N AND FE ANKFORT DRS. fl. O. MILLER 1 Co., mcoier. ii.ei will no more anit r.trxr ir.irTc . . LoaistUle, OILer slaciilne ever otiered to the public, milking the aWdAw. Ky. moai ivuuuiui tune on Dotti si.k-e- . for an spoclaicn of Bcwiue upon any materia FIFTEEN YEARS' EXPERIENCE. enu yju win tr.en wm now It ia jou LOUIQVILLD AGENTS WANTED IK EVERY TnWii. , ; Sf 12 Lii.W. atr 0.: MIUER ACTON 'aahvllle, Trnn, YOUNG Lnto f TDI3 ELEGANT 51 air, an OT SZ2XZX ij Butter, Cheese & Produce f Scwiiis JIacIiiue! Dt&uas Flour, Grrain, IPork i ( ois VrIirf 616 Market street, below Sixth street . CCXXAXT023 Wf rxs ZtZlHZu :"'i;"irr7"- - i purl-Fu- HEW HAVES. ' - I E- . Aja,i COSECTlclTrf' E TBlitMEW RI L M TUtr.e BiiT Z , r n..v-.- t p puMic. It la Sf tls tie sv.r , aad of eei' uiI'llty !Ut. ajiy etheg Al n. iaV.a cnarst-- can be lir-- 4 from the shoulder, or losiii an' seconds: and It cau W r hwiL' about the tim. it saAas to Jr wi'ta asingichM-iThe sise now toj ret, aad earrwwa peiMtraUoo at Iui Ia..iMe, aud tt car' luou yards. Depot kit sal- ' atreet, w bare e(aa . lfi R. A. SHEADER .2 MiAI. Pr.prletora, COMMISSION AND FORWAROIN j iit eellt d, nAw WM. 6Kb k! A C)., Bullitt st. the city, limits. I would caution parents All of which we are offering at very low price. IITHOOW. 0. O. tHITI. ul guardians' that a number of boys have lull dtf i.Lumt. Wanted, already been arrested and' let off. HereCOMPETENT PERSON TO CARRY ON THE J. S. LITnGOW & CO. after all violators will be held to a strict A IBntcberinc business; a Oerwan preferred. Apply at aUU Uu, 24, Third street niaritHt. au2t tf accountability.'X!" n iit. J. MDxtra, Mayor. STOVE Wool XXats. remove and appoint Provost Marshals as INDIGESTION, Matsb's Officb, Sept, 17, 1862d6.' I?0R TBBOURB OF SCROFULA,Ileadachu, Costire- A" MAM. T the Governor may order, nnd to execute my and Febrile Diseases, HA OA9E8 WOOL HATS FOR SALE Nil ALLS, Ld R. M. ularturttr's Dria lit r Torpidlty of the Ller, and general Blood OF HOT Kit AD FAMILY office under the Governor. MASCFAlTL'BfRii C Main street, bet, touj th and Fifth. j ,. auli sale, wholanaU and refHil, at Ureas. AlArusliAeJ Man- '' K. A. SH KADKH A Ou.'H Lienor Store. 9100 EEWAED. i ountry ttoitow Mare, Copper, lio and abeei Hejet Dikt, j ,7 Ijy dtf Market St., het. iiroJt and Floyd. ron Ware. AUu, dealers la blMMl Iron, Tin U. A CARD. T ANAWAT rKOM THI BfBSCBHIB, IN u au21 dtf Prevont Marshal General. ate. Block. Tin, Zinc, Urn, aiinaoa aud l umers1 Odlhaw county. Kr., on tbe Utb July, a BRANDEIS HIS Seer' Hidings. D1 denca and Omra to the east side of Fourth RlSL To man named Martin Itovle, aed 32yeara,i siraut . '& CO., ITarorooruB !Vo. 302, corner, of rpHE B ., Dogs. beetween Ureea and Walsut mjlodtl very black and very bad on good WHolMALAHnBITAlI,iAl.tlulIS( The ordinance to guard against hydrocho- - nomine, ana no aouot win try to go 14 duclii A S PL ' Main nnd Tnlrd Streetj; f . . . l17dsLAcziszaizTzxma. bia will b$ Btricty enforced from and'aXtei nati. Ouio. t ., above reward If Whisky, Brandy, Wines, &c4 I will (rire the taken Otit 'of tbe T J. MERRILL nA8 JII3 BLACK-- l this date, for the period of sixty days. Btate. and IV) if uken In the 8tat. Mr u TTO smith UhoD oa Oreen. between JFotrrth and Fifth Uoshen foetofflce, Ky. C5Wt'olis, ROPBALPU B. TABLkTUM. Market kt., above1 Brook, north aide, of different sixes. Juit received" ae4 for streets, where he would be clad to have his old frkwiria Aug. IS dtd J. M. Delhi, Mayor. jylldtf JySdtl 'LOUISVILLE. If T.' " sale by V&al tsA call when they bare mthiuf to do In his line, jyydti Jlaiast, ell . Wt;., tr ,L. 11 & CO., ' Lamps Without Chimneys. HAVE A the unlawful discharge of fifearms within WKbnrnliiK coal LAROE STOCK OF LAMPS oil witbmtt a chimnfy. li ,i,tN wkiTj W V.rt' NEW SHBTTLE CNDER3IGNITD WILL CONTINUK Till basloess at tbe old stand. No. ?19 Third street, un V)1. 1862. iuu NOTICE. . , Jl Sammer Arrnrnent. NASHVILLE GBEENMAN & TEUE'S mutual consent, the stork and fixtures boine taken James A. Clark, who will contiune the bumnfs, an uenry uuri is emmet! to coiioct tne debts auj sett up the anatrs oi the late partuertbip. HESKT HART. JAMKS A. CLARK. LouUvllle, March 18th, wa. jl ItAIXiXlOAD, Ctica& Detroit. Silverware, uu al holeaale Dealers in W inea, LKiuora and fancy t.r- cerlea, arc. at juoutyvllle , Ky.. under the name u tyle of UART A CLARK, is thia disetdved ' wujijs?' CIUCAGO trn., t MT jji ' A JLKUICAI. WM. KENDRICK'S, aci N. E. cor. Fourth and Jtfer- - ttarAU orders promptly attended to. arpbyaicinna' IPreavriptions compounded by expe- rtencea uruggisig. .A. ONLT AX1 t jnidKXAMIMK in periB. For St. Lbuis, vontatning ?ixty Iarw rsjree, and Thirty Fine rlMra and Enntvintrsof the Anatomy and Physiology of u owu viw iu auiw oi nesiin ana Insevse, IS . OA IUST PCBLISHin-PKi- ei ' .'T' AND APOTHECARY, ' "' ' AMD DF.ALEB IX Dental Materials, Gold & Tin Foils, Mri y29 - UVtrai3" .... LATENT The proper authorities have special in structions to enforce the Ordinance for For the Cure of all Private 8K- ; Ihirtcrtd bj the leslslatare of Xjl JEWELRY STORE. . ;H. F. HARTMAN, b. ' V",77 Market & DRUGGIST Provost Marshal General. : BAUD A LARQK AUD INFIRMARY, 1 l Fancy MOZART Mi AND VENEREAL T LOUIS VIIaLE, n',Illl 1. HOITII A.IEICICA AND AUHTB ALIA. I MEDICAL. Galen's Head Dispensary, ii', ocl6 dtf SH24 N A WITITOD OF VtNEBKAl, DliZAS-- . A. M. CHICAGO FX Ia, iucludinx fphiiis in all its i:0U axj9, Bioklnif rlim PRrM- -,'.,,k .tn,rition at staeea; Uooorrbe, Glet, fctrle-tnr- e. An entirely new and useful article of OFFICERS HT.irrv,-Varicuclle. and .o'u, .; ro, and lh AMMUNITION BOX, (invented, and steps Uken to . remtning .St. L.-- i r. a roaaectlna Diseases of the Kkluert, blttrlder procure a patent, by J. J. Uimchbuhl), containing lr.-j-LaatW, Jiimtion with the also at r.Alk separata and safe partitions for powder-flanRailroad. Lut and bail, UJayetta with the onUinlngvaimbie treatise oa caps, cartridges, or sundries, screw-drivKa-and wrench. aed as ( IIT Tnia article is very neat and can be worn on a common hi, '. l youth, HEM IN A L WlAkd regulation or shoulder sUp, u4 will prow t be N,t,Hr' MPRIH.-WDai- ly S:0O.L.!!, 1 a desirable object for olhceri. dt. 101'"at rial a. . j uimj, iinfMnsucy, JO., I oe se- All goods of superior qiinlitr and moWnttd pricot at ii", beivSi,; " cr" inOriuities ef youth aiid RrtrVvrvalV"1 ru:', .. . aIXvV J. J. UlRdCllBL lIL'S Jawolry Store. st7 iv a. w and 5 ns maiomy aristug rrotu the kuw-TT No. 21 south side of Main, C'i,s"V,"".t,l' '"I"?''4'- - C"'uecliu at Uitchelt haW t of To which ia added (U10 one dHr above Third sA. FEMALE; DISKAdEd, aad usher islMwUsf Ji'AU.ny at m a. tt. matter of the utmost importance to the married, au.l those conteniplatiBf marriage, who entrtiu doabts 0SLT ONK CHANOK OF CARS To ST. L0CI- ot their physical ability a enter that state. (Vat to -INFORMS iu a seatea wrapper, ou receipt ot Ten BAGiAGI6 tUEtKED TllROtUH.-w- w THE BURCRIBER RESPECTFULLY poblio Cents or four stames. friends and actual ntanrvs, end the AW This R.tad rnns the ouiy Trains from Looisvi'le l'boae ailiic ted with any of the above diseases, be-- " that he has JiiHt tllteil un and onetied on his own plAcin account, a Jewelry Establishment, on the east side of themselvee under the treatBieat oanv cnnKtiu with tn Ohw ud AtKsisiipyi JUilroad, 1 htrd street, one door im Market, and adioinlne One. sbxiuld nrat raiul t hi. kaTFor Tbr'ii:h Tickers and fnrth-We devote our enure time and attention to Walker's City Exchange, He is prepared to niinuf&c- tiwat-meInf PPly at the liKN fcRA L RAILROAD OFFICE, soott" ot tbe rsrions priTate disease, treated tha ia our ture of Louisville, kit is ine only lustitutioa u tlu. Went corner of Mam auJ Third "'"1"'imiii kind I America, which has been establish! by espe- aWTrain are run ty Louistille tun. citl cl A. B. L LVXR, Sup't. Of eTery description. a Also, deals tn over the various uacks of nom rive it preiereure doubtful character to be una in ail lartre cities. , ( and TO FEMALE3.-Mpec- jal Clocks, attention gtven to all LOUISVILLE AND of remsles. Also fur sale. Goods, .. , DEEJCS REiiCLATOR FILLS-F- or Fasnaie Obstruciious, Irregulantiee, Ac. Married ladies In Iu variety. ertain situations should aot would jajiSpecial attentlom given to cleaning and repairing cause MisoAaatAQs, Tioe use theta, as theyau 1 per bom. be and Watches and Jewell inoee wno nare lor years paal , ot by mall. given him their cuum will nnd hlui fully able to sen's i,1?-- , OALINS PRIVSNTIVI-A- u lovajnabhi Arthem at his new stand. Call and examine g'vxU. ticle those wishing to limit the number of their nib 12 JOHN J. XL INK. offspring, or the barren who de-I-re : warrant-- d not to injure the health. The Preventive, which AS WELL USEFUL 0BXAME.M1L rill last for a lifetime, will be sent to a Idrese nn- V'0 tb -- ATDOLLAR. V P ATIENTS AT A DISTANCE By oenJinga ASD AFTtR WrDyrDAT, APRIL Jawts statement of their symptoms, will recefve a Blank and Freight Tiaine will roa tarouMft ltaart containing a list of uueetious, our terms ior the totdgetteid r(opposite Jshvnlej wuho ut change of euurseof treatiaent, Ac, Medicinee Sent to any part vo any case at home, free frou i m. Passenger Trains wUl laava I.. ,oi.v. i . u- 22a Ihlrd street, bet. Mala or eunoaity. Market daniage luiimry cure A. a., I.Ivh.-a.,i.- I t, i The Consulting Surgeon, who I a regnlar graduate . bla-aewiu at STOCK OF aj tivius- at LwuamtiS) ol on of the first lustttutions of the country, and of at y.'M r WATCnE", yni S sm phis Branch Train will iu me ireatinent ot Venereal Ii JEWT.LRY. leas. BowU'nggreea ui gie nis personal attention to office patieuts durSILVIR AND ing any hour of the day or evening. Considution rrain rrom lwurmng wnl arrive t PLATED WARS Was never better than at preeent, and offered oo as f mini,onil. ,li:iltl Pr've n J free of ,? Vr 314 "JcuntwiihTrai. Oi I..niTlll gutd terma as can be found iu the city. My styles JeSersoiT, West side. ruil itiwt, Utwsen MarWetlnJ auo uamme. uejs euurou uww. ,WBJ To insure saAty to alt lettws. direct tn fcrNMhvllle and Memphis Branch alio., a "l-Leb"non ENJ HEAD DISPEX?ABT, daily te. epi Snaday) Drawer 7. Lo' uisTille, Ky All trrUhte r main rs.,1, Leb.n, n and Heuphia also, on . aej f It I L. No sword will be sold without hmlug passed through i ff at low figure on ENCiLAMt, IRELAND, an l nf BWlf ZKBLANl), BELGIUM,' AM) lloiLAND !; DKA . swohd3 a:jd sabhes, f An , HElfBT ON i . WOEKS. w. H. ST0SM.J A) AND ANT) MERCHANTS makingM A TCI A CTTJR E RS WOULD FINo'lT their.purcbaee.. Order .m di.tM-w1I- For all irrailea of offlcer; tstols. Delta. Sashee, Pi ante, Shoulder-HtrnpAc. hainee of officers and rudiments, or any Inscription SIGHT DRAFTS ' : SNUFF TOBACCO, COACH .AND SADDLERY HARDWARE 8ALDLEHT WARETIOC3E.) HOUSE, For Officers of the Army. INSURANCE COMPANY S EATING . IMPORTER OK WATCHES k JE WE Lit Y. GERMAN East side Third st., bet. Main " f 0UI5VILLE CHEMICAL (SL'CCESSOtt TO . aaJ in rpU13 E3TABL1SUMEHT UA3 LATELY BEITN A refitted and mUr-in th.i tinu.1 .tvi The proprietor tukee thU method of informing hi iuuii ii icmu uu luiroua luai on inurihity, auium 7 th. cmiiuoinv a regular dinner, liinuer h,.ui hum 12 to 3 p.m. Warm meal at all hour, hot roll.-)- or d if deaired, at 23 cents p.r meal. the LaUiea' lUtalaurant attached to tl.ut twtaLliah- uuni naa uuiy uwi rvntted iu a most eievaut atyle. .Chewing I'obacco, . anS A??S??oaJ?5? t, UCFRU4 Sole ABept. t . I7o. 43S ZsZain street, between Tifth and Siith, Havana and Domestic Cigars ' 131 A No. 6U3 Jefftnon $trtet, cpjotite Courthouse, Of FOR HALE, AT CHEAPEST. OFFER and well assorted stock of ' ' AMD DXAIX&3 chol-fcf- KEMTUCKV and Tobacco Cigars ttw lstwia ninpli,v it with the In siin. othr Vli t. Ki t tu M , rrocrU tt". Harries' celebrated Caj ton Ale and iu lnrrvU, naif hdrnl-j . . C.C. MlJ fKTXK, EMBS AM CSSMICAIS. au7 st., bet. Third and Fourth, 329 Main . Vt iU l,i v.t NOr llO Main St., XjO.lsirlIIo, B. K. WAKNER, Proprietor. LEOPOLD & CO., XVI. BtJohn iky. 500,000 CIGAES. f Porter lur botile.. - JAM13 ftlCBLKlij LoulKTUfci, n22 dim c 1 J yINDOV:EUSS, JEUSSWAIiE, SEASON, Our float n runt of liuiue, t'lsli and all ITiatTAD VJUAuM eF.FDEEIGS bcU Shelby and Campbell, ST. CHARLES RESTAUHATTT, Pillh Hret-r- , bet. Af uln aiid .tUrket. LOUISVILLE, KY.' ' ' " VXJ't HAViJ JIST RECKIU Bi.' - hirilESS A -l(.t Ov aterj In 11m hftl LOCI-S- I--I W faOta i ,. ..AT THE r i. mnaA . oi.i ...... . WILSON U PET2R mtuM OTLKS DI1TJG GISTS PAINTS, QILS, tWtnot it , W i., J.CAWklN a . i iKTUtlt , attach!. Plo AIUy In firatrstaor.tcr ., . i. Presh Shell Oysters. or TUK ''L T Sole Agctitt for D. Oarriea' celebralwl 8uxk Ala. PEMALE ACADEMY ( w YOUNO O HOI'S and all other M'iisl ! Imuiie4 rotiBtaiitly uu nan1, ami will t urved iu But i ,he h o' Vr Faculty and wim tucli a IPD th advutttav ! tti mi.vt complet Library and Philowpbical and theml al Apparatus In the country it U huped a fair clana will L .la attendance. Whether many er few, howovw, ptrmictiiig, ths will poon a tuual. I . O. M'itLA, &. y. Uoorgetown, Ky , A eg. 22, Caie ,7 - O y to r 11 '' ' Bif S24t I la aeciriir (ua-n- i w PAILT PB IXrKKSS, IHZtH, YAT KECKIVEP jiu. Maftirtutt-- TD VIKoroourr Citizens of Louisville, come to the rescue of your proud city. It is hourly threatened by the daring invaders who desecrate our soil. It will be laid in ashes and ruins un less you fight. Citizens of Kentucky, come to the rescue of our noble Stater Three fourths of our proud old Commonwealth is now overrun and occupied by the ruthless rebels, who are robbing us of our property. destroying the lives of our friends and fellow citizens, terrifying our wives and children and makiner our dear homes desolate And, fie upon us I the ' confederate flag now floats from the dome of our CapitoL and we have made but one stand' against the invaders, and that terminated in our most disastrous rout.'. Kentuckians, must fight! It is now only left us to decid on which side we will fight.' If we do not fight to maintain the honor of our State, if we , do not fight to hold Kentucky i the Union, where we placed' her by our votes at the polls three times cast; if we do not fight for our homes and for the protection and safety of our dear wives and children, our sisters and aged fathers and mothers whom we can only defend by being in the army if we do not fight for the meat and bread that ia to feed ourselves and families and friends during the comin winter, and which the rebels have coma t takeaway from us if we do not fight for our property, our liberty, and our lives if we do not now, without another moment s delay, fight for all these considerations under th glorious Stars and Stripes of our country at the pay of thirteen dollar j per month i money and three dollars and fifty cents in clothes, provisions found, and one hundred dollars in money and one hundred and six ty acres of land as bounty at the end of the war or three years service, and ninety six dollars per year invalid pension if dis abled in the service, ninety-si- x dollan pension to widows and orphans of indt gent parents if killed or we die of dis ease contracted in the service. Jeff. Davis under the conscription act of the Confeder ate Congresa will force us at the. point ef the bayonet to tight for the Southern Con federaoy, without pay, without food, with out clothes, without honor. The undersigned is recruiting the Eleventh regiment of Kentucky cavalry and has now in camp on the Fair Grounds near this place, 'eight companies, five of which are full. Iour more full companies are needed to fill the regiment. These are recruited, but are cut off from coming to camp Dy the confederate lines, and cannot be waited for. Forty dollars bounty and advance pay will be paid to each recruit upon his being mustered into service.' Kt1 tt i- - Eleventh Kentucky Cavalry on the Seed Leaf and Havana, Killikiniclc an Fair Grounds, Turkish Smoking1, and Fine-c- ut to have opened Hancock atreet, from Broad way to Itoee Lane street, which was adopted. ' Alderman Osborne, from Street Committee Georgo N. Sanders Heport in Eng r.astern District, to whom was reterred- - an land. ordinance to repeal an ordinance to recurb an 'From the Liverpool Tout, Sept. 3. Mr. George N. Sanders, late American repave the sidewalks on both sides of Presto Walnut to Madison street, pre consul in London, passenger, arrived incoaL street, fromsame, wfcicb waa read by underground railway, direct from Rich- aented the Osborne, from same and passed Alderman Committee. mond, Virginia, in time for the steamer presented an ordinance to recurb and repave fire-side- s, Jura, and his important digpatches for the tha unpaved portions of the sidewalks on both Confederate Commissioners, Messrs. Masoa sides of JrMtou street from alnut to iladi ana fcliaell. son street, which waa read, rule suspended, Mr. Sandersaye that Generals Joseph ana passed Dy the touowing rote: a., wuuusun he a Beauregard cad so far i e . i eas President Barrett, and Messrs. Cte covered as to be able to resume active duty; borne, Hubbard, Peter, Terry, Brown,, Dry that the Confederate army in Virginia east aaie, aua oaira o. Navs None. of Petersburg, nndercommandof Gens. Lea, Alderman Osborne, from same Committee, Johnston, Longstreet and Jackson, numbers presented a resolution from the Common Counabout 209,000, including more than 400 cil requesting the Mayor to advertise for bids pieces of ar- and contract for uowldenng Market street field tillery, under General Pendleton, and lrom I loyd to Preston street. iu,uw. splendidly mounted and effi Alderman Brown, from the Street CommiU ciently armed cavalry,' under" Generals tee of the estern District nresented an ord Stuart and Fitihugh Lee; that the Con- nance to pave the sidewalk on the west side federate army was in fine condition, march- of Thirteenth street, from Chestnut to Maga ing upon the enemy, and anxious to meet zine street, wnica was read, rule ' suspended and give them battle on any fair field; no and passed by the following vote: Yeas President Barrett, and Messrs. Os one in or ont of the army doubted the reborne, lluhbard, l'eter, Terry, Brown, Drys- sult; that Generals Beauregard, Bragg, uaie, and uaira o. Trice and Kirby Smith were at the head of Nays Noue. one hundred and fifty thousand infantry Alderman Brown, from said committee and artillery and twelve thousand cavalry, presented an ordinance to recurb and repave the in supporting distances of each other, in nnpaved portion oi the sidewalk on both sides North Alabama, East Tennessee and South- ot alnut street, lrom Seventh to Eitrbth eastern Kentucky, marching to the front streets which waa read, rule suspended, and and rear of Buell and Grants armies, sup- passed Dy me rouowing vote: Yeas President Barrett, and Messrs. Os posed to number less than one hundred and fifty thousand; that the Confederate cavalry, borne, Hubbard, Peter, Terry, Brown, Drys units, uia najra a. under Generals Forrest and Morgan, had Navs None. cutoff the Federal and supAlderman Osborne, from Committee on plies, by river and rail, destroying trans- Public works, to whom was referred a reeolu ports and trains from close proximity to the tion trom the Common Council to have built lock-u- p rear. , at the Lafayette Engine House, and It was confidently believed at Bichmoud one ai ine i oruand Lngine House, reported that Buell's army would bo captured or dis- tgiuuBi Hunt, wmcn waa rejected. Alderman Osborne, from same committee persed; that it could tot possibly make a successful stand south of the Ohio rivtr- - to whom was refvrred a resolution from the white washed Marthat General Humphrey Marshall had left Common Council, to have 2. reported against ket Houses Nob. 1 and AMngjon, Virginia, with his division, en same, wnicn was rejected. , wua mcuaicru xicoiucKy ior me Blue W. E. Riley, i se!2dtf Alderman Brown, from Committer on Grass region, expectinar to form a iunction Hons, Bcmds, and Contracts, to whom Elec was with General Kirby Smith, from Beaure reiened a contract, executed by P. Hofler, to Still a Chance. gard s and Uragg s army; that Major Gen di and wall a well corner Montgomery and The Headquarters of, the Green River eral Holmes, at the head of 30.000 from Walnut streets, reported tame, which was ap- - Regiment, Thirty-thir- d Kentucky, has been lexas, rvoruwest Louisiana, and Arkansas Alderman Terry pr&sented a resolution, al established at Munford villa, Hart county Lad passed Fort Smith, and would soon co operate with the 'M,000 State troops and lowing the Commissioners of the Jefferson immediately on the Louisville and Nashville County Poorhouse 560 for keeping Mrs. Karah HniFtin jtanger already in the possession aru to June n, which was rejected by railroad, where all recruits tendered will ot the larger portion of the State of Mis ' n. r wimit in g vine: be put promptly into camp, and furnishe to hold St. Louis and Missouri souri; tiat Yeas Messrs. Osborne, Peter, and Terry 3 with supplies. Our fiiends who feel it to against this rapidly augmenting force, it . ays President bairett, and Messrs. Hub wou.u require a federal army of not less bard, Brown. Drrsdale, and Baird 5 .. be their duty to aid in putting down thi The resolution to repair the sou Lhern ditch rebellion (and who does not ?) than 100, 090 men; that all accounts from cannot do bet Missouri, Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky, from Twelfth to Eighteenth street waa amended and Maryland represented the young men oy tne common Council, at a cost of $150 ter than to join this regiment. Colonel which amendment was concurred in. Jamison, the commander, is one of the very cf those States ready to rise and The Engineer's report, that the "Fl'u l"e aq ranee ot the Confederate armies and Louisville Railroad Company Shelbyville best men in the Green river country, and have com that th Confederates calculated umn n.I. will certainly get up a superior regiment. ding not less than 1G0,000 to their numbers pleted the repairs on the east of Main street enzel Beargras bridge, Companies or detachments who wish to join from these States, as they had furnished lrom resolution tofrom the Common was filed. A Cnnni-i- l mi scarcely a regiment to the Federal army thorizingthe Mayor and Presidents of both the regiment will report to the AdjuUnt, Boards to distribute the funds cnllecterl li.r th uiiuer tne recent call. James A. Dawaon, at Munfordville. Apply relief of the families of enlisted aoldiera, was 7A soldier was shot and killed at Col inciicu tu a pci iju commiiiee, consisting ot early and secure a good place. Only thirty days is given to recruits and a rush will be Messrs. Peter and Hubbard. ..Ictook s camp, near the Two-milHouse, A resolution from the Common Council re made to secure the post of honor. on Thursday night, by the guard for di6obe questing the Chief of Police to staliun one auZ7 dtf. policeman at each engine house nt the time of Hence of orders. every lire, was referred to the Committee on llEADQ'BS FbOYOoT MAE8UAL GeN., Ct2lIon, John Peltit was nominated by Police. Louisville, Ky, Aug. 10, 18G2. A resolution from the Common Council rp the eighth of January Democrats, for Con quiring the Chief of Police to report the reason General Obdebs No. 1.1 why he has not complied with Sec. 11th ofthp gress, in the Lafayette district. rrovost Marshals in the Department police ordinance, was referred to the Commit commanded by ling. Uen. Boyle are hereby tee on rolice notified, that in obedience to General Or Heaeq'es Ketcckt Voixhteibs, A resolution from the Common Council to ders No. 9, 1 have been appointed and have JxDIVTAMT OtHriil 0 UtFICK, , repair fourth street, between Walnut and entered upon the discharge of the duties of Chestnut streets, was referred to the Street frovest Marshal General of Louisville, Sept 3, 1802, this Depart GfKFIAL Obdir No. 34. committee of the estern District. ' ' ,: A resolution from the Common Council re ment. All volunteers for tha State service, as2. The Federal and State authorities.being sembling under the recent proclamation of questing the Oa3 Company to place two lamp- - now in harmony, it is intended as soon as the Governor, will be at once mustered into yusus on iut? norm siae oi uroadwav street, lie service as part of the active militia of the tween tenth and Eleventh streets, was adopt- - possible to hand over to the State authori State. , l. SESSION IE3BI0N Or THIS IHSTITTJTIOit ta tU lint Him4r tn Septouter. FACULTY. uuiua ' i Pursuant to resolution both boards met in joint session at 9 o'clock, when the following SEPARATE SESSION'. pHwill KMT - , ALLOWED. iiMEfe;GoaT; Oil! ItE&fAUUAN'IS.' Georgetown College," "Ky. WALKER'S EXCHANGE, d Separate resolutions were adopted allowing ' the following claims, viz: Street hands, Western District, $4?0 24 from 4th to 18th September, 1862. Street hands, Eastern District, $406 64 from 4th to lfth September, 18G2. P. McGinley $35234, building culvert in creek at Clay street. . AMerman Baird, from Revision Committee, to whom was referred the bond of George Jonas, Intepretcr City Court, reported same, wmcn was approved. JOIST educational: your glorUui old iUU li again invaded If Jaff. Davla' aerfi. Tha cause of God, tha glory cf the nation, and the honor of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, all pall aloud' for action. Come for' h from the hills and valleys, and in the name of all you hold dear, for ' time and for eternity. Do not delay your coming. Let no sleep come to your eyes, or rest to your limbs, until you rise in your might in defense of your wives, your children, ypur homes. A moment's delay may cause a lifetime of bitter regrets, with chains and slavaiy. If there ar any who wish to survive the destruction of thia nation, the disgrace of the glorious old flag, and the humiliation of the old Commonwealth of Kentucky, bring disgrace upon himself and posterity, let him turn and flee. Now is the time to show yourselves worthy descendant! of noble, free, and independant sires. All are now needed, and honor will be showered upon those, who respond in the time of danger, I am authorized to raise the Thirty-sixt- h Kentucky regiment of mounted infantry, for three years' service The time is none too long, if the enemies of our country are not soonerput down, and our services will terminate with the war. Any man who can raise thirty men can obtain a Second Lieutenant's commission. Let those who will come to the rescue, call at my Headquarters, on the north side of Market, between Second and ' Third streets. I have established a camp at the Fair Grounds, in honor of our noble and patriotic Got. Robinson, whose- eloquent appeal now calls upon you to rise in . defense of your homes and your firesides, and never disgrace the memory of your ancestors. The usual advance py nd bounty will be paid. Mr. Rutlinger, a man of military educa tion and long experience in the tented field will go as Lieutenant-Coloneee7 dinlf ". A. J. Alexandee, Colonel My eountrjmeo, ' RESPONSIBLE ICR THE I FIIRT DISASTER. Correspondents from Harper' a Ferry TOM. COL. . To i&mi I -i ornciAiv emocrat f ' f I I sst

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