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Image 1 of Louisville daily courier (Louisville, Ky. : 1851), April 1, 1861

Part of Louisville daily courier (Louisville, Ky. : 1851)

LOUISVILLE LOUISVII COURIER. FRINTED AND PUBLISHED TT THF. LOUISVILLE rOCTl I EH PRIXTUMi CO. Coder aa Art of Incornee-atina- . rra.ns4 fey the KentncA; Legislature. Crcea Street, next to Cnstoa LOnSTIIXE, KEXTUCKT. Can?, VOLUME 32. LOUISVILLE; SHELL AXD CAX OYSTERS! ""' 3 gr COAL COAL! time, by the at for barirend rVAXK ami tfi! the loaes! n.n kef pr:re, le-- t qnet-- lt 't .UTifilil R COAL. . Also, liCACtt BUT10M riii-it u.ucli lower J. S. KF.LMK'.U. Aeent, pit dtf Third treet, near corner rf Main. tr V v.4AL lnsvnxE, nil.i VfUVr buhelg extra do; io iTrhard Gra.i; ; do bi b"i Timoth"; :t0 do Clover; crop ic"i. and fur aa e at the lowcet ruiiii prke. LiutTil disc'-ti'ito the trade. J. P. BONDl'KAXT. Feed and Acrirul'.iirvl Warehouse. Xo. ; Main atreet. Dear cum. nortltaide. Jjii AITaCK. rt l1p n S. B. 3PGILL. holciale nud imlor in ami Imrorlrr of CIGARS, TOBACCO, SNUFF. 3, l Train. Albaxt and Chicago lfOP. XI. Arrival of Trains. Lochvillf:, Nrw Albaxt and C'hicaqo modation C.rfXI A. XI.; 7::0 P. M. :." .1 rFFK KON ril.T.E A V n Ixdi AW APOLIS A. M.; P. XI.; 9 P. XI. ixci3viLi.EAn Nashville 11:45 P. XI.; 11:45 A. M. Lebanon Branch 10:25 A. XI.; 5:07 P. XI. Locisvri.T.E, Fn cvkfort and Lexingtok 1 :i0 A. XI.; fi:: P. M. La jranro Accom-moilatio- n 8:55 A. XI. Mr. Breckinridge at Frankfort. We learn, by tcligraph from Frankfort, ' S.t ,v New LETTER rnOI rRANKFORT. Ro'Tseati's Resolutions on the Navigation of the XI ississippi sinking i'iind Bank Riil Ilouce's l'reaui-hl- e I. to JIajoiity Report on Federal ICelntious, Ac, Vc 10:15 A.M.; 10:15 P. M. jEriT.USONVILLE AND InDIASAPOLI? C A. M.; -- :50 P. M.; 0:30 P. M. IxcisriLi.E and Nashville 7:4.r A. M,; 7:00 P. M.. Lebanon Branch 7:13 A. XI.: 2:15 P.M. LOCISVTLI.E.Fr AKKFOP.T AND I.EXINGTOX 0:00 A. XI.; L':10 P. M. Lasrangc Accom- SEEDS CROP 1SG0. UrSIIFI.SCLF.AXBLrFCRAf'P; r IV TA1D tOK JS ET IKR I'RIIMIV ml 20 APRIL MOR.MXG Departure of ALL KINDS OF GAME! With All the Delicacies of the Season. Iec Cream fc SlicrSicIs! Tni.r. irnoTi: tor LAmcx An gf.x. TLKMKX F.tfcRY nV, HIOM 12 T O.I UK K T SO .Iteration. sonare O01.ns arte) or one in1 nfl sertion y, llitiona! 'lie re" 'ne failure eachniortc. without -one I Sm nuarr two line square moiitha. ll ue are t ree iimrtua tl me monti.m im ! e i(me square a(iiare twelve montiis :ii mi " lis"" One Mi'iare changeable aeeUl). sio twice a week, t '). weekly, six nvmtUn. nf enuare chanr-sb- le .; for t'iree wont lis. IT" t'liuirial Nuke, intended tto ilraw attention private enterprise or hiiiuess, o invention, an, amelea f.r sale, mill be cuajyed at Uie rite of tweoly oent a line Charitable, anil Political tP" Funeral, Nonce, inserted 6"r the first, and Sir for raeb insertion, and trill Dot be pu'.dUtoed nolo t"H1 for in adva'.re. f r- - MarrUjres and Death Notices 25c for each Insertion. Calls for. and prosee.Vmcs of political ward w ill BneetifMM. teciiarse.i half .rice. Cr h N Fearl? contracts ma.le. jr which adver-Use- r ' priTilre of cLatitinR matter or f trie of rrd witln.ut ad.i:tioniil Iihw. required to he k'rt n HAII al i erond pHr lixtrynl ? thiy, and on i taiH rare an ipjm" overstated rate. I A'ivertioomenu directed to l P'sei.Ttl, or ei in lakgw tti-k- . rtiaiwd donK!- - mtr. Advertnnfa inline U EKKI.V COCRIHl ten cent a line for eaeii InatTtion, rd no rbaia-ml'Prth or timr y IIOXDAY Potomac tf that, in necordnncc rrith an iuvitalion from the Looislnture, Mr. Bbeckinuidge will addrcRR the mombcrA of that body and in the Hall of the his fi Houpc of RcorcscnLitivcs, on XVc have not learned the hour st which ht will ejeak, but presume it trill be 3 P. XI. Blint It is with pleasure trr anw. t. m ixocK... .JOHN M. HARLAN. nounce that this interesting little mui(l prodigy bns been prevailed upon to reBULLOCK & IIARLVX, main two evenincs lonccr' The religious No. IK Green ftrcct, betTeen Third anil Tourtb, A. 1 olifcrvanfcs and Inclement weather of the .0vrier LOl IhI ILLE. KV. pan week prevented thousands of our ...ortTiient of vt WII.Lp'vetl.e Tir:vide4 attrtior?to th ' wxcVI.A1K.F ANLi lOltACtO thekept eoiivitiT n .f the Law in a'l t'.e Couita )iItl in the citizens from pecinf; and hcarinrrbini, and febl.. ilif Utp ei of I ouifville ana in the Court of Al and Land. FeiJrrd Court a' I rankf rt. Tliey ill aUo and aaacpaMsaanaajaaaaaBnatoaa at their urgent request the managers bavc c)ieily, T.eularlv tut 'ircui CourU consented to remain. No exhibition ha, tlmrr. Fra.'klio OlLin routitif a. 1'anici.liir atieuiion (riven vo the collection of ever ki coini'letely Liken our citizens as it rlsinif wen; by Fiona. Go where yon will, into mrr No 4.15 Main ret. Iictween Fif.h ami Filth, near tut corner .f F.ftii. mil diuiilw J the comitinpr room, tbe parlor, or the street, and even in thenurtery. Blind Tom is sure MADAM BELL, I A CANDIDATE to be bpoken of, and we do not wonder at it, fur a more incomprehensible little FhfaiciaN And ni'clroaihi.t genius has never lived, nor tiiena rf J::.trdlr of the nttion of XLh i:ia l iar. ol tc oue who so completely came up to the ran he ronwltod .a all iu". r of l,if;. e:tuer to i,ove, laie ic, I're jit, or Fuvurr. in high expectations of hi3 auditors. Ashe Jul !ie can recoil, ilu u:Trel between man wife, wr ttiier (eo) !: s:if! c:m s1c a likepe.a ;t tbe positively remains but Xlonday and Tuesbur'i?ind. w.f. . friend or eneiu; : frl;e ae day, let those of our reod'-r- who wish to the peo Ir a Inck talimnan thiuO at niriib and f every ciidrtriue. Mino Uorr.luc or Impest-cr- , in tpend pleasant evening embrace this last bot wiU do what ut profiles, tbt has s FOR 15 AX IXDErrXDEXT CANDIDATE opportunity of hearing him. For the accommodation of families he gives an after arith her ttt!'1! ren be aeen in the wtr. She aible to awe-tai- n the cause .l aicaocw and furn.fh noon matinee on (Tuesday at OHlirlne tr ladiea. Election, Flret Ssturday in April. 3 o'clock. f ue oLem to wiurer !n.t10 tlit no iron In th'a pl dte 'ny ea eurpaat lier in tier prof. : on. I'.t ae cll andaeeher n; Market nreeu botweea Firt uil Cane Tkesestation. The employees of fcemtid. nort1 kMe. No. V.'. np rtairv. esi aovior in her bn'. fW Mr. Hell i the Louisville rostolBce, on Saturday, pre rw in f it i its. For Cii re.iy?bevi r) f erua lio ladunr$w po and fee Me run tell haa trouble tr.ouid sented Frank Kon.ild, the late postmaster, r.; dtf bow the btne are to with a beautiful cane. It is an appropriate JOHN L. SCOTtT testimonial to a worthy gentleman. He LADn, WEDSTER 4t CO.S has discharged the duties of his position SEWING FR ANKlvIlT, KV. pilEVare reniiirkabl) a:ron and alnple In tlieii mos. creditably, and leaves it without a OFFTCS A WO IXII G TCOXAX" OFFICE. A. make the Lock Stitch upon brtn stain upon his reputation. We will only i ic ali c. which cu'.iint b- - ravel- d: use a t!ri)bt EsraKrwrits: 'OV. Mccllin. I'rmnkfort.. Ky.; hope that Dr. Speed, his successor, will Judre. Utivalu OeorrH- wn. Kr.; Fre. MU.itritC, cee. le. andw'llMW wi h linen ihrcud. The o' tension i. audi that the wii hacon Collide, Kt.: I' rlo:on. Ixintrton. Kt.: ky ; llianrtlior Trimble, Mr over the heaviest eama It cerro jean, without make as good an officer. J art re Iraxler. Paducah. Ky.- Hon. Wrc P. itlnls. Harifi. K.J.; 'ii'Sculty; a!i.o tetri lue tneat liare;e or lan with-cDr. Speed assumes the iks ition of jiost- lrawin It. Hon. J. C. Maar n. 0r1nrr:!ie. K.: Jude V. Ima-- k All Machine warranted. r. MayfVilie. kr.; LiUer W. T. Moore, Frankfort, master FOSKKTT, No. fi MaoD'e Temple, P. Tom. nrs (oriicy Ai'itiL j:lf.ctio. Joseph A. illiss, roinuA itelli:r, FOR 3IAYOR, :! Wm. 7k. WarDer .r CBVIIi 7 CITY AUDITOR. giving Attorney nt Law, MACHINES. nclr U.j. LAW CAItD. JOHN .TO IV IX, Gro. Christt's XIisstrels. Geo. Chris ty s Xhnstrels open at Xto.:trt UjII, which has been chosen for their ex HOWE hibition, because it allows superior facilities for the presentation, of operatic pieces. NOTICE. the best that has on leccfit flHF rreatr'toe the more the public in octrby The band isand George Christy, ever visited J. any Invention, liable to Louisville, especially, b Inpoged nron by utiscriipulo-jJealen with an is without a inferior artli i,. .i.dur rial in his profession. To numeil name. To ruard Mirrhax" s neainm notice i? hereby see the perfect embodiment of a uiggcr M H 1IINF. invented riven thst ti.eoniy Pf by i i.1 AS U0VL. Jr , aiul m.ide by hi brother, A. niinhtrtl, look upon Christy ; andtoen.ioy K ilovvK- -i for kale at bi Fourth atret, a;,d no jti" r place in ti. city. si.r.-- l joumlf for an hour or so, seo him and his 1 he Family Machir i he eTa:.iinit by a'l et minstrels. w'.U do more kintibcf work tiuiii purchaser, acv o!,er Mm hine in the market. The Cylinder Machine! re ur.eqna'ed for all sT'Somnbody had s lid that Portland Jv aiher'litci jej. no other klo't" of Maciiir.e ao grrali a or maVirff o tixht a ecaai. uil bus secded,and therefore Xlilt. Moore is CAUXL'Y'S 1. X. I . i iVIT f..t fale. X. C. MUiliI.m.N. Ar-roverboard' as a candidate for Council. street, f iiiret side Portland will probably rot? unanimous for LouirviJe, Ky. kef, Mavk- - and J e Ter job,rurli til? dtf Xlilt. nud so will the balaure of the Eighth Ward. Xlilt Is rather mixed up in ioiitical afLYirs, but he makes a good Councrilmsn, and is sure to be THF Jr., (t OlATV ATTORMiY.) SETOGMillXE! I'iare, Ic.-;- i 'ort at'ent on f Ler.l bufinef se Id the i ooivof LouM.llt. ud tueCouitof Appeals. AT LAW. ATT-r:NK- dec'S o'i MADAME ROSENB AUGH, , IWCTKES AMI ATROLOIili-Tr'criaheTf-iennf reJpeerfa and e a Ivcated n patrim liu .ripe ' t TFVTH eTilF.Kr.betae tiWxinat ard Che-tnher car..e ia n tee oor where i.l ei ready to i rar. tic upon al! KtariiMg dia- - a"" ia' flesii arid biouj e lr-J iv r our to. .ucii ita .v i. V0rLlmor of li, plain , Fita. KlindqeM. lieafiitsa. Afeeiion of the hpleen. k(Rnatii-i- bild l'.l-- : end will warrant cure in all rrroful. Titter, bunion aud Coma. wientbe raticct ia Out lieyond lae revh of aid. Madame K. t:ii the fin" rfthe rlty, r- - rrvct inf will ml.o artirantee to rjve Tme on aU the eve i 5 of life: of ""ft ra ; Wf.jre;whe'iier ycu will i'.ltd of c:'M frieti-ln- . acc tr:t"e lo prr;p-r- t , c M'e U:i? a ae- - fbipt e at.f re to obtain pctt ir. boiiicn;, cr m lirt pne ;nn t ne celebraoeii. hhiI roueM Afr:"- -. w! cU-ited ROCK JU peraon- - can t'irir future panne, frieud or theei. Kwipuie k. I htsppy to My that "he C;e in I:terv. only per'ir thi.t can elv. lucky nnruh-rP. Mviaiue I; bebi ( a Medium, wi I tmrref any queeti",!!. sr.-- ' fi r'1. lr j! io ceui W (2. for Lillet anen. ii.. -f h' TIIEGOODTl ! GREAT REDUCTION In I'riccs! Ft FPAN1SH CFLiCHKATF.I ju,t arrived in the a'l i.imuts pertain-lcity, and can be c Future, 1 ree:nj to Life, I'a't. infancy orr.!. are, partii-to ti e IU.of Life from to lariiio? ta.'h event iu rerard l..iw hninef. Loxe. M altera. aaJ VaTiaee. CvirtMp. (N- knefKof Melativi-ar.d a f ie Midin will nicw ber reprteeni aliou cf their. and II tisbnndit tptdi'-lri- W ives. I'uture wiil otni?li 'or all Hiv The Mule-meaea. for crcwti puoca, tutlc or feiaal, anu jvd'f E. SINCEOE, TCo. af2 Fourth li- - d'.f T. HtRBnn, Aorft, at..bct Market end.Teffer-o- Louis1 Tic. K Optical Institute. Main rtrert. n.',"ee KatiopU Hotel, I.tMiiurl le, gECTACLFo ANP rVK GLAP-F- S IMrr.OTLD jeV"tion, in rohi. ailrer and Heel. ,iiJ to ine Fve: Miorooote. TelrvBrs. i Instrc-tnenOpera Clae. c'l,,R,14,ir"' ""d PLyical btereo-cmdarljnea. Mereoacopea and Eieetr.c View. I A a tvt'1 t'"ely. Arti6ciftl Human i e inserted, and New j. XIilitart Presentation. XIaj. Thomas the gallant and efficient XIajor : H. Hunt, of the Louisville Xow uiifl Iuiprovctl Battal;on, has presented HIKE! to thu Hunt Gutrds a splendid minia'ure Wtrrautel to be tht hoiin tnaiktiler all silver barrel. It will be shot for on Thurs cf work. day by the members of the company. FFED WHEFI.the (miilest strenpf h:riTple. allltsparts They meet T f have is iiiot admirably at Odd Fellow's Hall and inpeiiioits; Tur c d, beinr permanent for drill. ,l.ei SUUTTLE o"1' alnU!dfraje. Fatal .NrrrtAT. Wc learn from an at tentive correspondent that 11. Walker hot and fatally wounded Thos. Sparks in Owen county, Ky., on Friday. He also wounded a imn named Stcplett and shot t several others, but without hitting hem. Walker made his escape. s. II. ROPER'S J with BrsT riTTSPi-p.oCoABowser ct Fulls, Mirket 6trcet, between Sixth and Seventh, avc just received a large supply of the cry best Pittsburg coal, which they otft r for sale at the lowest market pric. Those who wish tbeir supply for the season, should lay it in now while the price Is w. apldrj HOYR JR., AMI ELLVS Louis-viU- The saw mill atljoiuins; was saved ut slight damage. K. Market. KV St rat ton fc Co., iu Jefl'ersonville, was fired by n Incendiary, ttc are told, and cotiftiimed, together with its fixtures mid contents. Thu loss is about ?3,000. There was but very little material in the building. AND GFM'INE FCR 40 ROLL ARK an-- ! will wV,'n lh r?i eh of b TT i n t hroiiKhont the lr.d. J. thooanr of faiuilie T) nn'l Cnretianv thit matin tut-- nr. c '. f n a rieiiti of Maehiut a. k acd Sliuttle Stitch. A the Pitent order which thene are'e, bare now. after Ion ofinte.t, been t il i v aiKtaHieit bj tbe CoirttH P.ieai .iui e. and Owinp.i- - v ai.lic'nate. in time to eon:. an from I be heeiy x.tusof liiijr.ition, Ihey proptiae tn ru e the public the benefit ol this inuau-r.iiy- , and have accurdU:-'l- y minced tlie ri' ei of tlieir Maehiaea fr(m 'I en to Fifteen iKvlars or eaen Vitcbine. "il nnl fee them. a BAkFK have recently introilui-cliROVFK rew 'buttl' Mehiue for Tailor"' iic. which ia ar. knowledtr'il 10 fct uperior lo any cf i.J kiud iu tae Price, Fifty t'ollari. tuarket. TrirLh ba It cf l.ou:evili3. tiit lieon d tCIVIl-LK- . of LF.GAL i'HYSICIAN, FEMALE t'r to the cit;ir,i re ec'.f eartai'lfa l Fike in tJFrrF.R05viLLc Abont eight 'dock Sunday morning the pianino; mill IiAIti;i5 A: FAMILY SEWIXG MACRIXEt ( LAIKVOYAXTE, N.S!?owiy GROVGR ,V 3IADA3IE RARNUM, THE ASTCOLOGIST, Fourth st.. Louiprille. K7. Xl4 91 A( SEWTXG kin-l- i . f aenrabers and Tomatoes, li5 FIi'Ht ol Houmoii! or besides requiriiif no t atiich ever made roakiur therr-o- : t beautiful en any Machine. Tr.ilorn and good judges ackuoitl edite it every day. 1 nee ::. In receipt of Cucumber- -. i T.v COAL! COAL! THE LADIES eepa eonrtantly on band a Piltsbnre and l:irsenpp'y ef the CoaL Al:fl tt.e " Hartford City t oal." nojt or ookii.e punif es ; used ty ur. lietter for who pronounce it newly equal faniilieaof other 'o,r I'ittsimreh. ami f nprrior to any Ail I now in fi.t k is a ill f .tean and fmil, purpoe. will five satisfaction. it. and I wnrraiit it a tiJ ret.iil at toe lowel cash prices. t?rij (lire east nide Fourthatreet, below eeU between Main and Market. Main,and Rijb cltl Thirds.- - anr ounce to n r ti lujicia tf ;ritril" V4.T-- . II ?'ive n rally that l public" lerurtti complied. and the f febtdiy the veryl wett market price. tial ol r A rr.nrtnent are a. departiauta aioited. CO., FOrmil 'E PAKGNTTS CONFECTIOXERY i OFFICE. JT &. tTKEFT. NEXT TO CITY IIOTEU haveopMicd a COAL OFFICE attbeabove keep cn bnpd plaee. wheie e w'i the beM article of I'lTl .1'L F.G1I COAU Rnd at 'I. II FUh. WoodcoV. Pi'.tiV Shad. Bbiew n eeaji. Onail an all other luxuries IM tue.r Pariieaatid fiuji!e .uppiiid Wilit tverj ihiDt; In . nr tine. Wines. Lien r and Cura-- s, cf the fluestkin i?. wriilfte f,.utiu a ourlvar. on ard CAW FIX A1e CO.. oranclit iili!i 1 hir.l A J0H' beteea Main and Mat act mi, J rAUi-MONf ie'ndnaiidtUe Airent. i Fourt h street. NEW COAL n. C.SCIILK WALKER'S EXCHANGE! J are Mtotnril!y T. JCTIXPTOX. nSiltf COAL. COAL. PITTS 13 UltG. PEACH OI1CIIAKD. IIAIITFOKO CITY. COAL. COAL. r. HESTAn.AXT In this cite, and Mon. Ptir.-n- v Is a rledrea blnie'f tbM it Hial' be rondueud 1 in tue ' orderlv and une.ce.1 maide ai.d ut:D.- -t V, ance i through t' e I or,t,f.nerT. Hdmiiied ,ha.l that tie feTr"n eantuH oj.-- t will ils. Iraoche'the iwoet the n wi'r, a ' tb lielicacle. of on baua. Winter AC, are """'; te HilMI, Of the best oual'.tr and a' lowrf prices, fo salt by CKtiri NUFN we aide Third ttrcet, lct. Jlaiu and Market. mi dtf ala. CHOICE COAL! have Txrr. rjCNFECTIONERYeve WEK"x, a lust receivedof by oursuperior heavy tow verv II ereryt' inr that car tempt the avtid iiiiumt--r t (a aaoMied wth cr before tx en olTe.ed i PITT Bi:it(.H CO L, whisii we. ifer at the rervl o I'ket price. FI'LT.1. l.'lWsKR a' Oillce. I!arkttt., btL Bis'h aud Stvuitb. rr. aale iti tuisti-f- The Gmilciae&'s Kesianrar.t rlSdtf it J' e I. ,uiet and ordeMv. N Tar p.,ri-fl.- d f ib.uur. re 1ur"'''rirJ-- , flniin .etahe,. . a of I e is wi.i reaoU f the resou'e-whi Mice cn (i b;;d from M"--- . of Ai"l" Hm to t I'a"f Ca'ieri i ap rnfi COAL. i equal to any la Anieriet. I favors he uO!in. ov attention aBd fill ol toe aaine. to merit a 4 Parties, private and pub ie lunneie. ruppera on wiil tieetiprli' d in f.e liest m:inn'. .i.iet-ro- r, .it .er at t'..e Bi.ntaurant feblf d'l UFaSTATRAT AV SALCOX. t. KoTtLeat.orrer Fourth nd Market iUccts (ba-irep'.) T V.OI LP intern, y d even' ni tl In t .11, market d'f House Thieves. C. S. Colving, Jeso White, and Jos. Lutz, three horse thieve, were arrested near Cherry Grove, Xloin gomery county, Ky., on Wednesday list, and eight stolcu horses, belonging to Dr. F. Bodmou,of Beuaont, III., recovered. P, ilroat Accident. Wc learn that by the runnine otT the track of a train on the Ohio and Xlississippl Railroad, early Satur day morning, the engineer was seriously injured and the fireman nearly as badly, The engine was considerablv damaged. HTXIessrs. rakln, Wlard & Co., at their agricultural and seed store, XIain street, near Third, have for sale Wilson's Albany Seedling strawberry plants. This plant is esteemed by miny as the best and most prolific now cultivated. K. G. C. There will be a meeting of the K. G. C, of the Fifth Ward, at tbeir Hall, t Rogers, corner Green and over Watts Fourth streets, on this (Monday) evening ' "t j o'clock. Members are requested to Bv order of the nticud. CAPTAIN J?" Mr. Spencer continues his sale of Xlessis. Guthrie & Bros.' stock of dry 1 Coal, whicii goods rio.,.l. ..r 'lii...urT and at which the finest silks and l it v it" pre'ia ej to fui.i'h iu hpire iiuantiliii or fancy goods will be offered. The ladies by i he loud, to mee' the iM.rsof purch sent. They Invite n irticiilir utteulioii to their auperior coal are requested to attend. OriiKs prouiptly a.'eii'led to. row-- ! row,! 10 C Tt-- TOf. oVt-r- ,t Pi t in; fGeo. Briggs, who is one of the clev erest cat itcis for public favor that Louisville has known, advertises his "Home" In another column. It is a cozy plate and opposite the Conner office. Wc do net recommend drinking, but if yon do drink, the Home is a capital place. fT"Two convicts, a man and a woman, for the .Teffcrsonville penitentiary, came down the Louisville, New Albany, and Chicago Railroad, Saturday night. They were convicted at the criminal term of the XIartin county (Indiana) Court, of larceny, and sentenced lo two years imprisonment. iL. Thtri ftroe isirn l SfiN. Healers J i.:ow Main ud Market, li te on lihnd a cmd STi'"E. Proprietor .t.nrevl,.norat'herrsid-nce- . ttf-- at 1" COAL. r.n'i.rii'r on band tiiL, to?et o her kinds hieh tfiiverr. le'waii.l invite tt'.einiiitennon 01 s, we feel conn. tue. tad loi. experienceentire busim sutisfaeiion in ewry par. . ilent w can sive 11I t!:e I tirula''. Me aslt a oii'l uar' fi as well so oreaeahtr'. '! heretoforenew lner u!v bes"'til.ffiee is on a, ni, Market". Our s. ttr-etl Se tnth andonHnte; e"'e.-JJOWelU Fl l.Ttl. nd First atrcets. f'r: fpaai I;i:KMIARI keep derimeei Tew ..thaili lltAV. k SON. Third street, betweeu Mam and Market streets ani dtf A , ntnr Zff'A n O'tot-e- S, M T, : ! h l COUrt ,tLU. I.OI ifllLLK, KY. l0s.M;;'..nioiNeirr.v..lrIor.nrPr;a respect TTl. PF T?i.i.u. JsLilLfiili A IS 4 FVASS l'.f..r," I'"'r""? ,,,R'' 't"T le of I'.uoil and r atrente X. XX, . am celebrated Pittsbura XKX.and India Ale. J hey keep a fu'l 'oca ol Mercharts, li.n.i. ard ureaiwavstweparedtoaupply bottle, this V,els and I arilliea by tbe barrel or - not surpassed by aryluUieCounfry. and tber - ,ne,,lnllw it. old V ities ao4 LWuOIl f JTlIdtf MTltatra &ac Ctfan. H CJrr. , r.oni 'J beti-ee- i iw'il and .here il Is not. is s 10 arre l'ie liimn". 01 me nmn uiioi: li i wtrtl. more tjsn 't cosl in the in sofinesamjil pb anitiie-- s il ries the carpet. erciM-'and we I 'link yot no not overrate lis eeoii'im to t in ataiioe that it adds one ct !f willthe cari-e- t s wealt ad anythina it II or.r rwinuienjaiion e c!i erfuiiv r've it. feeiirr we.loo. ronr.ale a tiack srcaur Wu.liies it,,,, t ciittotuirs nrilii" wh. - tW- II tP.niM-.TON-la on weal aide Market. ijiu. S CARPET is April Fools' day, and the Pilgrims will progress through the streets in costume, jj ait the fellows who have promised, pnrticljiute, it will create abundance of fun. CAItl). MM.VC. DKPOT Furth strtnu between Main and iOiui uiuu aiiai,t. Correspondence of the Louisville Frankfort, Courier. .March GO. I'dUort Lvitifville Covrkr: Senator Rous' scau's rcsolutiojis in regard to the navigation of the Miseissippi, were taken up yes. tcrday afternoon. Dr. Johnson having an account lo settle with Capt. Rousseau, because of his remarks on the Military bill, and having promised to meet him "at Philippi," made a speech of considerable length, in which h did not coni'mc himself severely to the under consideration, but proceeded to follo'r the cour&o of Senator Rousseau's speec h 011 the Xli'i'.ary bill. This morning, Dr. Johnson still holding the Hoor, Capt. Rousseau, by consent, withdrew the resolutions previously offered by him, and presented the following as a substitute, which were ordered to be printed, thus further postponing deflnito action. Upon perusal it will be seen that the language of the resolutions proposed as a substitute is much more courteous, dignified, and well considered than that of the original. WHEEEts, This General Aoseinbly bas learned flirt, by the action of a Congress of certain Slates held in Montgomery, Ab Inma, in February luat, the free navigation of the XlissWsippi river is obstructed, and tiie right of those is asserted to search the vessels aud tux the commerce on that river; therefore, tie it Hss'Jrrd, That the it of the people ot Kentucky to the free, "unobstructed navigation nt' that river aud Us tributaries is alisolute and indisputable; and bring of vital importence to them, Kentucky cau never consent, under any circumstances, Hint it shall be illegally interfere I with, or conceded to any power or person whatsoever. VfcWew, That the General Assembly has heard of the action of the Congress' with profound regret and the most serious inquietude, and feels It its tluty to the srood people ot Kent lick v and to those States, at once to say. in all kindness, that without a total disregard of the interesio, the honor, and the dignity of Kentucky, she can never, under any circumstances, concede the riv.;ht to search her vessels, or illegally tax her commerce on said river or its tributaries to any person power or State, and that she earnestly trusts that the action of said Congress may be reversed ami revoked, that Kentucky- - may not be called upon to surrender a right so essential to the interests of her people, as is the right to the free and unobstructed navigation of said river and its tributaries. Jfewlact, That the attention of our sister Suites in the valley of the .Mississippi, together with Virginia and Pennst Ivania, be called to the subject of these resolutions, nud to that end the Governor is requested to forward copies of the same to the Executives of thee States. Dr. Johnsou's Sinking Fund Bank bill was taken up, and after a thorough ventilation, rejected by the following vote : Teas Anthony, Cosby, Gibson, Gillis, Glenn, Grover, Jobusou," Read, Rust, Wait, aud Walton 11. Nays XI r. Speaker, Alexander, Andrews, Bruner, Chambers, Cisscll, Daruaby, Davidson, Dellaven, Denny, Fisk, Grundy, Haycraft, Irvan, Jenkins, Xtarshall, l'cnnebaker, Frail, Rhea, Simpson, Tailor, and Whitaker 23. In the House, XIr. Hodge, after a few brief and pointed remarks in addition to what he had already said la opposition to the preamble of the majority resolutions, presented the following as a substitute : Whereas, The following amendment to the Constitution of the United States has been proposed by Congress to the Legisla lures of the several State, viz: "No Hmcudinvnt. Bhall be made to the Constitution which will authorize or rive Congress power to abolish or interfere within any State with the domestic Instuu- 10ns thereOi, uieJudin that of persons held to labor or service bv (lie laws of hi id State." A"d whereas, ssid proposed amendment is not and ought not to be received bv Keu- ucky us a settlement ol existing dilflcnl-ic- , yet, as 1'or.grces possesses no such power under the present Constitution, aud the bill of rightsof thcConstitution of Kentucky declares that "the right of propertv is before and higher than nnv constitutional motion, nud the riyrl.t of the owner f a ela re to such slave and its in- rease Is the same, and is its inviolable as the right of the owner of r.ny property whatever," wc regard Fnid proposed amendment as a declaration of rights we alrea- v 11m to possess: Therefore, &c. The solutions were published ia our Satur- lay's issue. The subject wos extensively discussed on both tides, but before .1 vote could be bad, was dispensed bv a epechl order. XIr. Harrison made a persistcut effort to get vote on bis resolutions offered before the recess, requesting tbe President to with draw the Fbucral troojo from the seceded Slates ; but there were too many gentle men desirous of giving their rhetoric an iring, and the time, until the hour of ad journment, was consumed iu specch-mak- QUILP. Theater Second Nioht or the Grand Nautical Spectacle of the Pilot Tht: RlSILLI ANT Take AVD SlCCtSSFCL COMEDT OF that Girl Awat." The attend ance at the theater during the past week was rather light, owing to a variety of causes. Among them may be slated the strong opposition from the German Troupe and the blind boy Tom, and not the least in importance the fact that it was the last week of Lent, a period most religiously observed by nil Episcopalians and Roman Catholics, among whom are to be found pome of the best patrons of the theater. Lent having passed, and the Germans mi grated, we expect now to sec the theater wear its accustomed cheerful aspect, with ts usual assemblage of lovers of thedraraa. During the present week two or tbxecben-cfll- s of the stock company are expected to come off. Among them may be mentioned those of XIr. Krone and XIr. Lytton. The former is acknowledged by every one to be one of the most careful and correct actors on the stage. Always respectable- in everything he undertake", be not unfrequentiy renders a part with extraordinary excellence. Off the staire as well as on. he is known as a quiet, modest, and unnssumirg cntlcman. We hope that his first benefit here, which takes place uight, will be in every way a good one. we have tue grand nautical drsma of the Pilot aud the very taking comedy, performed for the first time here at XIr. Dickson's benefit, called "Take that Girl A war." A capital bill, which should draw a crowded house. The Oil Region of Kentucky. From some gentlemen from the Smdy Valley whom wc met in the city yesterday, we learn that the oil excitement iu that region Is increasing, as the daily develop ments leave no doubt that oil in nppareut Iv inexhaustible quantities may be ob tained almost anywhere iu a large section of the country bordering on Virgiuia. Already large fortunes have been made. aud others are in a fair way to attain im mense wealth. One well in Johnson coun ty has just been opened, from which thirty barrels of good oil ore daily obtained. Iu these, times of commercial trouble and , pecuniar-distresswe are glad to know ar that a portion of our fellow-citiren- s reaping a rich harvest; and we sincerely trust that not to citizens of oilier States alone, will the, profits ro. Wc know of no better chance for the speculator. To our friend John XI. Xlelbouruc, t nriived from New York, we an indebted for papers from that city in ad vmiee of tbe mail. March came in gentle as a sucking dove, it did not go out like the roaring lion. Yesterday was one of tb: pleasanti st of the season. J3"Mr. Lytton takes a benefit on Thurs day night at tlie theater, when the Jack' son Guards, by his iuvitalion, will attend. Here's to you, "Mike !" JifPSce Bland's advertisement. Xlouey loaned on diamonds, V.c. Office on Xlar kctstrcet, between Third and Fourth. Aside of wheat was made at Terre Haute (Ind.) the other diy, which amount cd to Stf.'.OOO. It was shipped South. Jef'Tbauks to Adams A: Co.'s Express for Cincinnati and New Orleans papers. t l:tiG. Termp Ft.:. the sarn.- - ,Zr ordera jell dll - rijnr FIcoh il.i: Ilortt..den for us by yo Ms. CAi:prr LivNl. rut we thiojtof tue . r I u'tbeonlvwould we i.leaaedkind that rpib haie errild ft a I r our car lo loivc put me r MLnvUi .fHY"S I AL with we re ;ne ail'itlier cai pet ol, 3, Proprietors, Uri. U EVAN AND FIFTU ETRCEVr, .,rl nutii'iwil.inr to il. he iliiTeiice e vey r'i., down withoi.l ".It OF JEFFFrOX Ailpw-orri- r.noeau:.pueu l'"u! tTpota the Boaton Joarnat of Xarca 19.1 as naiBpaw. n. r.rn,.v... . numher minntion the Ju-- JiT"J. Wood Wilson, Esq., was admitted practice in the City Court on Saturday v the new tnriff, passed at the last session of Congress, by the Black Republican mnjority in that body, goes into By it, she rates of duty arc increased from fifty to two hundred aud fifty per cent. It was intended to benefit to au enormous extent the Northern manufacturers st the expense of the great body of the South-ernd Western consumers. But in their greed, liiey have overdone the thins; and ruin upon themselves and the Government will follow their triumph. This is now admitted by the ablest and the most candid of tlie friends of the Administration. In a(t mpt'iDg to aggrandize their manufacturer; beyoud any benefits that would naturally follow from a tariff for constitutional purposes, they hare driven commerce from tlieir flourishing centers of trade, cut oil' the supplies of the Government, aud made the success of the secession movement certain beyond peradveu-turc- . Under the tariffs now in operation, the importation of goods will, to an extent scarcely conceivable, be diverted to the Southern cities; aud to that extent will the Govenunetit at Washington be deprived, of the m9ns to couduct its operations at a time when from other cau sea its credit is impaired and its expenses iucreased. The embarrassments arising from this state of affairs are felt keenly by those in power, whose maducs and folly led them into difficulties from which they caunot escape. Only yester lay, we read iu a leading editorial in one of the ablest orguus of the new Admiuistration, whc6c editor has been in the Congress, and now holds an honorable, lucrative, nud responsible position, a frank aud explicit confession that the representatives and men in powr from the North had manifested an incredible lack of statesmanship iu all they had recently done, while the leaders of the seceded States had shown themselves men of ability, enlarged aud comprehensive views, foresight. judgment, and prudence; and the legisla tion of the two Governments on the sub ject of the tariff was cited as evidence that this is the case. By another Black Republican paper, the New York TimtB, it is candidly stated that the ouiy safety of the Federal Government can be found in a repeal of the XIorrill tariff, the establishment of free trade for the present at least, and a resort as a necessary consequence to direct taxation. To this proposition wc invite the special attention cf those amongns whoattempted to frighten the people of Kentucky into an abandonment of tbeir rights aud a surrender to the usurpations of the Black by an uufounded and unjust clamor about "free trade aud direct taxation" in the Southern Confederacy. A tariff for rcvenno, not for direct protection to the manufaturer at the expcue of the consumer, has beta adopted iu the Southern Confederacy: it U generally tro- o.W, in quarter, to rtptal all dutici on inortt in the Xurlfi, awl to direct-b- j tat the I'oplefor the mppf1 of the Government .' The Morrill tariff goes into effect today. Iu consequences will be felt at once. We do not believe that the Government will derive an lucoiuc of twenty-fou- r millions a year under it. If not, with expenses not less than llOO.fXW.OOO, and a credit destroyed or greatly impaired, the prospects are far from flattering. The probability is, that in six months from mo inauguration of Black Republicanism, the Government will be brought to a dev.d halt. The Southern Confederacy certainly look a though it were the more stable and substantial Government of the two. NUMBER 79. The Whuat Crop. A letter from Peacher's Mills Postoftlcc, Montgomery county, lenncssee, gives the following iu- foruintiou respecting the wheat crop : The growing wheat crop in this county and in the adioiuing couuties of Christian and Todd, iu Kentucky, looks remarkably well. The recent cold m wither, in exposed situations, ban turned it rather jellow, hut tiy retarding il rapid growth, it k gener ally cor. rddercd as rather beneficial than otherwise, lesseniug the danger of injury ny the la'c trosis. isoinc 01 the peach liliiKsiilim h ive been killed l.v the but from partial examination should not consider that over are destroyed as yet, leaving abundance for a good crop. Tbe return for January, ISol.for the J" 1. .. Lnhd . apiast Mi in is60- -a falling 0ff cf mo, thirty per cent. Taking aU tbie U into sccount-t- he panic of November aC December, the political troubles, the een eral want of confidence-t- oil is a encouraging sign, showing stability a i a base for coafldecce to build which was hardly to be expected. We neonj L not seen any return of failures for Fe'"-but we do not believe the two moB' ot revolution, rebellion, and partial stagnation will show anv worse figures than w saw in the corresponding two months . the piiiceful and properons year of ls.;: The difficulty is that in troublous and dud times tnere are too many who have suiii-cieleisure and abundant inclination p. make things appear worse than they ar-tUrn the dariv side of everythln" to tl J light, and to keep the. brigat side" lining" out of sight as mach :ts possible. It is almost useless to preo- - U against it, for it is the "nature of ih beast," and will come out. Letaliwh are interested, however, "make a not.- tf it," to pass for its full value in these "bar I times,'' thU the tt,ti uHuibervffiiilttr j the L'uitf'i isa-- t tMrt'j Tr tint. HtOtf the tituntit Wi.!, than in J'lu an 1301. Especially tio we recommend thM Cu t to the Venerable family ot " croakers." There certainly is not so much bu'aiats.i being done as there would Lave been tinder ordinary circumsfcinces. If the polit cal horion had been clear, the elements of prospen; are so great that the trade of 15OI would doubt'ers have exceeded thai of any other year, resulting ia overdoieg and the usual results ot that folly. As v. is, everybody moves with great caution, and the primary consideration is safety. Still there is, as there has been, a fair busi ness gomg on lor the season, and mat, v persons even among those who coniplaia most cf dull times will be surprised t find t il examioation that their sales for February and thus far in March, compare very 'veil with those of the correspondin time of l.ut year. That very able Review, published monthly in New Orleans, by says: "Our enenuiN, ,8 , Fort Pickens Strengthened Orders to .Land 1 our iinnuieu Iroops. The New York Tribune lenrrs that orders were sent last week to the naval com manders at Warrington, near Pensacola, to land the 400 troops on board the Brooklyn, and reinforce Fort Tickens. No intelligence, however, of the execution of this order has yet reached the Government. The Washington corrcsjiondcnt of the ?nmc paper, iu giving this news, adds : It is not disguised that some apprehension i entertained here of a possible attack by the revolutionary army now encamped before Fort Pickeni, under command of General Br.tgg, though wiser counsels arc hoped. 1 113 Givernmmt docs not ngard this movement as a reinforcement, and it treated as such by the secession leaders, they must take the consequences. No hostile tb rat ion is designed, and no attempt will be made to retake the other forts ud linvy yard. Iu transferring these troops from a sjoop-of-wa- r, which has been stationed off Pen for two mouths, the Secretary ot War intended to protect Fort Pickens against surprise or surrender, and if their lauding is resisted, reinforcements will be immediately thrown there, be the consequences what they may. It is not true that tbe Government vessels at Pensacola are short of supplies, and they need not be, with Key West eo near at hand. The Iransiiort containing all the necessary provisions lor tbe home squadron was detained at New Yoik, but must have reached Pensacola by this time. Third Appellate ELECTION BULLITT. 3,571 Jefferson Cumberland. 4t 107 Clintou 2W Bulllitt 7 Russell Xleade Spencer Nelson Washington. Green Casey Xlariou Taylor Larue Lincoln Hart Xlonroc Adair Hardin Xletcalfe Wayne District. 2JTH MARCH, WW H2 387 331 70 13t tV7 123 132 154 S(V tl 127 321 70 170 11. BKA1ILETTE. 625 432 245 ofi XV, BILET. 15S 10 1 87 H.J 79 20 85 19S 254 20? 212 3H 154 114 4M 22'. 167 451 12 170 51 47 24 :; 17 4 23 27 15 57 8 .Ti 7,131 5,157 Mo Bullitt's majority over Bramlettc, 1,974. Wintersmith received 31 votes in Nelson county; Xlaxey one vote in Hart county; aud Thompson ono vote in Wayne county. One county not reported. Further About the Yelverton ScandalDefense of Teresa Long worth's Conduct. A Dublin correspondent writes to a London journal : I am informed that XIajor Yelverton's name will be struck out of the list ot members of the Junior United Service Club. The Irish papers bavo found a telling rejoinder to the XIajor's requirements of "gentle blood" as one constituent of "a lady," in the history of the Avonmore family whose honors were purchased at no Tcry remote period of the service of Barry Yelrerton. whose tbo father was a butcher, and who Is said to he married to his cook, as is the wont of lawyers. The XIajor's first victim is the cousin of XIr. Lonworth, our eneral at Belgrade, a gentleman much respected by all who knew him, and who has written on Circassia where he bot h tmvtaVd aud served. Dels the "Alcide" referred to in some of the lady's letters read at tbe trial by Sergeant Armstrong, who commented on this unknown "Alcide"' as if be had been anunavowed lover. It was to XIr. Longwtmh that the letter ws addressed that XIajor Yelverton was nked by Miss Lougworth to post from Xlalta the request which led to a renewal of their steamboat acquaintanceship. The apparent contradiction as to her relationship to her correspondent who w;.s described on one occasion ns her brother, on another as her cousin is explained by the fact that Le wns brought up with his cousins on a footing of brotherhood and sisterhood so close and complete that most even of tbeir intimate fiie-ndimagined tbeni actual brother and sieter. ' There is a fact, which did not come out on the trial, bnt which quite disproves the g" A correspondent, writing from Xlor-ga- u theory of the defense, that Xliss Lougworth county, suggests the name of Col. went to Galata to "hunt up" XIajor Yelverton. The real Inducement was respect John Williams, of Clark county, as the the memory of a gallant Freuch officer, for to Southern Rights candidate for the Border wh tn slic had formed a attachment in the Interval between her first Introduction to Slave Conference from Ike Ninth CongresXIajor Yelvertou, in ls52, and her going to sional District. Gala tn in 1S5G. Col. Willi vm"? is an able, a gallant, and This officer tied, or was killed, in the a popular, and we believe a truly loyal, Crimean war, and it waa sympathy lor thu service he belonged to, and devotion to his Southern Rights man; and should our memory, which led her to join the French friends in that district agree upon him. as Sisters of Charity as a nurse, at the hospiwe learn they are likely to do, as their tal at Galata not any project for meeting , standard-bearerin the first straight and Major Yelverton. Indepcuduntly of this, opeu fight with the Submiisionlsts, wc are However, juiss ixmgwortu, lrom her educa tion, was more a toreigner than an Irhshsure he will prove, equal to the trust and man. She was educated 111 French and Italian convents, aud this should be taken worthv of their confidence. into account in judging her fraui her let ;:gTThrec men, named Wyatt, Taylor ters and her conduct. and Golden, were arrested for setting flic The Duel at Fort XIcRae. We have to XIr. Diffendaffer's bam iu Jeffersonvillc, received what we believe to be a correct on Thursday, but they were discharged for version of the late difficulty a.ul duel at rort AlcIMe, Florida, between St. Clair Lack of evidence to hold them for trial. Xlorgan.tho young South Carolinian, and ir. Morrs, the voting Ataoamlan. Ite a The Millet. Mcbdeb at Jaokson. A midshipman U. S. N. It seems that on few days since we published au extract the night of the duel, the ycuug men, w ith from the Nashville Banner, in regard lo a number of comrades, were off in a boat the probable discovery of the perpetrator on a reconnoitering party near Fort Pick- . Xlorgan, full of reckless daring, pro of th Miller murder aud bank robber at posed that they should land just under Jackson, Tcnu., pointing to XIr. John Xlil- - tlie walls ol I'lckcns to make what discovn lcr, a merchant of Jackson, and eries they could, but Storrs objected, sayrelative of the deceased, as the suspicioned ing that it would expose thciu to almost person. In the Xlemphis Argus, of the certain capture, and the majority of the party sided with him. But Xlorgan, hot Mth. we find a letter lrom Col. J. H. Xle- - tempered and impatient, reproached Storrs Xlahon, iu which the statement of th Banwith timidity. A few words passed be ner is pronounced entirely erroneous. The tween them and the boat put back to the main laud. When thev had Argus, referring to thclcttcrof Col. Me XL, Storrs said to Xlorgan that he disembarked had intimasays : ted a doubt of hid courage, and as they We know on reliable authority that Mr. had ritlws, and the moon was shining John Miller is in Jackson, pursuing the brightly, he could prove it. .Morgan responded to this proposition even tenor of au honest and useful life, aud have suCieieut authority for stating that wi'.h itiaeiitv. Twenty steps were paced bis circumstances or "affairs " were never off, and nt the first fire Xlorgan fell dan u a state of embarrassment. The origina-or- s gerously nouuded, the heavy ball of of this scandal might now be easily Sharp's riflo haviug entered his right groin raced through the Nashville Banner. It nud ranged through and out of the back has flown about too long in private circles. pai t of the thigh. An unfortunate affair. inueeii, between two Drave young men. Death rnoM Toothache. XIr. Levi Cain, Mobile Advertiser. a wealthy gentleman residing near Har Singular Case. The Fort Wavne find.) rington, Kent county, Delaware, died on Times relates a curious htory of on iusauu German woman, named Ribu who sjnie 17th inataut, from a disease produced the years since jumped f rom the third story of by toothache, 'the Wilmington Republi the insane Hospital, at Indianapolis, and can sa vs : who, after a long search, was given up for dead. About two years after tlie supposed On the 5th of the month he complained toothache, but considered it nothing death of his insaue wife, Rabus married more than an ordinary attack of that un- - again, but a few nights ago the first wife leasiint atlliction. It grew more serious, eutered his residence. She was accompa owever, and progressed from bad to worse nied by a vouug child which had been bom until he was forced to take to his bed. and after she became iuauc, and after sha esafter the lapse of several davs, erysipelas caped from the asylum. Of her wander macie 113 appearance aooiu 111s lace and ings she had but an indistinct recollection. throat, superinduced by the pain aud irri- She remembered having waded through tation of his teclh. The disease spread swamps and woods uutil she came to a over his body, and in spite of medical skill, steamboat, upon which she got, aud finally and of everything that could be done for found herself in Buff.iIo,where a physician miii, terminated the patient's existence on took charge of heraud succeeded in enriug tue nay iioove named, in twelve davs lrom her. What the upshot of the present statu of affairs will be, it is difficult to surmise. the time he was first affected. Lettfr from Geo. Tkabodt Eso,. The Boston Courier publishes a lctttr from George leabodv, Eso.. the American banker in London, in reference to our national crisis, iu wh-uhe savs : The anticipation of a bloody eonfiit t be tween the North and tic Soutii bus alrcac'y .icsirojcu eonuueneo in the I nited antes tiovernuient stocks and many ot the States seeuiHies, ana millions have, within a lew months, been sent home fir a market iu consequence. It is only by concession on me part ot the ISoriheru Mates, and a ctim promise which would secure the best feel ings 01 me 1 torn er Mines towards in North and West, that we can reinstate our credit aliroad. r Trll1. n'.'i.u i j The Morriil Tariff. . In LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY. MONDAY MORNING, APRIL 1. 1861. PIMM'S REST.UR.1.T. DAILY COUKIEK. f" trw ff fC JL2 JL .gjmwkiSiiw'ii mil1 TERM 9 OF SUBS'CRiPTfTX. f Oil ftaJle Courier per rear I.;Cuner for t:ie country less than ese i l.' Iailjr C"iirier for fci.j period jrcur. Sec ier mnntn. DuiIt Coun-- r. when deliverea by carriers 12.r rer week. Weekly Courier, one rear 5 "0 8n Two copies w eekl, one year " 6 Ml . Fur " M (4 len M rente Vo raper ever sent nnle tail for In advance. CAM! RATES KOR AI KltTle-IM;- . Want, hr--t and Found. Par.Jins. for Rent, .. r i.a'f ml Remoal. w,ll be cti&nsril flfi eii. tor fir l insertion, ami squared live line or twenty-livcmia lor tatU additional one. wiihcut coun 17" Rome im Ashes. A destructive fire oc eurred at Kome.Smith county, Tennessee, on Monday, destroying nearly every house in the town. We are informed by Mr. E. J. Harrison, of that place, that" the fire originated in the stable of W. XI. Bell, aud aided by a strong wind, the flames spread rapidly to other buildings which were honsvis were deframe. Some tweuiy-tiv- e stroyed, among w hieh ten or twelve ot the belonged to Dr. J. XIcCalL The number store of XIr. Harrison, who gave ns the information, was cousumed, oesides sev en1 other busiuess houses. We learn that there was insurance to the amount of ?.,VK) on the property destroyed, divided be tween the. Commercial Insuraucc Company ot this city, aud the .hln.i insurance Com panv, repri fcnted Ly au agent at Lebanon Nashville Gazette. "International Duo Fiuht." Under this head the New ork papers inform tlieir readers that a match between Kosie. of Brooklyn, and Be.--?, of Liverpool, I and the "champion dogs of the' world" was lougnt iu Urookiyn, em luodavevc ning, lor t250aside. Ten thoti-an- d bl- lars, it is stated, changed bands on the match. 1. ess won 111 thirty minutes. There were about oue thousand spectators pres ent. The Paris and LvtNS CoxstLsnirs It is said that Henry J. Raymond, of the New York Times, has declined the Consulship to Paris. Also that Xlr. Leslie, of Philadelphia, has declined the Consulship to Lyons. The latter was strongly recomiAmiivilU Gold Pin Manufactory, mended for Paris, and it Is possible that he liif Main Strut, four doer bJw ThiriL may yet get it. KEXTCCK1 LEGISLATURE. Reported especially for the LouisrUIc Courier. Frankfort, Kt., March 30, 1?1. SENATE. The resolution offered by XIr. CHAMBERS on yesterday, limiting the time of stieeches, esc., was taken up and adopted yeas 2fi, nays H. XIr. TAYLOR Internal Improvements A bill to amend the charter of the Lexington and Southern Kentucky Railroad Company. Passed. XIr. IIA YCRAFT Circnit Courts A bill for the benefit of Charles J. Clarke, Lite Clerk of ihe Louisville Chancery Court. Passed. XIr. IRVAN offered the following resolution, viz.: , That the Public Printer hi directed to print ail gePl.rai ,t 1iit, prw.nt Wf evtn seiou, h.ive them paper hontid. and send, as early a practicable, eopv thereof, by mail, , each Senator "ud t'u) each Circuit .JudL'e. and to each Clerk of the various Courts of this Cu&iiaouwcaltti nnd the several County Judges. XIr. JOHNSON Banks A bill to estab- lish the Sinking Fund Bank of Kentucky A motion to lay the bill on the table was rejected. The several blanks were filled, and considerable discussion ensued theron, afer which the bill was rejected. Yeas ' 23. A message wiw received from the Governor nominating suudry gentlemen for Notaries Public. Rule dispensed with, and nominations confirmed. XIr. ROUSSEAU asked leave to withdraw bis resolutions relating to the free navigation of the Xfississippi. Granted. He then offered another series of resolutions, the same iu puqort as those with drawn. XIr. CISSELL again offered his resolutions as a substitute for XIr. Rons-ea- n s. We gave a synopsis of XIr.Clsscll s resolutions a few day's since. Tbe resolutions were then ordered to be printed and made the special order for 11 o'clock on Monday. XIr. JOHNSON Banks A bill to amend the charter of the Portland Savings BaDk. Passed. Stme A bill for the benefit of the Bank of Louisville. Allows a branch in Union county, with a capital of ( 200,000, but no new issue of stock to be allowed. 1 Same V bill to establish certain holidays and for other purposes. Several amendments were adopted and the bill ami amendments laid on the table. Same A bill to repeal part of section S5 of the charter of the Bank of Ashland. Xlr. TAYLOR moved to strike out the first section of this bill. XIr. JOHNSON offered a substitute for the bill and amendmeut. Allows all the batiks to issue bills of a less denomination than 15. .Messrs. Read, Dellaven, and XIcBrayer were grauted iudefinite leave of absence. Before any action was taken on the above bill the Senate took a recess until 3 o'clock P. M. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES. After transecting some little business of a private nature, XIr. GANAWAY presented a petition from sundry citizens of Breckinridgw county, praying the passage of a law calling a State Convention. XIr. JACOB preented a communication from sundry citizens of Oldham county, un;iu iiim miii tue senator irom the same county to opposo secession ; aud also believing that the present difficulties will be settled by the people. The House again resumed tho consideration of the majority and minority of the Committee on federal Relations. Xlr. HODGE offered the following as a substitute for the preamble offered EV the majority of said Committee, viz; This preamble will be found embodied in our correspondence from Frankfort. Ed. A motion for the previous question was rejected. Yeas 08, nays 42. XIr. CARLISLE offered the following as a substitute tor XIr. Hodge's substitute ' viz: ;trike out all after the amendment nrn. posed by Congress, and Insert: and whereas, said proposed amendment Is not, and ought not to be accepted by Kentucky as a final settlement of existing difficulties", yet, as an evidence of our sincere desire to provide by constitutional enactment agniust all pretext for agitation of the distracting aud dangeroua question of African slavery! In any ot Its forms. After a lengthy discussion. Ihe Lour for the orders of the day arrived. A niotiou to dispense wltn the orders was rejected. A bill to difino the duties ef Clerks of Courts in certain eases. Prevents them from receiving money on Judgments aud replevin bonds. Passed. The House then took no the rcsolntiona offered by Xlr. Harrison before the recess, together with the amendments offered thereto, iu relation to withdrawing the i ederal troops from the forts in the sece ding State. Xtr. HARRISON moved the previous question. Rciected yeas 41, navs 41. Mr. GOODLOh offered the following as a substitute for the resolutions aud amend ments: Resolved bv tho Genersl Assembly nt the Commonwealth of Kentucky. That t'an with drawal of the federal troops from tha forta in the seceding State-i- for the purpose of preventing civil war and the ahedding of fraternsl biood, would be attended by no dijgnce or aad that snch a course of couduct. by the General Assembly, wonld meet the cordial approval of tho Stmu of Kentucky, and also preat It renu to preseive ana perpetuate the kind s which we believe atill exisia between the masses of the people of the UnioD. notwithstanding the unhappy d:3broncos which have arisen among ns. Before coming to a finAl vote, the nonse adjourned uutil Xlouday st 9 o'clock. 1 ours truly, REPORTER. PESTittCTivE Fire in Iowa Eight Buildings Destrotxd. An extra from the office of the Iowa City Republican ;vys mat a nre oroKC out Detween tweive and one o'clock, Sunday night, in the boot and shoe store of Joseph Worthman, on LiuDuquc street, ueiore the names could subdued (the wind blowing strong at the time) six adjoining buildings, all frame, were destroyed. Th business houses burned out, in addition to the above, were Kobert darter, saloon-keepeJohn Faulk, shoemaker; L. B. Patterson, law office; J. B. Schaetler, tobacconist, and John Cur ry's saloon and residence. Tho total loss upu and ?1U,0W, on which Js between there was but little Insurance. Five of the buildings belonged to L. B. & O. A. Pat terson, on which there was no insnrauce. One of them Is said to have been tho oldest building in Iowa City. xi',vjrn,rtHtnutw t.j t. ? Jvrth. tthu urn Joohih athcjitre d pr . ret, wire prcmptd. piunoer, ana nou a, promised Dread auu were given a stoue. Our es are starving and disorganized. The cold, naked, hungry niasoes are at war with Iheir leaders." But we lio not see any evidence of such thines hen-- , nor any prospect of Ihctn; on the contrarr, we have goue through a hard winter vei"v comfortably and are about to enter upeu the spring with a fair a prospect of enouga to cn. and enough to w aa we had last year. &uch kiud ot stuff, however, finding its way into a publication which stands highest for literary skill and ability ia tho Cotton States, has au effect, and busire-- a men begin to censider whether it is possible to live w ith such a shrew in the house; whether.ln fact, it w ill not bebiterfor tLe North to be quietly separated from such a people until at Last thev find out what egregious fools they are. During the past twi months this opinion has been quietly making its way; people have been "calcuLo- ting the value ot the Union," with the Jt-to- n St'Uft, in spite ot themselves, a:d, sr. far as pecuniary affairs are concerned, to think it is not of sufficient value to quarrel about. A3 thi3 opinion spreads- the business prospect brightens; the opin ion useu growing out oi me loct aailv be coming more apparent, that our dependence on the South for our prosperity Is very small indeed. The common opinion is, that "the cold, naked, hungry mosses' will be more likely to appear ui Southern man in .Northern cities 11 disunion continues, De Bow's Review to th. contrary notwithstanding. There bus been no material char ge in monetary affairs; our banks are still slowly gaining specie, and we hope to see tteiu 1 ue deujj to our i,ow,t.w uiara. soon. mand for money is steady, and the . oau hne is easily kept up. Judging trout the New York tables the balance iu our foreign trade contiuues to ruu strongly in our favor. Tho Reporter gives the amount of imports for January -and February of the present year as tK,(XX) agiiust 110,700.000 last year, and the amount of exports for the same time as $2J,UOO,000 against Hi, 71,0,000 hist year iu ail cases exclusive of specie mak in" the very important dU:renee of i;6,4ot7-OO- d iu oar lavor. So loug as this ataie of trade continues we mu?t continue to dnw gold from Europe, and to gain strength for any emergency. Ships are doing a good business for their owners, but the uncertainties of the future reuder it ditUcu'.i to sell them, and of course gives a severe cheek to building. N harm will result from this. However, a the workmen ea:ly turu their hands to something ehe, and the supply will aU Uie soouer be overtaken by the demand. Tue apprehension etiteriaiued by some persons that the freigUti-- i busioeea will Uli into foreign baud.-- , we consider quite idle. Our Charleston Iricnds, to be sure, are ta!kiig about establishing a line of briiisa steamers to carry cot:ou to Liverpool, aud bring back passengers from Ireland! and we wisii th :ui a g..od lime at it; aad when they get aoividendoi profits niade in the business, wc shall conclude that freighting ships are out of date, if the new hue of finds the carrying ot cotton unprofitable, perhaps the sovereign Stale will take taem into her navy, or the owLers may put the in into the Atricau trade. From present appearances the eottou crop will hardly come up to l.iXiO.OOO bak-s- , Dear bread ia but it will be England begins to tell ou the consumption of cloth, aud the Euglisli spinners have got over their alarm. Lnies somsthing turns np to stimulate ui ami f;tclu res, the stock of cotton on hand in England next September will be quite as large as it was at the same time List yc.r. fRepsrted Expressly for tr.e Laolsvilla Curier. TOLICE COURT. GEORGE W. JOHNSTON. JcrC. STURDat XIoBNio, Xlarch 30, ISoT. John Arnold Drhi asd DtsoRPERLT.arrested on and Kate Carney were the charge of being drunk and disorderly, they were very tlrnnk, a d when the officer came across them they were having a a big fight. Bad of each in $100 for two months. They both went to the cave. Elizabeth Nesbitt Peace Warrants. was arrested on a peace warrant, sued out by XIargaret Ryman. The whole affair haa grown "out ot the fact that the plaintiff rents from the accused, and they had fight about the rent. During the time that the plaintiff was giving in her testimony, the husband of the accused got excited, and he came forward and told witnes that what she said was untrue. Own boud of XIr. Nesbitt to keep the peace. Stbaliso. John Hasan was arrested, charged with stealiu. a coat worth over four dollars from Jos. Somerviile. About 12 o'llock yesterday XIr. Somerviile lost a coat, which was found in the possesiou of the accused. When the policeman found him, he was so drunk t hat he bad to be hauled to jail on a dray. Bail in 100 lo answer an indictment tor a fe ony. Disorderlt. Flemiig Kennedy, a TnE Dtfterejtce. Savs tho New York youth, was arrested this morning, charged Sunday Times : i omen kill themselves for want of love. wi:li being disorderly in his couJucL iiail and men for want of money, usually. Wo in IU0 for one month. STKALI-.- 0 Boots. Richard Barrett was men go in lor love and diamonds, and men lor dollars, dogs, horses, aud a wide licen prcaeotcd this Pioruing on the charge ot tiousness. The witc who poisoned herself otealieg a pair of bxts from S. JL Porter. in Forsyth street, the other night, because linl 111 ?1W to answer an indictment for she found another woman's glove in her pe ttit larceuy. A UucrsKEN w omax. Ann Sullivan, an husband s pocket, was a specimen of her sex and impulses. The lUeratenr who slew old woman well known to the Court, was arrested on the old charge of drunkenness. himseit about the same time because b was a specimen Ar.u sa d she was not drunk, as she eonlj could not pay a board-bill- , ot his. And yet tnose gloves may have net drink enough to make her drunk. Mie come innocently into the pocket of one w as discharged. party, and a good salary had already been XliLLSRi5M"RsrivED. Through procured, without his knowledg.?, for the parts of Canada the excitement in referother ence to the "end" of tha world is being; A HoMKsro Partt. Col. Donald, of again revived, and new prophets of Leake county, Xlississippi, recently gave a Xli'.lcr school are springing up, who the as novel party to the young people of his sume to have discovered that the Saviour' neighborhood. The ticket sent to each second appearance on the earth wiil posiyoung lady requited that she should come tively take place in 1?63. Qi.ite a remarkdressed 1 ; Mississippi manufactured appa- - able lecture upon ihe subject has ricently rci. iu tue uiauui.iciurc oi wuicn see must been delivered ny tue Kev. Mr. Uoxter, t!i. iu some w ay assist. The young gentlemen tplscopal clergyman of Owandaga, C. V. were nlso required to dress in the nannfac-tur- e The reverend gentleman brought up quip of Xlississippi. There were near one a series of data to defend his theory, tundred persons of both sexes in attend- mentioned no less than thirteen differ,and n; ance, all thus attired. chronological periods whose termini, according to the revelation, would be brought Heavt Dbfalcatiox. It is stated that toaneudin lStV. XIr. B. also advauce l a shipping merchant, heretofore doins- - bu siness in Pearl street. New York, sailed for the idea that Christ would come in eat turope on V ednesda v, in the Arabia, lear and remain in his judgment one between hnm're t the nig his creditors out of pocket to the heaven and earth, while; were staled, when and forty-- . our thousand amount ot W,l. 0 or The Pot he would again deseeud, and the seven:! says he went w ithout m iking any provision for the payment of bis debts except seal of the revelation would be opened ami u.s oiuee iitruiiure, wnicn is worth about tiie Millenium begiu. lie said we were at f500. He failed in 157 for about the last period of time allotted to the sixtti :eal, and described Louis Napoleon as tlvs w hich ha. never been paid, nor even com auti Christ, referred to in the Revel itin, promised. as setting np himself in dominion over tie A iouxo Ladt Seicsed a Arporx?- - whole earth. MnT for bsk Lover. The correspondApplications ro Ovtice. It isstdel ent of the New Nork Commercial savs : "Among the applicants last week was one that the new naval officer ut Inwion hat one huudreil and eighty applications for from a young lady on the Hudson river Custom at least 60 report says asking an appoint office in his department ol the appoint-men- ts ment ior ncr lover as Keeper or a light House. The number ofis new but three. he intends to make uoue, promising that in the event of the appointment being made, the two would ITlfThe Niagara railway suspension be united and made happy, and she would bridge is 921 feet in span over a gorge 'MA jij attending to the Government feet deep, and is the longest of itailas light. Of court, ihe appointment was or jet erected. dered to oc made forthw ith," Jf.Mrs. Lincoln, accompanied bv ft Cession or a Socthebx Federal Dis nnmbcr of ladies and gentlemen, Mount Veruon on Wednesday. die trict. Prior to the adjournment ot the Alabama Convention, on Thnrarl iv j:wA great discovery of coal oil is -- .4 last, an ordinance was adopted nrovidinir to have bern made at Altoona sod Hoiie mat me ueneroi Assembly sha 1 cede a daysbnrg, Pennsylvania. district of ten miles square for a aeit of XI.ijor Day, U. S. Army, lias beet 1. oi eminent ot the Confederate States. promoted to be Lieutenant Colonel, la This looks as if Xlontgoinery bad already place of Abercrotubie, promoted to Col been selected. uelcy. Business at the Chailetowa J Capt. Rvnders, the U. a XIarshal navy vard is pretty brisk just now. Thef for New lork, his sent in his resignation. are over too ueu on the pay-rol- l', S if i'v4

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