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Image 1 of Kentucky mountaineer, March 21, 1913

Part of Kentucky mountaineer

Kentucky Mountaineer. FOR THE RIGHTS OP THE MOUNTAIN PEOPLE OF KENTUCKY. NOT THEIR WRONGS. WHOLE SALYERSVILLE, MAGOFFIN COUNTY, KENTUCKY. FRIDAY, MAR.. 21 1913. NUMBER 10 VDLUME 2. C2 Hnmol flnmpl Onmull lor call in at the Mountaineer WHY REDS HAVE GAINED LOCAL NEWS. WUIIIUi UUIIIUi UUIIIVII office when in town. You maybe PROMINENCE Blank Oil and Gas leases, in needle magoffin T)n vnu know whv thnrn is so you may be against any quanities, 2 cents each at a democrat or Issued Every Friday, Everything is f ounshing. (the editor in his race for county the Mountaineer office. much said today about R. I. Red in a havstack? superintendent but remember The attendance is good.Mew chickens? Why are they always 1ERMS. For rock bottom priceS'iri clos- bred by the man who once breeds It S long, UlSCOUrag- - ones coming in every day. you are WELCOME at our office. 11.09 a year in advance er and grass seeds see Goo- - board nnd r00m them? Have they been boo3ted .60 six months. W. P. Carpenter. Adv, by rich men who carry three or Jnrt irV Hlg JOD. wccki The dorrnitorie3 Will be The Maseott is the newest pub .35 three months. hunting a in charge pf John Franklin Coop- lication to reach our office, It is Judge D. W. Gardner returned four panes of advertising in GlYoil tj 1 11 er one oi niHguiim vuunior a an eight page, four column, from Hindman where" -- he has 'every Poultry Paper in the second class matter Eetotad M e in a naystacK bc3t known Citizcn3i at monthlv. published by the Mas honn hJdintr court since attend country? No, they have forged needle 12, M12, t the Ky. under the Act of March cott Publishing Co. of this place ing the Inauguration of Pres. to the front on thair merits. Tuition, Primary department, With 3, 1879. ijsi.ou per monin, i tn aim out fstrictlv as "business" birds. and edited by Mr. Dale bubiett. Wilson. I t They originated in tho hands gradcs $2.00 per month; Normal It is pithy, humorous and is The ladies oi tne v,nnsiian of farmers and market poultry- ELAM. Editor & Owner. a credit to the promoters. Here's in your and Hih Scho1 pupils $2'60 per $. S. box supper men, men who were, and are or Uo two A tuiUon welcome to it, hoping that it church will give a Rates, Advertising Friday still getting' livelyhood from months in advance. shall shine through the coming Saturday lilnht instead of window. in lunti ner inch. 1 them. Those old 'armors of vtt npi The instmction in all depart- years as a permament star in the night. one-haAdv? Rhode Island who originated Pirst page ads twelvo and Want adS maKe ments of this school will bo strict field of journalism. cents per inch. Bill Patrick who left here .a them know a goad thing when ly high class. The teachers are thorough CanvaSS Five cents per inch extra lor few das ago, has a position with they saw it. What arc the A CLUBBING. etWeen SUnS ifie(i t0 liandIo their respective Anv person who will bring or the First National Bank ot Cin merits you arc looking for in per line for first fowe!s7 Do you not want egg3 departments. Special Course ft r r. cents ner line for send in during this month, two cinnati. -KENTUCKY MOUNTAINEER. ! Ever "hunt a " i NUMBER to institute. j. a 2Pcr are Jnn-Vm- pout-offic- rent, il, that "room for jj boy Wanted nriir nlirard lf j he a SSSrtffSrt. subsequent insertion. during winter, when they nrc tor your wants. applicants for CountyExaminatio sr more subscriptions Ar ONE Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Hoek3tra worth the most money, Do you adJOE RICE. Principal. and funeral notices TIME, (paying for them in Resolutions K. C. GOODMAN. Obituaries, vance of course,) May keep ten entertaintd a number of the not want vigorous chicks that SC.1IL Cards!of Thanks and grow like weeds chicks that do C. E. McWharter. (Advertisement.) cents to thedollar for their trouble young people Mon. evening. word. one.cent per not draw'up and die if they hap County ofjudge a man not by what FARMER'S FREE You E. B. Arnett and W. J. Patrick pen to get .Announcements for MAGOFFIN INSTITUTE. wet? Do you not pre have returned from Cincinnati. fer a docile bird that is easy to h.! promise:? to do. but what he fices, $5.00 cash in advance. 2. GO. has done. This is the only true Justices of the Peace Several new students have enWant Column. handle. There is no doubt that' test. Camberlain's Cough Reme rolled' this week in "The Drill" ANNOUNCEMENTS. L. C. Prater and Proctor Pace the Reds', arc the best all purpose1 dy judged by this standard has In order to show our farmers for County Examination. Work who have been ill are now an farm fowl today in existance. .W- - oro authorized to announce nc superior. People every where that "It pays to advertise", we nicely. is progressing gay as spring birds. So when vou decide that speak of it in the highest terms 7' will run this column in whicli An interesting game was play FRANK BLAIR. . spring you mut tfiave a breed combin-- of praise. For sale at Dr. Kash's ench subscriber may use, free of Before buying your as a candidate ed last Saturday, between our utility and fancy points. it galyersville. Drug Store. charge, fifteen words, in anyone ' '"for the nomination for clerk of hovs and the town boys. With goods be sure and inspect W. P. ing lust cost your lot with binglo issue, to advertise anything he h Magoffin county, subject to the out much practisswe went down Carpenter's newest and most comb Rhode Island Reds and wants to buy or sell, (from the party. BRADLEY. line that ever was brough action ef Ihc Republican in defeat. consisting of any you will ngver regret it. Miss Belle Salyer who has farm.) to secure work for him- 1 o'clock to our town, Come out next Sat. at W. H. Catidill, , We are authorized to announce thing to cat, wear or plant. boon sick for the past few weeks self or hiro farm hands, sell or L. C. BAILhY, and bee the game. Falcon, Ky. rent ands, find owners for lost -- Lin is able to be out rHnt nr llvo sfoelc or advertise - SUWUll, ' candidate for the STAR LITERARY SOCIETY NOTICE-A- I1 Ministers and X Born to Mr. and Mrs. James his own lost or strayed. f County Judge of office of M. Frazier a boy. Meets at Magoffin Institute Justices of the Peace will plcacc CORREPSON- Additional words will be put, fin county, subject to the action Chapel. Friday, night, ttneoro V inn nml ATnv Nnril - in nt nnn ennt ner word: or the turn marriage 1iccp3 into this . DENCE. wlio nave iivvn visiting relatives n.l.,..(Kinn,nnf - Trtn, n fllll In .. i of the Republican party. office durinc my term of office uccn uuvnj"....'" at G:30 P. M. succeeding issues so long a3ue- Prntrr.nnmp. that the records may be complete Vtt are authorized to announce atthis place left Sunday fnrtlinif . , mitncr ,VOrd. nav- Society Tho law requires that tncy ue EDITOR'S NOTK compelled to throw homes in Piko county. Sonir Wo liavo been abip IN ADVANCE. LOUIS MARSHALL. President returned here within 00 days. Wesley Patrick Jr. is very low letters into tlio wnsto k vou would ect your wants in as a candidate for Devotional Secretary All deoutv c erks will report basket recently because the writer with tuberculosis this column phono, write, or call sheriff of Minutfs m1nfttion for ns well ns " the; Roll Call and settle their accounts on mar failed to put their real name Ilopetul.4on us before Monday nignt. I ' 4aoffln county subject to Miss Nell Patrick risifro license on or before the their assumed.,. .Republican party. Readinir the Debate: Resolved that" foreign first day ofThe April"term'o"f"tfie LAKEVILLE. authorized to announce immitrration should be prohibited Circuit Court. TO SELL"1 two farms. For fur- War (Advertisement.) " Mr. nnd Mrs. Miles Hoskins Negative Farrish Lacy J. J. PACE, Affirmative Children arc much more likely thcr particulars inquire of and Mr. and Mrs. James Flynt to contract the contagious disthe Cyrus Cooper V. B. Cooper D. M. Atkinson, of GwtJey, as a candidate for Hazelritror who has been left 13th inst. for Wenatchee Salyersville, Ky eases when they have colds. ot Sfcetiff of Magoffin coun- Will McWharter Charley Taulbce W. A. office im Wash. Willi Prater ill for several weeks is much Whooping cough, diptheria, scarty, subject' to the action of the Una Howes Mr. nnd Mrs. E. D. May have let fever and consumption are TO SELL RHO. ISLAND REDS Fannye Rice proved. Europe: Republican party. Eggs from pen headed by $10. been spending a fow days with diseases that arc often contractAll Sorts: Dr. Wallaco Batley Smooth wire $3.00 per cwt Mrs. May's mother and father We are authorized to announce cock, at 85 cents per 15. A scc-o- n Pres K. C. Goodman. ed when the child has a cold. PROCTOR PACE, Barb wire $3.00 per cwt.j returned Sunday. pen at 55 cents per 15. Miss Willie Prater. Sec That is why all mcdi al authori- for per keg at W. P. Nails 3.00 Mrs. Erie Riggs who has been ., i,i r i Salyersville, as a candidate i,v. El'iis delivered to your Post of Consuls, Carpenter's. Toiinr of Magoffin Office by Parcels Post visiting her grandfather, JiUon .i the quick cure of colds you will Anna Cooper action of Power, returned to her homo in find nothing better than Uhamb- county, subject to the ' Hargis Arnett Mr. BvrcnKash left Friday to Mrs' W' H Caudill accompanied by her the Republican party. He Carter Co. crlain's Cough Remedy. C. E. McWharter locate at Wenatchee Wash. uncle W. II. Power. say goodbye to con- Yon can i3 the only son of Dr. and Mrs. announce K. Q. J. stipation with a clear conscience pairgray thor- TO SELL-o- no We are authorized to M. C. Kash one of our most w. 3. PATRICK, you usoChamberlaiirs Tablets, oughbred Plymouth KocK cniCK- regret if prominent families, We candidate OIL SPRINGS. Many have been permanently ens at $2.00 or separately. THE UNDERTAKER to loose him from our midst. of Salyersville, as a Judge of Edgar Wheeler and wife and cured bv their use. For sale at coffins and Mrs.. I. V. Kelley. for the office ofw County to tne has a now stock of The Mountaineer and a host Bradlev, Ky. Falcon have Dr. Kash's Drug Store. ., n Rubiect caskets. well wishers of little son Ancel of of friends are ' TO SELL a farm of 125 acres. Republican party Prices; Infants sizes. $3.00 to this bright young man's success. been visiting Mr. and Mrs. J. M. action of the sizes, coffins $8.00 in bottom land and one Litteral this week. 25 acres $10.00. Adult rn out..ita S90 (10 to The Missionary Baptist church Misses &va anu uassie caiycra We are authorized to announce I. i 1 fourth mile on Licking river. 50 include has purchased the two lots These prices $85.00. DOC G. HOWARD of Ballot entertained quite a W More Property IS SOIQ acres in timber. Price $2000. above State Road Bridge and I will exchange to mineral or the office of boxes and trimmings. y eendatefor county, sub- Office located mid-waIV :Tm be will erect a church building on throuch classihed adver timbered lands. Judge of Uageffin Repub- tween Ivyton and Bradley. these. Mack Litteral. tisina everv vear than IS P. M. Elam, ject to the action of the Phone write or call on .. . Wavno Iticc and Binson Litter- J, Kentucky. lican party. J. V. Kelly, Bradley, Ky. al of this place attended church sold through agents. FARM A POOR HOUSE at Ballot Sunday. ftt pjnmnarft thft cost ot Tho Fiscal Court desires to -We are authorised to announce OUR REMOVAL. Curtis Stacy passed through' a W. S. ADAMS, purchase a poor house farm. nast few weeks The here last week enroute to his, a Want ad With ine CM on or address Judge Salyer Falcon as a candidate for the Mountaineer has been located in business success owes home in Frenchburg. f . semination for sheriff of Magoffin thn W. J. Patrick building in the Commission or any of the Justices of the the Walter Prater who moved re-to cuaiuuiaijr the action of 'eountyaubject to Peace. facing the Court its first strides to - rUaraPfl up stairs room Jenkins scmo time ago has iheXepublican party. ? House. Call and sec us wncn in little modest want ad, turnnrl ind with him the and fodder. Call TO BUY-c- orn 8. S. ELAM. town. The agent has many at this office. measles for Little Francis and Edith Con thn Mountaineer an- A BIG BARGAIN. . name, mGansthat mniwi f - . -- .ruiMqra properties among which for the, X after vour euncv nolly son and daughter of Dr. you get ono more copy of this pa- - customers. Every farmer should take one utvn fnrBunerintcndentot Connolly of Salyersville arc visit- to divide his selling or m;ro farm journals. We will XX means that you get no ttktStn Magoffin County, sub- - ner. copies until you give u s CfYour little business ing at F. M. Lateral's this week more bo glad to furnish you tho Farm Xf- - .mrl Mm f!oliimlnm YntPS . efforts (cttathc action of the ttepun some currency, corn, beans, fod Journal five years and the. Hl. unu " ........Saturdy. sucv may be helped to eaaarty. went to Lickburg last der, potatoes, Mountaineer one year J A want ad finds the of Lake- Dee , ALL FOR ONE DOLLAR AND cess in the same way. Mr. and Mrs. guestsMayMiss May Decay of Gists. of r nartV Who Wants tJOUT ville were tho FIFTY CENTS. 9tw tenons who ndmlro tlio . nnrlrnt eliBwara know CI fpw Java SUfford this week. displayed ore Releehw. thst the prismatic hues Was Even More Upset A awnber of candidates expect a Ttsult of tno accay i "Bargain Counter or -narw in Wnen disintegration leU In. the im a short time l can't understand Bow you would i aa tho prc,umption to think I glass splits Into exceed- newspaper space, un ot the and (act It is oaly a "short time" permit my daughter to become your Not Msny. Good Reason. ingly thin laminae, which, as tho sun. thoy rather iurpr -til tie August primary. Women are living longer than makes you think wire. Dertld-"W- bat traTerses thorn, ttlvo rise to a you should have your lliht but cnMr un. says a,"118 did a generation ago," ' "haIf g0 badIy upset as tplendld play of colors. Uka theleaTes t a sense of humorr o""a ft si Harrard -ucal authority. Yes. but wl Your aaythiag happen in your of a forest, these delicate glasses h0 .ue.tod It to m,. dissolution share of the benefits. own up to being any Lampoon. you uUsa their .approaches h beautlful.-H- artf im wbods?" Are "Htt by becoming tsore ' the reeuin oi tne per-- Weekly. write us lrrtraaiyTUao w te ' --- "j UZift WANTED U - J. V. KELLY ru I . I IMany towering ."r timidly bidding u EDITORIAL. lrl-n- sub-ttan- Mail ads are the iHn(sisiiiiikiiiissa - s -

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