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Image 1 of Kentucky gazette and general advertiser, February 15, 1803

Part of Kentucky gazette and general advertiser

L 1 V 1 V AND GENERAL ADVERTISER "f'lllHJJ.J 'viwi?wiEirelltgsi'yggjtMMM VOL. XVI. xxmnrr-- v. N. W'l''!' I'.J..'? ' BY DANIEL BRADFOJRDLEXINGTON. 857. TROTTER will please & SCOT t, From tbe Morning Cbronlcli. DESCRIPTIVE . REMARKS, IN the precceding number, I concluded to wait until the Erefideiit fltpuTH Purchase, ON the 24th day of Jjnuary, in have laid before the House of Reprefen-tative- s, m, 700 acres Military Land, lying on Have just received, and are novs 'to call on me, in Lexirfgton. and either Brush creek, N. W. T. where the road opening. frt till M'll dtLUUlK3j ui give A Large & Compleat affbrtment 6f from Limestone to Chilhcothe Biown being determined to have this tr.tft contains about three hundred &? WINTER GOODS, a final settlement of all his accounts, :,FALL aciesof rich bottom, the remainder is Of the latelt importations trom imrope. hopes that those who do riot find it conwell timbeiedl has on it a good mill Consisting of medical-service- s, - TUESDAY; FEBRUARY 14, 1803. AND FOR s4jLu! " " i- t VALUABLE PROPERTY NEW AND CHEAP GOODS. THOSE indebted to Dr'. Saiiuel J3ROWNfor .J..;,,.rT,a:w,,itBJ-.iIla7j;- '"'' notice: X. vTTHTiiii'iiSi'ffitiiiSHtiUjia ON THE Tennessee Company the papers relative to the ct'ffion.-othe year seventeen hundred and Louisiana, or the arrival of the ninety five, the legislature of Geornow on their way from the" gia, in a full feflioh affembled, in French Government to the Prtljdent perfect conformity with their own but by venient at present to make payment, seat, and is an excellent stand for a pub very recent letters from Europe, AoryC constitution ; did, by virtue of the which an lved Will not hefitatetogive their obligations. lic home, yesterday, Ware, " THOs. C. DAVIS. infoimed that owing to the; difaf-tro500 acres ditto ditto, lying on Clov'er powers to them delegated by the Groceries, Dec. 7th, 1802. Mate 'of the island of St'. Domin- Lick creek, a branch of the aft fork of lame, bargain and felLunto Zacha- Queens', China & Glass, xeSxT Consul, has altered tb lie JLittle Miami, N. W. 1. m a good riah Cox, Matthias Maher and tbeirj - o. auociates tor a valuable conliderati- - destinations of the troops from Louifi THE SUBSCRIBER Together with number of articles too tedi! heighboihood, about three mue from oh (acknowledged Dunhams-Towseven ffom Williamsby the proper of-- ana, and changing theih commander ous to enumerate. INTENDS going to Philadelphia ncers, to nave oeen received into from general Bernadotte to general Vicburg, and eleven 'to twelve from the All of which being purchased early in thefpring, requests all those river. the treasury of state,) all that trat tor, turns his whole force to the lower than any imported into this who are indebted to him, either-bof, that island, making it the' whole 1000 acres ditto ditto, lying on Brush or parcel of land, denominated and bond, note or book account, to pay ftllte, will be sold accordingly, for creek, a sew niiles from New Market, known by the name of the Te'nnefTee objett of his transatlantic military opeby the first of February next those CASH in HAND. N.W.T. The cifcum- Company Purchase i which pur- - rations, for the present ' Lexington, November 17, 1802. who sail to comply with the above 5000 acres, lying on Bank Lick creek, chase embraces th& Great Bend of flante is so Important in itself, as re relates to the present iitUatioh Kentucky, part of two tradW, contain yequelt will not'be entitled to a creOur reaVard. ing 6000 acres, fuiveyed and patented the river Tenneffee, together with country that I must add a sew ofmore dit heVeafter, and will have their a vast quantity of hrft rate bottom, obfervatioivs on the rnterefting subject, STOLEN from the fubferiber, tor William j'ines. accounts put into the hands of pro 4000 acres, Clarke county, Kentucky, which Itreaches ltlelf alontr the and (hew in tbe fiift instance what is the of his liable) A SADDLE, (ojjt per omcers tor collection. South bank of said river for Up ostensible cause at the Spamfh traft court, for He has of? hand a handsome affort- - ilmoft rmvv, has been used about part of a and of eight tlioufand acres, wards ot tnirty miles, including at cteding fui veyed Louisiana to France. patented for Richard of MERCHANDISE, which jrhree months futile Jsajter's nanie is ment lealt, one hundred and fifty thousand Political cirturpftances often embol, TGb3eeo,Seih Creigh, which wilKhe sound Tie will sell low for Cah 8332 3 acres, Mafcn county, Ken icres ot tbe most fertile and pro-- : den pretenders to urge clninei ical rights, kriyj GoofeAinder the lkirtjoi, the laddie. Country Linen, Bees-watucky, pait of 5000 acres, surveyed and du6tive land on the continent of St their no less chime'rical opponents reafcuci ion wuu win &ivc iuou iuiuium- Teathers, &c Wefrren Amprir.n. dily yield to their preffure what they paftnraLfor George Underwood. tton 3s will enable me to profecutei .Notwithstanding the solemnity', hae no better right to cede. The First ' 1200 acreijMafon county, Kentucky, Has just received a Handsome As- - the truer, man nave tne aoove resurveyed and patented for Moody ami legality, and perfect conftitutionaR Consul by his power and intrigue, having sortment of ward, or FIVE DOLLARS for the M'Millin. p(o the above mentioned grant of overturned the duke of Tufcaiiy & throw a . QUEENS' WARE, COTTON Saddle only. t 000 acres Military land, 0.thea-ter- land to Cox, and his aflbciates him on the German empire for indemCARDS, JOHN A. SEITZ. of RufTell'cieek, Green riverJj the very next afiembly of Georgia, nity, enabhlhes a younger branch of And daily expects a large affoYt- - Lexington, 21ft Dec. 1803. 325 acres, Jefferson county, Kentucj iy, contrary to an law precedent, the house of Bourbon, with the title o mint of Hard Ware, Cutlery, ?c. king of Etruria, on the Dutal throne, RC7 In all probability the Saddle ky, about lour miles from Louilville, 4U ana rue principles 01 juitice, pais a and collection of Books. aid though the change is absolutely icres of this tracl; is cleared. neighdeclaration, (for it cannot properly made to answer his own purpoftfc he GEORGE ANEDRSON, will be offered for i'ale in this v 116 - acres, Franklin county, Kenbe termed a law; declaring the sale the Spa'mfh king, that the savour tf borhood. Iexington, Jan. 5, 1863'. tucky, on the North "fork of Elk. horn and grant rnade by the legislature conferred on his house is of such a mag &? CHEAP GOODS. about six millesfrorri Frankfort ; on this, NEW atorelaid, to the land in queltion, nitude, that he cannot confident witfci N. B. A FARM about three miles tratl are confiderablcimpiovements. ! ! ! thes duties he owes the French Creek nation, fom Lexington on the Tate's A House and well' improved Lot in utterly null and forever void WILLIAM WEST, and to crown this their most lully eftablifli the king of Etruria on tJae oad either to sell o'r rent. Apply the town of Parisj on .Main flreet, and 'Has just received in addition tp bis unparallelled prep,otlerous throne, unless his molt Catholic maje sty is abave. adjoining Mr; Hughes's tavern. declaration, they theh ciufed the re- will give up Louisiana Wed from every assortment, tbe following ip said town'. former An Inn and Out Lot WALKER BAYLOR 6f SON. Also a House and well improved Lod cord, wheh was made for said land, embarrafTment, connected with it since MERCHANDISE, Have just received on consignment, to be drew by violence from the ar the reign of Louis the 14,thv. Not in this place. ViV. the changes which that cjuntry a quantity of The above described property will be chives of the state, and publicly sold low for Cash, Heiv p and Tobac- committed to the flames ! ! ! What has undergohe, fpnnging from "explicit RUM, and FISH OIL, Fine Cloths andCaffimers, WINE, co, or on giving bond with f,ood fecUri-ty- , motive or notions, induced this run national arrangements, fanftio ned by and Coatings, Which they will sell on a moderate Coarse-do- . national treaties, defended a considerable credit may be had Elastic do. and Flannels, madfpeciilatiVe afiembly, 'to affume of nations', and which now by t'he advance for CASH only. th arm of For further particulars enquire of the! Tuch nnconftitutional, Impolitic, and Scarlet Cardipals, Tbey have ah"b on band ower insultingly overturns, :iu the tie , fubferibers. , , despotic powers, as to make and pass valo of the first coni'ul at tj ie head of SPANISH ACID, by the quart 'or Fulled Stockings and Gloves', JOHN JORDAN, Jim this their illegal, iniquitous and in 'the military republic of calk. And expect by the first arriv- Worsted and Cotton Stockings JOHN A. SEITZ. 'amous declaration ; I know not, but Silk Shawls and Handkerchiefs, it the United States abf'urdlv reeoc- als to receive Lexington, Kentucky1, 7 certain it is they did it, which serves nize his absurd pretentions to Louisiana, Fancy Swanfdown, SUPERFINE CL6THS, BLAN- Velvets, Thickfets and Corduroys, January Hth, 1803.) either as a monument of their pro- - as bounded in the reign of Louis XIV, woollens, SPAKETS .cfund ignorance or abandoned prin- - it win oe ou; a temporary compliance. Irifli Linens and Callicoes", NISH 'and FRENCH History fuSciently proves, that this Umbrellas, . , l lples, for nothing can be more IN, THE PRESS, INDIGO; j . Blistered Steel', clear and certain beyond all diftntT. of country has for two centuries 1802., 'And will shortly be published, Lexington, Dec", Pennfjlvariia made Axes and Cast- nahner of doubt, than that this lown the seeds of animoiities and conA iheir lunatic proceedings, has not, tentions, it isa matter of record that in. of JOH. inss' THE yt rder to have lome planfible pretence fornor cannot affecT, the right of the getting on soot REPORT of the CAUSES, JORDAN Jun. & Co. having this Madder and Indigo; a proitdt for chanine- company, (nor any of their gran- the Face of affairs in day expired All those indebted tb Coperas and Allurri, , tees) to the said land in the smallest aie public mind trom France, and to call laid firm either by bond, note of- Mace and Niittnegs; SUPREME COURT, too clole a Jegree, for where an individual, or book account, are requeued to make Cinnamon; , of its domeflic concerns, the ron vhr r and individuals, are parties to, .immediate payment to Jobn Jordan Green and Bohea TeaJ settlement of Louisiana was thought the DISTRiCT OF KENTUCKY ' in any contract, which has .noft convenient, and all imaginable, fjun. or Andrew F. Price, or steps Pewter and Tin ware, AHD BT THE-- , r may hereafter be made with ei- pains were taken to rtprefent it as a will be taken to compel the same. Ladies' Elegant Muffs and Tifipetts, COURT OF APPEALS, Trimand a place from whence ther of the legislatures in any of the JOHN JORDAN Jun.St Co. White ahd Coloured furr IN WHICH THE TITLES TO LAND tfXRL American Hates ; that state, so riches might be derived, pro mings, N. B. The business in suture will tif DISPUTE. contracting, as well as the individu-il- s videddue encouragement could be ob Lace and Edgings be done by John Jordan Jun. who tained fiom government. For this themselves, with whom they ic Spelling Books, has a By James Sociiesi it was thought requisite-tha- t a new contracted, are forever aftei Slates, Large and General Assortment of Paper and Ink Powder. (without the mutual concurrence of company ihoulo. be erected to make way' MERCHANDIZE Proposals for publishing this work-b- ill the parties any way interested.) tor which Crozat was induced to and Which lie will sell at the mofl red fubfeription, were circulated irrevocably precluded and barred did resign his grant. which he is determined to dispose of uced prices for Cash, or approved This occasioned the noise that Wag nearly two years ago, under the fig rom undoing of themselves what on the most. reafonabfe iterms for Country Produce. niture of Thomas Todd arid James they have once so deliberately ratifi nade about the MifTiflippi at that pen Cam, Hemp, Country Linen, or apod, not in France only, but throughout Hughes, it having been the ed and confirmed forever. LEXINGTON LIBRARY; proved produce. No Credit. U Europe, which was filled with romanColonel Todd, to join in the These rights & this doctrine is ex tic stories of the vast fiuitfuluefs of the; Lexington, K. Nov. 20th, 1802. presfly guaranted and recognized to banks of this great river, and the increAT a meeting of the Directors, work. CLARKSVtLLE. In order to enable Mr. Bradford, every citizen, not only oy the great dible wealth that was likely to slow from rriday, rebruary 5th, 1803, RESOLVED, That the Treafu to.know who to deliver books to as Confederated compact of united thence, and those accounts, thqugh true PURSUANT to a Resolution of rer be directed to bring suits against fubfc,ribers, it will be neceflary for but likewise by the different in part, in the end proved ruinous to ma. tbe Board of Trufte(es, of the Town all persons indebted to the corpora- those Gentlemen who have fubferip- Itate conititutions, and the universal he termination of the war of 1756, of Clarksville, will be sold at the ime time that it broke up the tion, who refute to letlle their ac tion papers to forward them tq him. principles of law and justice. audlion, in the town of Jefferfon-vill- counts, and that be make report of Is notwithstanding the sacred rlourifhing and happy settlement of AcaThis volume contains the Caules' all the unsold inn and out the same to tbe April meeting, to- decided from tbe eftablifliment of right of the company, and their gran- dia in the east, broke the spirits of the LOTS of be faidtown of Clarks- gether with a particular flatement the DiflricT. Court on tbe Western tees, to the peaceable enjoyment of French settlement in the north and west the subsequent cefiion of the eastern ville. Tbe falc will commence on of the funds. waters, to the end of the March laidpurchale ; we could conceive it t banks of the Mifiifiippi to Spain, the Monday the twenfcy-nVday of Term of the Court of Appeals, in poflible for the state of Georgia, to horrid Attest . oppreffion of Ulloa, the tyranny March nest, at 10 o'clock. A ere the y.ear 1801. be lo impolitic and iniquitous as to of O'Riely, and JOHN TILFORD,-Sec'y- . the attending curses of dit of twelve months will be given- - iyXTr. IX Rrrr7rT' T miTu 1 he Author is preparing materi oppose them in it, wduld not all pub, national despotism and religious fanati-cif' bond and approved security will beAr als for a second volume, which will lie faith in that state be greatly wea'1 which the efUblifhment of the . jn required JOFR0M the above resolve, the tren- - probably be pUDiiinea 111 tne begin- kened is not totally deltroyed ! tht monarcy enthusiastically cultivate By order of tbe Board. constitution flagrantly violated witl jnd support, have all combined to op- -( tleulen interefled in the Library will ning of tbe next year. Willi aju Clarke, s.t. c. see' the neceffity of immediate payLexington, January 12, 1803. unexampled impunity! and the fa- - r;fs, check and almost deflroy the inhaClarkefviUe, ( cred temple of justice rent asunder bitants of eastern Louisiana. Certainly ment and I flatter myself, that Dec. asd, 1802. J 2m and buried in the wreck of violated 'heir agriculture has not flourished, and those wbofe philantlltopy has indu-qefundamental law ! " Forbid it juf wheir trade would have remained infigni- tbem to embark in so noble an NOTICE. mflitiuion, will not fufter that em tice, forbid it good policy, and for ficant, had it not been for the adVive of the American merchant, and bid it people of Georgia. ALL persons indebted to John barkation to be disgraced by suits :be surplus produce of the indufhy of WERTER. O wings & Co. are requested to To avoid which, the accounts wiH C the American settlers, cultivating the 24th January, 1803. make payment to the Subscriber, be- be put into the hands of the Libra 3w banks of the Miffiffippi and lands fitua-te- d li- tor settlement on the nth, ami fore the 15th of March next. The rian TAKEN up by the fublcriber, the lowon its connecting flreams ""fcRESH MEDICINE situation of the company will not ad- - continue there till the 26th inllant. wifg in ocott iountv, on toe waters er coantry is at present occupied by seJ .ptyEagle creek, one black HORSE, tters tnit of their giving longer indul- - and suits will be immediately inftitu under different titles, of Frenrh, Just arrived from Philadelphia pence. And thole wno nave ae ted on all that remain unsettled on ve years old next lpnng, branded Spanish, and English governoq, and the Strav-PSfat our fhon. near the ,, J hat day. pofieffion mands against said firm, are requestIt ' . r r r r, r on the. near shoulder O, part of one lippery title of fimpie L.exiiigion, auu co oe ioiu ior ain ofv.his hind feet white, sear on his ill for a very considerable 'time, conti- ed to bring them forward for adjufl-aienBENJ. STOUT, Tr.L.L. Fine Linen, or of 'national d.fcontent, 6th February 1803. 3p right knee, fourteen hands high ; me the Also RED CLOVER SEED, mlefs prompt movements are made, per- JAMES MORRISON, appraised to 10I. ROUND TEXT COPIES, nanentlv to embrace that country itbtfie Agent for J. C, Cwings b1 Co. iSENJ. RUtiiiNbUJN. arms ox, and is teceffaiy ly tit armtes"- Maybe had at this Office, j ANDw. M'CALLA sc? Co. Le::.ngton, Jan. 24, 1803. Price 33. Jan. nth, 1S03. 4p iS f es tHard si ! us - , .1 A n, 0-h- io ctfn-oue- ft . "ten dollars f Chiu-nevort- h. 2-- x, r 1 per-fua- des l- v e'x'tta-ordinar- y with-standi- J 1 ng , . ith , -- ' h I 'I. , copfi-Jerati- J S , - inex-aaulYi- may-hiv- V on ble e pur-jo- - y inten-tioir- . ny-t- ic e, ft m, iiii Spa-ni- lh d y 1 Flax-See- i tot f v t. d. J h&t-be- d r P

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