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Page [NA] of Recollections of a varied life / by George Cary Eggleston.

RICHARD BURTON'S MASTERS OF THE ENGLISH NOVEL A study of principles and personalities by the Professor of English Literature, University of Minnesota, author of " Literary Likings," " Forces in Fiction," " Rahab " (a Poetic Drama), etc. 12mo, 331 pp. and index. 1.2f net. 'Noteworthy American volume of literary criticism . . . a well-balanced. discerning and unhackneyed study . . . delightfully readable. In his judgment of individual books and authors Mr. Burton is refreshingly sane and trustworthy . . . an inspiring survey of the whole trend of fiction from Richardson to Howells, with a valuable intermediary chapter on Stendhal and the French realists, all presented in a style of genuine charm and rare flexibility . . . may be warranted to interest and inspire any serious lover of fiction.'- Chicago Record-Herald. "Rare sympathy and scholarly understanding . . hook that should l e read and re-read by every lover of the English novel."-Boston Thon., RICHARD BURTON'S RAHAB, A DRAMA OF THE FALL OF JERICHO 119 pp., 12mo. 1.25 net; by mail, 1.33. With east of characters for the first performance and pictures of the scenes. " A poetic drama of high quality. Plenty of dramatic action." -Neit York Times Resiew. WILLIAM MORTON PAYNE'S THE GREATER ENGLISH POETS OF THE NINETEENTH CENTURY 383 pp., large 12mo. 2.00 net: by mail, 2.15. Studies of Keats, Shelley, Byron, Coleridge. Wordsworth, Landor, Browning, Tennyson. Arnold , Rossetti, Morris. and Swin- burne. Their outlook upon life rather than their strictly literary achievement is kept mainly in view. " The sound and mellow fruits of his long career as a critic. There is not a lrasb, trivial, or dull line in the whole book. Its charming sanity has seduedq nm into reading it to the end, and anyone who does the same will feel that he has bad an inspiring taste of everything that is finest in nineteenth-century poetry. Ought to be read and reread by every student of literature, and most of all by those who have neoglected English poetry, for here one fintis its essence in brief eompass."-Chicago Record-Herald. If the reader will send his name and address, the publishers will send, from time to time, information regarding their new books. H E N RY HOLT AND C OM P AN Y PUBLISHERS NEiW YORK

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