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Page 217 of Recollections of a varied life / by George Cary Eggleston.

The Newspaper Critic's Function a sweet and innocent young girl by calling her 'that young person' If not, you cannot imagine what measureless contempt can be put into a phrase, or how much of cruelty and injustice may be wrought by the utterance cf three words." LIII DURING my service as a literary editor, I held firmly to the conviction that the function of the newspaper book reviewer is essentially a news function; that it is not his business to instruct other people as to how they should write, or to tell them how they ought to have written, but rather to tell readers what they have written and how; to show forth the character of each book reviewed in such fashion that the reader shall be able to decide for himself whether or not he wishes to buy and read it, and that in the main this should be done in a helpful and generously appreciative spirit, and never carpingly, with intent to show the smartness of the reviewer-a cheap thing at best. The space allotted to book reviews in any news- paper is at best wholly insufficient for anything like ade- quate criticism, and very generally the reviewer is a person imperfectly equipped for the writing of such criticism. In accordance with this conception of my functions, I always held the news idea in mind. I was alert to secure advance sheets of important books, in order that the Evening Post might be the first of newspapers to tell read- ers about them. Usually the publishers were ready and eager to give the Evening Post these opportunities, though the literary edi- tors of some morning newspapers bitterly complained of what they regarded as favoritism when I was able to anticipate them. On one very notable occasion, however, great pains were taken by the publishers to avoid all 2 -

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