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Page 143 of Recollections of a varied life / by George Cary Eggleston.

A Borrower from Stedman The other case was a more subtle one, and incidentally more interesting to me. As literary editor of the Evening Post, under the editorship of Mr. Bryant, who held the literary side of the paper's work to be of more consequence than all the rest of it put together, I had to read every- thing of literary significance that appeared either in Eng- land or in America. One day I found in an English maga- zine an elaborate article which in effect charged Tenny- son with wholesale plagiary from Theocritus. The maga- zinist was disposed to exploit himself as a literary dis- coverer, and he presented his discoveries with very little of that delicacy and moderation which a considerate critic would regard as the due of so distinguished a poet as Tennyson. I confess that his tone aroused something like antagonism in my mind, and I rather rejoiced when, upon a careful reading of his article, I found that he was no discoverer at all. Practically all that he had to say had been much better said already by Edmund C. Stedman first in a magazine essay and afterwards in a chapter of the " Victorian Poets." The chief difference was that Stedman had written with the impulse and in the tone and manner of a scholarly gentleman, while the other had exploited himself like a prosecuting attorney. The obvious thing to do was to get Stedman, if that were possible, to write a signed article on the subject for the Evening Post. With that end in view I went at once to his office in Broad Street. I knew him well, in literary and social ways, but I had never before trespassed upon his banker existence, and the visit mightily interested me, as one which furnished a view of an unfamiliar side of the " manyest-sided man - that phrase I had learned from Mr. Whitelaw Reid- whom I ever knew. It was during Stock Exchange hours that I made my call, and I intended to remain only long enough to secure 143

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