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Page 7 of Mountain Life & Work vol. 32 no. 1 1956

Part of Mountain Life and Work

7 In the southwestern counties of Virginia leadership in the field of continuing education for adult learners has been assumed by the University of Virginia which has for several years maintained ad ministrative offices in the area. More than 3200 students are en rolled in various types of work. In addition to the opportunities offered by the Division of Extension, the University of Virginia has in cooperation with local interested citizens, set up a branch of the University at Wise, Virginia. This College is known as the Clinch Valley College of the University of Virginia. It is committed to the the offering of a broad program of liberal arts, with pre-profess ional tr;ining in the fields of medicine, law, education, nursing, engineering, and general business or commercial work. This school with an enrollment in its second year of more than 300 stu dents brings to the region the facilities of standard accredited pro grams of higher education, not heretofore readily available and at costs far below what might be expected. Students just out of high school, veterans, young adults and older citizens are joining with teachers who wish additional work in the solidifying of a program of education which is of monumental proportions for Southwest Virginia. And while the program is ob viously designed for the southwestern -area of Virginia, it is equally w available to adjoining sections of Kentucky and Tennessee. The e test as to whether the real needs of the population are being met will be in terms of the degree to which the enrollments continue to climb. ~d Yes, much is taking place in the Appalachian region. There is .ss- no doubt but that the additional educational opportunities offered to ie people of all ages and participated in by people of all ages and in all walks of life will help to set free potentials of leadership and crea tive activities which will not only solve the problems peculiar to 3, the people concerned, but which will provide a reservoir of strength and power to bolster the forces of our total democratic dream. n_ There is no force yet designed which can combat the power of ideas, when those ideas are directed toward the betterment of "the good life" for all men. z~

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