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Page 47 of Mountain Life & Work vol. 32 no. 1 1956

Part of Mountain Life and Work

47 can mature in a world more nearly free of prejudice and fear. To be in such a world has been the hope of all those who have lived be fore us;it is our hope; and, if not realized in our time, it will be the hope of our children. .d ~,,; ! Is such ahope irrational? Is it foolish to suggest that forest •d conservation is a medium through which to work? To be sure, there are other media, but striving for better forests is a goal which can be appreciated by all peoples, even by those who have never heard of a cross-cut. .s I am no philosopher, no prophet. I see nothing in the future that others cannot see. Neither am I offering an immediate panacea red, y for the world's troubles. I am merely hoping that the nations of the Ly world will some day learn to cooperate and function together as .n smoothly as do the parts of a present-day small community. a A world community is my goal, and forest conservation shall be a .r- means to that end. #### Autie Conley, author of this article, was born in Elliott County, d one of the fourty-four Eastern Kentucky mountain counties. Autie is the son of a widowed mother and has twelve brothers and sis ters. He is at present a Junior in the Foundation School Program at at Berea College. At twenty years of age he is wiser than his years. He has real concern for the future of his region. Autie came to Berea because of vocational offerings in the -Foundation School cur riculum not available to him elsewhere, but it is interesting to note 1d that his academic rating is crowding 2.4. It gives us pleasure to present Autie Conley and his first contribution to MOUNTAIN LIFE AND WORK.

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