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Image 1 of Citizen (Berea, Ky.), August 26, 1909

Part of Citizen (Berea, Ky.)

r Iti FS I i f r IINCOIIPOIIATEI STANLEY FROST Manager E ereAal I Vol H 1114 Jft at Utrta AV dos mattmatter rod ncond Racing in France 1man Are you bald To scare FREAKS away mea paint a large lifelike spider on tho bald spot and tiles will let you alone This Is what a Connecticut man says he did and ho la no more troubled with their lighting on Ono of tho latest things his head Is tho mouso trimmed hat for women Not content with tho wonderful crea Uons of this season tho Paris mil liners have Invented a now kind Jt Is about the size of a sunshade and It guaranteed to keep off both sun and rain Around tho brim two cunning stuffod mlco are gayly chasing each other FEAR CAUSES DEATH Thinking her pet cat was chasing rats and mice toward her a crazy woman of New York City fell out of a third story window In her effort to get away from them and was killed MANY DEATHS FROM HEAT The awful heat wave which wept over the country last week killed many people and prostrated qthers Even the cotton boll weevel was killed by I t 1 1that V iJ dji ryc 1 the heat Harrl wlLrd the the predatory Interests and tho man of moat- prominent of those malefactors of wealth against whom Roosevelt directed his famous campaign to save the people ot the United States from financial bondage Is seriously 111 and his condition is being watched by the whole world with mingled feelings of hope and fear Whllo his death would cause trouble In Wall Streot It would remove tho greatest Influence which now threatens the liberty of our coun ¬ 1great M try TAFTS In a COUSIN KILLED cloudburst In Colorado Chas Tart a cousin of Prcs Taft was killed The damage to crops and property was very heavy Harry Tnaw THAW IN ASYLUM was taken from the Jail back to the old quarters In the Mattcawan asylum for tho criminal Insano last week The family will appeal the case TEN PERSONS HURT Ten per ¬ sons wero hurt when a part of a largo Chicago bridge which was be- ¬ The people Ing repaired collapsed were walking across the bridge to transfer to another street car It la predicted EGO FAMINE that thero will be a greater scarcity of eggs this winter than In many years Eggs are retailing In Lexington for 25 cents a dozen SEVEN KILLED IN RACEIn the automobile racing at Indianapolis last week seven persons were killed payJ INJURED Walter Wcllmana Journey to the north polo has again failed Thirty miles from the starting point the bal- ¬ loon exploded No one was hurt AVIATORS SHOW At Jlhelms Franco this week the aviators of the In world are exhibiting their skill tho practice nights Glen H Curtiss tho American aviator added a dram- ¬ atic feature to the Incidents Whllo flying thru tho air ho saw another rntchlno coming toward his at right angles on tho same level with his Quick as a flask he sent his machine fifty feet higher In the air and soar fd over the other machine winning much applause for kit rtdll Tho RIOTS NEAR PirTSBURG strikers at McKeos Rocks Pa have a wild ales ofi riots In the last few days In which many men were kill ¬ The ed and three fatally Injured state troops have difficulty In keeping the men under control AU work Is nnpended and the railroad clerks hand operators are under guard all tho time STEAMERS COLLIDE In a flrlv ContlmitJ on fourth Page l i a 7 i 1 1 N BALLOON j NEW r > Boone Tavern Fr NOW OPEN > 7 Clean Cool Comfortable Good Home Cooking Deep Porches Pure Mountain Water piped direct to the hotel o I 6 200 to 250 a day Special Weekly Rates Rooms le or in suites with baths Your Comfort xJ KENTUCKY AUGUST 20 1900 1y An Institution having halt a million dollars worth of buildings four thou- ¬ sand acres oC land and more than hilt a million dollars Invested for Its use ctJtulnly has a duty aswell 34 power to give something of very great valuo to the world in return It might le litcrcBtlng to those not acquainted wtlh the work of Berca College to brow what It gives to society li return for tho largo sifts mentioned above with which society has entrusted It First of all are tho lives oC the rUtyflvo men and women who devote their tine t > the work of tho instl utlon In various wan The greatest Influence upon lives la that of the personal touch of others It the other lives are weak or mean or nar ¬ row the result will bo for weakness meanness and narrowness If they are strong and pure and noble strength and purity and nobleness will spring up as a result Every worker in Be rea Is chosen primarily because of the qualities of Christian manhood and womanhood which he or she pos ¬ sesses and tho consequent power to uplift and Inspire the young people with whom they come In contact This Is general and tor all who como alikeOther things of a general nature for all alike are the Library with Its beautiful building its 25000 good books and Its largo number of mag ¬ azines the free lectures from tho members of the faculty and persons of note from all parts of the United States tho Lyceum course of seven numbers combining music tboughtII and fun tho literary which each student may take part and listen to exercises of profit and pleasure the muslclal organiza ¬ tions band orchestra harmonla so ¬ ciety glee club and choral classes and last and best tho religious life of the school Including Sunday school Peoples Societies regular Young preaching services and tho great week of revival meeting which come each winterFor the accommodation of tho stu ¬ dents who come Berca has ten dor ¬ mitories for young men and three for young women with room in them for almost a thousand persons four dining rooms with room for more than 600 to be seated at the tables batho game rooms gymnasium for and two athletic Indoor recreation fields and tennis courts tor sport in good weather In addition of course are tho well heated lighted clans rooms and la ¬ boratories What may be asked has Berea in particular for certain classes ot people Lo us answer tho question by referr ¬ ing briefly to some of them For tho pa son wishing to get the fullest preparation for success in life there la the college course as good as the best with a preparatory courso lead ¬ ing up to It for the farmer tho course ot two years which gives a general education combined with tho more Important subjects of value to the farmer In order that he may make the most money and tho boat home for tho prospective business man the Business Courso combining with Im ¬ portant branches relating to his work for a broad view of life In general the teacher a thorough course of In ¬ struction with chances to observe the best methods In actual operation for tho and do practice teaching would be doctor Latin Physics Chem ¬ jetty Physiology Botany Zoology all of which a physician must have today If he would be In the race for advance meat for the one who looks forward to Law thorough work In language History Sociology and Economics And yet there Is more Printing Nursing Bricklaying Carpentry Sew ¬ ing Cooking may be taken as the chief course or as an extra to sumo other line of work Thus Berea endeavors to show her right to the buildings land and mono which men and women who love their fellows have qlvcn and to call to her the best young people of our state and the world at large to train them for a successful a useful and a happy life sing- ¬ Our Pleasure IGOOD THINGS This week a good deal of our space Is dovoted to telling of the advant ¬ ages of going to college and especi ¬ ally of going to Berea Unless you are too old to go to school and have neither children brothers nor sisters who ought to be going to school you will find this as interesting and Im ¬ portant as any reading you have ever come across uuY rio VM One Dollar a year TRAINING NEEDED IN OUR 0 No OWN STATE r Old methods Have Fallen Behind Big Counterfeiting Plot FoiledKill ¬ and Schooling Is Necessaryto Suc ceesA Full Years Work Worth More than Two Years of Broken So Good as ExpectedParis Jail KeptElection Force Make It Possible for Any Young Man or Woman to Got What They Need Here This Means You i Rates MADISON COUNTY Tafts Splendid Equipment and Teaching Killed in Colorado Riots In Steel Mill StrlkeE H Harrl Very SickWellman Didnt Start for Pole k BEBEA N Knowledge is powerand the way to keep up with modern knowledge is to read a good newspaper Devoted to the Interests of the Mourite WEEK WHAT BEREA OFFERS OF THE NEWS 01 Five canto a copy XI 1Alrshlps I i THE CITIzEN ra People BEREA PUBLISHING CO y I VENT 5 OFF ICE KY I3EUEA X tI r I Study Any new thing coming into general use always meets three different class ¬ es of people those who welcome its appearance those who think it will work all right the halt hearted ones and those who are positive that it THK CJIAriiL will not succeed or that It will ruin A new and costly building used almost entirely for holding large meeting There are the country When the first horse few better In the atde rake made Its appearance among the farmers it created much discussion Some said tt Is just the thing and lijfiSP The time of the prophets past and wisdom Is no longer I shall have one Just as soon as I revealed to men by angels or other divine means Every man has can get felt its use rather were willing tor their uncertain neighbor to try It first while Btlll others were sure that It would never come Into general use Those who had paper is tho most efficient tool of the progressive manIt takes the faith In the horse rake continued its place of revelation r INhIM use the doubttul ones gradually came to its support and those who saw nothing but evil in it being unable to GOING AWAY FROM HOME TO SCHOOL keep up simply died oft and thus the horse rake came Into general use Children grow up We want them to become men andwomen Just as the horse rake gained gen ¬ This means that they must sometime strike out for themselves eral acceptance Just so It Is with It is a natural impulse for this that sometimes leads them to run every new thing Some time ago a away from homo or to elope and get married before they ought to college education was considered a The best way for a young person to begin to be independent is luxury for the rich Today most pro ¬ to leave homo for a good school There they are left to look after fessional men many farmers and themselves but havo the influence of teachers and the occupation of business men of all kinds feel that ftiher education Is useful in their If they did not learn a thing it would still be better for then to lives The lawyer and the doctor professional training have without have this experience of going away ffom home to school almost gone the way of the hand But they do learn from books and from contact with others and rake Tho fight Is now on for the come back no improved that thoir are proud of them learnhow moetlikelyto Jothers peoplefrom parents farmerA THE IMPORTANT CHOICE The ufos important period for any young man or woman is that time when they are just growing into mauhopu or womanhood for at that time they make the choices and take the courses which show what they will be thru their after life at twenty every one can tell whether a young man or woman will be good or bada success or a failure happy or miserable It is to young people at that age that this editorial is directedwe wish to suggest to them a few thoughts againWhat growing better or worse r Are you learning or not r Are you suc ceeding or falling If you are not getting all that you desire in the way of success and happiness uow Is the time to do something about it before it Is too late and when the effects of any effort you make may be felt thru your whole life ¬ personDut which have been given you whether or net you make the most of them and especially whether or not you develop them andmake the most you can out of them This latter thing is what we want to talk to you about Are you doing all you can to make your talents as good as posaihloin other words are you getting all the education you can use f Aside from tho character of a man and his natural brains there Is nothing about him so important as his education No matter how smart ho is an education will make him able to use his brains better no matter how dull he is an education will help him And it is a fact that almost any man with an education is a better man ¬ whohave no one of importance who baa not had at least the full school educa ¬ tion and history proves that a man has about two hundred times as good a chance to become successful if he has a full college education In the face of figures like that it is no use to argue that nn education does not pay The chance to take hold of the great power of educatiou and make a success of yourself is one that comes to every young mad or woman at this time It will cost money and time and hard work giveincreased the years that you may live Many a young fellow has been scared out by the few little sacrifices which are called for at the startand has afterward seen the duller slower poorer boy get ahead of him in life because that boy was not afraid to make the sacrificeswaswilling to pay tho price of an education and the bigger success that it bringsEvery Continued thing good must be paid for in this life and an education is one of the best things there is It must be paid for too but it more than repays any one who is willing to make the sacrifice How about it young mon or woman are you willing to work a little harder to live a little plainer to sacrifice a little now for a few years so that you can haye all the higher success and greater happi ¬ neas that comes from an education f Or is the price too high for you to payf Aro you going to make all you can out of yourself or are you going to fail because of cowardice and laziness r You can have an education you can be a success and be happy if you will pay the price And all that the price calls for is the use of a youhave The closing article on tho sheep scab comes this week too Dont tail to read It for the stamping oat ot this disease will mean thousands of dollars to the farmers of Kentucky Another Interesting article on fires has had to be put over till next week We have kept postponing it but it la only because of the number of good things from which we have to choose Look for It next week Francis O Clark has retunred from Cornell where he has learned the latest and best farming methods and hit articles In the Citizen will soon be resume4 Also he will begin managing a correspondence column answering any questions which subscribers may wish to ask him about farming Watch next week for the announce ¬ ment of the new Teachers Depart ¬ ment This will be the beat of Its kind ever offered by a Kentucky pa ¬ per and will be ot Interest to many ovi = man who had been watch ¬ ing the scientific reports of scientific farming took a thorough training in this work Last year he put out his first potato crop TJw farmers watch ¬ ed him and discussed his methods as they did the horse rake When he gathered his crop it was found he had produced more on four acres than his neighbor on a field of more than twice that size Today some ot his half hearted neighbors are thinking of taking one term In some agricul ¬ tural college Of course the one terns Will help some Just so it Is with boys and girls In all lines of work they are beginning to realize that tho old ways of doing things are los ¬ ing ground and that they must get In touch with new ways They are half converted to the new as the Bible says they are luke warm This taking an occasional term away at school is better than not going at all but ft is very poor substitute for taking a regular course The excuse usually given for not taking a regular course and entering school at the beginning of the fall term Is cannot afford It Now tho real cause in most cases Is not seeing clearly the benefits to be derived from such a course It you think this statement not correct read tho article written by Prof James of Harvard in the American Magazine on tho Powers of Men This article appears In the October or November Issue of 1907I wish to say right here thAta complete year from tho first day of the Fall term until Commencement Is worth more to a student than winter and spring terms for two years Let us examine this statement The us ¬ ual fall term Is fourteen weeks the winter twelve and the spring ten JW people who are not teachers announcement next week Full on fourth page 1 ASSISTANT MANAGER We wish to introduce to our read ¬ ers this week Mr Steuben Godbey who has consented to accept the pos ¬ ition of assistant manager and editor of The Citizen for the coming year Mr Godbey is a man of proved abili ¬ ty and his coming will greatly strengthen the paper The editorial management remains the same and the policy of the paper will be what It always has beenthe best Inter¬ ests of the mountain people Mr Godbey Is a man with whom our subscribers will be glad to get acqu- ¬ He Is twentynine years old ainted a native of Casey County a son of a family which for years has been ident tried with the leadership of affairs He has been act In the mountains ive In Republican politics for years Is thoroly familiar with conditions In both the Eighth and Eleventh Dis tricts and has many friends among tho leading Republicans of both dis We are enclosing with the copies of The Citizen to regular subscribers this week a supplement issued by the Burley Tobacco Society The Citizen does not assume any responsi ¬ bility for the matter In the supple- ¬ ment but circulates It like any other paid advertisement We have not had time to read thru the supplement tricts and do not know whether it Is all Mr Godbey is also a lawyer of mu II right or all wrong We will read It soon tho and adylse every one who wants to know about the tobacco question to read It also versity a couple of yaers later Ho will practice law In connection with Hard to Be All Thing to All Men on The Citizen hanging Do not think that your learning and his work his shlnglo from this office and he genius your wit or sprightliness are welcome everywhere I was once told will be glad to see hero any who may my company was disagreeable have legal business for him insuring that because I appeared so uncommonly to all careful effective and reasonable happy Zimmerman service 19021and = BrokenALIVE IN COFFINAn interestIng case comes from Dullitt County A little child had been put In a coffin ready for burial when a storm pre ¬ vented the funeral The watchers heard a sound from the coffin and found the child aliveCOUNTERFEITERS CAUGHT Four men who were making felt money In Louisville were caught by the United States Secret Service They had about 1480000 In bogus Mexican bills In a trunk when they were discovered WORK THE SOLUTIONIn address before the National Negro Business League In Louisville Booker T Washington told of the wonderful progress made by his race in the last twenty years He said the hope of the negro lay in honesty industry and thrift He was unanimously reelected President of the LeagueFREEFORALLFIGHT A free for all fight took place In Casey County last week Two men were kill ¬ ed and a man and a woman were seriously Injured Other participants were landed In JailCOMPLIMENTED BY GOVERN MENTThe Hon Brutus Clay of Nlcholasvllle Ky United States min ¬ ister to Switzerland has been given a very rare honor by that goverh countert anh f a fInstitute American who has received the honor BLACKBURN NOT TO RESIGN The report that Gov J C S Black ¬ burn of the Isthmian Canal Zone has resigned Is not PEACE GROW ¬ ERS The American Society of Equi ¬ ty and the Burley Tobacco Society have finally agreed on a pledge which seems to be satisfactory to the tobacco growers of Kentucky SHOOTING IN ESTILL COUNTY A man named Isaacs Is charged with having shot Wm Pearsons near Red Lick in this county Isaacs Is still at large as we go to F truet t i I jttu tMadison featurest paradeI were full of entries and tho compe tlon was exciting One of the was the big automobile KEPT HIS OATH of Greenbriar Nelson County died last week after keeping an oath made fifty years ago He swore that be would never step out of his room It LIncoln was elected President he has not done It since that He was one of the sharpest traders in the country He loft t 1 Ci UmeI ythat 75000 f WILL NAME TICKETThe antl machine Republicans and Democrats of Lexington will meet Saturday to Iy because of an alleged BOLD > raw deal ESCAPEWhen the turn ¬ key of the Bourbon County Jail was locking up the prisoners for the night a negro seized him by the throat and compelled him to give up the keys The negro then unlocked the doors and liberated the prisoners A reward Is offered for their capture Bogle SLASHED TO PIECES Phillips a well known farmer living near Brodhead Ky and the father of Earl and Lou Phillips students Berca Colcgr was found dead early Saturday morning In the yard in front of tho home of Owen Turpin another farmer PhHps had been stabbed several Units In the breast and his body was literally slashed to piece Turpin was later arrested by the 1 f Iff tr < I i J 1 Jwith jThe near his front fence He says that when he first saw the body It had tho appearance of having been there for some time Both Turpin and i I t r RobY bodYi and It la the opinion of some of tha authorities that Phillips might have been murdered and then his thrown over the fence to divert sus ¬ picion Phillips was 40 years of age marrlyd and leaves a family POOR CROPSIn spite of the prediction last spring that the crops this year would be the finest in the history of the state so far have been rather poor with the exception of corn which has grown rank and weedy with the heavy rains ot July and August Tobacco Is being cut this week while there Is good weather of LEAVES WIFET S Todd r 1 J r 1 tf r LIIII

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