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Image 27 of The Voice-Jeffersonian (St. Matthews, Ky.), December 7, 1972

Part of The Voice-Jeffersonian (St. Matthews, Ky.)

ttcacc fitted as Vtrr, THURSDAY, DECEMBER 7, 1972, THE VOICE JEFFEHSONIAN, SECTION C, Kiaainioaij'iis mi6 CCv C 3 up -- High school unit feted r . ? i rh f"i at club's dinner meeting By,1obin Garr III Staff Writer "Klwanla International can take its greatest pride in the sponsorship of Key Clubs," said Ted Osborn of Lexington, vice president of Kiwanis International. The Key Club at Jeffersontown High School, youth service organization sponsored by the Hurst-bour- ne Kiwanis Club, was honored at a Kiwanis meeting on Wednesday, Nov. 29, in observance of National Key Club Week. About 15 Key Clubbers from JHS joined a crowd of senior Kiwanians for dinner and Os born' s speech at St. Paul's Church on Lowe Road in Hikes Point. Osborn, serving his second term as vice president of the international Kiwanis organization, a former state legislator from the Lexington area, told the young Key Clubbers the importance of their coming role In and society. "Some people think Kiwanis and similar clubs have outlived their usefulness," Osborn said, citing obmembership decreasing many service clubs served in around the country. "I think there's still a need for service clubs, still a need quit business." The current year's Kiwanis theme is "Share Your Life," and Osborn remarked "there's never been a more meaningful theme. We believe in sharing our lives through Kiwanis ac- , $14 in i'J. million spent on other J! "Kiwanis," Osborn added, is vitally concerned with economic and social conditions. The truth is, the world's blessings are greater than ever before, and the troubles are no worse, just different. "The most important work of t! ; ti 1 ; TAKING NOTES during Osbom's speech are local high school students Glenn Newland (left) and Keith Buck-ner- , both members of the JHS Key Club. t Jeffersonian photos by Robin Garr III TED OSBORN (center), Kiwanis International vice president, chats with Jeffersontown High School Key Club members (from left) Chip Cunningham, Glen Newland, John Ruck, President Mike Smither, and Kentucky Key Club lieutenant governor Bill Conway of Bardstown. the Key Club," he said. "The youth organization provides us with a great opportunity to Influence the future." Key Clubs, Osborn said, have produced such diverse personalities as a Medal of Honor winner, and the host of a TV game show. The Key Club goals, Osborn zenship. This year's Key Club special theme, "Insure Tomorrow,'' emphasizes the importance of Kiwanians working closely with the Key Club members, Osborn concluded. About 4,500 of the sticky-back- ed decals were received, the chairman reported, and all but about a thousand have been distributed through elementary schools, nurcenters and series, day-ca- re kindergartens. The remainder will be available at City Hall and at the fire station, so parents of or families of invalids may pick up more. There should be a red ball post- - HEED CASH FOR THE HOLIDAYS! i Loans To $1200 OPEN Saturday J t v : 9-1- 2 milA TAVI ORSVII I F PHOMF 9fi7.7477 nam EXTRA LUrlc j : , f JAYCEES (from left) Roger Morris, Carl Brangers and Larry Selby look for space to post the club's "second in Kentucky" and "first In the region" plaques in an trophy case at the Jeffersontown 0 eiwmun d Community Center. every child in the home. or more children sleep In the same room, there should be an equal number of markers on that window so firemen will know to look for more than one child. other business, the Jaycees: Agreed to donate $75 to the 3358th Reception Station of the 100th Division, for the unit's annual Christmas party for orphans, scheduled for 11 am to 2 pm Sunday, Dec. 10, at the unit's Bowman Field headquarters. In pre-school- ers Received two plaques, nounced at a state meeting recently, recognizing the Jeffer an- 8 NEED I ed for If two COSY v Jeffersonian photo by Robin Garr III already-crowde- CMi Jj AM Till XMAS Rn j JU 36 Months To Pay VALLGY FINANCE ft .. - - II 'I ).,' . XK SEE US AT VALLEY FOR A XMAS LOAII. Jj bed-ridd- en cooperation between Kiwanis and the Key Club will continue in future years." more important activity than Staff Writer It's operation Red Ball, sponsored by the Jaycees, administered through local schools, and approved by the Jeffersontown Volunteer Fire Department and police. Purpose of the program, chairman Brooks Hatcher told the Jaycees at their regular meeting last Thursday, Nov. 30, is to mark the bedroom window of every child in the area, as well invalids. as So, Hatcher said. If there's a fire or other emergency, firemen can quickly spot the "red ball" and get right into the rooms where children are sleeping. The time that's saved might save a life, Hatcher said. Studies by fire prevention experts indicate that children, in their fright, often hide under their bed or in a closet when fire breaks out, and may suffocate before firemen can find them. Also, infants are left helpless in a fire if the parents are unable to get to the room. So, a "red ball" on the window will save the firemen valuable time in saving young victims, Hatcher this good Kiwanis is with youth, and there's no By Robin Garr III exterior decoration. Mike Smither, president of the high school club, added his thanks to the Kiwanis unit for their help and guidance during the year. "You've really helped made us the good Key Club that we are," he said, "and we hope noted, include the development of leadership, working together, service to the school, and citi- reaking out in a red rash for safety f it Round, red circles are appearing in windows of homes all over Jeffersontown, but it's neither a secret code nor a new idea in I if scholarships community projects. i sv. alf $16,000 awarded. ''. - If i tivities. "We don't believe in the welfare state," he added, "but we believe a needy child must be cldthed, housed and fed even If he has a parent who will not work. "Now, tne government has stepped In to many of these areas," the Klwanian added, "but there's still a need for the charitable activities of service clubs." Citing "the great record that writes International Kiwanis every year," Osborn quoted from an annual report Indicating the organization last year provided: million trees planted. 6,400 safety projects. $1 12 million spent on "Kids Days" for youth week. 700,000 children with health problems aided. Four-and-a-h- v lit-- for Kiwanis Club," he added. "I can't believe we'd leave no void if we folded up shop and sontown chapter as the second chapters in Kentucky, and number one in the Jaycees' North of 137 TS Central region. TO BE JOLLYIU Reviewing the chapter's high rating, President Larry Selby told the group "There's only up. It's not one way to go very far up, but the hardest part of the year Is yet to come." Discussed the chapter's wide range of Christmas activities coming up, Including the Mile of Dimes fund drive, shoes for children, Jaycee Santa, Santa by fire-truand by telephone, party for children, and the city's ck Christmas tree lighting. THE SEASON BE MERRY ALL YEAR ROUND Additional copies of BUY YOUR LIVE BALLED XMAS TREE NOW n The con be bought at the Voice-Jeffersonia- GREEN EVER NURSERY 267-115- 7 6405 BILLTOWN RD. news stands below. ' JEFFERSONTOWN Yeager's Key Market Kelman's Grocery Kute's Liquor Store Jiffy Jett Laundry Restaurant Burger Chef Gateway i OMiii! mm Wmim :n Grant's Taylor Drugs Wlnn-Dlx- City Hall Liberty National Bank Strasberg's Clothing ie Dairy Queen Convenlent-Taylorsvll- le Rd. Nlchol's Ray Anderson Cleaners Hume Pharmacy One-Ho- Convenient-Watterso- Cleaners Trail tl Lane Nite Handy 24 Hour Food Mart Owl-Pat- Jeffersontown Pharmacy Goldsmith Grocery 1 1 I 1 1 . I

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