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Image 1 of Lexington press (Lexington, Ky. : 1890 : Daily), August 13, 1893

Part of Lexington press (Lexington, Ky. : 1890 : Daily)

LWfc? LEXINGTON. KY. SUNDAY VOLUME XXXV. msk& CHEAP C"ET3Ft FIMSIST MEO EKING. 'AUGUST 13. 1893. SENSATIONAL SUIT AUGUST ! -- F1I..EUBX MISS POLLARD AGAINST .COli. BKhCIUNIClDGE, ANTS tion Can be Mad. For a bargain was never better than it is this i eek at the e BY DP! ERY1N3 And Those Who Fail Can Not $15 CXMFdamagee. The Pkess is in receipt of a Primary. Tote in tT." the CHEAPEE, PANTS, TOO Important - The Democratic County Committee met yesteiday afternoon at 2 o'clock in the Chamber of Commerce pursuant to adjournment, and business of great importance relative to the coming primary was transacted . Following is the official report of the proceedings as submitted by ' Chairman Judge Buford. Committee meeting At the OF ALL OUR Meetinga of the Democratic Democratic County Committee held Saturday, of 50c. J8.00. A specially good English with Paragon I'rame and Natural Wood Handle for $1.25; worth Gloria $1.75. EATON SUIT You know for traveling dress they a $7 00, ?10 00andil2 00. aro unequalled. Or a pair of SHOES TAYLOR & HAWKINS, Grand Clearing Sale. Phaetons, Surreys, &c ALSO, Spring and Delivery Wagons, city. Lawn Mowers and 2. That an Executive Committee of the chairman and sour other member Results in the Death of Martin Walker Ml til; AJ.111U9 Ul JLUI11 UlTUK be appointed to arrange for the printDon't sail to advantage tills sale as it vtllTL inridge. ing of ballot books, cards of instrucbe the greatest opportunity ever offered the public- tion, etc., the securing of voting places, and all other matters of detail ion such a lino of goods. Saturday night is usually lively necessary to properly conducting the . about the negro suburbs, and Goodloe-tow- n primary election on August keeps up its already touglj repu The Chair appointed Messrs. Weihl, tation by coming to the front with a Yellman, Carroll and Farrell. murder. Last night about half past 3. That when this committee it be to on Tuesday,1 etc'.it'4' o'clock a crowd.. of dark Successors to DeLONG & CO. i& were uuugregaieo t. - near August 15, 1893, at 2 o'clock p. m ., ies Kace and Confor the purpose of selecting officsrs of the corner ot M stitution stieets. In the crowd were election. 4. All candidates are requested to Martin Walker and Tom Breckinridge. suggest officers of election in each pre- The two became involved in a quarrel cinct by the evening of Monday, when, without warning, Breckinridge pulled a pistol and sired two shots, one August 14 5 That the officers of election for ball takingeffect in the lest side 'near the city of Lexington shall pieet at the heart and the othpr in the head. Immediately arter the shooting the on Monday,. the 21st the Court-Houday of August, from 10 o'clock a. m. darkies made themselves scarce, and to 4 o'clock p. in., for the p'urpose of when Officers Haley and Grace arrived receiving and deciding upon the ap- on the scene very little could be Acting plications of persons who have nat learned of the difficulty. We now ha e plenty of floor space on which to dis registered, but who may be entitled to upon information, however, the offi play our register under the provisions hereto- cers arrestee, ixraut Mason, a Negro fore adopted by this committee, and about 45 years old, and placed him in that no person who sails to register the Station House, charged with muron that day shall be allowed to vote at der. A Press representative talked with the primary election. 6 The City Committee will meet at Mason immediately aster his arrest. OIL CLOTHS ETC. the Court-Hou- se at 4:15 o'clock on He eaid he did not commit the crime Onr friends who savored us with patronage in our the day of the election and proceed to pa he was at home all night and had former limited quarters will appreciate our new count the vote of the city precincts, not lest the house. Ho also stated and more commodious store-rooand it shall bo the duty of the officers that he was only slightly acquainted of election to bring the poll books, with the murdered man. Linoleums, Mats, and tlxt Coroner Dlph was notified and ballot boxes, and stubs to said comFinest Curtains starred on inquiring into the cause of immedimittee ct the Court-Hou- se ately upon the closing of the polls, the killing, but as it was hard to get You ever saw for too money. Our Mattings are both beautiful and cheap. Cooler-thaCaipets for summer and very durable. Close prices for close times. Goods all witnesses at that hour the inquest was without opening the ballot boxes. fresh and well selected. See us and save money. 7. In the county precincts the adjourned until Monday morning. At midnight the police were scourmember of the committee from each precinct is requested to be at the vot- ing the town for Breckinridge and exing places at the closing of the polls, pect to capture him before morning. when be and the officers of election, The officers are satisfied that Maeon is 37 North Broadway, second floor, Opera House Block.- or in case of his absence such officers not the party who committed the alone will count the vote and certify crime, but will keep him in cus tne same to Una committee, ana lm until the Coroner's inquest is held mediately destroy the ballots and de ' liver the poll books, so certified a LTON AND HODGESji sealed, to tne cnairman 01 the com. Lexington. mittee on or before Saturday, August "w 20, at 10 o clock a m, at which time Public Speaking at the Court House tne committee will meet at the Court- Monday Afternoon. House for the purpose of counting The following letter was received by the vote of the county precincts, i Colonel John O. Hodges at 7 o'clock A. J. GqKHAM, H. M? Bufokdt Saturday morning, too late for the Secretary. Chairman. columns of The Observer of that day, AIL NEW RIGS. as designed by Judge Walton. He SPLENDID STOCK. The regulations adopted by the promptly sent it to the daily papers Committee on August 2, in refrrence that the joint discussion might be to unregistered hut qualified voters, made as widely known as possible. Fine Hacfcs and Carriages. were, in substance, as follows : All Between the stately lawyer and the fiery editor something is likely to fall persons who weie out of town on the LIVEEIED DRIVERS. days of registration or sick and un at the court house Monday afternoon : able to register; all persons who have Prompt and polite service. Reasonable Prices. Wedding and Supper Parties-supplie" Lexington, Ky., Aug. 11, 1893. moved into the city the registrawith Elegant Turnouts. tion and have been sixty days in their Hon. Joiin 0 . Hodges, My Deak Sir: In the last issue of precinct ; all persons who have become Special attention to ladies, for whom we have a nice toilet aid waitingiroom, of age since the registration or your paper I noticed a card addressed with every convenience. will be of age before the regular elec- to me, containing a request that I tion in November. Tho necetsary meet you in joint discussipn of matOpen Day and Night. Telephone No. 100. blank forms of affidavit will be printed ters pertinent to our canvass, at the by the committee and placed in the Court House next Monday at 1 o'clock 22-2- 6 Vine Mill and hands of the election officers on Mon- p . m., and at other places during the S&WUm week. It will afford me much pleasday, August 21. The Executive Committee in charge ure to meet you next Monday, at the of the printing will hare sample time and place designated. Owing to ballots printed with full instructions my engagements, further appointon the bck and widely distributed ments must be subject to suture among the voters. These will be put agreements. Hoping you will give Hammocks. in ciieulation by the last of the week this letter space in your paper, I re- We make Special Prices on Croquet, main, at the latest. Yours truly, Refrigerators, take a h V A sew nice ones at , A line of Ladies' Oxford Ties at 98c. worth $1.50. A line Ladies' Hand- the full details of the turned Shoes at cost. suit but refrains.fnm publishing them Hosiery, Underwear, Corsets, Laces, Kid Gloves all at price on account of their nature and through deference to the family., The, affair is a very unfortunate one in any respect, and we indulge in the hopejtbat Col. Breckinridge maybe Boston Store. .9 West Main Street. able to disprove the allegations made in the suit. As to the truth or falsity of the charges we have no means of determining, but a natural impulae compels us to waive judgment until Col. Breekinndge has an opportunity of WE WILL OFFER aniftvering them. .Here in his home his friends will be slow to believe him guilty of the AT COST, FOE CASH, A LIMITED NUMBER OF charges made, we trust, and that they COLUMBUS BUGGY CO.'S will suspend judgment in 'the matter until a full investigation of the facts can be had. August 12, the- - following resolutions were adopted : ENDED IN MURDER. 1. That the members ot the Committee from the county bo authorized to select the officers of election for the county precincts and the city A.NEGRO QOABKEu,IN GOODLOE" TOWN LAST NIGHT committee to select officers for the - STRAW HATS an f Mid-sum- Meeting ot the Com- - mittee Yesterday. CHOICE STOKE UMBRKLIiAto have hem from A sensational suit waa filed yecter-da- y Unregistered Democrats May Or in the District of Columbia by the Monday Week, Qualify attorneys of Madeline F. Pollard, we win success BOSTON Is it ait ' against Representaiive Wrn . C . P. Breckinridge, of this city, praying for 2 our Chance , J Fixed as the Day for Special Ills Friends Should Suspend a Thorough InvestigaKegistration. NUMBER-18- of Renick, Smith & Watkim ,fttt MA W mm m a ii-M- ' . vn JU- V. u" C0R.BROADWAY&MA1N 11 aying- 1ky!SI 18MS JP&Mf rSSKf se During July and August we close et 6:30 p. m, except Saturdays. WSmM 9 Upon the receipt of solicitations from customers in Lexington and vicinity, we nave instructed our MR. J. MVLCAHV to remain one week longer at CLARENDON HOTEL, Suits' to Orde?, $13,25 to $45-00- , "' Pants 3.00 " 10.25. r Yours Truly, THE PLYMOUTH ROOK PANTS CO. Headquarters : xz to 25 Eliot St., Boston, Mass. Made Rubber Clothing only. Overcoats, $5.50 to $20.00. guaranteed in every particular. Remember the place, CJXjjSl3FS.E31?3ZJ0 KOIKES!!. L.ast day in Lexington, Aug. 21, 1893, this season. LOVERS OF GOOD BEER Are invited to sample some I have just received, and which is gold only by me, Btoerlein's "Old Lager" and Sparkling as Hugh Hicks, Manager, The Best Liver y Stable East A Special Brewing:, Pure, Clear Champagne ; is a beverage sit for a millionaire, yet we have it on draught daily for everybody, rich and poor. COME AND SEE ME, ONE AND ALL, . Get a breath of fresh air in t&e coolest portion of the city. In RADowning's Street, between Upper. TBIS WEEK ONLY. To MOERLEIN'S "OLD LAGER."! must cure Mat Walton. nervousness your nerves Mr. Thomas McNamara, the popu be fed by pure blood . Hood's lar baker of Nicbolasville, is in the I Sarsaparilla makes pure blqod, Take city Tinting hii siiten, No. 24 ChestI it now . nut Stret. 1 Southern Depot, Corner South Broadway. Our Store Room Carpets, Mattings Wg Mr. Mulcahy is also Agent for the TREIONT RUBBER. CO., of Boston, Mass., Manufacturers of Custom "Work Enlarged Rug, wliere lie will be pleased to have you call on him and inspect our goods and prices. The best productions of Foreign and Domestic Mills jon will find among his samples at a guaranteed reduction of 25 to 40 per cent, all around, against all Tailoring competitors. The way to sell goqds is to have the goods to sell. "We lead but never follow. CBape - ILawn Tennis, Racket and Base Ball Goods. C. C PEARSON 48 & East Main Street. CC

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