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Image 1 of Kentucky gazette and general advertiser, April 2, 1805

Part of Kentucky gazette and general advertiser

V AND GENERAL' ADVERTISER, wi wy.jWttu'";"-i:';iwi.i7LiijgMl- VOX. XVIII. fcyff BY DANIEL BRADFORD, LEXINGTON N 968. .W.MJtM ..i..T..r.TfiVjj..!m.rcrjttTrw-vi'- .". TUESDA1, APRIL ..ft 2, 1805., raaaazrrtmgiraraamBsagisisaK T FOR SALE THOMAS WALLACE;, BLUE, RED, GREEN, YELLOW TERMS OF THE GAZETTE. Has ImtrteV froih Philadelphia, and now & BROWN DYING. S.-Iat his llore,oppofite the court house, This paper is published weekly, at Elegant Assortmint oj CA. vILL color, cotton and linen ON the Cumberland'River near Mr.' DAVENPORT, two dollars per annum, paid in ad- A Large and Well' Chosen with a hot dye, which I will warrant Eddfcvillein the name of FranciW RESPECTFULLY acquaint., the vance, Ladies, and Gentlemen of Lexinp-ton- . to (land, or return the money, and on Bro;e Tlwfe who write to the Editor, mud o as reasonable terms as any dyer Tn pay 'if.Tvjditje.of' their letters. . teres one moiety 01 '2000 that he will onen, on Fridav rn.r, ConfiflinE of , Match' 8, in Mr. Bradley's Ball room, a Lexington. I will dye wool a deepl Axres in Highland Creek. Dry?Goods-- , '.. ' TAKIv NOTICE. blue at is.' 6d. per pound "833 Y--3 Acres, one moiety of New and Elegant collsuVion of WAX Groceries, ;vA CHEAP bargain may be had -: Acres in the, name of riyuHCS, as large, as Lite, among HUGH CRAWFORD, 1666 I Iron Monger iituated oftliat convenient and well At the?- - frgn.,of Dr. Franklin George Lewis, including Weedon's which are the following chjraclers, viz. 111. A flrikinrj reprsfentation Cutlery & of the SEAT FOR WATER WORKS, Lick. in the. tld LA Saddlery, five acres of UNtOKXUN'ATE DUEL be: with one hundred and cprjier of jVIain & giO'iJ Acres Ohio date,' main tween Col. .China, Burr, ") . jfuftrate LAND, at the jujiciu,n.of PainrCreek) within 1 miles of Lexington.- U. btates, and .Oen. Alexander Hamil Wares. Queen's & the Town Fork and South Llkhorn, "Septembcrkth, 1803. ton. J Glass with a Hemp Mill, Orchards, Tliefe Lands will be sold low, & 2d. A uriking.likenefs of N. B. Is" you want tohave your GEAll of which were bought unufu and other convenient improvements cotton coloured free from spots, lye on lone credit for the ercater"Dart of NERAL WASHINGTON. cash, or land ally low, dnd will be sold at the mod your.cuts lp.ofe. ' H. C. thereon for which 3d. His Excellency THOMAS money. . , reduced prices, for CASH. HEMP, Apply to CUTH.' BANKS hear Lexington will be preferred and Good Frefident of the United Inipected CROP TU- - FIFTY DOLLARS HEWiU'i, Lexington Ocl. 8th, 1804. States. ,. ,' ' in pavment, otherwise land in a good .' IJACCO. For each of thoie arti from the fubferiber, 4th. neighbourhood will be taken in JbHCfe ADAMS,-la- te STOLENmiles from Mann's Lick . President .: ,,, ,,. ." For further particulars, en- cles of Produce, a part in Cam will n the road to Lexington. about two 5tlj. The' late Gen. BUTLER, who quire of Alexander Parker of Lex- be given. Lexington', January 3; 180 Weafa since, a dark bay. full bio dea sell in St. Clair 3 defeat, represented ington, or of the fubferitjee op the tf about 7 years jfNjftler to facilitate the disposal of. as wounded in tjie leg and bread, ,ind (IhkE, very likely, premises. .. $ -1 the Produce, Manufactures, 'See. of the Indians ruthing oh him with 0111,iiDout 15 nanas nign, witn a fobn Cclhoon. country, the fubferiber will open a foal, ti'ii in tf Dec. 1,1, '804. THE Subscriber h'asjufl imported long switch tail, heavy with Lexington, tof receiving Pro Store 6th. SirSIDNESMITH. and now opened, in the house late Ihod all round , no brand or natural t'uee and Marchandize, Sec. for sale by LAS r NOTICE. 7th. A linking iep,r.efefiaiivn of the ly occupied by William Welt clq. mark, that is rpcollecled. Any per- Vendue. Aflaffinatipn qf MARAT by Charlotte A large and general son delivering the above described l;hS JBrbdOcfe'-- ' ofVrfl ,'couritry. 'will') Corde. LL thofi indebted to the late firms in Lexington :Jj- mare teethe fubferiber in Lexington, (Hpubriefs, at! no very- diflailf-pcrinc-; ; of Seitz Sc Lauman, Tohn A. Seitz, aflOrtment of .. , . . '!'.8th, Lady GRANDISOiN", with two the thief money, canimanc, a prise John A. beitz & Co. Suti & ".r rn beautifnlhildren. (hall receive .the above reward, some diiHcalty will arife,Jrbut,J am sully jutY. ' John Jordan junior i, John Jordan 9th. . Baltimore, s: Co. and John St Williafn Jordan, are oerftuded that in tiuf, by perseverance island, and or tor trie mare only ten dollars. Confiding of 1'riends Beauties. requeued to come fo'nfsra' immediately DRY GOODS, FANCY GOODS, GEORGE ADAMS. hevbole of the nSUuce railed, in the loch. Mendicant slic a'.inav off their refbeclive accounts' t& HARD WARE, GROCERIES, Lexington, Nov. 36th, 1804. tf-- vicinity of this town, and on the Ken ing Alms. ',1'". tucky river, may be sod, either for cafii Cohtis F,iEld, whoi's hereby duly QUEENS. .GLASS, & CHINA n lth: Sundry othct' Intereding FU in hand, or. for approved endorica notes. gures. to receive the same. Those n BAR IKON, C. STEEL, themselves of .this no- WARES, iinall commiihon will be. charged, ' A who do not avail ILL continue to exercise his and in tmergfertCies, rnbney will be ad MJitstc on an Elegant Organ PENN. CASTINGS, ANVILS, tice, may rest allured, that indulgence ILL, CROSS CUT, & oroTedion of cou'nfel inand attorney at law, in vanced tin Goods or Prodifte. ICF "The' exhibition will be opened will not be criven beyond the firfl of VICES, which he has heretofore WHIP S:lWS, WIES, JAMAI- tliofe ciicuit court,s'the court of appeals, and Is the plan meets wittrenConragernent; from nine o'clock" iri the morning till March, when suits will be nraiftifed, ami in CA SPJRITS, FRENCH BRAN-P- court of the ynitea States, for the Kentucky here will be at lead one sale every vetk7 nine in thejejening, and will De rCi ' ax 556 Acres of Land, . .j . Merchandize - . . : 2-- court-hous- Crofs-ltreet- 3 e, s, nt ,4 1 of-th- f e .- the-lat- . JEF-FERSO- e. t Vendue '.Store. - , .! The-I-ton;- Tresh Goods. . , tonia-hawk- s. . fA -- . -- - $ Merchandise, 111 New-Tor- The:-Poo- r " eo. M. Bibb, indifcrimi-uatelyiinftitute- 3)'' ttVCdlgso, : inpved ftpjrj' this place in a, sew days. ' diitrift.' He" will also buy and sell (lures in A'drnittancVo-Offers for Me the HOUSE St LOT the Kentucky Infurance-CorrlpflrtCents, Children and HhMP' . Which will be sold on the Cheap-es- t He " N. -. fialfipriee other Securities, tfn ckimmiflton. infpecled which he now ocCupies.-- LARD", will be received at andHO''S terms .for Cash or e Ni above Figures are "allowLexingtrih,yov. a4 ,1804. tf Infuranoes will be eifecTtednat the'Ifl- ed' the market price, inpayment. Crop Tobacco. . to be well executed. J- J ELIJAH W. CRAIG. HOG's. BRISTLES WANTED. furance OSice, or by; Private Underwri-tersj.b.' tf Jan. '6, 1805. I'fingtbn, January 28, 1805, i, tf ve Fayette cqtinty "', One (llillingf and1 three pence per in.! W. MACBEAN. William Walton, up good,-cleanLexiijgtVi,.5d January, 18Q5. tf pound will be given. in cafii, for 7' L &c: &c. " ! B.'.-Th- y. , . NOTICE TKEN Mrs. Beck ly A D'netbrlghtvbay MARE," about six well' combed HOG's BRIS, . , SALE OF yeajV'oYd,, about fifteen hands high, O AVING learned.thather terms TLES, by at his fliop' to Mr. Joseph Gray all my interelt VALUABLE LANDS the.h'ea'rj."htid foo.t white, ,a fmall'i(y in the late firm of Parker & Gray, are not perfeftly understood, with at the cornerof Main Cross street Affignees under a fmponthe npfe, no orand; appraiW the follow- - and Short street, Lexington ; where, all those indebted to said .firm, will 'much deference,-fubraitof Bankruptcy against T" said Gray, who'ing 'as an addition to those. in edo one hundred dollars. payment. to ex on tinuesto carry on 'of Bourbon Lf-J'- V John Edwards,-latAlso a two year old hay FIL pofleiTion of the books, .bonds, culation ; viz. 'That Young Ladies tVk BRUSH MAKING County, will expole to lale by aucti LE)T, not docked nor brandcd,-'abe inflrudled in Reading, SpeL irjf air its various branches. li'otes &c. and all those who have iies.irigton, on Wednesday 3d on in praued to forty dollars. ny demands against said, firm, will liiip-- , Writinpr,& ArithTOetic, GrarrSr petfoii maybe supplied with all'kinds day of April, at iz o'clock, the said '" ' Satnk'<uf. (mar. Compoiition, and Geography, oF tJKU3tlLb, either wholelaie or tall on him for fettlemem. ' '" ' Johi Edwards s right and title to A Copy. Tefle Alex. Parhet, Music, Dancing, Drawing retail, at a; much lower price tljan thejfolLowing-tractof '' . E: Todd, b. "C.: Lexinp-tonbr.oidery ; Ornamental Card Boxes ; any heretofore ever sold in Kentuc D Viz: : ky, and of a betteiMquaUty than tfny and Needle-WprAW March 8, 1805 frtffifio Acres, adjoining the town of TAKEN up by William Buck- iiuludin? board, beds, beddintr &c. brouehtlrom Philadelphia, llehope T7ifnt Sterling, in Montgomery hannon, living on the waters' of' TG'RENT. the use of Piano Forte, Globes, Or- it will be the study of every good ci- t'jT&a. btrode's creek, Clarke County, ty i OrHce of the Kentucky Gazette, eonfift. rery, and Maps, for two hundred tizen to encourage .this nianufasSlure. siu' qoo Acres, near Fleming Court ONh' SORREL MARBs ; of a front room dollars per annum, or, He still ,,cor.tinu'es carrying, on Home, on rdeming. Creek. 17 by 1 we'll calculated arS'd' fifty Eight vears old, with a large Mar' for a Reading, Spelling, Writing and A WINDSOR C HAIR & WHEEL Tv)o Plantations iriEeurbon County, in ner, nina reec wniie, S T OR E, rithirietic ; Grammar Compofitio;i, making as usual. branded on the riea.r flioulder H O ... VJZ'J J And a Back room 17 feetfquare for a coiint- '1 ROBERT HOLMES: nv rnnn. TFiV 'frnr! for hilfiners is Cnnnl 'to and Geography ; with board, beds, 100 Acres on Townsend Creelc. a'pprifed to" 18 Also, any in Lexington havirtg been occupied for,aud Gj"obes &c. one hundred and Lexington, Dec. 4th, 1804 ONE SORREL COLT, 'Acres, dn Cooper's. Run, ad 10 years as the J)iiice of the Kentucky Ca- tlollars : waflung, books; and That sucks said mare, with a fmalL joining Stoner. IfiEN-LERlA-. z?tte,has rendered t a place of great rifort; XVMJltV J. . . 111 the (tar, the heels of its hind feet white,, poJeffion can be halimmediatcly : ior. terms ,?U frVool matena.J, are not Z43 Acres, in Mer.cer Countv. ' 'eltimate. Sinele branthes ot Euu- amiv tn the Printe'herenf. , ,6. 306 Acres, .in Madison Gountyj Strain taken pnirefiion .of .. N. B. A good dry cellar maybe had with 'catton. are specified in the former" T HOT(land, as AVEKNpvhere near'to where Ihomas'Clay lived Polled before me , , ' old room-- .i rCqWlrcu. aI uiennove nronofals. to "ivh ell the nubllC are ' fno. Donalson, j. p.- e. c. p hall Be ttid to atcomO Acres," in"Lincoln County, Makcii Ikhm, 1805. 'i.-- u refpeclfully referred ; or to herself drtte travellers, at th? sign of the 'Cross near..Ql over lick, 8 miles' from the Ap'VERTlSEMENTi ., STATE OF KENTUCKY. in Lexington for further particulars. Keys", Milleifburgh. ,' ".' . Ctab Orchard. Fleming Circuit Court ftt. Mrs. Beck has an aflortment of - .JfUG&DUFFJM "333 "3 Acres, avpart d..iooo a. THA.fijbfcribeVwiHTell his L, Jofcph Smith, administrator of all very "excellent fcar-c- books for chil January Yellow '' , f' t.'--i cr'es near Bullitt's Lick, part'-o- Jno creek, Montgomery County, in p. s. and lingular, the goods, chatties, dren of all ages ; eoncciving parents ' ' r. ,. .th' Pope Williams's. entrv. State of with rights and credits, that Were of w(x to purr.hafe for dom eftic J'Jf o rh ' (V'Bjl fl Pf . be Jnadelcnown atfthe Terms will 'acrts-o- f ( LAND Kooert omitn Geceaiea, compi is. ftiiMnn rtniT ha Innn ipH nn thf.ll- tHAviitigplirJiafedofTidmas J Ow- - time of sale. r.,oi r Tti.r-iior- c vs. a Saw- -' There. are on sit hfi Wm. Macbedn, two hundred tot$ of Mill,--- . and a double: Mary M'Kibbon, Hugh M'Kibbon, fchtiol, the late tefidence of Mrs. .. B. B. Stitb;'. U Afligrfee's. Forge, .CASTINGS, two sires hammer a & joleph M'Kibbon, executrix, January. r .. W. Coleman,-beuelivered to them as- sad as they J work,; the other two sires and' h'afa and executors of the last will and Feb. 41, 1805. made. at his works t.hipk '.proper Lefcingftop, Z1 FebT."fl8o. Lexington, testament of Joseph gdt'ih readlneis?. N. B. No Lady to enter 'for less to crivenotice ally orders .For that Burke, John Mul- than six months, on the above menti-o"- article Will. hethat the furnace is Juppolest to be the dsc, thankfully received 'byA Valuable. Tract , of Laftdf ., largefl and bejt built, .both house ajji , berry, and Ifaae Terhune, executerms. them .at this place; that from pufchjlert QNrAINING one; hundred stack that is in the. Southern or W:eftors of the last will and ttftament received. imoc epe of JOHN EDWARDS; takintr; a. quantity, a part acres, lying in terri parts of tlie United-- ; States'. .. arjd thirty-uof William Burk dec. ifef'tX in produce ; that the'JrMHrt at the uounty, a jsatik late County, five r$iiles East of There are a number ofexcellent IN CHANCERY. fyctte works will not have power to sell, x- upfT cAUU. the ivvu defdndant's Mary M'Xib :AUiliiuu, tim calh, Msetihg ot the L.omminioners cep&for will be and that the price delivery lfryari's Station, on the1IU1C& uuuv.c Ore Banks, and also alands wellseven creek; be as formerly fortyipounds, claim of HUsrh M'Kibbon, and-Tb'ff held at their Office in ed here will ing a part of PhjUipss military thousand five hundred acres of land, lenh M'Kibbon not ha.vtng entere tj J xmxton, on 1 ueidaythe'.rtt.qjy arid at the works thirty five per to'n.i' Lexington, Decs 2Q, 1804. there is, about thirty acres ..ttjhich will be sold with the 'Works. their appearance herein agreebly to oJclocT?i?yA. :tfj . ptil next, at 1 1 cleared, with some log cabbins, and slJhe Furnace is nearly ready to go to law and the rules of this Court, or the purpolc ot receiving turtner A'valuable trail of LAND'fov-ial' indifpu-tabl- e in blaft.jtnd has ': a never sailing spring--A- n and it appearing to the fatisfaclion proofs of debts and to choose two about three month's for Cash. title will he made to the of the Court that they are. not flock of wood For terms applv to of 690 acres in ,tlie in the place of Wm. ATfifnees CONSISTING utuated-oviih- e Anyperfon inclining to the fuofenber on thepreniifcs. habitants. "of this Commonwealth Rlia- Andrev F. Price, who JJorp-a'tBrown, the'motion of the complain--an- t have refused to acl. quali-- . purchase, may know the terms, by RiverY the land is ofby his. couriu?!, it- is ordered, well tnnofred; a. large hottoirt, on a anplvinE to my Father, who- lives March , 480. 4W By order' of the Commiffioners II water coutfe called Wolf creek, adjoining tHe premises, or" to the fub-- l that the faM defendants do appear William 'JUacbcati, Sec'y. la't makes throui;h the whole ofit ; the icriDcrin rranworc. TAKE NOTICE. here on the third day of the next Lexington 22'Eeb. 1805. land y.tpbtbab Dudley. rpHAT I (hall attendPLyd'i oppolite the to.wn of Jiune Term, and answer. the comSALK. . Dayton; the most remote timer not March, 8, 1805 Court, on the third Mond.'y in plainant's "Bill, or the same will be A Nisr-- Woihan and three Children, more than a mile and a half from the Mnv next, to havei.Comrhllfioiitir taken. as confefied; and that a copy 'ayette County, Dec. y 1804". S'h is an excellent cook arid ,wa(her. town ; it will bo laid o!T in tracts of SCJi of .this ogjer be publifheel in the TAKEN HP ..' appointed .to divide'UieaftdsJtft bv ATraavt LAND. , acres tt luit thepurchalets. hbrtern; se Kentucky. CI?611,0 for'eigh Y Fulton Thompson, five miles jonn nayuoii uec. io.t.iis auijijtrcyj weeics YvInrJ in FWmins .countv, at thtf mouth ot apply to Dodt. James Wellh, of tj from Lexington, Lee's town therefore requelt thei.r leveral R fr.ccefiively, . 11 ' s.Sir U. X. .' JLnnn n ndcreek, containing mry acres thejcnas town of Daytan, wi is legally au 'llIi convenient water, and i5ot hrlt l.nntV. .S ad, ONE SORREL MARE, t'tm iled to oilprcof the Uid Ialld the wifli to see the bfin"ei,nqj . '; W; fBdttt. t. o. nualin . ica : . ygars old, about fourteen they tie ishidifpuubie. apd a hplf- - hands high, apprailed to as it irill be- sure trf so otli'-- ' "'Sfe"' ' TO RENT. COACHFE, A Handsome William Haydon, J&o'i'-Paoer--. lr t'Ss owiars uetore and front Cillar,1 The Stoic CD . VAL. peer?. Mareh ioth, 1605. WHEREAS I have this day sold !, : THE s cir-ha- s 11 p - and-Em- s :: , Fancy-Balkqt- s, ' LAN k ' n,-- r - . . ..-- : y- jj-j- --m L , " , i . J . 1 ever-exemo- ,- U, e . f r ,. J . tVenty-five-hundr- ed ! ) Grist-Mill- ," and-on- - , and-Jaco- b , d - . , - wiU-bs- ir x THE be'red-there-i- fur-ve- - in-- v pur-chafer- Kel-i.Y"- P'-rO- n 1 thy-Jitt- . i l - ,y , 1 . 'Huf-bands-J- f - Wrilinsr Fo'r'Salc by tV, ti&n. ' i Lov'cvfclve tic?!', ift Mt-cb- , 1803. 4f oppoiUe iinr, Bi'.idfoi'd'e.j 1 &' , - !.'

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