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Image 11 of The Hazel Green herald, March 29, 1894

Part of The Hazel Green herald

SBiBIflBlilnBBBEEiMHMQIIfllftiHBRiflTM t iSHVdVKHHHBMMr WKkHHBVVMWPnMw Mr 9jb4TH Hlfil A ft HfiMMV T I i WJiTTT MT rij W p Tj fVAIlMMBMPP V WWW YW r V ct i -- I I 7 horizon lies a lontf chain o mountain peaks with their ruirrt summits ilecked with snow In this ffroat stretch of country tluv 0 is no sijn of life nor of anythlijf appertaining to life There is no bird In the steel blue heaven no inurement upon the dull pray earth -- Ahove all there is abso- lute silence Listen as one may there is no shadow of a sound in all that inltfhty wilderness nothing but silenco complete and heurt snhduhiff silence It has been said there Is nothing ap- pertaining to life upon the broad plain That Is hardly true Looking down from the Sierra Illanco one sees a pathway traced out across the desert which winds away and Is lost In tho extreme distance It is rutted with wheels and trodden down by the feet of many adventurers Here and there are scattered white objects which glisten in the sun aud stand out against the dull deposit of alkali Ap- proach and examine thorn They are bones some large and coarse others smaller and more delicate Tho for- mer have belonged to oxen and the latter to men I or llfteen hundred miles one may trace this ghastly cara van route by these scattered remains of those who had fallen by the way side Looking down on this very scene there stood upon the 1th of May 1847 a solitary traveler His appearance was such that he might have been the very genius or demon of the region An observer would have found it dilll eult to say whether he was nearer to forty or to slxtj His face was lean and haggard and the brown parch- ment like skin was drawn tightly over tlu projecting bones his long brown hair and beard were all Ilecked and dashed with white his eyes were sunken in his head and burned with nn unnatural luster while the hand which grasped his rifle was hardly twlLm tic drop for the likes of you and ntmarfccA Uwrtradu if wc win And thu iMtMn pat thuin on And you couldnt wash yourself in JlVcry rood very rood said llolmos k RPEKCSR COOLER ftiMUfcer mnp as well tcrrupted his companion gravely star iJilllft The nhinnn lug up tit his grimy visage rip mu tvlth my lmxos hint writ liltn t V lo Ktcp up Wiggins ff AZEL GRKKN No nor drink And Mr llcnder ho 1 was surprised to find my companion was the first to go undthcn Indian BpculdnR ns though ho won about to Pete and then Mrs McGregor and net out on a jnunu y nincu lie had not then Johnny Hones and then dearie TWO CHRISTIANS your mother iaid anything to mu about it There Twe ChrUtlurs traveled down n road Hinall portmanteau in thu room Then mothers a deader too cried Who viewed the vrorkl with dlftorcnt oyer van a the little girl dropping her face In her and this ho pulled out and begun to pleased with ctvrthHiiuodo TheonewiiH pinafore and sobbing bitterly Tna other loading for tlic sklent Atrup llo whs busily Iliafid at it For on tho henwus wore no bluo Yes they all went except you and vtlicti the cabman on tered the room Tiioy lillcd his miml with ancles fond me Then 1 thought there was some JustfrlvomealielpwlththlH buckle Olio othern eyes kept piercing through cuhuuwi lie suid kneeling over his chance of water In this direction so I Only for that which lies beyond heaved you over my shoulder and we tusk und never turning Ills head Vor one enchanting were tho trcoH The fellow came forwtrd with a tramped It together It dont seem Tho distance was Divinely dim somewhat sullen delimit air and put as though weve improved matters 11m birds that fluttercil on tho brccro Itev O II Iotcct down his hands to assist At that in Nodded their protty heads for him Theres an almighty small chance for Tho other ncarccly saw tho flowers us now stant there was a sharp click the junff of Ami ncvor Itnow tho trccn woro grand linjf of metal and Sherlock Holmes Do you mean that wc are gofng to Ho did but count tho days or bourn sprang to his feet ifrain asked the child checking Appeared on my lip DlBnRrccnblo cpf1 die too Till ho tnlKht reach tho protnlncd hind her sobs and raising her tear stained camo on my ncclt After takltiR four tftl lentlemen he ericd with Hushing Ami ono a Uttlo bind caress Hoods Sarsnparllla all th triccn oftl eyes 4let mo Introduce you to Mr face tft i Would to a tender rupturo move havo disappeared and the in llclue lifcveJ fA I guess thats about the size of it Jefferson Hope the inurdeier of Knock llo only oped bin eyes to bless I a Why didnt you say so before she mo renewed vlRor and siren H I anvb ftrubber and Joseph Stuiifriison Tho God who guvo him thln to love 1orljlt Tlio other Journeyed on his way You gave most 73 years of ago and The whole thin occurred in a mo said laughing gleefully tluor And know that Hoods Afraid to handle ur to touch ment--s- o me such u fright Why of course now has had muchI to do with my vlpor aarF111 quickly that I ha I no time to wrens Jloonly oped his lips to pray us long us we die well bo with mother I ecommended it to my wife whonnd realize It 1 have a vivid recollection llo might not lore a thing too much htiSIScttt of that Instant of Holmes triumphant again bo much with rhoumutlu troubles as qfieowltl Which was tho bentt Decide who eun Yes you will dearie expression and the ring of his voice of i Yot why should wo dculdo twlxt thorn And you too Ill tell her how awthe cabmans duzed savage face as he Wo may ttpprovn tho mournful man glared at the glittering hundcuus ful good youve been Ill bet she Nor yot tho Joyful man condemn llo Ih n Christian who haN found which had appeared us if by magic meets us at the door of Heaven with a femalo weak ncsg In two years shcjl usc That earth us well tu Heaven Is sweet upon ins wrists ior a second or two big pitcher of water and a lotof buck about three bottles of Hoods Sanmpatjpf an t Jor ohb Is ho who Heaven bound we might have been a grour of statues wheat cakes hot and toasted on both to day and for tho last six months f fecml j iIUHMpurned tho earth beneath Ills feet -- Christian Then with an inarticulate roar of fury sides like Hob and me was fund nf llko a new betng Rrv O II Polrtn at Work How long will it be first the prisoner wrenched himself free Hanover street Chicago I1L I dont know not very long The from Holmes grasp and hurled himiVV P L k V Hoods Pills o tlio best afwrlonor self through the window Woodwork mans eyes were fixed upon the uort h Pills assist digestion euro headicliol 5K1 and glass gave way befoie him but ern horizon In the blue vault of the iiw rf he got quite through Sregson appeared three little before heaven there I rV SH specks which increased in size every out of1f sprang upon lAstrnue and ncines R3ot ire I L IiMCJI o lnndlor H him like so many stag hounds moment so rapidly did they approach I ST-J AS n was drugged bad They speedily resolved themselves into INTENSE PAIN IN THE KIDNEYS r cent f into the room and then commenced a ter- rts rainl tt three large brown birds which circled 5t JfCfri Sm powerful rifle eoullict t penal s dl AND BACK over the heads of the two wanderers aud so lY A IONAN DOVIi in Italy llerce was he that the four of us were und then settled upon some rocks j Urinary Disorder Instantly ReHevcd tyranny H shaken off again und again Hi ap more llcJiy than that of a skeleton which overlooked them They were rilAPTKlt VIl CoNTIMTn o 11 I peared to have the convulsive strength As he stood he leaned upon his weapon buzzards the vultures of the west l of tho car ii II Moravia N Y Scpt7 1683 of i uian in an epileptic sit His face for support and yet his tall figure and whose coming is the forerunner of Dr Kilmer Co lilnsliainton N Y 0 vonrK o vk li 3 re j with considerable ImtiaMenee dlui 1 tho pit IW Gontlumcn- - Lost winter I was taken with d contain himself no longer Look and hands were terribly mangled by the massive framework of his bones death mo kV C I Mr Sherlock Cocks and hens cried the little Bevcro paliathrough wa3s Holmes he said the passage through the gias but loss suggested a wiry and vigorous const- me In tliOjrcglo of liirli Th Teet in diminishing itution Ills gaunt face however and girl gleefully pointing at their ill foSfro all ready to acknowledge that of hotl ll1 my k9lncs tho ulphur Kft are i smart man and that von his isistanee It was i it until Le- - his clothes which hung so baggily over omened forms and clapping her hands pulns weijwsCTtro 1 up to tl succeeded in them shriveled limbs hand could luirdlycnduicit 3Vyur own methods of working i strade ins neek eloth getting his rang hiswas that gave himproclaimed what to make countryrise Say did tlod ii fifty f and half si it that senile and make this my mco undoyeswero someining more than iiisiue In course He did said her com- as red nonfood tho iro in d fj re theory und preaching now ling him that we made hiiri realize that decrepit appearance The man was ffwent stool In great master ough It i a ease of taking the man his struggles were of m avail and dying dying from hunger and from panion rather startled by this unex drops nil Jovcr me I mwithon pected question thirst nave made nv case out and it seems was na cold a leoclllcd 1 lit He made the country down in Illilie had toiled painfully down the jvas wrong VouuirChartientiercotild and was In terrible mother ravine and on to this little elevation nois and lie made the Missouri the t liwvo been engaged in this second lnn hllo void- ofilclul I guess some in the vain hope of seeing some signs little girl continued Les trade went afler his man In urlno I purchased ono bottle of Dr S Hair iflE o natu of water Now the great salt plain body else made the country in these Kilmers Swunip rCool also oiobottlo of tangeiAon and it ajipears that he sickly Wt stretched before his eyes and the dis parts Its not nearly so well done his U 0 Anointment They J You have thrown out vtiH wrong too M suffer tant belt of savage mountains without They forgot the water and the trees Gave me immediatejelief lints here aud hints there and seem r bueki a sign anywhere of plant or tree which o know more than we do hut the What would ye think of offering up IhcntcKl tho Anointment In wltha flat iron ads T 1tmmr Iu four days tlmo tho pains hud allllsapir- might indicate the presence of moist- prayer the man asked diflidently n ime has come when we feel that we cd I thlnlc Suamp ECoot onuof tho great- sleep U In all that broad landscape ure It aint night yet she answered a right to ask vou straight how if iho suffering hu- ever offered d tint there was no gleam of hope North nuch x on do know of the business It dont matter It aint quite reg est medicines one wishing totowrite mo may manity Any r or and cast and west he looked with wild ular but He wont mind that you bet do so and I will gladly answer A m you name the man who did itV 1 yA 1 mfmUA stl cJL I eunnftt help feeling that Jregson questioning eyes und then he realized You say over them ones that you used Youi s truly Frank ttBeynolds 8 that his wanderings had come to an to say every night in the wagon when At Drtixxistn 50 cent niull00 Size We i s right sirS remarked Lest rude InvnJiilV Uuido to Health free Consiantoh free end and that there on that barren we was on the plains uiva both Uried and we have both - HinghantonN Y Co Dr Kilmer crag he was about to die Why not Why dont you say some yourself ailed Voir have remarked more than W n fe ther bed twenty the child asked with wondering eyes here as well u hi iKe since I have been In the room ii yours hence he muttered as he seated at vou had all the evidence which disreineniber them he answered I himself in the shelter of a bowlder you require I Surely you will not with haint said none since 1 was halt -fe-rtJ I guess its lie fore sitting down he had de the height o that gun hold it any longer And delay in arresting the assas posited upon the ground his useless never too late You say them out and sin jt J obyeil might give him time MtTST II vk mi a IIKII- WITH ruts rille and also u large bundle tied up W in a gray sliawl whie he had carried v ifpCTpnlruNs some fresh uirooity iirrioK A1IMV iborshlp fcT j tJtiug over hi light ihoulder It ap- bus nrioed by us all Holmes1 oven I then we felt no security until we pciticd to be somewhat too heavy for The JL allowed sign of irresolution lie con Mflt had pinioned his feet us well as his hit strength for in lowering it it tinued to wkvc up and down the room hands That changed with his bead sunk on his chest and breathless anddone we rune to our feet eauie down on the ground with some v all thfl panting little violence Instantly there broke his brows drawn down au was his We have his eab Said Sherlock from the gray parcel a little moaning larx habit when lost in thought 1 will Holmes serve to take him to erv and from it tliero protruded a There will be no more murders Scotland Yard And nou gentlemen equal small seared face with very bright he said at last stopping abruptly and i m tMmf You can put that consid he continued with u p easant smile brown eyes and two little speckled facing us we have reached the end of our little dimpled tists d und Vou have eration out of thu question mystery You are very welcome to put bung i Youve hurt ine said a childish asked me if I know the name of the any questions ftly Eaq that you 1 ke to me now voice reproachfully assassin I do The mere knowing of and danger fchtit I will re- inn tho n Have I though1 the man answered hs name is a smnll thing however fuse there is nothem to answer tho gove I didnt go for to do it penitently compared with the power of laying our nutual i As he spoke he unwrapped the gray Tin uiiiti bunds upon him This I expect vwry asm ncstmno on The fai PABV XI shawl anil extricated a pretty lit tie girl Tin mtoAD iiiikast of ii Shortly to do I have good hopes of iikk imiotwtoi ClllKll Clit Iltt 1onhtry flf the Stiintt of about live year of age whose luannging it through my own urrungo io of mo da inly shoes aud smart pink frock Ill stand by and como in on the menti but It in a thing which needs y5rkmen CJJAlTint I with its little linen apron all bespoke choruses for wo have ato handling a a mothers care OX TIIU UIIKAT AIKAM IlAIN The child was pale Then youll need to kneel down hrewd and desperate man to ny In the central portion of the great und wan but her healthy arms and and me too sho said laying tho For Farmers Miners Uefol with who is supported as irsh Youve R R Hands to prove by an- North American continent there lies legs showed that she had sulVered less shawl out for that purpose I httVeThdeCasin othiit nl got to put your hands up like this It The outor tnp andcxtcmMo wholo length ot other who in us clever as himself As an arid and repulsive tUsert which for than her companion eolo itical tho nolo rlorn lo tho heel looting tho shank Id How is it now be answered anx- makes you feel kind of good long us this man has no Idea that any many a long year served as a barrier ms of Utcblns dltpliiff It was a strange sight had there throuchout ANICand otliormrk Host quallt have a clew there Is some against thu advance of civilization iously for she was still rubbing tho one van TOincHwVIUltforthcnu anny- chance of securing him but if ho had From the Sierra Nevacu to Nebraska towsy golden curls which covered the been anything but the buzzards to see it Side by side on the narrow shawl the slightest suspicion he would and from the Yellowstone river in the back of her head L Bt f Kiss it and make It well she said knelt tho two wanderers the little ehungo Ills name and vanish In an in north to tho Colorado upon the south j ho color you wanttlhe real stant among the four million inhabit in a region of desolation aud silence with perfect gravity shoving the in prattling child and the reckless hard es of m IF DE LONGjpATONT Thats what ened adventurer Her chubby face great city Without mean Nor Is nature always In one mood jured part up to him ants of this sutificHllj It com mother used to do Wheres mother1 and his haggard angular visage were ixijj to hurt any of yer feelings I tun throughout this grim district Bcrous Hooks and Evssay to Mothers gone I gues youll see both turned up to tho cloudless bound to ftuy that 1 consider these men prises snow capped atv lofty moun n n told and dark aid gloomy valleys her before long the dealer heaven in heartfelt entreaty to that to bo more than a match for the olllcial tains iced h x said the little girl dread being with whom they were face lone eh Torce and that is why I have not asked There are swlft llowlnf rivers which latious See that Funny she didnt say good by she to face while the two voices the one your assistance If I fall I shall of dash through jagged canyons and Uin daf Ir X course Incur all tho blame duo to this there are enormous plains which in most always did if she was just goln thin and clear the other deep and cuticle snow and In over to auntleu for tea and now shes hursh united in the entreaty for mercy omission but that I am prepared for winter are white with glntil 1c Ad present I nm ready to promise that summer are gray with the saline alkali been away for three days Say Its und forgiveness The prayer finished Trademark rC Jkfrif JJ rloan however the dry aint Aint there no they resumed their seat in the shadow Jffmbtunt I own communicate with dust They all proerve of barrenness awful nor nothing it cat the Richardson DeLng to water of the bowlder until tho child fell Dro rhlladeUu the j ou without eml ngortngmy own com common characteristics it No there aint nothing inhospltality and misery dearie usleep nestling upon the broad breast binations I Bhall do so inn Thero are no InhuMttuitsof this laud Youll just need to be patient awhile of her protector llo watched over Oregson and Lcstrade seemed to bo of despair A band of lawnees or of and then youll be ull right Put your her slumber for some time but nature far from butlsfled by this assurance itlackfeet may occasionally traverse It head up agin me like that and then proved to be too strong for him For kun 3i TrnonoiAs as snoE or by the dc predating allusion to tho equals tistnm work ootlng from Tho former had In order to reach other hunting youll feel better It aint easy to talk three days and three nights ho had k detective police iixWM in thfworld Name and juice flushed up to the roots of his flaxen grounds but the hardiest of the braver when your lips is like leather but 1 allowed himself neither rest nor re- Fcrbwiiijiu un inc Doiiom rlvery uwesome guess m best let you know how the pose Slowlv tho evclids drooped over are glad to u hair while tho others beady eyes plains aud lose sight of those iinvarranieti Jake nn nktr to find themselves once cards He Whats that youve got cma lite See local nanem fnr fJH tho tired eyes and tho head sunk glistened with curiosity and resent II IT Pretty things lino things cried lower upon he breast until tho mans ii4iiiiiiiui ourcompiei M ment Noithcr of thorn had thno to more upon tholr prulries The coyote W na iur uutcs aim gen tho little wcmcn or scnu lor Jh however boforc thero was a tap skulks aulong tho tomb tho buzzard up two girl enthusiastically holding grizzled beard was mixed with the glittering fragmonts of mica golden tresses of his companion and luuraltii Lalclogut the Hpokosmun of the flaps heavily throuylt Ihe air and the at the door and giving ib When we goes back to homo Ill give both slept tho sumo deep and dream- tntMtlAflC younff Wiggins intro clumsj grizzly bear lumbers through Ktmet Arabs unsavory tho dark ravines aud picks up such thoin to lirother Hob less blmuhcr Vk dueed Ms insignificant and UeTrec You can get ttebort gerbymail Youll sou prettier things than them sustenance as it can urrong the rooks TO 111 COXTINTJEDJ dcalcra who ptuh our shoe bargains person - soon suld the man confidently These Yon Please IrUo ssldrtoachia Ms derncHHare tho solo dwrllcrs in the wlljust watt a bit I was going to tell On the Haiti Hltlo tho cab downstairs foreleek I have Elys Cream Balm i 1 know whole exactly the character of tho boyWid llolnios blandly In theeary world thero can bo no yon thqugh you remember when wo view that that from tho left tho river lady I am about to marry WHy dont yof introduce this pattern more di ISMS Oh yes How did you find It out continued tali northern slope of the Sierra Illanco Rtfooikwid Yrd ho Well wo reckoned wed strike an fcnaa Ah far u tho oyo etui reach htrotoheu Why I took onu of her lutters to ud a nk- - df kteel handcuna rrom IMx rM beautifully IU thd front flat pluinlano all diluted over other rlvor soou dycfce Hut thero expert in handwriting im IBM Xrl o ISO CenU Wasnt that rather indiscreet fThey fK stru Ik ah Id wltk patches of alkali and intersected was somethiu wrong compasses or y HMitipe of the lwirftH eaparral tuin or hometmn anil It didnt turn I lm the uric Oh no I didnt give i i APPlr Bi4ru liitooach rolrl Til ThL v nrr J3QiK Wcravti in igrro w MW avijtttA 7 5TarOL-- jklAfrA im Irtml MMMCWI NUHMd Ou Mi VAI4SHIV YrrfA nr PW nn- ffnimH t Jtw TwJyX C 20pt a lit S v J i fcift- TIMiPWMiralm honen mwiwij feUlMBk itffte amd WHO cr AV PMitf JiMVmTkL t mmmfkmw4trLmw sFVtl i rr Am Lmrr r w j4-I a iruW no ruiBkld HlT5I tnl Au n Vt tfce Mtteoi M tej7 ill WmKMm for WQBMn u im Dm hai tiny Holl Hazel Green Herald Ml I I 1A jJK 13 Mfy ti iyxw ttX irlL2EVi K iii t- rN I I I I j- - Symptoms CaKii HoodssCsp swmp r mm m j th I J I N - - i V i mm M - 1 OOLGBliER ggg 1 I 1 MK - JO m J1 mmm I j 1 nu rfl Fi V1 kMDJBBHBmAHJ f- hump j V air K rf i I pk Q4 CATARRH w CTihL flcwitfirTij tw LTM rZ7 it 1 VL - - I llMr rjiflwrfwaghtwMW fwin4iTf 1 1 - A - KflHMELJvlliHChrIt Bjof ri 3jHAtylif MhrJmm x i

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