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Image 8 of The Breckenridge news, January 2, 1907

Part of The Breckenridge news

M ti r m l rtt ta atikT isg THE BRECKENRIOQE NEWS CLOVERPORT KY JANUARY 2 1907 8 t I Quarterly Quarterly Report Report IRVINGTON ITEMS OF THE OF THK At the close of business on the 51st of December 1906 At the close of business on the 31st day of December 1906- d ayNews Mortgages US Bonds Other Stocks f 154 529 64 000 Duo from National IluuksT4S2 Duo from State Ranks and 000Due 59 and tot Other Real Estate Mortgages U S Bonds r Other Stocks and Bonds 37517 0 00 495T 0 0p Currency 0 gc Exchange for Clearings Other Items curried as 5128 Cash q8 Furniture and Fixtures 16311 0 qp Fund to pay Tuxes expenses Last Current CornS 5Peclo41002 CO and Bands 8889 Specie 8023 Currency Clearings Exchange for Other Items curried as Cash Furniture and Iflxtures Fund to pay Taxes Current Expenses Last 0 Quarter Qlvo description loa tlon value and how long owned all real estuto except bunking house aud lot If any owmwl longer than five yours 11 02 00 23 00 00X 0 3989 value and how longowncd 0 00 00 excoptbanklnjt any owned longer than Jive years LIABILITIES Capital StocK paid In In cash Surplus Fund 273770 4 3 Undivided Profits Duo depositors as follows viz Deposits subject to checkon which Interest Is not = dy S 7 000 00cush 00Demand deposits 11not 00Time 41Savings 00paid 00Certified 00Duo LIABILITIES Capital Stock paid In In Burplus Fund Undivided lrofits Duo Depositors as fol- ¬ lows Viz Deposits subject to check on which Int Is subject Depositswhich Int to Is chock on Demand certificates of deposits on which Int Is paid Time certificates of de posits on which Int Isn on Saving Deposits Qp whIch ant Is pall roo 00 Certified Chocks O Duo National Banks Duo State Banks and 12678725Deposits 0 00 I posits on which Interest 00Duo 000 Duo 99paid 09Duo tS ii = 2Itl785 nsta 189 Fund to pay Oaxes SUPPLEMENTARY Highest amount of indebtedness of any stockholder person com pany or firm Including Intho 11blllty of the company or firm the liability of the Individual mem- ¬ bers thereof directly or indirect lYeIf such indebtedness exceeds 20 per cent of capital stock actually paid In and actual amount of surplus ot the bank flow Is Indobtednossstated inabove Item 1 secured See Sec 533 Kentucky Statutes lightest umountof lndebtednessot any director or officer If amount of such Indebtedness exceeds 10 per cent of paid up capital stock of Bans See Sec 583 Kcnturxy Statutes How Is same secured Does amount of Indebtedness of any person company or drm In ¬ cluding in the liability of tho company or firm the liability of the individual mombei thereof exceed 30 per cent of paid up East 44Rev E W Graves and family have returned after being the guests of rel ativos and friends in Owensboro for rediscounted several weeks Mrs R B McGlothlan will open the private school noxt Monday morning promptly at eight oclock Mr W B Biggs left Tuesday for Arkansas to be gone some time travel ¬ TO drmthellablhtyolthelni ing 0 00 0 OU 00 e0blr i ofl directly or Indirectly If such Indebtedness ex ¬ ffJ capital Mrs G N Lyddan and baby left Monday for EHzabethtown where she will be with relatives for a visit of a ¬ 11How EllI theloan and actual amount of sur ¬ of the bank monthMiss L B McGlothlan arrived Sun day from Henderson for an indefinite visit to her brother Mr T N Mc ¬ In above Item t secured By mortgage on Real DreckenrldlteCounty 00- GlothlanHilliard cumbrances orI 000See XDoes NoIf 000Amount NoIf 00Were StatutesHighest edness or any includ¬ compunyttr firm ing lu the liability of the company or firm the lia ¬ bility of the Individual members thereof exceed 30 per cent of paidup edness Amount of last dlvldendoo Were all expenses losses Interest and taxes deducted therefrom before declaring dividend and was not less than 10 per cent of u lt profits of tho bang for the period covered dividend carried to tho surplus fund be¬ 213 H In all respects a pondRev ¬ t ret e g 62211 true State ot Kentucky i County of lireckenrldgo fss stut moutof the condition of the said Bunk ot on at the close IROt businessboat the 31st day o k to the DetfomlVr ol his knowledgand belief and furthersiiy thntthe bushwss of said Hunk has been transacted at the llo cation named and not elsewhere and that j ° the ebovsi rport lIs made In compliance withan official mill a received from the Secretor th J Of State designating the 3Mt day of Decem ¬ bar iBOtl MS tho day on which such report shall be made the business of said Hunk has been transact-i ed at the locution named and not elsewhere A II SKIIKMAN Cushier W II HowiiKit and that the above report Is made In com i I I ofVluvorportly conditiony hlknowledge I A V It Directors Subscribed mid sworn to before me by A B IanuaryWOlF SKILIMANN My ouoamtalon expires January 15 C 1003 Lincoln In 1858 I observed a groat commotion among many of whom my fellow pamsengct jumped from their seats and pressed eagerly around a tall man who had just entered the car They addressed him Hello Abe in a most familiar style How are you and so on And he re ¬ sponded in the same manner Good evening Ben How are you Joo Glad to see you Dick and there was much laughter at some things he said which in the confusion of voices I could not Why exclaimed my understand 31stduy and 1 Yy S 0 IY 4 rr it PSly ofDecember Enjoyable Reception The reception held in the Methodist church Wednesday evening was attend ed by many and an impromtu but quite an enjoyable program was given by the Sunday school talent During the evening fruits and orangeade were served to all present The church was beautifully decorated for the occasion by an appointed com 1 i n McClurosMont111 i The cage In the Breeze Trenton Mining companys shaft 10 miles west of Carlyle ill dropped killing six men and injuring several Mrs Alice Linen McWithey and her two children Helen 6 and Elizabeth mittee CURED BY CUTICURA IN TWO WEEKS FOR profI 75cI I I CfP f t jE1 rr t r1t T itF JStccsc of 701Cobum Akron Ohio tells in the followingSt letter nf nnnfhcr of those remarkable cures of disfiguringtorturingI mors by Cuticura Soap assisted by Cuticura Mrs George I I Ointment after physicians and all else had failedII I feelitmydutyto pa ¬ rents of other poor suffering babies to tell you what Cuti ¬ cura has done for ¬ Itr 1in hauled up at East Boston for repairs Dirty weather aint 1t4 Hello Lon How are you Ike Mr Clark and his friend grinned and responded How ore you Capn Ez in unison The arrival was a short thickset man with a sunburned face sharp eyes hair that was a reddish brown sprin kled with gray and a close clipped mustache of the same color Ho woro a blue overcoat over a blue suit and held a cigar firmly lu one corner of his mouth His movements were quick and sharp and he snapped out his sen tences with vigor Full cargo tonight he asked of Mr Small who was buttoning his overcoat and pulling on his gloves Pretty nigh an empty hold was the reply Only bout one and a haf golu over Youre the one and the boy heres the bat All aboard Come on Brad You and the capn git Inside while me and Dan glt the dunnage on my little daughter She broke out all over her body with a humor and we used everything recom- ¬ mended but without results I called in three doctors they all claimed they could help her but sho continued to Her body was a mass of grow worse sores and her little face was being eaten away her cars looked as if they would drop off Neighbors advised me to get Cuticura Soap and Ointment and before I had used half of the cake of Soap and box of Ointment the sores had all healed and my little ones face and body were as clear as a newborn babes I would not be without it again if it cost five dollars instead of seventyfive cents which is all it cost us to cure our baby after spending many dollars on doctors and medicines without any benefit whatever All right Its a good habit to glf into specially lf youre goln to walk ve Sometimes on Prissys floors J wonder If I knew your father What was his name of Bradley told his fathers name and In response to the captains tactful quqsji tlonlng ji good deal more besides In fact before long Captain Titcomb knew all about the boy where he came ¬ 11111the ¬ Complete External aid Internal Treatment for erery Humor from Simple to Scrofula from lihney to Ale Resoles tondding of Cutkura 8oap 25c Ointment 6Oe per TlalCII1 form Pllt Ye tnt decma be hac of Chocolate Coated Inll et onen cure A of all drunill of 110 and the most dbtrelog tarn when ell other remedl uen the beI hydelanfall roller Drul Chem Orp sole ProP Dorton nDr learned that his companion command i ed the coasting schooner Thomas Dane that he had been a sailor ever since he was fourteen that ho had ittr marvelous fund of sea yarns and knew how to spin them and that he Brad Icy liked him Band by the captain noticed that the boys replies to his cheerful obser vations were growing rather Incoher ent and suspecting the reason he ceased to talk A few minutes later ho leaned forward and smiled to find hid fellow traveler who had slipped down upon the cushion fast asleep When Bradley awoke Captain Tit comb was standing on the ground by the open door of the coach Good night Brad he said Heres where Im bound for Youve got n five minute ride or so more fore you glt to the old maithat Is to Prissy and Tempys Ill see you toinorrer You and mes goln to be chums you know The door was shut Mr Small strUck up Camptown Races and the star J bumped on again This time the did not Bleep but holding on to strap tried to peer through the s crusted window He saw a light here and there but little else After a short interval the coach turned a sharp cor ner rolled on for perhaps twice Its length and then stopped Mr Small opened the door and Brad ley looking past him saw tho side of a largo house and a lighted doorway with two female figures one plump and the other slender standing In lfci From behind them the lampllgjbi streamed warm and bright and sent their shadows almost to his feet Come on bub said the stage drlv er Heres where you git out Miss Prissy he shouted heres your new boarder ¬ ¬ ¬ the rack The boy picked up the crfrpet bag and followed Mr Small out to the rear platform of the station where the coach an old fashioned dingy vehicle drawn by four sleepy horses stood MI Woman Suffrage in Australia The argument that women will not vote is completely disproved by Austra ¬ They not only vote lian experience but they vote in continually increasing numbers as time goes on and they be ¬ come educated up to a sense of their political responsibilities and alt that these imply Not all the States dis criminate in their returns between men and women voters but those that do show something like the following In South Australia at the last general election 59 per cent of the men on the rolls voted and 42 per cent of the women in Western Australia 49 per cent of the men and 47 per cent of the women voted at the last Federal elec ¬ tion 56 per cent of the men voted and 40 per cent of the women None of the Australian States has yet reached the extraordinary record of New Zea ¬ j land where in 1902 nearly 75 per cent of the women electors recorded their votes as against 76 per cent of their I waitingCaptain Titcomb followed his over coat flapping In the wind Here Barney he observed have a cigar to smoke on the road Have one Dan Here Lou heros a couple for you and Ike Whos the little teller he added in a whisper to the station ¬ ¬ agentBen Nickersons boy from Well mouth Hes comln down to Orham to live with the old maids Theyve adopt ¬ ed him The old maids Not the old maids Not Prissy and Tempy Yup All right Barney Im corn In The station agent hurry away to help the driver with the captains sea chest and its owner apparently over come with astonishment climbed mute ly Into the coach where his fellow passenger bad preceded him The old vehicle rocked and groaned as tho heavy chest was strapped on the racks behind Then It tipped again as Mr Small climbed clumsily to the ¬ ¬ ¬ J I drivers seat a All ashore thats goln shore shout¬ So long Dan ed Mr Small Git dap Twoforty The whip cracked the coach reeled on its springs and the whole equlpago disappeared In the snow and black ¬ ness 0S ¬ 4 get 7 71 CHAPTER II HE plump woman whom Mr I Small had addressed as Miss Prissy was counting Into ther stage drivers palm a sum in swami change from a portentous black wallet that fastened with a strap 3 r pocketlug p S The boy Bradley Nickerson bad nev- ¬ er ridden In a stagecoach before and aganceShe knows by experience the work ¬ after ten or fifteen minutes of Jolt and ho gle Like boy he ers need of a quiet restful home at the roll he decided that never wanted to I careful notthe step off had been Goodride In one to the mat days end Suddenly Captain Titcomb who had night Miss Tempy Snows lettln up a1 ¬ She has learned in her business car been silent so far spoke little mite Guess twill be clear by eer the necessity of system in all work Heavy sea on tonight he observ- ¬ Pears to me Barneyd better She knows the unfairness of loading ed hind him Just In time to shut out the the business person down with house take a reef Shes rollln consider opening notes of the Sweet By j hold errands The boy laughed and said Yes She knows how easy it is to be de- ¬ sir tained at the office and therefore wont Goln all the way to Orham askedI fret if dinner is kept waiting the captain Yes She knows that there ate bigger of drawers In the comer turned> Tho Got folks over there I presume key upon It and put the key under the things in the universe than the trifling little personal things that happen to likely Friends or nothin but jest re¬ alabaster candlestick on the mantel lations Then she turned to the boy who hold bet each day guess Relations ing his carpet bag with both handsf Her own experience has taught her So Well Ive got a good many re ¬ that it is only in a cheerful peaceful lations over there myself Fact is home lit by the light of love that the Ive got relations Bradley said the plump ladyen deems to me most worker can find strength and refresh- everywheres Father used to have so was dressed In some sort of black mitfment to start each days toil anew AA many of em that when he went vis itln he used to call It goln cousinln Northwestern Christian Advocate t My names Titcomb What do they braided lock of hair in the center ott it call you when your back aint turned An Urbane English Opinion The boy laughed again In puzzled Woman is less civilized than man be ¬ way he scarcely knew whata to make cause she is more emotional Physical of his questionerand said that his conditions account for the greater emo ¬ Iname was Bradley Nickerson tionalism of woman and since as far Nickerson hey That settles It I as we are aware nothing can alter youre a Capo Codder Minute I meet those physical conditions woman must janybody named Nickerson I always I know theyve got the same kind of I ¬ always be less civilized than man sand In their bopts that I have Is it Home Hearthand Obed Nickerson folks youre goln to t John F Chandler to R L Nowsom tseeNo sir Im goln to live with Miss and John C Mattingly one lot and Prlscllla Allen Her and her sister house in Eastland known as the Tom They was some of mothers people To be continued Ccley property Consideration 1500 00 Sho well I swan againI ¬ jTho bleIIntsthe ad sirI thelatter II f tvblle1the collar YOUJIm ¬ A Fate of Hicks Burial Alive It was a great Christmas Day for Hicks of Bakersfield Snatched from the bowels of the earth aad in possessionof all the plug tobacco and whiskey that were good for himhe spent his time between drinks opening telegrams from producers of the popular drama Rumor with her tongue in her cheek that a pay envelope of 1000 a week was offered the rescued miner by rivals for his services in the legitimate Hicks now has the ball at his feet un til he ceases to be a curiosity He may appear in the dynamite drama as the hero of Darted Alive or do a turn iu vaudeville or be a mere freak in a circus booth He will certainly be modelledin wax And Hicks when obscure used to bo happy on two dollars a day Fate British ambassador at Washington In has played Hicks an amazing trick and lueceislon to Sir Mortimer Durand if he keeps the head which he U admitted by Bryw nlmitlf he will be a phenomenon New York i hand > San > 1 you1She learneciilater I slstere larkbreaatnln 1 1 l muttered the TonicIMS IWIItottIII t1i 41 4 dr MNUfcaT elCt1ft 1urt JWir P- j rf 1 i a I Production of Gold In 1905 The production of gold in the United States increased from 3910729 ounces valued at 80835648 in 1904 to 4265 742 ounces valued at J88180711inI905 an increase of 355013 ounces in quanity and of 7345063 in value pdestroyed Lakes N J Charles Lapoint of Ogdcnsburgr N T GO was arrested at Marinette WIs on the charge of eloping with his granddaughter Edith Lapolnt 15 The girl was also held A Wells Fargo Co express box said to have contained 30000 was stolen from the companys office at Reno NevAppointment of James Bryce to be JYii njHsy and Te mpy i f ea briskly infotlie waiting room ana captain Then Dan want foolln And your slammed the door behind him Hellol ho hailed pulling off a buck goln to live with em Yes sir Do you know em skin glove and holding out a big hand Who me Oh yes I know emj Barney hows to the stage driver Im a particular friend of thelrsthat she headlnI call on enY Is he added cautiously once In awhllo Jest to say How are Why You didnt hear any og you them fellers at the depot say anything Whered you comb he exclaimed No Well drop from Thought you was some bout mo and them did you Oh yes tf all right I Jest thought whores oft the coast between New know em Nice folks as ever was but York and Portland Jest bout now what you might call n little mite sot Got shore leave for a fortnlt or so Do you always wipe said the newcomer unbuttoning his in their ways your feet when you come Into the overcoat with n smart Jerk and throw J Ing it wide open Schooner sprung a house iI Why whyyes sir If I dont for leak off Gay head last trip and shes ¬ loway f- ¬ < Directors Subscribed and sworn to before mo by Ma t + Continued from First Page Clear Now B I Body j MAIUON WEATIIERIIOLT Cashier A A SIMONS F P PAYNE R L OELZK t WorseFace 1 such report shall be made them all the way down to the wrists His black trousers too permitted a very full view of his large feet On his left arm he carried a gray woolen shawl which evidently served him for an over ¬ coat in chilly weather His left hand held a cotton umbrella of the bulgin kind and also a black satchel that bore the marks of long and hard usage His right hand had been kept free for handshaking of whick there was no end companion theres Lincoln himself until every body in the car seemed to He prossed through the crowd and in ¬ be satisfied I had seen in Washington troduced me to Abraham Lincoln whom and in the West several public men of I then saw for my first time rough appearance but none whose I must confess that I was somewhat looks seemed quite so uncouth not to startled by his appearance There he say grotesque as LincolnCarl Schurz stood overtopping by several inches all those surrounding him Although measuring something over six feet myself I had when standing quite near to him to throwmy head backward in order to look into hiss eyes That swarthy face with its strong features its deep furrows and its benignant melancholy cyesis now familiar to every American It may be said that the whole civilized world knows and loves it At that time it was clean shaven and looked even more haggard and careworn than later when it was framed in whiskers On his bead he wore a somewhat His neck battered stove pipe hat emerged long and sinewy from a white collar turned down over a thin Mack nettle His lank ungainly body was dad in a rusty black frock coat With sleeves that should have been long¬ er but his arms appeared so long that the sleeves of a store coat could badly have beet expected to covet Grew y w tty4a y > CureChild Doctors Could Not eMr pilance with an official notice received from KJSHKU L LIOIITFOOT Three Mass of Sores i tT IIIII JOSEPH C Ears Looked as if They Would Drop OffBody Entirely Covered Face a r the Tide By J W Thompson preached two splendid sermons at the Baptist church Sunday Good congregations at both services Union prayer meeting at the Baptist ohurch Wednesday evening at 715 oclock Everybqdy is cordially invited j to come Miss Vista Lyons left for Elmington Va last week after being the guest of j brothersNorth American Review her sister Mrs G O Bailey and Mrs Bate Washington and The Business GIrl asa Vife grandson William Major of Louisville I She should make the best sort be ¬ came home Saturday after spending a week in Louisville the guests of theirC cause she knows the worries that beset a man in business daughters She understands the value of money Mrs Bud Neafus and son Lamare having had to work for it herself have returned from Louisville whore She has probably learned to dress they spent a few days the guests of Mrs Neafus sister Mrs Ernest Gal neatly and carefully without extrav ¬ nod to the surplus fund before snld tilvldend was recklnrldteDank Cloverportlnsaid P Wimp- A skating party was given by the young people of the town last Wednes ¬ day evening at Mr Taylor Dowells 00t Bane dolnltI iTO 4 I State of Kentucky County t Breckenridgess retort J Interest and taxes de ¬ ducted therefrom before declaring dividend und was not loss than 10 per cent of net profits of the YosSee covJ foroffolng Biggs leaves today for Louisville to accept a position in the Kreiger drug store Miss Luella Carr returned to Eliza ¬ bethtown Monday after being the guest of Miss Lucile Cunningham dur ¬ ing the holidays Miss Cunningham accompanied Miss Carr home for a sev ¬ eral days visit Mrs Bell Bruier of St Louis ar¬ rived Saturday for a short visit to Mrs ¬ edness of any director officer If amount of such Indebtedness exceeds 10 percent of paidup cap ¬ 00 ¬ a a4Li 4tiY1 t Partners I Ellen Munford loft Tuesday for ¬ 0 00 0 00 as4 SKIN HUMOR by of 7452 11 000 Houston Texas will leave this week 0 Louisville after spending the holi 0 88for 0 00 days with Mrs R B McGlothlan 375 00Mrs J B Horndon and daughter 004029 Eva returned Sunday from Louisville 0 00 whore thoy have boon for the past six 000 weep tho guests of Mrs JM 1000 oo 0 00 Lydings 00 Mr Johnnie Bercher of Branden burg was in town Monday on business An enjoyable surprise was given Miss Ellen Munford at her home last Tues 0 00day Those present were evening 62211 33 Misses Hallie Moore Lucile Cunning¬ ham Mabel McGlothlan Essie Biggs 20000 00 Willia Drury Eva McGlothlan Jessie piSOO Messrs Hilliard Biggs Louis 4444 Brady Jolly A B Suter Hubert Piggott Edwin Jolly and Will Biggs Mr and Mrs A B Coleman are at home after a short visit to their daugh ¬ ter Mrs Reeser at Stithton All the college boys left Tuesday for their respective places for another six months of hard work and Mrs H H Kemper returned 39745 home Saturday from their bridal trip w 3e BABYS TORTURING 1It 1I AS and Miss B Ada Drury accompanied Miss Hallie Moore SUPPLEMENTARY Highest amount of Indebt ¬ edness of any stockhold ¬ er person company or firm Including In the lia ¬ bility ot the company or g the Town the her cousin m 1353 00 unpaidCapital 0 1200Taxes 00Fund 0 qq Unpaid dividends Divi ¬ dend No 05 declared this day 3 per cent and flanks 000Cashiers 8mils ing Cashiers Chocks out ¬ State Of guestpp Miss 810501Overdrafts Overdrafts unsecured 48574 Of RoundUp Vicinity RESOURCES RESOURCES Loans and discounts Overdrafts secured Overdrafts unsecured Duo from National 133957 Banks Due from state Banks 8183 and Bankers Duo from Trust panics Ranking House ant lot Other ftoal Estate General A Bank of Cloverport BRECKENRIDGEBANKCloverport j tuklitMrrA J 14 y l

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