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Image 7 of The Breckenridge news, January 2, 1907

Part of The Breckenridge news

an < r d1 < < < > C yr THE BRECKENRIDQE NEWTS CLOVERPORT KY JANUARY 2 1907 NOT EMACIATED INDIAN RAID IN MEXICO IHAVING A GOOD TIME Hicks Rapidly Recovering From Ef> fecta of Entombment ERBIAGE CAREFULLY AVOIDED B Laborers Shot Before Any Effort at Was Little Dave Mattingly When Bakersfield Cal Dec IN THESE ITEMS Hicks who was entombed in a mine Defense Could Be Made for nearly 16 days and released at His Relatives Notified the Important Events Occurring Both at 1125 Saturday night is not emaci Louisville Police of a Home and Abroad Will Be Found ated as was expected He was strong TENT HOUSES SET ON FIRE and the stimulants that had been preBriefly Chronicled and Duly Ar pared for him were not needed His Lust Joy ranged In This Column beard was thick and stubby but not Arrival of a Work Train Saves the Harrison Parkman 73 the man who grown out as might have been expect Lives of an American and His Wife ed His face and hands were dirty While the relatives of Dave Matting Brat brought alfalfa from South Amer Mexican Troops In Pursuit of the ly a sixyearold child of Clovcrport ica and planted it In the United but his clothing was fairly clean and Redskins in good condition Hicks was born in Terse Story of the Ky who was lost in Louisville for sev States died at Emporla Kan Bloody Affair James Harris his wife 13yearold KentuckyHicks eral hours C istmas day were search To a in an interview said i on and 3yearold daughter were as x ing in the city for him the youngster phyxiated by natural gas which es flickering match to a rock loose and of El Paso Tex Dec 28The details was eiijoyiug himself at the home of the Yaqui Indian outbreak at Len caped from a Btovo in their home in within grasping distance with which cho Station on the Cananea Yaqui Richard McCory at 713 Thirteenth to signal at the moment when to have Niagara Falls Ont Pacific railroad a branch of street playing with the children of Mr death River Fire at Wilmington N C seriously had nothing would have meant shock the Southern Pacific In Sonora Mex McCory and their Christmas toys I owe my life first After the damaged the building of tho Wilming which eight I did not ico on Saturday night The child was found wandering aimton Candy company Jacobys dry when consciousness came I did not Mexicans were killed in and all tent lessly about the streets by Patrolman fully realize the situation goods store and Schagrlns millinery for hours I lay there for hours days houses burned have been received John Quinn at Thirteenth and Walnut tore Loss 100000 before I heard any sound I thought here No Americans were killed al He was bareheaded and cold and In a collision near Danville 111 be- for a time after the pipe came in that though It is certain that but for the street tween a Big Four engine and an InterIthe men were fooling me as to the timely arrival of a work train with a the officer had little trouble in learning car Charles Burnett of Mat duration jof time I had estimated the largo crew of laborers Foreman that he was lost He wus able to give Ill was killed and Conductor time In my own way and figured hat Thompson and his wife would have his name and his address in Cloverport Garver of the traction car was serious I had been In there 12 days beft 4he been killed Reports from the same Ky but was unable to say where his ly injuredThe vicinity toll of murders and outrages grandfather at whose home he was pipe came In consul at Liverpool perpetrated by the Yaquls on Thurs- stopping lived in Louisville Eng Colonel De Gelmann was found I had tried everything for my baby day and Friday nights The victims The patrolman took him to the home dead in bed having been killed by a DrLyle recommended Casrasweet were all Mexicans who were taken of Mr McCory and notified the operator pistol shot Whether he was mur until truthfully say it if the best medi ¬ by surprise on their lonely ranches I can After dered or committed suicide is not yet For several weeks restlessness has at Central station of the case My little cine I ever used for babies determined among the Indians but spending several hours searching the been observed ¬ liWiillam C Anderson former assist- baby was a mere skeleton from stom an outbreak was hardly anticipated neighborhood in a vain effort to find did nqt s paying teller of the First National ach troubleso bad that she The usual preparation had been made the boy the relatives applied to the po bank of Kansas City Mo pleaded notice anything but is now entirely for a Yaqui attack and most of those lice for assistance and tben learned of guilty to embezzling 9000 of the well and we can almost see her grow killed were shot down before any ef his whereabouts Cas banks funds and was sentenced to Naunie L Taylor Bedford Va fort at defense could be made The child had come to the city with four years in the pen casweet is sold by all druggists The band of outlaw Italians Is said his parents to spend the day at the home to number about 100 Rumors of Japanese are flocking to the Rio IN HIS HOMt Grande border attempting to got Into their depredations were rife Saturday of his grandfather at Twelfth and Dele ware streets and had wandered away the United States Negro Fugitive Is Burned to Death when many ranchers fled to the towns safety and reported a number of from the place Louisville Times for At New York John J ORourke shot Hunted by Posse and seriously wounded his wife and Two white murders in the district southeast of Selma Ala Dec 28 It was not believed how committed suicide Domestic woes Worth Knowing men have been badly Injured two ne- Guyamas Fire originating from a defective groes killed and a third negro wound ever that the Yaquls would dare to That Allcocks Plasters aro the high gaslighting system destroyed three ed in a shooting scrape near Nicholas attack a railroad station Lencho is one of the smallest stations on the oat result of medical science and skill business blocks in Perry la Loss vllle Marengo county Alexander Pacific road and in ingredients and method have Jones a young negro shot and wound Cananea Yaqul River 100000Nell About 25 men under Foreman Thomp- never boon equaled 45 an actor was ed another negro during a crap game Florence found dead in his room at a boarding- Jones fled and barricaded himself In son are employed there engaged in That they are the original and genuhouse in New York The apartment his house Lee Pope and Zeke Pope wellboring No sentries had beenmine porous plasters upon whose reputawas filled with illuminating gas escap white men attempted to arrest Jones posted and the first intimation of tion imitators trade ing from two open jets when the negro opened fire wounding attack was a volley of rifle shots fired Immediately That Allcocks Plasters never fail to Employes in the blast furnaces in both A crowd of white men gathered into the tent houses the Mahoning and Shenango valleys and efforts were made to drive the after the houses were set on fire and perform their remedial work quickly and were notified that they will receive an young negro from his house Bob by the light of the flames the Yaquls effectuallyThat Increase of 10 per cent The Increase Jones father of Alexander tried to shot at the frightened Mexicans who Weak Back Rheumatism carry ammunition to his son but was were trying to escape The reports re Colds Lung Trouble Kidney Difficul ¬ will affect about 4000 men say that in addition to Ohio passenger train slot dead Several negroes joined the coined here Baltimore a ties Strains and all Local Pains they going at a speed of 70 besieging party and one negro for a the eight men killed at tho station No6 while number of Mexicans wore wounded are invaluable 5 crept to the house and miles an hour was wrecked by spread reward of That when you buy Allcocks Plasters Ing rails three miles cast of Defiance Oft fire to it Alexander Jones never At a time when tho residents of the left the houso and was burned to camp Including Thompson and his you obtain the best plasters made O Three passengers Injured doomed the 60 was death in the flames There was not American wife seemed was Mrs Charles Ferguson heard and the whistle of a work train the slightest rupture burned to death when her home burned ROCKEFELLERS DONT DRINK joining In a few minutes later tho train pulled down three miles from Hlllman Mich races whites and blacks crew of tho Into the station The Booker Washington toan address the attempt to capture the negro train immediately went to the assist a at Charleston W Va asserted the r ance of the people at the station and John D Jr Explains Why Me is Half The World Wonders the Indians took flight Mexican Tctal Abstainer Those wh how the other half lives use Bucklens Arnica Save never won New York Dec 14The Young mel 111 burned to death Her cloth- der if it will cure Cuts WoundsBurns Quick changes from hot to cold and Mens Bible Class of the Fifthavenut ing caught fire from a stove church of which John D Sores and all Skin eruptions they know back again try strong constitutions and Baptist Henry and William Munger 37 it will Mrs Grant Shy 1130 E Rey cause among other evils nasal catarrh Rockefeller Jr is the leader held its twins were run down and killed by a nolds SL Springfield Ill says I a troublesome and offensive disease tenth annual banquet at the Broadway Grand Trunk passenger train at a regard it one of the absolute necessities Sneezing and snuffling coughing and Central Hotel Ice water flowed free crossing between Schoolcraft and of housekeeping by difficult breathing and the drip drip of ly and Mr Rockefeller told why he was Guaranteed Vicksburg Mich25c Severs Drug Company the foul discharge into the throatall ja total abstainer He said Locomotive of a southbound Mis To drink a glass of beer is not in This are ended by Elys Cream Balm Hotel Burns sour Pacific freight train jumped the City Mich Dec 24The Fra honest and positive remedy contains no Itself more harmful than to eat some Bay track at Oreopolls Neb and turned single over killing Fletcher W Kirk fire- ser House the oldest and largest hotel cocaine mercury nor other harmful kind of indigestible food The destroyed ingredient The worst cases are cured action is not a sin but it is the abuse man and Julius K Miller head brake in this city was completely by fire The flames were discovered by in a short time All druggists 50c or that the first leads to that is the sin I manA express train on the the night clerk who aroused all the mailed by Ely Bros 56 Warren Street believe not only in temperance but in northbound Washington railroad guests rH inmates John ONeil the New York total abstinence and this for two Philadelphia an was overcome by smoke Firstbecause both my father reasons collided with a local freight train at hotel fi Newport Del The fireman of the ex and is probably fatally injured Albert FEUDISTS and his father as well as my mothers press train was killed and several pas Brown a guest of the hotel who was Engage In a Fray In Which Two Men father were strictly temperate second sleeping on the fourth floor had a nar sengers were Injuredmy mature judgment is that while there Are Mortally Hurt In a headon collision on the South row escape from death Finding es Lexington Ky Dec 27Hlram may be no harm in one glass that one ern Pacific railroad at Harney Nev cape by the stairway cut off he Mullins and his son William were shot glass leads on to another Therefore crawled out on a window ledge Be 24 parsons were injured tore he could be reached with ladders and fatally wounded In a feud batle I say that one glass is one too many Two freight trains on the Pennsyl he fell to the fought at their home with a gang of ranla railroad wore In collision at Co- his strength failed and light wires below There h electric lumbus O Both badly wreckedclung until rescued by the firemen Bud Little and John Brewer There REVIVAL MEETINGS B Houston and F Kruse wore found had been a feud of long standing be The loss is upwards of 90000 dead in a room at the Riverside hotel twoen the Little and Mullins families AT HARDINSBURG Fort Wayne Ind due to asphyxiation When the men met the Littles fired THE TEXAS WONDER caused by escaping gas a on the Mullins The latter made At Atlanta Ga Walter Hightowor Cures all Kidney Bladder and Rheu ¬ running fight to their home where a painter shot and killed Bessie matic troubles sold by all druggists they barricaded themselves The Lit Hardinsburg Ky Dec 31SpecJones 22 then turned the weapon on or two months treatment by mail fo revival which has been in They surrounded Mullins home firing progress at the M E church for some himself inflicting a probably fatal JI Dr E W Hall 2026 Olive street Winchester rifles and revolvers The thing more than two weeks closed woundA of rural guards had an en St Louis Mo Send for Kentucky house was riddled with bullets and Sunday evening Miss Mahan of Lon testimonials every window was broken The bat counter at Guinea Cuba with five she amounted insurgents The two parties tic ceased only when both the Mullins don Kywas the evangelist and By fcrrorlri Slain fine series of sermons Al delivered changed shots and two of the InsurPetersburg Dec 26The funer- ¬ were shot down Over 200 shots wereI gents were killed and two were cap al St General Count Alexis P Igna fired Hiram Mullins was shot through though most of the time the weather of was inclement yet nearly every service tteff who was shot and killed at Tve turedAt was attended by a congregation that a mass meeting in San Francisco on Dec 22 will take place on Dec 26 hospital here for treatment That Miss Mahan is filled the church resolutions were adopted denouncing Tho widow of Count Ignatieff has reBanker Sent to Jail message on the ceived telegrams of condolence from gifted woman is the President Roosevelts Chicago Dec J Atkinson a remarkably Japanese question Secretary Met the emperor and empress of Russia proprietor of defunct Lincoln bank opinion of all who heard her All the the calfs report was declared utterly un and from several of the crowned of Morton Park was sent to Jail In de ministers of the town including the worthy of credence heads of Europe The murder of faul of bonds amounting to 25000 Revs E B English B A Brandon Ontario government sold the mining Count Ignatieff has caused consterna The commitment of Atkinson followed and J H Lennon heartily cooperated rights in the bed of Lake Cobalt to a tion among a number of exofficials of a conference between Attorney Ring in the meeting and lent their active syndicate for 1085000 the Von Plehve and Sepuagulno re- er acting for the receiver and United support The pastor of the church the Fire practically destroyed the big gimes who have retired from the field States Marshal Hoy It was reported Rev Isaiah Cline is much gratified St Stanislaus parochial school at Chi of active administration They now by the marshal and the attorney to manner in which members of cago The loss is about 250000 fear that their past records expose Judgo Landis that Atkinson had not over the the other churches assisted in the re ¬ The cage in the Breeze Trenton them to the same danger of belated given the receiver any material aid In were 14 conversions Mining companys shaft 10 miles west retribution adjusting the affairs of the bank and vival The results Five were added and 7 sanctifications Carlyle 111 dropped killing six of the marshal declared that his office Famine In China to the church men and injuring several PresidenWashington Dec 24 Mrs Alice Linen McWithey and her Roosevelt issued a proclamation call- with Atkinson night and day The Blowing Confusion 6 and Elizabeth two children Helen ing on the people of the United States judge then ordered that Atkinson be 4 were burned to death in a fire that A steam whistle at Muskogee which to contribute funds for the relief o destroyed tholr homo at Pompton millions of famine sufferers in China of 25000 blows for fires sounds the curfew note Lakes N J who are on the verge of starvation TO CURB A COLD IN ONB DAY advises children when to go to school Charles Lapoint of Ogdensburg N The president says that ho will ask BROMO Quinine Tablets announces the arrival of the milkman Tako LAXATIVE Y CO was arrested at Marinette Wls congress for authority to use the closing and opening of the stores on the charge of eloping with his ment transport vessels to carry foo c the rising of the curtain at tho opera granddaughter Edith Lapoint 15 The to the faminestricken region The W GROVES signature Is on eac house the quitting hour for Government girl was also held to the faminestricken Region Contri Sentenced to Death employees the arrival of trains and Co oxprtw box buttons may be made either through A Wells Fargo Roy Fowler Dayton 0 Dec 28 other things too numerous to mention is said to have contained 30000 was tho local Red Cross treasurers o atthing stolen from the companys office through tho department of state chair May 2 for tho murder of his driving the Queen City mad The f ff e Reno NevMamie Haggerjy Aug 18 that bothers the intelligent citizens sweetheart J PAppointment of James Bryce to bo last The murder followed the girls when the whistle blows is What in jhs Kind You Hato Aiwajs BoBritish ambassador at Washington in Bur the refusal of Fowlers proposal of mill thunder is it blowing for now Kansas n8igatS i succession to Sir Mortimer Durand Hng City Journal A lit is admitted by Bryce himself INCHED PARAGRAPHS 24L ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ v ¬ ¬ ¬ 1urban i i ¬ 7 Officers Sentenced to I St Petersburg Dec 25 martial which has been trying Rear Admiral Nebogatoff and 78 officers of his squadron for surrendering to the Japanese at the battlo of the Sea of Japan on May 28 1905 has handed in Admiral Nebogatoff its decisions Commander Lichino of the coast de fense Admiral ironclad General Aprainc Rear Admiral Gregorlefr of the coast defense ship Admiral Senla vln and Lieutenant Smirnoff who succeeded to the command of the battle ship Nicolai I were sentenced to death but in view ofextenuating cir cumstances and the long and other wise blameless careers of these offi cers the court will petition the emper or to commute their sentences to 10 years imprisonment in a fortress DeathIMOTHERS ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ m betn polJof bano ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ = I ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ande ¬ camer ¬ ¬ ¬ ialThe ¬ ¬ ¬ ther ¬ ¬ 28W ¬ ¬ ¬ I remaint bondsf Ed ¬ ¬ electricr OuSLSTOXHuSL THIS ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ DAUGHTER OF C W STUMP Mrs C W Stump of Canton Ohio I wish I could induce every writes Beats The Music Cure mother who has a weak sickly child that liver prepar To keep the body in tune writes to try Vlnol delicious cod daughter waa Our little ation Mrs Mary Brown 20 Lafayette PlaceI thin and sickly Pougbkeepsie NY We tried various medicines but I take Dr Kings New Life Pills They are the most re ¬ without any benefit whatever and liable and pleasant laxative I have oho could not take cod liver oil or emulsions as they nauseated her and Best for the Stomach Liver upset her stomach found and Bowels Guaranteed by Severs Drug Company allthe totry tohealth 25c- properties of cod liver oil but with ¬ ¬ READ WITH ACID Railroader and a Woman Kill Them selves In County Jail Elmira N Y Dec 27Frank De lane a railroad man succeeded in a Lold attempt to end his life and the life of a woman who occupied a cell in the Elmira county Jail The woman was Bessie Wells awaiting sentence for abducting a young girl and harbor ing her for Immoral purposes De laney possessed a power of attorney for the woman tad when he called at the jail and stated that he wished to consult her regarding the signing of important papers there was no objec tion on the part of the warden who sent a guard along with him The guard stood close by while the man and woman were conferring together when suddenly Delaney drew from his pocket a bottle of carbolic acid and passed it through the bars The wom ¬ an seized it and swallowed the con tents Instantly Delaney pressed a second bottle to his own lips The guard sprang upon him but the man fotight fiercely for a moment and then collapsed He died before a physician When the door of could be called the cell was unbolted the woman lay dying on the floor She died within a short time ¬ strengthWe medlclnQequa1 Severs Drug Co ¬ YouLook ¬ LookYellow The trouble is your livers productsbile ¬ Piles get quick relief from Dr Shoops Magic Ointment Remember its made al ine for Pilesand it works with cer ¬ tainty and satisfaction Itching painful protntdingor blind piles disappear like magic by its use Try it and see Sold by Severs Drug Company I your blood You cant digest your food your appetite is poor you suffer dreadfully from head ¬ ache stomachache dizzi ¬ ness malaria constipation etc What you need is not a dose of salts cathartic water or pills but a liver to- nicBedfords ¬ BlackDraught Banker Arresien Noblesville Ind Dec 25 William H Roney who was president of the Farmers and Merchants bank of Cicero Ind until It was sold a few days ago was arrested here on a charge of grand larceny and embezzle menteIt is charged that Roney ab stracted several thousand dollars from the bank during his incumbency as president without the knowledge of the other officers Roney gave bond and was released This great medicine acts gently on the sick liver It purifies the blood 1 renews the appetite feeds the nerves dears the brain and cures consti ¬ pationIt a true medicine for sick liver and kidneys and regulates all the Try it digestive functions At all dealers In medicines in 25c packages ¬ I Negro StrikeBreakers San Antonio Tex Dec 2fFrom 130 to 150 members of the Brother hood of Railway Firemen walked out on the San Antonio division of the Southern Pacific Atlantic system Negroes are being substituted for tho striking firemen The firemen have no grievance against the railroad company They claim it is a test strike Tho TuMisherg of Websters international to determine whether they or the engl Dictionary iillwo tunt It ls I fuit ho tiiu lar UnaiirldKed thoroughly reoilltedln neers shall have control of the switch dot nil and vastly enriched lit ovnry jwrt every with ing crews lhopurno e t t adapting It to meet tho larger Hiul ecveicr requirements of uuotbcr gcuonv tine When the cold winds dry and crack Wo are rf tbo opinion thnttbs alteration unit accurately tkcribca tho the skin a box of salve can save muchI most cltMiyhns ben acoupliahrd and the work tlnt rcsulttliiith bees reached Tho Dictionary In buying salve look for as discomfort It now si mils bas been tliorutiKhr re the name on the box to avoid any imi edited in every detail has Lees tirrwiJd In admirably a nptodl to ivory part tations and be sure you get the original tho lanror nd laseverer requirements meet of a and of jxipular DeWitts Witch Hazel Salve Sold by renomtlnn vhlch domanrta tun iq jjcuorutlon phlloloxkiil mwlc lo then nvy nil druggists that tile world hnscvcr coutntc 1 It Is perhaps nccdk3 tct aildtUnt wo refer to tlio dlrtionnry in our Jtulklrl work a9 of Shot Footpads tho highest authority in accuracy of defini un tion mud that in the futuror itliopustlt Pawnee Okla Dec betiro source ot constant telulO1Le known man Is dead another perhaps wJU CBAULES C K07T cal f JurtleLfatally injured and Fred Springier a ATCRFXC1C WCUXKi JOIN 1IAV saloonkeeper severely bruised as the STANTON 1PFE1TFcneluEi IL Iown a holdup Springier was ac result of costed by two strangers while on his The above refers to WEBS El3 way home Instead of throwing up hs INTERNATIONAL DICTIONARY hands as commanded he opened fire and one of the bandits tell dying al THE GRAND PRIZE most Instantly The other may re- the hllfhCt nwanl wns given IatPe Interna cover Sprlnglers arm was broken in tional ut ILO WorlJd Fair Lt Louis the melee GET THE LATEST AND BEST ¬ The Publishers ClaimsSustainedUNITED ¬ ¬ 1 ¬ 4 ¬ 1 ¬ 27An ¬ > ¬ 1rMo ¬ ¬ Prisoner Cremated Birmingham Ala Dec 27The city prison at Jacksonville in Calhoun county was burned and Richard Walker the only inmate cremated Walker was arrested for beating his brother and his wife whom he ran Ssaj home It is not known who set jail fire t the ¬ nteruttl rot will lie jiages tent In our fptctmcn GCMERRIAM Modern Miracle COweasrrs I VwcnONAKY PUOLISHCRS SPRINGFIELD MASS KILL THE COUGH AND A U free CURE THE LUNGS Truly miraculous seemed the reco v ery of Mpg taollie Holt of this place writes JOR Hooper WoodfordTenn she was so wasted by coughing up puss Doctors declared her from her lungs end so near that her family had watch 100 ed by her bedaide fortyeight hours Free Trial OLDS when at my urgent request Dr Kings Surest and Quickest Cure for all New Discovery was given her with the THROAT and LUNG TROUB ¬ astonishing result that improvement be LES or MONEY BACK gall and continued until jshe finally completely recovered and is a health Guaranteed cure for woman today coughs and colds sOc and 100 by Indigestion Trial bottle Severs Drug Company sour stomach palpitation of tho heart Digests wbatyoueat free Dr1KingsHew PriceFOR ¬ AodolFor i T < ff f c A L << > >

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