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Image 6 of The Breckenridge news, January 2, 1907

Part of The Breckenridge news

r h i < rj I rr 1ft tr rlr C < L U uo a THE bRECKENRIDOE NEWS CLOVERPORt KY JANUARY 2 1907 6 GAME BIRDS FOR PRESBYTERIAN KANSAS ALONE AND FORSAKEN NOT A SOUTHERNI Two Carloads of English Pheasants And Nearing The Valley of the Sunday School Pupils Celebrated to Be Distributed Throughout It would prehaps conduce to more in telligent discussion of the Twentyfifth Shadow of Death Aunt The State Last Years Happiest Day in Infantry affair if the various statesmen Betsy Is Pining For Those orators politicians and writers now en a Bright Merry Manner Two express cars earring about 1900 gageed in handling it so vigorously Who Apparently Have English pheasants passed through Kan ¬ would discard the postulate of race an The Christmas entertainment given at sas City yesterday afternoon on the way tagonism and inherited prejudice Forgotten tier the Lucile Memorial church last Tues ¬ to Pratt Kan The birds were imported Brownsville is not a Southern com ¬ day at 730 P M was a delightful affair direct from England and consigned to munity in any proper sense of the term and enjoyed by an audience which filled the game warden of Kansas Dell Travis Stephensport Ky Dec 31For1 Of course the numerically preponderat The exercises of the They are to be distributed in the various saken lonely and almost lifeless Aunt tag element is composed of Mexicansthe auditorium evening were opened by Mr Wilburn counties with a view of stocking the Betsy Roff lingers into another Ne w but of the whites it can safely be alleged Hamman who is at home from Danville State with the game Year with strong hopes that her chil ¬ that they ore almost wholly of North ¬ The game warden made a contract dren for whom she has been waiting ern birth or extraction As a matter of where he is taking a theological course with K C Beck of Nickerson Kan an fifteen years might come to feed her fact there are very few born and bred The program rendered is as follows importer of birds for 1000 pairs of starving soul SongBy the school Southerners in Brownsville nor can it pheasants but about 100 of them died GreetingCissell Simons When Aunt Betsy was at the ripe old be said with truth that those few control Recitttion Chas Robert Satterfield on the way to this countryage of 73 she was awakened to the fact the entiment or dictate the actions and It required eight express cars of the that her children in their hunt for expressions of the population By the classes of Miss Christmas Laura Satterfield and Miss Jennie Patt ¬ English style to carry the birds from fame and riches had then wandered so As a rule the men who represent th said the man in erson Those who rendered this selec London to Liverpool far away that they had entirely lost financial social and material imporYou see tion were Lena May Gertrude La lie charge of the pheasants sight of their mother and left her tance of the town are old soldiers of Rosa Sippel Byron Whitehead Rachel there is plenty of room in these two there in the old home without the crust the Union army and their decendants Jackson Dessie Laslie Bessie Laslie American cars She bore this truth in si- Considered in mere number the South of bread A few of the birds died on the train lence as long as she could but the time noses making their homes iu Drowns J P Ditzenbaugh and May Lam > By the from New York but most of the 100 Columbia and Evangclme came when she was compelled to re ¬ ville represent a very small minority died on the boat They try to fly in the veal her secret and ask the neighbors Considered in respect of their influence schoolRecitationBy Bessie Laslie wooden crates striking their heads for help and comfort upon the citys character attitude desBeulah against the slats until stunned Since 1i RecitationBy Miss Not long ago Mrs Roff received th e tiny they cut no figure worthy of a leaving New York Monday the birds message that she could go to the Ma ¬ second thought If Brownsville objected Wright of Lyonla have eaten 400 pounds of cabbage and sonic home but she has not yet con ¬ to the location there of a negro regl Bethlehem StarBy the school Sippel more than 500 pounds of grain feed Rosa VRecitation sented to go from under her own roof ment certainly the objection was not This is the second shipment of phea- ¬ May Lamb Recitation or find the protectfon of the good people Inspired by Southern prejudice sants to Kansas About nine months of Stcphensport Zelttia Sippel Recitation1 actuated by inherited animosity The Stocking SongBy the School ago 750 of the birds were imported from No good can come of clouding the real Mr Roff has children living in Kan- ¬ England and turned loose in the State sas Louisiana and other places Why issue with false hyprotheses and necea By Rachel Jackson Recitatiou Mr Wm McCracken played Santa The money used in purchasing the they do not answer their mothers ap ¬ sarily misleading arguments The as Claus part and delivered the presents pheasants is taken from funds derived peal no one can conceive sumption that Brownsville is a typicalfrom the Christmas tree which was boun- from the issuing of licenses to hunters where every- ¬ t Southern community Following is the faint cry of The English pheasant is a hybrid be ¬ tifully ladened with gifts for all the body hates the negro and delights in members of the Presbyterian Sunday tween the ring necked pheasant and the BetsySitting alone in the old home subjecting him to injury and humilia ¬ The Gazing out of the window each day pheasant of southern Europe school tion will not bear a moments honest plumage of these birds is brillant that Waiting and watching for loved ones and enlightened iqulry The truth is Oh come to your mother I pray If you are Constipated dull or bilious of the male being especially gorgeous that Brownsville so far as concerns the or have a sallow lifeless complexion try TLey reproduce rapidly and in their Children why have you left me alone character influence and importance of Laxets just once to see what they will habits of life are similar to the common Why will you not come to me say its constituent elements is much more a do for you Laxets are little toothsome barnyard fowl The history of the Have you forgotten the one who loves Northern community than is either Candy tabletsnice to eatmce in effect pheasant extends back to the days of youWho so feeble and old andI Chicago or New York No griping no pain Just a gentle ancient Rome and in all times the bird The Brownsville incident is the diegray laxative effect that is pleasingly desir ¬ has been popular with sportsmen There cussion is to serve any useful purpose able Handy for the vest pocket or are sixty species of pheasants known Oh how I have watched oer you it t must be divested of all confusing and childhood purse Laxets come to you in beauti none of which is native to America When you were babes in my arms I meretricious complications and subject ful lithographed metal boxes at 5 cents The turkey is their closest relative in would ed to the white light of well informed and 2r cents Sold by Severs Drug Com- this country That the Saviour and candid investigation New York guide you pany San In the straight and narrow way The Greatest of all Newspapers The greatest of all newspapers is the But oh how sad and lonely I am dears To stop a Cold with I Preventics is Receives Appointment Craving just one glimpseof your face safer than to let it run and cure it after Miss Dee Basham one of the most Daily Globe Democrat of St Louis Ere the Master sends his boatman To carry me over to my longlost wards Taken at the sneeze stage competent teachers of Breckenridge and It has no equal or rival in all the west resting place Preventics will head off all colds and adjoining counties has gotten the ap ¬ and ought to be in the hands of every county to the reader of any Daily paper It costs by To be with my Saviour and loved ones Grippe and prehaps save you from Pneu ¬ pointment from Hancock me Preveutics are monia or Bronchitis State Normal at Bowling Green Miss mail postage prepaid Daily Including Oh say will you come toyou all dears gate for at little toothsome candy cold cure tablets Basham will leave sometime in Febru ¬ Sunday one year 5600 6 months 300 Ill watch city the gold bright and fair of In that 3 months 150 Daily without Sunday selling in 5 cent and 25 cent boxes If ary to enter the school one year tOO 6 months 200 3 you ate chilly if you begin to sneeze Clear up the complexion cleanse the months 100 Sunday Editiona big try Preventics They will surely heck liver and tone the system You can newspaper and magazine combined 48 Sold by the cold and please you best do this by a dose or two of De to 76 pages every Sunday one year Severs Dug Company Witts Little Early Risers Safe re ¬ 200 6 months 100 A subscriptionliable little pills with a reputation for the GlobeDemocrat at these prices ¬ The Kind You Have Always Bought Woman a County Surveyor newspaper invest The pills that everyone knows Rec ¬ is the best possibleorder to day or write ment Send yonr The Galway county autnorities have Bears theommended by all druggists for free sample copy to Globe Printing appointed Miss Alice Perry who holds Company St Louis Mo See special t3ignatnrt ofthe degree of bachelor of engineering campaigne offer of the longtime North Carolina Wonder issue of the Globe Twiceaweek interim county surveyor in the room of Mr Tom Pennel was down in Antioch Democrat two years for 125 else Recovery of the Educated Flea her father the late Mr James Perry last week and stayed over night with where in this paper ¬ Two weeks or so ago a Baltimore The appointment is to be made per He tells us that Mr Moses Armstrong Unlucky Brides The averagshowman lost a flea Mr Armstrong has a wonderful pet pig Whereas ten years ago silver was the American citizen undergoes a privation a broom and ho saw it himself with sweeping out the yard Of course the leading item among a brides gifts of this kind with admirable fortitude Croup can positively be stopped in 20 No vomiting nothing to pig couldnt do as well at sweeping as cheap jewelry of a showy though quiet There are reasons why under normal minutes the American citizen will sicken or distress your child A sweet some of his two legged brethren but it up to date class is now given by even conditions part with even his most personal and pleasant and safe Syrup called Dr wall wonderful to see how hard the pig the richest of our relations and friends Throne immediate flea and no questions asked Shoops Croup Cure doe the work and worked and what progress he madeMr Dr Shoops Group In this most particular case however does it quickly Armstrong says he has a wonderful HAS STOOD THB1ES7 25 YEARS It conditions were distinctly if not ex Cure is for Croup alone remember The gander will climb an the gander too The Oldycrhtlnal GROVES Tasteless Chill travagently abnormal The flea i n does not claim to cure a dozen ailments tree shake it and then get down apple what you are taking It Is Iron and quinine Sold bjr and eat the apples Mr Pennel says he cure DO pay 50- In a tasteless form No question was valuable It was in fact its for Croup thats all the star member of a company of per ¬ Severs Drug Company did not see the gander but after seeing forming fleas upon the box office re ¬ the pig sweep he believed anything Mr CBATTLE FOUGHT sults of whose talent the Baltimore told himWilkesboro Armstrong The Sphere of Womans Influence Detween Guards and Striking Miners NNNNN I FL NNNNVN- President LiOHxrooi VicePresident 0 W H BOWMER COMMUNITY n A B SKiLiJtAN Cashier Cues Relia- The Old ¬ AsatCMhler BKIIXHAH bleBRECKINRIDQE BANK Organhtid 1872 Capital and Surplus 5200000 Insured in every way and protected by tho very ¬ latest equipment Interest paid on time deposits Business great and small solicited 1 1 1 ¬ t Beautiful Complexions beinge Return this with 50 ono cent stamps or 25 one cent stamps with the names and addresses of twenty ladies and learn how to have a reven for the first time to the general public There are no cosmetics bleaches face powders or other poisons in this Pimples blackhead and discolorations disappear forever under this method Women and girls who wish to be beautiful will be taught the simple laws of beauty and they will learn how the most beautiful women in Paris guidedan controlled by Master Gypsy and Greek minds appeared upon the scene played the game of life and carried everything before them wit their bright eyes and unrivalled complexions LJ MOCKLEY 1133 BROADWAY NEW YOR I I First State Bank ¬ IRVINOTON KY W J PIGGOTT President JOHN R WIMP VicePresldem lB H KEMPER Cashier Accounts of Corporations Firms and Individuals solicited Interest Paid on Time Deposits I prayL THE FINEST CATALOGUE Erer issued by a commercial school will be sent upon request to teachers and others who are Interested In a Commercial and Shorthand education Our catalogue contains 68 pages six by nine inches It Is printed on the finest of plato paper handsomely bound with em ¬ bossed corer and beautifully Illustrated with photos of thebullding faculty interior views specimens of Penmanship Shorthand etc It also contains halftone illustrations Of the leading buildings of Loulsrille and many charming scenes from the woVldfamed parks that surround our tells why It Is better for YOU to attendschool In Louisville than elsewhere This book will enable you to decide between good and worthless commercial schools Send for a free copy today ¬ thereI CASTORIAFor BRYANT I Nervous WornOutIf your nerve force is weakthe power is giving out the or¬ gans of your body have slowed up and do their work This failure to imperfectly do the work required clogs the system and brings distress and disease When the nerves ate weak the heart is unable to force the lifegiving blood through your veins the stom ¬ ach fails to digest food the kidneys lack power to filter impurities from the blood and the poisonous waste remains in the system to breed disease Nerve energy must be restored Dr Miles Nervine will do it because it strengthens the nerves it is a nerve medicine and tonic that rebuilds the entire nervous system Several years ago I was all broken down I was nervous Wornout could not sleep and was In constant pain and finally I doctored for months do nothing the for doctor said he could me I began takln Dr Miles altogether eight Nervine and used bottles and I became strong and healthy 11 C CUNNINGHAM 108 Ellsworth Ave Allegheny Pa Dr Mlles Nervine IIs aold by your druggist who will guarantee that the first bottle will benefit If It falls he will refund your money andowelhKounds Miles Medical Co Elkhart Ind ¬ ¬ br ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ took on luxurious In a recent editorial the Louisville tastes and cultivated a brisket of espe ¬ cial magnitude Naturally the bereav ¬ Courier Journal advocates the appoint- ¬ ed one advertised his woe and offered ment of women factory inspectors and opulent rewards for capture and restor ¬ say thatlithe enlargment of the sphere ation The lost flea was appraised of of a womansjinfluence would undoubted ¬ J 100 and the full amount promised t oly tend to the correction of certain evils It seems a in schools hospitals insane asylums the agent of its recovery great fuss over an insect of doubtful and other eleemosynary institutions character an ignoble reputation But This is an important admission from sosuch are the facts of the case and i n conservative a paper and shows the our capacity as the historian of poignant drift of public sentiment in the South events we feel obliged to communicate The Lexington Herald goes still farther and declares for woman suffrage them to the world Within the past week the errant flea has been restored to its heartbroken proprietor Apparently there are few fleas in Baltimore Thus the search was free of complication and the identity of the truant easily established Things are different in Rome and Panama In Baltimore evidently no flea of conse- ¬ quence can possibly escape It remains Weak Kidneys surely Point to weak kidney to be said however that the showmans Ferns The Kidneys like the Heart and the rapture is not entirely complete His Stomach find their weakness not In the organ flea came back to be sure and he wel- ¬ itself but In the nerves that control and guide comed it with ill concealed affection and strengthen them Dr Shoops Restorative la butit was a battered and dishevellc- I bug Dissipation had left its angry If futile It is a waste of time and of money amarks There were the ragged head weD aches or If your the urine and bloodshot eyeinseparable concom ¬ scalds or Isback and strong Is weak if symptoms If you have dark itants of immoral conduct and besides of Bright or other distressing or dangerous kid the prodigal exhibited a broken leg BeT disease try Dr Shoops Restorative a month and most alarming symptoms of pneumonia The fracture is now in splint- s and the patient cared for at a flea hqs I pital of well established fame Let udsll hope for the best With careful nursin and truly scientific supervision theerrant insect may be restored to health an GEO W SCHWARTZ BIQQLE Sec Ky 1 and Treas Farm Library unequalled value toi ud Up Concise i BOOKSBuatlfall1 1B10QLE HORSE No 1 ¬ Loilnllli BUSINESS COLLEGE THOS W DRYDEN President Standarde Several Men Biting Dust Owensboro Ky Dec 26 Three men were killed and four probably fatally wounded in a battle between guards employed by the West Kentucky Coal company at Turglp Union county and the striking miners at that place The dead are C J Dough erty mine guard Billy Malloy miner Will Gray miner The wounded are L I Moore mine guard four wounds will die Sam Barneby miner three wounds dying William Goch miner shot in the arm Henry Delaney min er shot In the arm The fight occur red in a downtown rteet about one mile from the mine just what pre cipitated the fight Is not known It broke out suddenly and continued un til about 25 shots were exchanged The members of the miners union til about 25 shots were exchanged The members of the miners union have been on strike for the past year The coal company has been working nonunion men under guards almost constantly and serious trouble has long been expected The fight occur red in front of a billiard parlor A panic ensued and a reign of terror ex isted for nearly an hour There Is only one officer in the town but the sheriff of Union county and the depu ties have arrived at Sturgis The Union county sheriff arrived here with deputies and arrested L I Moore a guard who was shot In the battle He was unable to be taken to Morganfleld the county seat and is now in the office of the Kentucky Coal company Henry Delaney a miner who was shot was also placed under arrest As his wound is a slight one he was taken to Morganfleld and placed in jail A man named Strick land was also arrested and later re losed on bail The three men are charged with shooting with intent to kill STRATTON I ¬ Chronicle + 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