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Image 1 of The Breckenridge news, January 2, 1907

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b4 I THE BRECKENRIDGE I II NEWS I I II ALL THE NEWS THATS FIT TO PRINT CLOVERPORT VOL XXXI KENTUCKY WEDNESDAY JANUARY2 1907 8 Paces NO 25 J of TIDE PARTNERS Author the ERI CAPN BY JOEILINCOLN I m ONLY CAUSE IS THAT PIPES HAVE GIVEN AWAY I So Says Article In Louisville Times In Regard to the Sudden Ceasing of Gas In Cloverport REMARKABLE STORY NEW WELLS OF A LOST WATCH Drilled Be Will Supply of Increase To GasOld Wells dated Friday af¬ ternoon contains the following remarkable story of the loss and subsequent finding of a stemwinding watch by the Many curious sheriff of the county and hardtobelieve stories are told nowadays but this one is more than conditioned to hold its own with any that have been reported in the papers The following is the sum and substance of the telegram Sheriff Turner is showing as his Christmas present a stemwinding case watch that he claims has a hisiory un ¬ matched by any other watch in Tennes ¬ see and doubts if there is another like it in the whole country In December 1905 while hunting in the coaling he lost the watch and though he searched carefullyfor it was unable to find it He gave it up for lost and had forgot ¬ ten all about it Last week Logan Mc ¬ Craw and Alex Holliday went rabbit hunting in the coaling and raising a rabbit McCraw fired and missed then Holliday fired just as the rabbit ran into a hole and killed it McCraw ran hastily to the hole put his hand in and pulled out the rabbit and was surprised to see something shining at the mouth of the hole He stooped over and picked up the sheriffs watch and yelled By Jacks when he heard it ticking and both were astonished when the watch was opened to find it was within half a minute of the correct time by their watches They then looked at the rabbit and the secret was out for there on its belly the fur had been rub ¬ bed off in a place that exactly fitted the stem of the watch showing that the rabbit had kept it wound up by rubbing against the stem as it went in and out of the hole The sheriff will not tell the make of the watch only saying it is a rabbit watch 10 A Dover telegram The Cloverport Pipe Line Co is mak ¬ ing preparations to put down more wells in the immediate future to increase the The rigging has been supply of gas purchased and is now on the grounds The old wells will undergo a thorough eaningout and the derricks are now The flow of rsKSecf to that end bo as strong as ever it is ill jTaimed when this is done Water ac umulating in the wells in the past w weeks has curtailed to some extent e supply but this will bo remedied imediately says the company The increased demand for gas prin pally for the factories and foundry is decided the company to put down ore wells i Join the Army ouis and Harrison Blake sons of Dh George Blake of Hardinsburg left of w days ago for the Columbus 0 They ha racks to begin soldiers lives jo ed at the local recruiting station I last week Delightful Social The members of the Epworth League and I a large number of invited guestsentertained New werb delightfully s eve in the Sunday School roomyea f thl Methodist church by the social somjiittee Misses Lula Severs and rade Plank and President David helps The amusements were in keeping ui the season and delicious rofresh ts were served f TAYLORYENABLE 4W 1 marriage of Dr R Homan Tayf Owensboro to Miss Ola Venable lice Texas was solemnized at the e of the bride on Wednesday De JCe ANOTHER SALE OF nber 26 r Taylor is a dentist of Owensboro trtadis a young man of high standing r He both socially and professionally and favorably known in Clover is well port having frequently been here in the interest of his profession The bride is a native of Texas r4They will be after January at home in 15 Owejfeboro t Real Estate Deals The following real estate deals have been effected within the last few days John C Furrow to L C Johnson 15 acres near the turnpike two miles east Consideration 22500 of Cloverport Wm H Bowmer to W N Pate 73 acres on Beech Fork of Clover Creek about five miles from Cloverport Con- sideration 15000 EQUITY TOBACCO The executive committee of the Green River district A S of E has made mother big sale of tobacco consisting of all the 1905 trash put up in Ohio county and at Livermore McLean ounty This information was given out Saturday on reliable authority hough the sale has not yet been officially announced The price paid was 675 a hundred robably the best price that has been paid this year for any considerable Thequantity of Green river trash n me of the purchaser is not known The deal was closed through the Louisville Warehouse company where the obacco has been stored for several nonths past Tie sale of such a large quantity of tobacco is a good start in the way of lisposing of the 1905crop A member lof the district committee states that deals are pending for the sale of 1905 obacco in Daviess and other countiesif the district No trouble is antidiated in disposing of all 1905 tobacco at Mr and Mrs Frank Payne gave a dinner Saturday evening in honor of t Mr and Mrs Roscoe Severs pf Vir ginia Covers were laid for Mrand L Mrs J N Cordrey Dr and MS for ¬ est Lightfoot Mr and MrsrRgscoe yens Mr and Mrs Payne1X tJu1 ersraml J Byrne saver I rood paces0worasboro MjiaBenger s ° I ¬ ¬ < ¬ I SolonNickeron I i IJ i Continued oa Page Eight j HARDINSBUM HAPPENINGS ¬ ¬ I 0 on ¬ To Be Cleaned t troy Solon till bout ¬ I Edmund Wroe of Cloverport Ky town depending on natural gas for the buildings When the gas one of the bestknown young attorneys lighting of was discovered in Cloverport it set tn of Breckenridge county is in Louisville State all agog and for months after today on legal business and will prob ¬ capitalists flocked there with a view of Mr booming the town ably be here for several davs 251roe is well known in Louisville andThe only cause that can be assigned for the sudden ceasing of the gas to s many friends here Mr Wroe says that the supply of flow is that the pipes which case the tural gas there about the first to be wells have given away An effort will overed in Kentucky has suddenly be made to repair the wells if this is to a reporter i and it has put the people of his tiffsease said Mr Wroe Times the for the TimesLouisville to a great Inconvenience that YT no ITvTn l kept with three weeks ago Solon was took with pnemnony and up and died Prissy and Tempys the only re lations there was you sec so It was left to them to say what should be done with the boy I cullate there must have been some high old pow wowln In the old house but the old maids are pretty conscientious spite of their beln so everlastln old uialdy and they flnlly decided twas their duty to take the little feller to bring up Thats the way I heard the yarn They kept It a secret until yesterday but now the whole towns talkln bout It You see Its such u good Joke for them two to have a boy In the house Why Prissys been used to shoo In every stray boy off the place as If he was a hen Mr Small laughed so heartily at this that the others Joined In When the hilarity had subsided the station agent asked AVhens the Nlckerson boy com In over from Wellmouth Why today come to think of It He was to come up on the afternoon train from Wellmouth and go to Or ham with me tonight You aint seen nothln The station agent Interrupted him with a sidelong movement of the head queried Mr Small Then he Huh In company with Mr Clark and Mr Bodkin turned toward the corner or the waiting room The boy who hatbought the apple turnover having finished the last crumb of that vldnd had turned to the window and was looking out through a hole ho lad scraped in the frost on the pane He had shaded his f nee with his hands to shut out the lamplight and though he must have heard the conversation his manner betrayed no Interest In It Mr Small Interrogated the station agent by raising his eyebrows The tweenIt snowing hard and In the agent whispered Shouldnt wonder dusk of the wInterevenIng the flakes ami added He came on the up train rustled against the windows as If un¬ afternoonHey seen old ladles In starched summer sold Mr Clark who newgowns were shivering In the storm and er let consideration for other people crowding to get a peep withIn The Interfere with his own curiosity air In the shut waiting room smelled pt your name wet clothing and whats lot stove sawdust To this collection The boy turned from the window Mr Clarks cigar and blinking a little ns the light of perfumes was presently added the struck his eyes faced the group by the odor of kerosene as the station agent stove His freckled cheeks glistened lit the big lamps In their brackets on ns the light shone upon them but as the wall If he knew this he pulled the big From outside came the sounds of sleeve of the overcoat across his face creaking wheels and stamping horses and rubbed them dry the stamping muffled by the snow said Whats your name sonny which covered the ground the stage driver kindly The door opened and a big man with Nlckcrson said the boy In a low a face of which gray whiskers and red nose were the most prominent features toneI want to know Your fast name came stamping und pulling Into the nlnt Bradley Is It room lIe jerked off a pair of leather Yessir gloves playfully shook the congealed SIlO well there now Guess youre moisture from them down Mr Clarks goln to ride over with me then I neck Inside his collar tossed a long drive the Orlmm coach Hum well I whip Into the corner and holding his declare And Mr Small pulled his spread fingers over the stove began to beard In an embarrassed fashion sing Whoa Emma with enthusiasm Como over to the stove and get Mr Clark being too busy clawing the warm wont you asked the station melting snow from his neck to open a conversation Mr Bodkin observed agentI cold was the reply Hello Barney Small Hows the tray The trio by the stove fidgeted In si In Have a rough time drlvln over lence for a few momtnts and then replied the Mr Small said uneasily Oh mlddlln mlddlln Aint It driver of the Orham stage unbutton ¬ most time for that train to be In ing his overcoat and reaching for his Shes a haf hour late now pipe but this earths a vale of tears She was twentyfive minutes late anyhow so whats the odds so longs at Sandwich said the station agent youre happy Hello Dan I The last a and shes probly lost ten minutes or shouted greeting to the station agent In so since Shell be along In a little the little room whose answer was a while now wave of the band and a sidelong nod But In spite of this cheerful prophecy across the telegraph Instrument a full fifteen minutes passed before Whats doln over In Orham Bar ¬ the train which had been started from ney Inquired Mr Clark i Prissy and Tempys adopted a boy The agent evidently was Interested The old maids Yup tho old maids I 8pose they come to realize that they Headed a man round the house but as there want no bids In that lint they sort of com promised on a boy You dont mean the Allen old maids that live down on the lower road do rou asked Mr Bodkin Sartin I said the old maids didnt Theres plenty of single women In Orham but when you say the old maids In our town everybody knows you mean Prissy and Tempy What about the boy Barney said the station agent coming Into the waiting room Why said Mr Small Its this way Seems that Prissy and Tempys rather old Capn Drlus Allen heo been dead six years or more nowhad a niece name of Sophia that married Capn Ben Nickerson over to Well mouth Capn Ben and his wife had WhaVs pour name sonny one son 1 think the boys names Bradley Anyhow Capn Ben and his Boston with tha vague Idea that some wife was drowned oil the Portuguese time or other It might get to Province coast two years ago when Bens bark town came coughing and panting was lost Maybe you remember Well round the curve and drew up at the the boy was left at home that voyage station platform Only one passenger got out at the Harnls station and he stopping for a moment to hand his truBkjjheck to the station agent walk schjwV igbtn jjlsjtojlca was drowndefi CHAPTER I II rJAS you callatln to buy on e I of them turnovers bub j casually inquired Mr Clark m J ceasing to gaze at his steaming boots which were planter against the bulging center of the sta tion stove and turning toward the boy at the lunch counter Yes sir said the boy He had taken off one worsted mitten anti held a five cent piece clutched tightly In his red fist The station agent wrapped the pas- ¬ try In a piece of newspaper and handed It to his customer Tho boy n youngster of about twelve years of age with a freckled face and a pair of bright gray eyes took his turnover to the settee In the corner of the waiting room and began to eat He had on a worn cloth cap with an attachment Unit could be pulled down to cover the ears and a shabby over ¬ coat of mans size very much too large for him As he munched the greasy crust and the thin layer of evaporated apple he looked around him with Interest The station Itself was like the aver ¬ age railway building on Capo Cod Except for the sign Harnlss that hung outside It might have been the station at Wellmouth which he had Battered settees seen so often lithographs of around the walls steamers time tables and year old announcements of excursions and county fairs hung above them big stove set In a box of sawdust all these were the regulation fixtures Regula on Lion also were the refreshments counter at the side turnovers ar ¬ the ranged cobhouse fashion under a glass cover with a dingy Washington pie under another cover and Jars of strp cd stick candy with boxes of yaw breakers and similar sweetmeats be ¬ Marriage of Miss Minnie Murray to Mr L B ReevesNews of the Happenings During the Holidays Socially and Otherwise byI 1 i The marriage of Miss Minnie Murray Patrick Haffey of Whitesville to Mr L B Reeves occured in Louis ¬ Daviess county is here visiting Mr and ville Saturday evening Dec 29 The Mrs Joseph iTeaff He says that he has recently been to Louisville and that the Rev M Smith of the Fourth Ave the sentiment for the nomination of Presbyterian church at his residence former Gov W O Bradley for Gover- ¬ Only a few relatives were present at the nor is overwhelming marriage Mr and Mrs Reeves arriv ¬ Percy M Beard sold Saturday to the ed here Monday evening and have taken American Tobacco Co 40000 pounds of rooms at the Ford Hotel The bride is dark tobacco at St 8and to be de ¬ the daughter of the late Judge John livered F O B here He raised more Allen Murray and is an attractive cul- ¬ tobacco than any farmer in the county tured woman with a wide circle of Hawkins Smith of Garfield was in friends Mr Reeves is a traveling town Saturday He is one of the con ¬ salesman for J M Robinson Norton Co and is one of their most trusted and tractors on the 11 H E R R and valued employes They will make this says work can not be recommenced un ¬ til the first of April place their permanent home Mrs Fannie Blffhd and family will Themarriage of Miss Rachel Hook to 4 Mr Sylvester Durham occured here at move to town this week She will oc the home of the bride on Monday Dec cupy the residence recently completed 24 in the presence of relatives and a few friends The Rev E B English pronounced the wedding ceremony in an impressive manner They will re ¬ side on their farm near Kirk The bride is a daughter of Mr and Mrs John H Hook and a niece of county court clerk W F Hook She is an attractive ac ¬ complished young lady with numerous friends Mr Durham is a son of James Durham and is a progressive young farmer and a good business man They have the best wishes of the News foXa happy and prosperous life The young men of the town gave a banquet at the Ford House on the eve ¬ ning of Thursday Dec 27 which was by Philip Greenwell in Pates addition Lewis Kincheloe of the Grauman IlenchyCross Dry Goods Co who been visiting his parents returned to Louisville Friday Miss Jennie Green of Falls of Rough and Miss May Dempster of Gtendeane are visiting Mr and Mrs M H Beard Ernest and Arthur Haswell who have spent the holidays at home returned to Cincinnati and Lexington today Miss Nell Moorman of Glendeane was the guest of Col and Mrs D R Murray a few days last week The sale at Hilliary Hardins Satur urday was very large and prices goods He will move to Cloverport W S Ball is now ready to make con¬ tracts with farmers for growing tomatoes for the Canning Co Miss Anita Beard qf Louisville is visiting her grandparents the Hon and Mrs G W Beard Mrs Fred Ferry and daughter of Cloverport are visiting Col and Mrs D R Murrayand V G Marion Weatherholt Babbage were in town Friday on a business trip Watch night services were conducted by Bro Brandon at the M E church South Quartely court will convene next hasq the most enjoyable social event of the Christmas time The banquet was all that could be desired and was elegantly served Judge Henry DeH Moorman made an admirable toastmaster and the following gentlemenrespondedto toasts Dr Jno E Kincheloe T J Mopre Claude Mercer Edward Dillon Lewis Kincheloe and Jno P Haswell Jr It was the general opinion that the banquet should be an annual affair The follow ¬ ing guests were present Misses Louise Beeler Anita Beard Jndith DeJer nett Isabelle Gardner Francis Smith Maggie Maggie Ahl Baker Lelia McGary Martha Gardner Nancy Kincheloe Francis Raydol Lytie Ford Annie Hendrick Mrs Blanche Read Mrs 11 Beard Mrs Mary MondayDr H Beard Mrs P F Day is visiting his parentsFord and Messrs M B Kincheloe Lewis Kincheloejohn Skillman Arthur at Short Creek Beard Jno P Haswell Jr C P Ed ¬ E T Guthrie was in Louisville sever- ¬ munds Jno E Kincheloe E F Day al days of last week Amos Board F S Kincheloe Roy E Col E L Robertson of Glendeane Moorman Ed Dillon Claude Mercer- was in town Sunday T J Moore and H DeH Moorman John P Haswell went to Irvington of Monday on a business trip At the annual election of officers AM Breckonridge Lodge No 67 F Jas Nichols of Garfield was in town held Thursday the following were on a business trip Saturday The Rev E B English preached at selected Master Jesse Whitworth Senior Warden T J Moore Junior the Baptist church Sunday Russell Compton of Garfield is visit ¬ Warden Charles Bruington Secretary Andrew Driskell Treasurer W G ing Mr and Mrs Paul Compton All the merchants report the heaviest Haswell Senior Deacon W S Ball enjoyed Junior Deacon C P Edmunds Tyler Christmas trade they ever has been ill Mrs J H Lennon who The stewards Jno P Haswell Jr for several days is much improved yet been appointed have not II 1829 died Dec 19 1906 She She a Miss Ray before marriage was one son two grandchildren one leaves brother M J Ray Rhodelia two sis ¬ Chas Elder Passes Away ters Mrs Leon Cashman Raymond Mr and and Mrs Wm Rhodes Branden¬ At His Nome Near Town August 21 OLD CITIZEN DEAD burgAunt Elder died at his home near town last Saturday morning at an early hour He had been ill for about two weeks of a complication of diseases Mr Elder was one of the countys oldest citizens being in his seventy hird year He was widely known in the county and was highly respected He leaves a wife and several children The funeral was conducted from the Catholic church in Hardinsburg and the body was buried in the Catholic cemetery at that place Mr Chas lane as she was often called at the home of her son F W died Basham Skillman of paralysis When twentythree years of age she joined the Baptist church but later in life joined the M E South at Union Starof which she was a member at the time of her death Twentytwo months ago her husband died and she has only been waiting to join him in that bright home above The funeral discourse was conducted by Rev B M Currie Cloverport and Rev Felix RobertsStephensport The Burled at Stephensport family On Dec 20 i906 the remains of Mrs this great bereavement Their Nary Jane Basham wife of Henry W gain tashara deceased wtt brought here loss is her N A Friend Mrs Basham was born or burial cornmunityin 1 r c II

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