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Letter from Roland S. Clinton, M.D., Gastonia, North Carolina, to Fred W. Rankin, M.D., congratulating him on his promotion to the rank of Brigadier General, 1943

Part of Fred W. Rankin, M.D. Scrapbooks

r`l U= » RS.CMNTON.M.D. 4*1l_ ` - zu was·r MAIN AvENuE ‘ GASTONIA, N. C. July 15, 1945. Brig-Gen. Fred W. Rnnkin, Washi¤;t•n, D.C., . Dear General Rankin: Please a••ept ny ap•l•gy in n•t writing t• y•u and extending my sincere ••mgrutulatu•ms b•th upon y•ur well deserved gr•¤•ti•e as well an f•r your w•rk s• well dome as ynst - president •f the A.M.A., but it was •¤ly e few days e;• thet I was infereed •f y•ur gr•m•ti•n, which hewever was ne surprise to yeur legion •f friends in this •¢mnu¤ity. It muat be 1 feelin; •f deep and lasting eatisfn•ti•n t• y•u t• kn•w thet y•u have s• eany friends who rej•i•e with y•u in b•th •f these great w•rk¤ s• nbly perferxed in the past as well as in the present but n•zt ef all it seems t• give greatest pleasure to these •f us wh• wer• undergreiuntes amd · imternes wh• were privileged t• "sit at y•ur feet" as it were ned had the rleesure end rare •pp•rtunity •f studying under y•u. Key y•u eej•y euuy yeers ef health and haypineas (which t• yeu will neun d very great deal •T arduu•u¤ laber) in whi•h t• eerry •n your greet serviaee t• the zreed f•rae¤ and to merkind in yarti•ular.Ey best wishes t• Ers. Rankin and the ebildree une uey all the gend things •f life which y•ues• ri•hly deserve, be ever y•urs. _ i Y•urs truly, · . R•lavd S. C inten, \

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