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Image 16 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), December 22, 1955

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

Expect Christmas Toy Utiles To Near . Billion Dollar Mark Ihe "Rardups"Do Iheir Christn ms Shopping ther action or words. Grandma was surprised and sad. On the way back to the car, they noticed a sign said, "Used T-No down payment First pay February 1st." They decided to see it. Believe it or not, they street sudednly down- - took it home. Payments were Then the fact ed on this family that they had one dollar a week, only two dollars and twelve! They arrived home in the late cents and that few if any of the.afternoon, all were tired, hun- stores would extend them more gry and happy. Grandma's rheu- credit. The Hardups decided it matism was really painful. Put was useless to exriect credit at as luck would have it. the old some stores. So they decided to man Goofus came along and . ujr uic uucs wuwc meu auuuiii. tried on it," and soon the rheu matism was better after she restwas smalL The children had mn on up ed in the old rocking chair the stnjet and grandma was ex- - awhile. cited and feared they'd get lost. After supper they gathered Soon they were found in the "5 around the open fire place and auu uuja' 1YU and iq checked the presents. The T-was for mother and dad. The stonned the see Santa and by Christmas pres-- nlaee anri thev were more siic- girls each had a doll. The boys cessful than David Crocket They had a train. Grandma had a big ents. 1! .11 bandanna kerchief. They had all Thev mien intn thf nlrl J mlnnv r . - this besides an unknown variety viu j wnicn possiDiy was an om t ora, but Mr. Ford himself would do vent the children from handling of doodles in Junior's overall well to recognize the old, batter-othe- r the toys as the manager had pocket Now it was the night ed, feeble thing. The car would-th- p told her to be easy with chil- before Christmas and the shopnt start They stumbled out of dren. Children will sell their ping was done. As all were retiring to bed, the car and pushed it but no parents and we got to get rid Grandma Hardup asked, "Ain't start. Suddenly it occurred to, of this stuff now. Mr. Hardup that he didn't have ; They left the store with sixty- - we all going to meeting tomorthe key. After much fussing and three cents which was enough row?" There was a long silence buy two gallons of gasoline and then, Mrs. Hardup replied, o searching one of the boys "I just don't see how we can, membered he had the key right to get home. I'm so tired and the children there in his overall pocket. The Soon after leaving the store, car started, grandma noticed that Junior's not got much clothes." Grandma They were on their way with pockets seemed to be stuffed said, "Well, we used to celebrate shouts of joy. Even grandma with something. Sure enough he Christmas by going to meeting smiled in fond recollection of had stolen, but the father said. on Christmas Day My, how days gone by. Voices roared as "Now Junior you ought not to do times have changed!" at the Temple of Babylon. Soon that," and let it go without fur-- 1 Then .all was silent. by E. H. Johnson New York, Nov. 25 Santa's day beiore Christ- 'Twas sleigh will carry a record bil- mas and ihe everyone was up early lion dollar load of toys to the at the Wee R. Hardup family, mation's children this Christ-Ma- even grandma was up. The scan- the toy industry predic ty breakfast was soon eaten as ted today, a busy day. Christ- Toy sales are expected to this would be had to be done. shopping ass the SI 250 000 000 mark,mas The Hardups lived in a little, bus- thisvear and most of be done between boxed loPsided bouse at the iness will head o sinda Hollow" where they MW and Christmas, the toy Paid five dollars a month rent, United manufacturers of the but the payments were three Ststes said. n tv.;, nf q aiirvpv hv months past due. Mrs. Hardup some cast the Opinion r, Research tCor- - had iust been Siven children for t awav clothine J the 7 "poratlOn Ot ITinceTOn, J., ' thet for the nation's small fry will be f"d rent man hadnt called they money, which je deluded with Sm.000,000 worth of riding tovs includ- - dl0f 1 have. injr bicvcles, and acressones. s, te i. w'u be -- sifii.unu.uuu ati'i jiuubcb and S19,000.00n in doll car- riae andj stro'lers. 4.1 t iiso unuer uie i iiiioiio trpp will be a S28 000.000 .if ' they came to the little town and parked at the school house as no one seemed to know how to operate those funny things all along the streets. They hurriedly got out of the car onto the SSSSfi doll'' THURSDAY, DEC. 22, 1955 THE MOUNTAIN EATw. WHITESBURG, KENTUCKY CHRISTMAS EDITION ,intpar tnvriflps. I V """ pistols, death ray guns and "lethal" riav weapons, onrvev showed. Nearly 80 per cent of the 49.000.000 families in the United States are expected to dii? into their savings to turn Santa Claus into a billionaire for the first time in historv. Te heaviest nntfav will be made in the six New England states and New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, lrost of the actual purchas- es will be made by women, ac- eording to the survey, but s will get more toys than SOMEBODY girls. Prosperity and an increasing birthrate are the main Provine himself af rienrl in reasons the toy industry exneed; pects its merriest Christmas Somebody sang a cheerful song, The industry this year. thought it was doing well Bright'ning the sky the whole day long, when it did a $75,000,000 busthe 445 Was that somebody you? iness in 1916. Now manufacturers that belong to Was that somebody you? the big trade organization have their sights on $1,500,-00,00- 0 Somebody tho't 'tis sweet to live, Willingly said, "I'm glad to or more next year. Si L l ' w ii jiilmn V Christmas QREEltm 1 us Iiarken to the J-- et 4 "Ay. 7W:2tp clear-voice- ' d choristers, as they Iiail the approach of another Christmas! May you partake Iu of nil season and carry V Its inspiration with you Into the New Year. 4. i re-it- bo-T- give;" Somebody fought a valiant fight, Bravely he lived to shield the right, And wealths of hope and Was that somebody you? cheer; Was that somebody you? Let sweet bells chime at Christmastime, And for the glad New Year! Somebody made a loving gift, Cheerfully tried a load to lift; God grant you health, dear gen- Somebody told the love of Christ, tlemen, Told how His will was And make and keep you whole; Was that somebody you? May every strength be yours, at Was that somebody you? length, To lift the heart and soul! Somebody idled all the hours, Carelessly crushed life's fair God lend you sight, O gentle est flow'rs; men, Somebody made life loss, not The truths of life to see, gain, So that your talk and daily walk Thoughtlessly seemed to live Shall prove what they should in vain, be! Was that somebody you? Was that somebody you? od rest you well, kind gentle men; God rest your lives in peace; Somebody filled the days with light, On Christmas Day, O kneel and Constantly chased away the pray night; That hate and strife may Somebody's work bore joy and cease! peace, God help us all, both great and Surely his life shall never cease, small, To make our Christmas bright; Was that somebody you? May Christliness the season bless, Was that somebody you? John R. Clements And fill the earth with light! iiniiiitiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiBiiiiiiimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiwiiiiiiiiiiii-ii- i ii'r 1 WARDRUP PACKING CO. Blackey, Kentucky WARDRUP PROVISION CO. Cheerful Holiday -- Harlan, Kentucky 1 !9 Another Mountain Industry I A CHRISTMAS CAROL God give you grace.O gentlemen, r " ill CDind if we pop up with a yvlttide ? " ' v ' ' j ' wish for everybody? CDay your Christmas be a joyous one, remembered for years to come. H. B. REEDY & HEATING PLUMBING CONTRACTORS H. B. REEDY AND EMPLOYEES itf PHONE 2621 WHITESBURG, KY. I'm I sl: II f u,;v!:v V' of this Holiday season will be Hrii,..ii:,ii.r''H"i'"i"p'i"i'"i''p'V"""i'V" t w mm for Ii6 M mm ' "S7"-5"- " yours in fullest measure ... and that 'sM'i?' the New Year will "riaiilWiilaiiiWIulalulaUaUaiiM Our m ' tc richly rewarding in warmfendships,gopd health and happiness. 1 jfc V--. 'L 1SS jolly good wishes 2nwe tceleom go out to all our friends and neighbors the arrival of the New for this season of 1 Year, tee want to thank our many good will a s friends for their loyalty and good wiB during the year that hat just gone by; THE HUB CAFE NEON DRUG CO. Neon, Kentucky ESTILL BENTLEY NEON, KENTUCKY Pet Dairy Products Co. Big Stone Gap, Va.

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