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Image 15 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), December 22, 1955

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

THURSDAY, DEC. 22, 1055 THE MOUNTAIN EAGLE, WHITESBURG. KENTUCKY MASTER COMMISSIONER'S SALE LETCHER CIRCUIT COURT Civil Action 366 Vernon Bert Day, et al Plaintiffs vs.: COMMISSIONER'S NOTICE OF SALE Fred Day, et al Defendants It's fun playing Santa when you give her BERKSHIRE STOCKINGS Everyone loves Berkshires that's why you can give everyone these sheer sheer beauties with Nylace run protection at top and toe and know you're giving the nicest Christmas orcser . of all. DAWAIIARE'S, Inc. "AMONG KENTUCKY'S BETTER STORES" WHITESBURG, KENTUCKY Pursuant to judgment and order of sale in the above styled action, entered in the Letcher Circuit Court on November 30, 1955, and which judgment is now of record in Order Book 45, pages 541, 542 and 543, recordc of said court, the undersigned Master Commissioner will, on Monday, January 2, 1956, at or about the hou rof 1:00 o'clock p.m. CST, it being the first day of the regular term of the Letcher Circuit Court, offer at public outcry, at the front door of the courthouse in Whitesburg, Letcher County, Kentucky, to the highest and best bidder, upon a credit of six months, the following described property: Certain tracts or parcels of land, located in Whitesburg, Letcher County, Kentucky, and more particularly described as follows: BEGINNING at a Gtone about 15 feet east of the lower fall of the branch running into the North Fork of the Kentucky River at the east end of hitesburg; said wall being abuot 110 yards up said 'branch from its mouth; and about 40 feet above the mouth of the small drain running into said branch from the east; thence running east about 25 feet to said drain; thence up said drain an east course with said drian to a stake at a point 12 poles from the be ginning; thence diagonally up the hill with the general ' course of said branch which empties into the said river at the east end of Whitesburg, to a stake in a small drain running down on the south of the oMses Ison lot "(now owned by A. C. rown) at a point 12 poles from said branch at the mouth of said drain just below the Moses Ison house; thence down and with said branch to said falls about 15 feet west of said place of Beginning; thence up the hill and east to the Beginning, so as to include all of the land conveyed to J. P. Adams by Sarah A. Blair and W. H. Blair, her husband, by deed dated March 10th, 1903, and recorded in Deed Book X, page 413, being the same land conveyed by Henry C. Dixon and wife to S. H. Fields by deed dated November 14, 1910, and recorded in Deed Book 38, page 555, Letcher County Court Clerk's Office. SECOND TRACT: BEGINNING at the northeast corner of the first tract hereinabove described at a ?33J 0913 6SN aouaqj :iod to a stake near a wild cherry; thence N60 W147 feet to a black pine; thence S 70 20 W 100 feet to a pine stump; thence with north line of first tract to the Beginning. Both tracts above described being a part of the same property conveyed by Fred Day and others to Dianah Day by deed dated July 28, 1951 and recorded in Deed Book 139. page 30, Letcher County Court Clerk's Office, aid deed is filed herewith as part hereof, marked "Deed No. 1" for identity. THIRD TRACT: BEGINNING at a point S 64 E 16 feet from north east corner of a schoolhouse lot which was conveyed to School Dist. 1 by J. W. Hogg CHRISTMAS on the 23rd day of December CUSTOMS IN IRELAND AT 1896; thence S 64 E to CHRISTMAS TIME branch; thence down the branch to Main Street in On Christmas Eve in Eng Plat No. 2 of Whitesburg; thence with said street to a land the Yule log is brought point 16 feet from the inside and placed in the big southeast corner of said fireplace. Accoiding to cus schoolhouse lot, tehnce to the torn, each person in the faf Beginning. ily must sit upon the log anc Being the same property consalute it' before it is lighter veyed by C. C. Hogg and wife to assure good luck for the to Dianah Day by Deed dated September 28, 1936 and rehousehold in the same ne corded in Deed Book 88, page year. '490, Letcher County Court Clerk's Office. Religious services predoir The property will be sold as inate in the English celebra a whole, as directed by the tions. Processions of caro1 judgment, and the purchaser ers gather under the loft will be required to execute a sale arches great cathedrals ? bond for the amount of the pur- midnightof on Christmas Eve price, to be approved by chase the Commissioner, and which to sing the old and cherish bond shall bear interest at the hvmns and carols, nhristmap per annum from mummers rate of 6 are today enact date of sale until paid, and a lien ing the same traditional plays will be retained upon the property as additional security, and which have been presented for no replevy shall be allowed in the past several hundred the event an execution shall vears. lTanv of these plays, issue upon the sale bond. The ourely regional in character purchaser may pay cash for the amount of the bid in lieu of bespeak Norgan. Saxon. Vikexecuting sale bond at his or her ing, and Ancient British or their option. This 12th day of December, j Qne of thg most beautifu 1955. 1 L. HAYS, I Master. Commissioner of the Letch'er Circuit Court. 3xc A NEW YEAR'S SENTIMENT It's most unwise to sulk or pine Because Dame Fortune comes not near us; oi ail Uhnstmas Uustoms is in TrolonfT fin Christmas Evening candles are lighted and nlaced in ev- ery window of the house and doors are left ajar. The can- dlelight and open door are symbols of welcomed hospital- ity, assuring the Irish people that no couple seeking shel-- 1 ter for a baby who is the Son of God will be homeless. Thr candle light must shine forth all night long, and mav b' snuffed only by those by the nrnpKfWJ EDITION McROBERTS NEWS Rev. James Casey, Pastor of McRoberts churches has returned from Arkansas where he has been preaching in several churches the past week. the Fleming and Mr. Doss Barnett is at this time a patient in the Sharon Heights Hospital. We hope he will soon be able to come home. Miss Betty Reynolds went with her sister, Mrs. Webb to a Lex- ington Hospital, Sunday. The Ladies of the Freewill Church wish to say they have quilted enough to finish paying for the seats and they wish to say, "Thanks" to all who donat ed money on the seats. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Barker and children of Cincinnati visited her mother, Mrs. Joe Riddle. Mr. David Howell was in from Cincinnati over the week end. I Mrs VUi Tfcnnp 5c: ti11 In the Fleming Hospital but is feeling much better. o Mr. Willie Hollon, formerly of McRoberts, is now a patient in the TB. Hospital at London, Ky. o Ernest Hall is in the Sharon Heights Hospital at this Mr. time. Unless our lamps of cheer may shine, CHANDLER ATTENDS She well may shun and even FUNERALS HELD FOR TWO fear us. name of Mary. o A cup and saucer is placed n Governor A. B. Chandler Let's do our best through ev'ry the table in each home for terrupted the routine of his day, the entertainment of wonder- - third day in office by attending As long as duties weigh or ing souls from purgatory, who two funerals, v press us; are believed to come home for On Thursday morning he And though Dame Fortune goes tended graveside services for her way, "Feeding the Wren", is a the day-olson of Tom Gish, Our consciences will surely custom that is based on the chief of the United Press bureau bless us. legend of St. Stephens who here, and Mrs. Gish. This after-wa- s hiding in a furze bush noon, he was honorary pallbear-an- d 'Tis not in gold, alone, that we betrayed to his enemies by er at the funeral of Mrs. Eleanor May find reward for worthy a wren. On St. Stephen's Day, Hume Offut, hostess at the e labor; 26th of December, the child- - ception after his inauguration in A nobler merit there may be ren gather together, obtain a 1935. In serving these our friend wren, and place it in a cage on Tom Gish is the son of Mr. and and neighbor. top of a furze bush, while they Mrs. B. F. Gish of Seco, and go from door to door collecting Haymond and is a graduate of Oh, let us live our lives unspoiled money which will be used for , Fleming-NeoHigh School, later By narrow, selfish action; charity. graduating from the University And be content that we have of Kentucky, School of Jonrnal- toiled present ism. He is now United Press For a In "simple benefaction. Give them a subscription to chief at the Frankfort Bureau. M. H. Thatcher. THE MOUNTAIN EAGLE The Gishes have one other son. in-o- d re-th- n year-aroun- d new EKINPeWe NEVER BEFORE! j I rf oliE tUllli" PETITE" With the heart that never vV breaks. the GUARANTEED ELGIN CANOIA ELGIN MIlllCENT Tiny,delicately mod- JfOF all OUr frieildS we wish this to be a season m of significance. A holiday when peace mingles with merriment, love with good fellowship, good works Ijjj 1 with good will. And may the spirit of Christmas abide with you and those dear to you, now and alwaj B B ELGIN RAMONA So graceful and so tiny. Wi a reaHMU charmer. Truly stunning. With eled. Note the very matching expansion tiny price. 39 ..mj,UMii 1 1 33 Hi UKUINAKY bracelet. ZlC-- YJisV 1.- 1- t- -il lljj 1 ELGIN SAHARA ELGIN COLLEEN ELGIN OLETA With dainty case. A clastic icjvare case Moil entrancing. Tiniest el them ail I Hadley expansion matched by llexible. Hadley eipaniion Hadley expansion bracelet. X"7 80 square ends. bracelet. brocelet55co ELGIN VERONICA BnUit toBMil pe" ric 49's LAYAWAY AN ELGIN FOR HER NOW! 'I OO Reserves Your h tatji-li- fill setting. E i KYVA MOTOR CO., Inc. an- d- E E EMPLOYEES Whitesburg Kentucky i RrarrarrJrrdrdrrrdfd -- 1 .tUlim flanoU U thciMTLlfeuelM 1X f tW mnnltBc. PRICES INCLFED.TAX Choice n E 425 i E E zm WORLD'S TINIEST WATCHES for as little as 7 jr r Bradshaw Jewelers Whitesburg, Ky.

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