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Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES, Dec. 12, 1905 Page 96 (cont'd) The additional income derived from the State through Act passed by the last General Assembly anpropriating $15000 each year, will if judiciously and economically expended, relieve us from all present embarrassment and enable us to strengthen the existing departments of the College. For some years past, six or eight of the departments, namely, English, Modern Languages, Chemistry, Zoology, Botany, Physics, and Civil Engineering, have been in urgent need of assistants. These I think we will now be able to supply. We must be careful not to go beyond our income. This we are all in danger of doing, if we give heed to the numerous applications for money which we are certain to have to deal with in the immediate future. I desire to call your attention to the fact that although Prof. Mathews was withdrawn from the duties of Horticulturist in the Fxperimental Station, in order to give his entire time to the College, two or three years ago, the place vacated by him P.57 has not yet been filled, that Professor May gave up his work as Professor of Ahimal Husbandry in the Station a year an a half since, and that his place remains vacant, Prof. Harper resigned his place as Agriculturist last summer. His place has been temporarily provided for by a graduate of last June. In some direction it will thus be apnarent that notwithstanding the large income of the Station, it is in these respects unmanned. These are important Dositions and the Federal Government, as well as the State, may wish to know why they are left vacant. In conclusion, I beg to congratulate you upon the auspicious opening that the College had in September last, and its present prosperous condition, The outlook for the future is good, but our growth in the future, as in the past, will be determined largely by our material conditions and the facilities which we can offer to young men to induce them to remain and obtain an education at home, instead of seeking it beyond the bounds of the Commonwealth. I am with much respect, Your obedient servant, Whereunon the report was ref ered to the Committee on Presi- dent's Renort.

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