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Page 59 of Yolanda of Cyprus / by Caleb Young Rice.

YOLANDA OF CYPRUS Berengere. Yes. Renier (slowly). As those that wedded love Berengere. Renier. Then it shall be, at once . . . Have a confession. Berengere. You Renier. A And we might be Perhaps. That-love! [A pause. But no, I first i pang!-For days [Takes her hand. Before I found Yolanda on the breast Of Camarin of Paphos- I suffered in the furnace of suspicion The fume and suffocation of the thought That you were the guilty one-you my own wife. [She recoils to YOLANDA, who comes ulp. I did; but rue, rue it! . . . Yet-it is just That you recoil even as now you do From stain upon your wedded constancy. ... 59

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