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Image 9 of Bourbon news (Paris, Ky. : 1895), July 25, 1899

Part of Bourbon news (Paris, Ky. : 1895)

8 THE BOURBON NEWS rAitIS KY TUESDAY Little Pimples Turn HIGH BRIDGE KnrlnR Sliver at the Mint Perhaps the most interesting scheme CAMP MEETING for the recovery of waste silver at the local mint Is that applied to the utensils of the melting gang The big irou stirring rods the dippers the strainers and the ladles that coiae in contact with the molten metal are laid aside at intervals and sent down stairs They are covered with what looks like brown rust but is really oxidixed silver Suppose to digress a moment one desired to get a coat of paint off the outside of a house In such event the plan of scraping away the house and leaving the shell of paint standing would be regarded as somewhat eccentric yet that is substantially the meth od adopted at the mint The implements are placed in baths of sulphuric acid which attacks the iron or steel but leaves the silver untouched Little by little a strainer for instance will entirely disappear That is to say the original strainer disappears and leaves in its place a hollow silver counterpart delicate as an eggshell They are very curious these fragile casts Their surface is a sort of natural filigree honeycombed with innumerable fantastic perforations The reproduction of a bolt or screw is some- times as perfect as an electrotype but they are hurried remorselessly back to the crucible and thus pursue their cycle until at last they find their Karma in a minted coin New Orleans Times Democrat JULY 21 30 I8W rates daily over the Quen Crescent Route Special Sunday Excur sion See pm h 11 bills or ask ageiite lor full particulars Cancer often results from an im U ttlNEARSOX G P A Turity in the blood inherited from Cinciunati O generations back Few people are entirely free from some taint in the blood nd it is impossible to tell when it will GKADE break out in the form of dreaded Can- HIGH cer What haa appeared to be a mere pimple or scratch haa developed into ithe most malignant Cancer LmW to Cancer JULY 25 13S9 Pa si Present and Fukire The surplus of a life as surance company is of all things the most import ant to policy holders It shows niy a few blotches that I thought would tite treatment and growing steadily worse I decided to t ry S S S zjSiL mA uui u aio uu J for POLAND CHINAS SALE which was so strongly recommended The first bottle produced an im- I have for sale two extra good Fall provement I continued board and two sows of same litter sired the medicine and in four months the last lit- by Hadleys Model Uhe 1600 hog and tle scab dropped off oat of a sow by the noted Chief TVcuui Ton mam - r t- iaiJseu seh 2d Also a nice lot of Spring pigs by V me uisease nas returned R F Williams iny fine yearling boar Gillsburg Miss Www Jca -- It is dangerous to experiment with KENTUCKY U S The disease is beyond the skill of physicians S S S is the only cure My brood sows all recorded in because it is the only remedy which Central aud Ohio Pare Records and are C goes deep enough to reach Cancer bv such sires as 16623 e TheOIUUU cjwiJ For DlvJ Claude Sweepstakes winner World Fair Chief Teeumseli 2d -- Won m tJancer i - soon prs away I was tret J by several able physicians but in of their efforts the eer spread until my lau con dition became alarming After many months oi i 2 at present The probability ot continued itableness in the future Will of Some Women Some women dc rive a great deal of enjoyment out of making their wills more prizes and sired more ptiZd winners remarked a lawyer the other day Swifts Specific is the only blood than anv hog that evt i lived They change them as often as they remedy guaranteed Purely Vegetable Vans Chief and other good ones All others contain potash and mer- Better breeding than this is hard to change their gowns It is only a few cury the most dangerous of minerals rid and I also have tbe good indivi lu- - days ago that I came down to my office Books on Cancer and blood diseases 1s to eorrt pond nue and ok Oer to find one of my fair clients anx mailed free by Swift Specific Company ii v herd hi1 gi t uiv prices before bny- - iously awaiting me She was in a great Atlanta Georgia elsewbcre Corr ppcndi nee solic- - state of nervousness w ii Visitors Welcome inees reason Oh Mr Iilank she exclaimed Ive il le Terms cmnU come to change my will 1 geoicge clayton What Again r she sid asked discovered last night that Mrs whom I had in tended to have my diamond tiara to has been saying spiteful things about my poor dead husband said he made his money out of green grocery and an off beer license odious creature that she is I could never rest in my grave if 1 thought siie would benefit a farth ings worth from my death Cross her off the will please Mr Of Hartford Conn Blank and substitute the name of let me see now whom can I leave the dia issetfl Jan 1 97 f45ft57273 15 mond tiara to Well iiabiiitit Jan 1 97 838457690 tonight and come and Ill think it over see you iu the Surplus Jan 1 97 671150225 morning Paid policy holders since organization And so on continued the man of law That good lady changed her will six times In as many months and the names in it would have tilled a small The Aetna Ltfk issues every detti 4ble form of Life Term Endowment directory while the rest of it suggestind Accident Insurance ed an auctioneers catalogue London TTTV - Hutchison Boarl on Oonnty Ky Yes I I THE EQUITABLE LIFE ASSURANCE SOCIETY OF THE UNITED STATES The Aetna Life InsuranceCo Strongest in the Wdrid Hugh Mnntgnmerij Agent norzc Show FAIR AND CARNIVAL -- The Greatest Show of its kind ever known in the Blue Grass prof- The Equitable has a sur plus of over fifty seven millions of dollars which is the largest surplus of any life company in the world -- MBlii afif 2ioa jt The good and careful management of the past The strength and security of the fi jA E9969780301 Dales AUGUST 812 1899 O XT Miller Re5ideutfAtrent AT LEXiNSTCft Mail Oriental Judgment on Mixed Babies Paris Ky The Greek ecclesiastical authopities at Aleppo have been called upon to deOne Fare Round Trip from all points cide a case which strongly recalls SoloKentucky via the mons famous judgment By a strange DUJTTD U - POT I coincidence a woman and her daughter Iki w I QUEEN CRESCENT both gave birth to a female child at the same time But the babies got mixed and as one of them was ugly and the other pretty and healthy both mothers Ask Ticket Agent for particulars claimed the latter The elder woman Office over Vardens drug store 3F CINCMMH i iu be rouna at Hotel Ford ham at maintained that as all her other chil dren were handsome the ugly child Hr nlht could not be hers while her daughter claimed that being young handsome and strong she could not be the mother of a weak and ugly babe STovguii The religious chief of the town setIE Xji XX IWL IEJ tled the Affair in a summary way He THE GREAT MAJESTIC adjudged the beautiful child to the PAK1S KENTUCKY daughter on the ground that it being her first the occasion was not to be Vork pnirdnfoo- - sati factorv Call made one of humiliation and disap Your work h mptly tiubWered pointment wbile the elder mother m-icited Prices reasonable -could afford to forego her claim since she had already Lad several handsome children Constantinople Malumat W MAJESTIC MAJESTIC 1 1 iilLii C B1R OTHER Special Pipppls DENTIST ROUTE V TWIlr V Mra mm JOHN C3NNELLW IS In Their Different Departments thstobb I is still Sot MFC CD 5TLUUI5 As gy KFGCQ 1 Tm Wonder Flower The Canadian Manufacturer reports A 5TLDUI5s iW vi x S W the remarkable phenomenon of the discovery of a flower incased in a hole in an old iron casting the flower being in J a perfect state of preservation A work ri K III v i -j man engaged in breaking up old iron l at a foundry in Ontario came across an old wheel that had done service on a stationary engine for many years On breaking it he discovered in a crevice a flower Itlossom in perfect condition its color being as fresh as the day it found PB its way into its mysterious hiding I have a complete line o the great place It had evidently fallen Into the Majectic ranges poured For gas fittinrs honio furnishings casting when it was being injury and in some manner escaped from plumbing metal roofing door and the molten metal As the cavity was window screens refrigerators etc I can give the best line for the least mon- perfectly airtight it naturally retained view its fslijies until exposed ey i Siitiilinr mwl Pleasure and Health Resort XV Ii it 3 OmJHEMTO OntheR N I - i- - T- - A rr i Railroad and the Kentucky River in ihe midst of Mountain and Komautic Scenery Tiie Wnite Sulphur is specific lor bkin and kidney troubles th Chalybeate wari are Natrea tonic Hot Sulphur Baths in the hcu e B For further particulaisaddiess I U-Jl r-v- I u-i- OCTOBER IS1 A1 8 ffiXKjL -- W rMAfTsa cxWLrtr I ft c tiy n rri M4ml - i ti J I TIOIK IilOrL ik vim ky AIT J BEXJ PERRY 1 Her Lncld K iNtxr you wish he asked looking Dont soulfully into her eyes xhat the tun nel on this line was ten times as long No she answered DRY GOODS It struck him like a dash of cold waMade Dreea Oar Dry G ols Djpirtmmt is filleJ witli the lat H novoUiesof Silks for Waist- ter in the face lustaatly it dawned Goods suits ready to wear Shirts in black satin s crepons coverts luster and all the latent novelties of apon him that she no longer loved him Aslso a full line of laces embroideries underwear and hosiery Call and inspect them Tbey always light the car lampa the seaon when coming to the long tunnels sae Our Shoe Department contains the latest in Mns Boys Ladies and Childrens Tans and Blacks added and they dout for the shart C me in and try a pair iia all style toes an I width pric33 and q lalitv qu innVod Chicago Past ones Paris Ky L cxingtoa Horse August 25000 r r 89 E wh i 10 li ai 12 29a r mm BOTY21 -- SHOES 1899 Given Away in Purses and An DIVING HORSES llC 11 A 1 5 llOWdy Catalogs 4 y CLOTHING Press Asent Preaiaias CARPETS 1D1VING ELKS 1 Ineonsclon Our Clothing and Gents Furnishing Department is omplete Everything in Mens Boys and It was a critie who uprose on the first It will be to your interest before punhasin to give us a visit night of the late Charles Readea Childrens Clothing drama Its Never Toe Late to Mend at the lrincess theater London In Above all a word to the lilies B jfdre hoase keeping we w lit t a we have adde 1 a Carpet and 1805 and vehemently protested against Matting Department consisting of Wilton Velvets Moqaettea Tapestry and all grades of Woolen and In the flogging business in the jail scene graiti Carpets We will save you money if you will give us a cMl as being inhuman and untrue to life However it was true to life and the discussion that ensued tended to crowd the theater for many months Amusement Features Unexcelled 1L Talr 5 GUIDELESS WONDERS HIGH BICYCLE DIVE J The Greatest on Earth New Features from All Blanks Etc E W SHANKLIN Lexington Ky Excursion Rat0 3 on All Railroads TWIN BR OTHERS Nofcody Missed It Barry made a bet that every Hicks Nations Sec person who came by his fence would touch It and he won Wicks Nonsense How did it happen Hicks He meroly stuck up the- sign Paint and of course everybody considered himself called upon to feel of the fence Boston Transcript - j i BOURBONS BIGGEST BARGAIN BRINGERS 701 703 MAIN ST33ST PARI KENTUCKY M

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