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Image 7 of Bourbon news (Paris, Ky. : 1895), July 25, 1899

Part of Bourbon news (Paris, Ky. : 1895)

ES SETS BEFO I started it rolling after me Thn I clutched at the bare coral but it was E i sets befo de fiah an de wind is sobbln low too late Over I went and the rock 8eems I heahs ole voices whigpah while after me with a jerk which nearly ole faces come an go An my min den wunderg backards twel pulled the line from my grasp Feeling sure that the line would hold at its tired foh Its tromp An It rests upon de lanscape whah us 50 feet I clung to it desperately For chilluns use to romp a just de cabin lahscotton wid its hop vines dahs de hold the fraction of feelsecond it did Then I could those loops patches- nigh slowly but remorselessly pulling loose ah3 the spring whah in de evenlns attah DE FIAH - and I shot downward Then down until the pressure gripped my arms and legs in an iron vise until the blood gushed from my nose and ears The water grew icy cold and darker darker The helmet seemed filled with rushing noises with whisperings and mocking laughter I tried to tear away the lead weights which hung from my belt and shoul ders but they wouldnt budge For a moment or two I must have become delirious I was kissing Doroteas sweet lips McPherson was talking about Gladstone in his broadest Scotch Sam Hung Foo was making bobbery about a pink devil with red stomach and gilded ears every face I ver knew flashed before my eyes as if the lens were a kinetoscope 1 hen there came a jerk at the line It must have caught on something I knew I hadut fastened the other end To stay at that depth another second would have meant unconsciousness ard death Fearing with every tug that my weight added to that of rh rock would pull the line loose hauled myself up hand over hand though the exertion was so great on account of the pressure that every motion seemed Of likely to burst a blood vessel course in doing this the air in the knapsack counted for a good deal in all probability I couldnt have sunk much lower unless it had exploded but the weights would have held me at that depth had it not been for that slender bit of rope For several fath oms it needed but the slightest tug to send me shooting upward and as tfhe pressure increased I was better able to use my arms My strength was go ing fast however and nothing but the animal instinct to fight for life saved me Approaching the surface I became weaker or it required more strength to haul the extra weight and when I finally got 1113- - arms across the gunwale and outrigger it was im possible to move another inch The supply of air had given out and my last conscious mot ion was to unscrew the helmet lens In a few moments the fresh air revived me and I succeeded in crawling into the proa Then I got out of the diving suit took a strong pull at the brandy flask and hauled in my line It had run out so rapidly after fetching loose from the mast that a snarl had caught the other steel bar and jammed it under the outrigger Other- wise well I didnt like to think of wok wed tarry by all Heaben pears back yonner In de Ian of long ergo Jts 1 sets befo de fiah while de win is sob bit low An TVhat the Iavd wills in His jedgment is de bes foh all ma n kin IBut I hopes dat Ise not slrnin wushin foh de days behln Foh de pickaninus layln in dey shrouds In enless res Wid 4ejr wee hands cross forevah on each lil urmovin breas An dey mammy slecpin camly whah de wil birds sing dey song de cowbells music tinkles in a showah A all day long tthy He knows my heaht cant help it yearnin foh d long ergo Ea I sets befo de fiah while de wind is sob bin low Will J Hale in Chicago Times Herald j 3P--- -- - fia SESas 8m rjmp V rj UT - TOW a T m CLARENCE HERBERT NEW Copyright 1897 by J CHAPTER X Continued The rock must have been at least 15 feet higher than the surrounding ledge for I could see the sun through the water overhead It was longest from east to west and in the middle was small projection as high as my shoulders It was this which sent a shivering conviction through me that 1 harj fouud the wreck at last and I eagerly searched for another projection n t the westerly end After taking ioont 20 steps I found it or rather I fount4 a sinail lump of rock where it should have been and this settled my last doubt My first impression thai the foremast had broken off shorter than the main was accounted for by the fact that the whoie westerly end of the mouuc was two or three feet higher thai the middle Walking east found it several to the other end feet lower yet so our theory as to the drift of the coral fragments had been It now remained absolutely correct but to ascertain how thick the coating was on the northerly side and 1 rapidly scrambled down to where I had first stumbled against the wreck 1 had brought the smaller steel bar with me from the proa and this I be- gan driving against the perpendicular incrustation of coral at a spot near the stern At the second blow however I slightly lost my equilibrium and found that the rock upon which I stood shelved rapidly A horror of the unfathomable depth which lay but a few feet beyond made me throw myself flat upon the bottom digging my nails into the coral lest I should slip and sink to I knew not where Lying there until the beating of my heart slowed down to something like a normal pulsation I saw a faint reflection of light beneath the keel enough to show that 1 that It is ncdtf9 FRANTICALLY END T This was enough lor one day I had found the reef I had actually found the wreck of a ship which from its COral deposit must have lain in the one position for over a hundred years presumably the galleon at least Neustra Senora de Sevilla And I had found that the coral jacket on the nort herly side of her hull v as less than I wanted to six inches in thickness dance from sheer satisfaction hut it occurred to me that it might be sair to do so in the proa above water so started back toward her Now my mind was so filled wit ex ultation at having accomplished seem ing impossibilities that I tried to put my hands in my pockets and whistle ns strode along But there were no pockets in the confounded rig and the whistle was a mistake a big mistake It not only exhausted my breath inn air but it produced a concussion in that copper helmet which nearly It lifted the roof off of my skull so much that shook my confidence when theringing partially subsided in mv cars I hurried along even faster toward the proa After walking con siderably farther than what should nu Padre Sebastiano and have been the proper distance I began my mi that my oleaginous to curse my thoughtlessness in not was convinced coming to pay Ouajan a towing the thing along after me in shipmate was stead of leaving it to be hunted up visit native or Now any companions when even seconds were precious In accompany the my nervousness I must have gone too Spanish who might be either in his padre were likely to far Finally I turned back looking confidence or under his influence and right and left for the line which had me that the sea chest might been fastened to the lump of coquina I it struck excite more curiosity than was really Just when hope had almost left me hard think stumbled upon the piece of rock and safe So I did considerable me about been told grasped the rope to ascend But things ing over what had portions of the is seemed to be turned around Instead the sparsely settled to decide upon a the effort of slanting to the westward as it land in for the concealment of both should have done the line hung over safe place chest and treasure if it should become toward the precipice There was but one spot Thiuking that I had surely lost my necessary sure about Port Tarofofo I felt bearings I took a step or two under it thatthe southeast coast This was a on an attempt to haul the proa direct- land locked bay surrounded by bold in ly overhead but the rock shelved ab rocky bluffs and was uninhabited my ruptly In another second I lost end In an air line it was 92 miles south of at the I pulled frantically footin only Agana but as the islanders never 1 1 1 T 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suspicion that she and the gobernador might be under the padres influence and trying to work themselves into my confidence with the intention of betraying me afterward But the more I thought of this the more improbable it seemed In the first place relations between the educated classes and the priesthood in Spain are rapidly approaching those which obtain in Italy neutrality distrust beneath on the surface Then it seemed as though the senorita must know too much to look upon other than Ids priestly character and if the friendship bein tween us was warming as rapidly as thought it was reasonably safe to stake her womans heart against her head Finally deciding to risk it I asked her if she cared to spend Monday upon the water with me and she accepted the invitation with such evident pleasure that I shoved all worry about the padre clear of my mind for the time When Monday morning came we breakfasted in the patio and made an early start before Sebastiano appeared sailing leisurely around Cocos reef as if we had the day before us and were disposed to take things easy When I asked Dorotea if she had ever sailed into the bays on the east side I He Obeyed PARIS KY CO G S VARDEN Florida Havana yjtx Solid trains finest w JVAHNWt iArmfMn X i Wjrai Tampa f tE -- Zm i litVANA 1 1AMI KfcVWliTj iuSmw J i nAtmuiAS CfNFfiCi inthe South Cincinnati to Jacksonville daily via the Queen and Crescent and connecting lin s Through connections to Tampa Miami or Hew Orleans with fast Steamer Service to Nassau Key West Havana Santiago and San Juan Low rate round trip tickets i For sale by - Gift When Mrs Ransom went away for a fortnights visit she called her two bo s Now Rob I to iter and said firmly want yon and Ned to promise me that you will not tease papa to take you to the football game next week If he wants to go he might wish to be with some friend and not have the care of little boys like you And dont forget that you are to give papa something bcught with your own money for his The boys promised and the birthday The fact that the mother departed birthday and the football game occurred on the same date seemed par But the day ticularly unpropitious a sudden inspiration before Rob had the glow of which was soon shared with his brother On Mr Ransoms plate at breakfast the next morning was a somewhat soiled envelope on which Happy was printed in painful letters Opening it the beneficiary Birthday found two dingy quarters wrapped in a half sheet of paper which bore the To by a tikket for the Game words And looking up he encountered the gaze of four wistfully hopeful eyes hose owners had no reason to regret their strategy Youths Companion 1 Encyclopaedia Britannica for One Dollar Cash Hlfl Blrtluln- Arch- itecture Building Electricity 4- proa would keep me well in sight Mak ing me the cats paw to secure his 1 XPIC wy f Sebastiano f The sore weary cough worn Lungs re exhila rated the microbe bearing mucus is cut out the cause of that tickling is removed and thv inflated membranes are healed and soothed so that thert Is no inclination to cough Bill appearance Padre Sebastiano was cordiality ttrian as well as a republican Here itself but I could see that lay brother the boy remained four years and then Felipes ndracle was working in his returned to live with his grandfather mind and that he was trying to figure who wrote the mother I have had a it out upon natural grounds I was great deal of pleasure in Ben He is a upon the point of asking him how he good honest lad and will make I think happened to find the big proa so con- a valuable man He gains daily upon veniently forthcoming when he de- ray affection and we love him very cided to proceed down the islands but much Young Bache came to Amerreflected in time that if I had been ica with his grandfather and by his aid fishing to the eastard as I had ex- was established as a printer Franklin plained it would have been obviously supplying all the equipment for the ofimpossible to see his flagship so I fice which he left him in his will topumped him dry upon Ladrone data gether with other property In his be instead half also he asked Washington for The Agana padres regarded his visit some public office an application whicb as complimentary in the highest de shared the same fate as that he had gree respectfully swallowing his yarn made for his other grandson by being about collecting materials for island refused It was the common feeling of history but I couldnt help chuckling th- tiTiif that Franklin hml nspfl civil to mvself when I pictured his examina- - office to serve bis fanuv more than to lion ot r rav isrnacio s mummv uuu 11s serve the public and so there was suffiprecious charge Sebastiano and I cient prejudice to make exclusion of his were adversaries there now seemed relatives almost a policy with the new but little doubt of this fact And the government This discrimination in more I thought of it the more certain time led to ill feeling and eventually I felt that my motions were likely to be Benjamin Franklin Bache became th watched during every hour of the 24 standard bearer of the journalists who Every timp I went sailing alone there abused Washington Paxil Leicester was a strong probability that the big Ford in Centurv A will sometimes feel for inanimate objects I petted that coquina anchor as if it had been a living creature You ree we had gone down into the valley of the shadow together and but for a direct interposition of Providence would have been likely to remain there I must have been altogether up set by the experience for after haul injr the rock on board I held it in my lap and almost cried over it The position of the proa over deep water was explained by the light puffs of wind which for an hour or two had shifted to the westard as it v ill sometimes do shortly before the change of monsoon But in half an hour it was again blowing steadily rom the northeast and I started on my return 10 Agana Having It was then two oclock well forward 1 calculated the breeze that it would take me at least six ho irs to get back but the witch of a boat made good headway within five points of the wind and I sighted Tin quio bearing a little north of east at four oclock Holding on the same course for half an hour Agana then lay to the southeastard and I put the proa about for a straight run in When about ten miles off shore however I discovered that I had company for bearing down from the northard was the biggest catamaran I ever saw The hull must have been at least a hundred feet long and the sail looked like a gigantic balloon The instant I noticed it two words flashed through tat of the Lungs and Bronchial Tubes I PULLED -T- Cure tor coughs AT THE - BELLS DR jflMf Natures most natural remedy Kir- Py jrafyl9 science to a KelyB Pine fulfil Rlng out Cj0 oia to tho new 2 out tho falae Ring in the trus We brine v you the new and trus from f0 ot Norway Mtkflllt VllWi Ti several feet of the stern hung sheer over the precipice It must hae been at least ten minutes before I recovered strength enough to crawl back upon the higher portion of the ledge then realizing that my supply of air was nearly ex hausted 1 braced myself firmly and began driving away with the steel bar again The coral easily crumbled un der the blows though at that depth it was fiiied with live animalculae and in a few moments the bar had penetrated several inches then it struck something soft and spongy in which it stuck Rapidly enlarging the hole un til I could put my hand into it without tearing the skin I felt about for a second or two and succeeded in de taching a splinter of water logged wood a piece of the hull itself s EfllFcSMiW iSLw1m RJflHSlKflVpl M4a ail PShaB wbiclTwas fart to the rock but r vl urn am JSIKftSE - curious what an affection one X W ml md mm SSnMKi in the letter Oh well dont say any more about it You caught me nicely 1 must say It was the senoritas generosity not mine She was verj- kind and it was all her doing Now make jourself comfortable and well try to find Santa Rosa The dress business was dangerous ground and I didnt want to discuss it there was the possibility of her resent ing an implication that her appearance in the picture wasnt perfect Then again I couldnt tell how the other 1 m SNvvQHl ft ift 1 BBESE53 Ye aeSSSsKE 1 P Lippincott Co that as it was usually rough windy there few of the islanders and cared about it only remaining in the little villages during the wet monsoon or while they were gathering rice and sugar crops She was willing to go anywhere I chose to take her however and had no suspicion of my object until we headed into PaicpoUc cove for the instruments and diving apparatus Then before taking them from the fissure I told her of my intention to search for something under the sea at Santa Kosa reef and asked if she would help me Looking straight into my face for a moment she said Does not Senor Enrique know of a reason why I would do anything in the world for him Nothing more than the evidence of your friendliness senorita mia So But you do have the bad memory It may seem nothing that you try to give great pleasure to la senorita whom you never have seen I sippo e men do think it matters little to a wom an whether she does appear like ottu r women or like una barbara Vet you must have known Knriquito or you would not have tried to do ms la gran benevolencia on el vapor when mias primas despreciables did me defraudar ignominiosamente Why how the dickens did you find out Who told you Yourself senor How I Impossible You did just tell me by your excla I but guessed before True mneion Senorita Palacios did say that you were un generoso that you did like my picture all of the time also that if I did find anything which I could not understand you all about it would know Then mias primas in Manila did write the letter about the trimming they did have put upon las vestidas Y conterc lar they were as described But there were others not of the style antiguo And of them there is no explanacion she said walked or rode that distance when they could travel in proas there was but one chance in a thousand of any boats being seen beating in especially as the place had the unsavory reputation of being haunted On the land side there had been an old sugar plan- tation known as Mount Tarofofo farm but the goberuador had mentioned it as being abandoned and the moun- tain or bluff shut out all view of the sea The more I thought of it the more it seemed exactly the place I wanted It needed but the falling off a few points to head for the Cocos island in stead of Agana and by half past six I passed it as clos in shore as it was By seven oclock I had safe to go reached sufficiently to the eastard for a straight run intc Tarofofo and go ing about rounded Point Paicpouc just at dusk As the depth of the wa ter and the exact bearing of the bluffs were accurately shown upon my chart I had no difficulty in running ashore at ilie westerly head of Paicpouc cove which I judged to be completed shel tered from observation on the land side After lowering the sail I noticed thai the rocks descended abruptly into the water at the spot I had selected and was on the point of running along to where the chart showed a small creek when a slight opening attracted my attention The precipice was so close that I could have tossed a pebble against it and the spot so perfectly sheltered that I felt safe in using my lantern Outlines were becoming indistinct in the gatheringdarkness but the moment I turned on the current it revealed a fissure about four feet wide which led diagonally into the face of the rock There was a good three feet of water right up to the opening and upon throwing the light inside I could see that it ended in a cul de sac with perpendicular walls If I had searched the entire archipelago it would have been difficult to find a place more perfectly suited to my requirements when I came again in broad daylight the fissure was in visible 100 feet away It was something of a task to unload the contents of the big chest but in a short time 1 had them stowed away under a tarpaulin 60 feet from the opening and was ready to leave the cove The moon was not yet up but the starlight was suffi cient to navigate by and I reached Agana by 11 oclock As the big proa I had seen was of too heavy draught to run across the hoa in front of the town was not surprised at her ab- sence The lights about the goberna dors quarters were sufficient indication that visitors had arrived and I managed to sneak up the back steps to my room without ai trading atten- tion It was well that 1 did so for my face was a sight Little rivulets of clotted blood covered the lobes of my ears and my upper lip my eys looked like burnt holes in a blanket and altogether 1 presented a most dissipated ii V The Train Service is per- feet in detail Fast sched- ules 24 hours to Jackson ville of eai v Cincinnati to Havana Santiago yTWCPINEARS0M CrPA ed SJC fONCSToT 54 hours Cincinnati 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