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Image 4 of Bourbon news (Paris, Ky. : 1895), July 25, 1899

Part of Bourbon news (Paris, Ky. : 1895)

THREE LYNCHED Negroes Identified as Members of tliR iiaugr of AssmIU rs Kiled It Was I After the Kcnuiuins Five embers of the Gang and if Caught Atlanta 1 24 A Three 1 robibiy Fatally l Cleveland Negro captured near Iron City Sunday bight was brought to Saffold and identitied as one of the assailants of Mrs J E Og letree last Thursday nig ht He was Huehed Sunday morn ing near Saffold The other dead Negroes were found alongside the railroad track two miles west of IJainbrioVe Sunnav morninf The names of none of these Negroes are known It is believed by some that the two dead Negroes found by the railroad track were the men arrested Saturday at Troy Ala on suspicion of being implicated in the Ogletree out rage and who were being brought to Saffold for identification Bainbuidge Ga July 24 Three Negroes were lynched during Saturday night near Saffold Ga and the mob is hunting for five more who are believed to have been members of a gang that robbed J E Ogletree agent of the Plant system at Saffold Thursday night afterward binding him and as saulting1 his wife in his presence Since the crime was committed hunting parties have been out in search of the A vo or tloute in July 24 The rioting which continued throughout Saturday night was renewed Sunday and there vere several serious outbreaks of vio lence but no clashes between the mobs and the troops Cars were started running as usual Sunday morning on all but one or or two lines The mobs were attr early Soon after 10 oclock a thousand or more persons gathered on Burton street on the south side and proceded to obstruct the track Her Little Joke What Hurt When a car came along with two poYoung I heard that you were ruij mum Maid Shu re Prospective liceman on board it was attacked with Oive came in ttell yez Oi wasnt comin down by a bicyclist this morning a shower of stones In spite of the to morrer loike Oi promised yez Oldboy So was matYoung Were you hurt policemen the non union motorman Mistress Elect Why whats the Oldboy Not until one of the bystand and conductor were roughly handled ter Oh ers said that it was a shame to see au Prospective Maid soothingly One of them named McDermott had two ribs broken and the other was yis mum Oi am Oi just wanted to see old man knocked down like that Puck badly bruised One of the policemen your oies bug out N Y World Completely Ipset fired at the mob the bullet strikAll Over with Him Curaso The theorv that diet molds great in its ing a man named Wennick The The patience of Job was so the character is completely upset bv way mob assaulted the officers both That our stock of forbearance seems statistics from Paris of whom were struck repeat small Cawker What statistics are you edly with stones and but for the For although he was all over boils so they thinking say about intervention of a priest of the Catholic Yet he never boiled over at all Cumso Parisians eat 100000 pounds L A W Bulletin church near at hand the officers might of snails daily and yet the people of have been lynched By this time the Paris are considered fast Judge IT WAS CKIELLY CHIEL cars had been mixed up in the melee Fraught with Meaningand a patrol wagon of police arriving Henry Peck Bertha was your the rioters dispersed and the cars mother at the jewelers to day were taken back to the barns There Bertha Yes papa But why do you was a serious disturbance on the Broad ask way line at the corner of Petrie street Henry Peck I heard her singing where a mob of 3000 assembled in the In the Sweet Buy and Buy as I came forenoon and obstructed the track in Jewelers Weeklv As a result of the shooting of the Strong Womans Highter driver of a grocery wagon in South Is she very strong in her womans Brooklyn Saturday afternoon by a nonrights ideas union conductor the mayor of that You can judge for yourself She invillage Sunday issued an order to the sists that that sliding lump in her husmarshal to arrest all non union conbands throat is an Eves apple instead Detroit Free of an Adams apple ductors who carried concealed weapons Press Every car was stopped and each con- ductor found with a revolver was arWas a Severe Setback rested Ail were subsequently bailed No it will be several Sundays before out by the company I care to hear Rev Mr Dakter preach A small riot was started at the corner Why so He has just returned from a fishing of Pearl street and Franklin avenue trip and it will take him that long to when a young woman struck a man Benevolent Party My man dont you get back to his veracity Cleveland who asked her to board a non union think fishing is cruel sport Plain Dealer car A crowd of union sympathizers Well I should Fisherman Cruel stoned cars and a squad of police finally say so I have sat here six hours and Was the Hand of Fate cleared the street have not had a bite been nearly eat up It must have been the hand of fate The company Sunday sent a note to by mosquitoes and the sun has par- the Kentucky editor explained to his the state board of arbitration declin- boiled the back of mv neck Harlem readers that threw its octopus arm Life around our comjositor and made him ing to arbitrate the differences say Kentuckys colonels were loyal to A Euclid avenue car loaded with Talk Proof passengers was wrecked by an explo- Down with the trusts and then hell the corn when we had written it loyal Indianapolis Journal to the core fill sion of nitroglycerin or gun cotton The air shortly before 11 oclock Sunday night The trustswith speeches glowing still The American Standard meanwhile are keeping Four persons were badly hurt the She may dress up in silks and satin Theyre very busy growing She may know how to smile and to sigh Washington Star names of the injured being She may fluently talk Greek and Latin Mrs E C Martin 79 Alanson street But she no good if she cant make pie The Parajrrapbers Baby compound fracture of the skull right Its funny 1 cant trust you with Chicago Daily News arm broken and internal injuries which baby for a short half hour without your KXEW A TH1XG OR TWO may prove fatal doing something ridiculous What in E C Martin right arm badly cut earth did you carry him up in the attic for and bruised about legs and body Just for a high bawl my love Mrs Catherine Harris 25 Cornell street suffering from nervous prostra- Cleveland Plain Deaier tion An Ancient Setting F A Smith G9 Vienna street injured Imperial Home began the profesabout legs and body sor sat on her seven hills and ruled E Fassett 12 Wallace place the world until until when Albert replied the thorough stuVFntil legs injured Late Sunday night it was learned dent the rest of the world sat on imN Y World that Mrs Martin one of the injured perial Borne would probably die She suffered a What the Boy Heard compound fracture of the skull had Grandpa do you ever eat glass What put Why no one arm broken and was otherwise inEat glass She was with her husband such a notion in your head jured I heard papa say that you were alwho was also badly hurt The explosion tore out the front end ways making spectacles of yourself Brooklyn Life of the car smashed all the windows Mamma Bobby if vou saw a man and destroyed the brake starring would you give him a piece of After conHaexpeetea your pie siderable difficulty the ear was stopUnto the maiden of my heart Bobby Nom You said a person By mail I did propose ped and a call for ambulances were might turn up Then waKed for what shouldnt eat pie on an empty stomach The motorman William sent out Aias it was her nose O 1 - guilty Negroes One of the Negroes appeared at an old darkys hut near Brinson Ga and asked to be harbored The old man wen to Brinson and informed the au thorities of his presence A posse returned with him and captured the Negro who gave his name as Louis Sarnmin The man was taken to Saf- fold and was identified by Mr and Mrs Ogletree as one of their assailants He said there were eight Ne- groes in his gang and that they came from Augusta He said two of the gang were not far away One portion of the mob went in pursuit of these two while the other hang ed Sammin and riddled his body with bullets The other two were overtaken shot and scalped a party bringing their scalps to Saffold Sun day evening A hundred men with bloodhounds are after the remaining five members of the gang and if caught they will be lj nched NOTED AGNOSTICS REMAINS The Body of Robert G Ingersoll Lies on an Improvised Bier in the Bedroom in Which He Breathed Ilia Last New York July Sobert 24 The body of Ingersoll lay on an improvised bier Sunday in the bedroom in which he died at the home of Walston in Dobbs H Brown his Ferry Many men of all sorts and conditions but mostly humble toilers made the pilgrimage to Dobbs Ferry in the hope that 1hey mijrht be permitted to gaze once more upon the noted agnostic In no instance was the request refused Noarcangements whatever have yet been made concerning the funeral Mrs Ingersoll and her daughters Mrs Brown and Miss Maude Ingersoll are still too much overcome with sorrow to consider the matter They can not tear themselves from the beloved dead said Mr Farrell Sunday night They have not left the chamber since he passed away except to go into an adjoining room when visitors who wished to see him called They can not reconcile themselves to he idea that they must part with him and all allusions to the removal of the body only cause distressing outbursts of grief It may be a few days before they are calm enough to discuss the steps that necessarily soon must be taken for the removal of the bodG son-in-la- w - SIXTH REGIMENTS VICTORY It Was Greater Than at First Reported Will Have a halutary Fffect on Similar liobber Bands pay - Draggers who came from Cincinnati was dazed by the shock but the con- ductor Frank Schroeder of St Louis escaped injury The force of the explosion was so great that it shook all the houses in the neighborhood and was heard for a distance of two or three miles Per sons living in the neighborhood say thej-- saw a man in a buggy stop at the corner of Kensington street where the explosion occurred and get out by the railroad track He remained there a short time and then drove rapidly away Passengers who were on the car say the explosion seemed to lift the whole front end of the ear and it ripped up the floor for more than half the dis tance from the front end The car was in fact a complete wreck but strange to say it did not leave the rails and was taken to the barns by the next outward bound motor The police were quickly summoned to the scene of the explosion and a force of men was detailed to ivestigate with a view of running down tiie per son who placed the explosion on the Washington July 24 The war de partment Sunday received from Gen Otis another dispatch giving additional particulars of the fight between apt B A Byrne with 70 men of the and robber bands in 6th infantry the island of Negros It shows that soldiers the of victory the rethat greater than was disOtiss Gen ported in 21 and that the loss sufpatch of July fered by the robbers was considerably larger than before stated Much sat isfaction is felt by Gen Otis over the results of this preliminary effort in dealing with this disturbing element in the island and he reports it already as having a salutary effect on other track bands infesting the locality -- The Presidents Vacation July 24 President Washington McKinley will leave here the and Mrs middle of the coming week for their vacation at Hotel Champlain three miles from Plattsburg N Y Quarters have been engaged at the hotel and nearly all the details of the trip have been arranged The Shamrock at Kothesay Greenock July 24 Sir Thomas Lip tons American cup challenger Sham rock arrived Sunday at Rothesay Island of Bute ARRIVAL OF TRAINS Proir Cincinnati His Waterloo He was a great composer And operas hs couid write But he couldnt compose his youngest When he walked him round at night DiCIOED WITH THAMvS VK -- A wkjsb na I 5iK v n x--- Vvl 5T VP TiT f iiii Zll I J If They Only Were S I have discovered another clew v- - s said the detective What a godsend it would be re- M turned the man who had employed him Ml if clews were crindnals Chicago Post IMot Very Muoh Tommy come ober in Tilly Hey Miss Oldgirl Do you think Mr Snif an play wid me little dog our yard kins is sincere when he writes that he N Y World loves me mor than tongue can tell The Snn AVorsMper Miss Peachblcw I dare say Hes No fireside joys for me ah co tongue tied you know Kansas City For days like these my Heart will glow LZ j wl i - i i No cure no 588 p m OF TRAINS To Cincinnati CffiPEAE S 18a6t To My Patrons QI EI TIME TABLE I have moyed my gallery fixtures tc EAST bound street but I t my residence on Henderson Lv Louisville 830am 600pm am prepared to make pictures from old ArLiexiugton llrloam 840pm ll2oam 850pm 830am 550pm negatives or make large pictures and Lv Lexington Lv Winchester 1158am 923pm 915am 680pm Mt Sterling finish kodak work Orders can be left Ar Washington 1225pm 950pm 950am 705pm j5 jam 340pm Ar at Vardens drug store or at my resi- Ar Phlladelphial015am 70opm Ar dence New York 1240nn 908pm It G RINNAN WEST BOUND 8 8 Abnet mail carrier will haul Ar Winchester 730am 450pm 655am 20pis K00am 20pm 736am 345pm light baggage to and from depot Terma Ar Lexington 11am bSJOpm Ar Frankfort very reasonable Leave orders at Post Ar Shelby villa 1001am 720pm Ar Louisville 4100am 15pm tf office marked1 thus f run daily ex Trains sept Sunday other trains run daily Through between Louisville The Bourbon Steam Laundry Lexington Sleepers New York without and having secured oflice room at change James corner Fourth and Main will locate their main Parker For rates Sleeping Car ssservations oi any information call on FB Agent L Phone No office at that place 4 All calls or bundles entrusted tGeorge W Barney to them will receive prompt at tention prompt paying compa- BR Paris Ky Lexington My agency insures against fire wind and storm best old re- liable Carr Nw Div Pass Agent Frankfort Cincinnati Ry nies non union W O HINTON Agent Life ELKHORN ROUTE LOCAL TIME CARD IN EFFECT DECEMBER OTH 18 Policies insurance EAST BOUND BOUGHT FOR CASH H S STOUT Paris Ky DEALER IN Furnitnre Window Shades Oil Cloths Carpets Mattresses Etc Main WEST BOUND No Paris Ky Street 3 Paga 9 30am Lve Paris e Lve Elizabeth Lve Centreville Lve Newtown Lve C S Ry Depot b Lve Georgetown No No 6 Mixe4 4 Pass 5 4pru 40am 5 50DQ 9 45am 5 66pm 9 53am 6 03pm 10 28am 6 17pm 7 50am 10 32ara 6 20pm 7 51am 37am 6 26pm Lve Johnson 10 43am 6 32pm Lvo Duvalln Lve Stamping Grnd IC50am 6 39pm t 8 22am Lve Switzer li 00am 6 4pm 8 40am 11 07am 6 56pm 8 55am Lve Elkhorn 1120am 7 10pm 9 15am Arr Frankfort a TEETH EXTRACTED WITHOUT PAIS NO OA9 No 5 Mixed l OOpm 1 30pm 1 35pm 1 56pm 7 ooam 8 40pm Lve Frankfort a 7 11am 3 52pm Lve Flkhorn 7 18am 4 OOpm Lve Switzer Lve stamping Qrrnd 7 21am 4 10pm 7 34am 4 16pm Lve PuvallB 739am 422pm Lvelohrson 7 45am 4 2 pm 2 30pm Lve Georgetown Lve C S Ky Depot b 7 50am 4 38pm 3 Oftpaa 8 17am 4 48om Lve Newtown 8 25am 4 56pm Lve Jentreville 8 30am 5 OOpra Lve Elizabeth 8 40am 5 10pm Arr Parlw c GEO W DAVIS Special attention given to Undertak ing and Repairing No a Paw No 1 Paw 1 NO COCAINE A simple application to the gums nsed only by me and acknowledged by the Dally except Sunday public to be the best and easiest and a Connects with L N b connects with Q absolutely free from any after effects AC connects with Ky Central Catephoric treatment for painlesf filling - KENTUCKY CENTRAL POINTS 150 np 100 np 500 50 cts Painless extraction J ADAIR amipm Frank rort Ar 1120 710 Georgetown Ar 1028 611 Lv 930 Lv 545 Lv 709 Lv 620 PariB Maysville Winchester Richmond 54 lrjf 255 201 GEO B HARPER Genl Supt JUS K NEWTON G P A S D D am 340 700 L 42 750 Lv l0 840 Ar 830 Ar 616 1142 Ar 720 100 Ar 50 cts Gold fillings Gold crowns R p ouo teetu Upper and lower- Silver fillings wet 01 Paris Ky opp Court house Hours 8 to 12 a m 1 to 5 p m 821 Main St Telephone 79 N C FISHER Attorney-At-La- w The Leading Specialists of America Paris Kentucky 20 YEARS np stairs 2 doon West of Bourbon News 58 Will Keimey Phone H- - D 136 Office Fourth and Pleasant Sts Office Hours to 10 a m 2 to 4 p m 7 to 8 p m 7 WECURESTRICTURE Thousands of young and raiidlc aged men are having their sexual vigor and vitality continually sapped by this dis ease They are frequently unconscious ot tho cau o or these symptoms General Weakness lunntural Discharges Fail ing Manhood Nervousness 1tor Mem ory Irritability at timos Smarting eon sation Sunken Eyes with dark circles Weak Vnrk Gene al Depression Lack Varicocele Shrunken of Ambition Parts etc CLEET and STR1CTLRE may be the cause Dont consult family doctors as they havo no experience in these special diseases dont allow Quacks to experiment on you Consult Specialists who havo made a life study of Diseases of Men and Women Our X E W METHOD TREATMENT will posi tively cure you One thousand dollars for a case we accept for treatment and cannot cure xerms moderate ror a cure ARNSPARGER NON UNION AGENTS RELIABLE EIRE NSLRANCE AT LOW KATES 5 BROADWAY Cured WECURE GLEET 6auirtn SMITH OHIO Surgeon Physician 250000 IN Thousands of young and middlo aged men are troubled with this disease many unconsciously lhcy may havo a smart ing seni ation email twisting stream sharp cutting painsat times plight discharge difficulty ia commencing weak organs emissions and all the symptoms of nervous debility they have BTRIC TURE Dont let doctors cxperimenton you by cutting stretching or tearing you i his will not cure you a3 it will re turn Our NEW MLillOU XllEAT MENT absorbs tlie stricture tissue hence removes tiii stricture Permanently It can never return No pain no suffer ing no dorention from business by our method Tho sexual organs are strength ened Tho nerves are invigorated and tha bliss of manhood returns PARIS KY 21ma99 tf 1899 lines CURES GUARANTEED i - 1miS a pm DEPARTURE Independent In summer heat is rv content does not cost m one r d c nt It Not Exactly Clear Which Detroit Free Pre Mrs Proud roan I believe Arthur Strategy Trees Plants will be a minister Hes always asking Gracious what is Percy J me about the pearly gates and things Trolley ar strike Practically at an End v earing long hair at golf for New York July 24 The trolley it gives him p chance to say that like that Mr Proudman Perhaps hell be a Fruit and Ornamental Trees Shrubs car strike both in Manhatten and frotball is really hie game Chicago Jewelers1 Weeklv ieweler Small Fruits and everything for Orchard Brooklyn seems to be practically at an Uecord Lawn or Garden We employ no agent end General Master Workman Par- Rural Exchanges Xm sell dirert at reasonable prices In the Contractors Line sons says it is not Sunday and at a Uncle Abner Jud Tompkins traded Strawberry and Tree Catalogues or apFlim Whats your business meeting of the Central Federated bosses three times in one day last plication to Flam Ccutr- tor week he launched a scheme for a new union ti F H1LLENMEYER Flim Wbt line Uncle Silas So An yet some folka Lexington K labor political party and at the same Flam Debt Towc Tories ay times arc no brtter than they was time nrged upon the delegates of the Tslenbona 979 N Y World S few years ago Hubby Talk Ilnek unions in Greater New various trades Insurance m the Hursi Hoxne on She If 1 were to di you would never Covering the Whole Question York the expediency of contributing cost the policj holders fifty cents on Thi P rigs Say old man what are 30U the fund to aid the strikers and the jet another wife i ke me tunared dolars dnrtae the year 1897 He What maps ym think Id ever dcjng for that cold delegates promised their financial O W MiLLBti Agen wrant another like you Tit Bits Ciigg Coughing ilarlem Life support Pans Kt j n b 15 a m 751 a m 340 p m To Lexington 747 a m UG5 a mj 545 p m 1014 p m New Photograph Gallery lo Richmond 11 08 a m 5 43 p m 1016 p m D Cable has opened a cozy new pho To MayBvilha 750 a m 585 p m tograph gallery on Main street opposite F B Cabs Agent the Telephoue Exchange where he ia prepared to make good pictmea at low prices Kodak work will also be fin- ished up promptly in first class styie He solicits the patronage of the public Phone Why He W lis Certain She Are you sure you will like married life as well as you do your club He Oh yes She And are you so awfully fond of your club He Not very The Bival 101 1 Ihfttn Lesiugou 511 a lh 745 a Ui 833 p in 627 p m Prom Richmond 505 a m 7 40 a m 838 p in Prom Msysville 742 a m 825 p m Office on Broadway Chicago Daily News t-s rn Kennev Pris lUinar 6uio For sale by Clarke Kentucky N Y World Judge a L ft N R alter burns cracked heel old sores and collar gulls scratches RilLUOADTiMfi OJUUk Were Miakeii Arrests Ga -- Wtli the Vicinity of the Fxplosion special to the Constitution from liainbridg e says Five Persons Were Ba Ilv Injarad e Lynched July Blown Dp In Strikers U For cuts Relieves all pain instantly ecema ca- burns boils bruises itch tarrh sore throat erysipelas corns chapped hands or lips piles and all ul cer or tores of pkin or mucous mem bran it is a sure and permanent cure Will cure sore or inflamed eye in forty eight hours Satisfaction guaranteed or money refunded Horsemen will find this oil will enra Nitroglycerin or bail Cotton A Hundred Men With Bloodhonnds Are They Will porters Antiseptic Healing A CAR WRECKED We treat and cure EMISSIONS VARICOCELE SYPHiLiS GLKET RTKTCTrHK TMPOTKIVCV SECRET DRAINS UNNATI RAL DISCHARG ES KIDNEY and RLAODEtt Diseases BOOKS CONSULTATION FREE PREK tf Tihl to eall write for QTTESTTnW HOME BLANK for TREATMENT KfnnedyFkergan 122 W FOURTH STREET CINCINNATI O I f i jii

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