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Image 1 of Citizen (Berea, Ky.), April 19, 1906

Part of Citizen (Berea, Ky.)

Jnnn II II J J II BEREA PUBLISHING CO- rlI J L E TUPPER THE CITIZEN Manager Mere f at tkt Pnttoffltent RtrtlJ AI nae and elait man matttr HHIHIHrHHHIHHIH i VOL VII Five Cents a Copy liEHEA IDEAS Moreover yo shall toko no satin THE faction for the lift of a murderer which is guilty of death but he shall bo surely put to doalhNum Anthracite Operators Assert They born 8581Have Been Decided by tho Ho has achieved success who has Strike Commission lived well laughed often and loved much who bas gained thu respect of intelligent men and the lovo of little SHALL THERE BE ARBITRATION children who has tilled his niche and accomplished his task who has loft tho world better thou he found it IThe Reply Was Hade In Response to whether by an improved poppy a President Mitchells Recent perfect poem or a rescued ROulwho never lacked appreciation o carthn beauty or failed to express it who has always looked for the ben- t The Operator Claim That the Miners in others and given them tho best he Offer To Waive Formal Recognl lied whoso life was an inspiration tion of the Miners Union Mm whose memory n benediction Is Not Material A J Stanley DIFFERENCES ¬ MADISON LIVE ELECTRIC A WIRE KILLS TWO Youths Incubator Invention Cotta tho Live of Both During An Experiment Propositionf ¬ ISA experimentr Thist proposttloat ¬ ¬ AllenI regardI ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ 1by Julnlld I broken down at thu Algcciras Con bronco It has long been in a shaky ¬ prllctlcnllwitlulrnol anyinterest i Rortion of Germany by Italy in tho Conference have worked Together to show that tho famous Droibund can trot bw counted on as an element in European politics any longer By the failure of tho Alliance Germany ap pears very much alone ¬ The British Government has bcejj numbering the people and tho re port is that the Empire has more than 800000000 subjects Asia 7 000000 in America 43000000 in Africa over 0000000 in Australia and over 42000000 in Europe ¬ roligiou8thero 000000 Mohammedans 08000000 Christians 12000000 Buddhists and 23000000 of various pagan or nonChristian sects It should be said that this last item represents a very wide generalization since it contains Parsecs Sikhs Jabs Jews and Confucians as wellas very primitive forms of superstition Hughes of the New Alexander Simpson jr bar have been re tained by the department of justice to take under consideration all tho facts 1ChnrlesE BscerI and sale of coal in interstate com merce to advise what If any Jegal proceedings should bo begun and to conduct under the direction ot the attorney geAeral such suits or prosecu ¬ tons If any as may bo warranted by the evidence In hand and forthcom ¬ ingMr Hughes Is well known In con ¬ nection with the recent insurance in vestigation In New York Mr Simp ¬ son Is a leading lawyer of Philadel phia ¬ ¬ Visibfa Supply of Cotton New Orleans April 18 Secretary Hesters statement of the worlds vis ible supply of cotton shows a total of 462G025 against 1635457 last woek Of this the total of American cotton Is 2902025 against 3002457 lost week Capt W A Powell Dead Atlanta Ga April lBAfter an Ill ness of only five days induced by the Infirmities of old ago Capt W A Powell treasurer of the Homo Mission Board of the Southern Presbyterian church died hero aged 81 years v ¬ ¬ lay aside a certain portion of your income Deposit this in some good bank ours Andrew Carnegie Lord Rector of St Andrew University Conferred th Degree of Doctor of Laws Upon Miss Agnes Irwin likeBut if you dont neglect to This money will come handy r SAVE 18ln Philadelphia April the pres ¬ ence of a large audience distinguished In the arts sciences literature and In many branches of education the four days celebration in this city of the two hundredth anniversary of the birth of Benjamin Franklin was for mally opened In Witherspoon hall by the reception of delegates from node ties and InsUtutlons of learning in all parts of the world Besides the recep tion of delegates formal addresses ot felicitation from societies and educa tional Institutions in Europe and America were read and Andrew Carnegie lord rector of the University oi St Andrews conferred the degree of doctor of laws upon Miss Agues Irwin dean of Itaiallffe college who Is n great grandaughter of Benjamin to you some day indeed it wiJ rectors llOut J j Burdette jj ¬ W J W Herndon ¬ N EJ Conferred Upon Franklin Mr Carnegie also presented the ad dross of St Andrews saying that St Andrews had conferred a degree upon Franklin In 1759 and that ho had been charged to say that in looking back over five centuries oI Its history St Andrews found no greater satisfaction in any action it has taken than in honoring Franklin at that time In conferring tho degree of doctor Moore A J E Johnson TFJsh i W H Porter Capital flntevest on 25000 time depo- f t RadiclUre sitsBereaanhng < 0 was fourth time In Its academic history of five hundred years that St Andrews had conferred the degree upon aI AT WELCHS womanNEGOTIATIONSBROKEN Fri Day in and day out you will find better prices and more dependable merchandise at our store than at any other place In Madison county Wo have the largest and most complete stock in this and adjoining counties bought for spot cash no time or discount consisting of Dry Goods Shoes Hats Clothing Hard waro Groceries Field Seeds and the cheapest Drug Store on so that one Doctor never gets to fill eartha Druggist in another Doctors prescriptions a Peaceful Settlement negotlatlonllllookIng ZIon City and Its vast resources were broken Off John Alexander Dowlo through his attorneys E C wetter Haley threw down tho gauntlet to General Overseer Vollva and his followers when a proposition advanced by tho Voli voltes to tho ef¬ feet that the 21000000 estate be turn ed over to a board of control was rejected by Dowle Dowlo rejected the proposal on ground that not only would ho not acI qutosco In the appointment ot Vollva on the board but that ho no longer recognized the new leader as a mom ber of tho church Dr Dowlo wilt go to Zion City some time this week It Is declared by the Dowloltes that when tho First Apostle enters tho city which ho founded ho will do so as the head of the church Vollva they say will be J DJnsmorel Plbornellus FranklinDegree I C Some of the Prices ¬ Obelisk Flour Gold Medal Flour excommunIcAtedI Pleasure Boat Containing Four People Was Upset In Rough Water L 00 r 55 25 Meal Dry Salt Meat Lenox Soap ¬ SoapIvory Sugar brown Sugar granulated OS and 09 03 or 2 for 05 OS orSfor10 05 or VY 0 for 25 01 05 qo Yo cs io oo Io Studebaker Wagons and Oliver Plows and it looks like everybody trades at WELCH S ii Tampa FIn April 18Geo Garry cashier of the Tampa Electric Co was drowned ir Hlllsboro a mile off Bal opo Ko Ko Ka KokoKoKaKo rot o Kokoko Koko Ko troMoKo Kovoso roK o last Point while out with a pleasure party of four Tho boat was oyer o 0o x turned In rough water Garry o startedI to swim to shore to secure after bo and his companion J YOU COMING TO THE Brings Sick Soldiers To Be Treated honey rescued the two young ladles 0 o with them and placed them on tho up In Northern Hospitals turned boat Being exhausted Garry New York April UTho fast went down some distance from his cruiser Pennsylvania transferred tem companions and his body has not yet porarily Into a hospital ship came Into boon recovered Garry recently came ° X port after a quick trip from Guanta to Tampa from Boston llama and anchored off Tompklnsvllle Secretary Newberrys Twins Injured The sick sailors and marines from the q Washington April 18Bornes and M ships of tho Atlantic fleet now on tho target grounds In tho Caribbean wero Phelps twin sons of Assistant Secretary of Navy Newberry wore Injured detached and sent north on tho PennSylvania to bo treated in hospitals whlla coasting on roller skates Archie Roosevelt was with them The New hero 0 Phelps arm was berry boys fell Wire Fence Plows Hose Hames Chains sCant Get Enough Men broken and Bornes sustained bruises Pittsburg Pa April 14 Pittsburg Osborne Machinery and all the good things that o Michael Davitt Operated On coal operators who have signed tho ° Dublin April IS Michael DavItt o wago scalo are advertising for work I have for you M who is suffering from blood poisoning nien This Is partly duo to the fact was operated 0 on by Sir that when a shutdown seemed inev- ley Stoker president William Thorn I want your trade no matter who you are of the Royal itable many of the foreigners decided Academy of Medicine In Ireland and to visit their old homes and have not Is progressing satisfactorily yet returned J Boller Explodes Battleship Y o John F Wallace Third Arbitrator o Malta April IBThreo members of New York April IGJohn F Walo o lace formerly chief engineer of tho tho crew of the British battleship 0 Panama canal has boon selected as Prince of Wales were killed and four o tho third arbitrator in tho dispute re- were Injured by a boiler explosion garding Wages between tho Grand while the vessel was undergoing her speed trials Trunk railway and Its engineers Three Boys Maimed For LIfe Von Holstein Resignation Accepted Chicago April HThree boys who Berlin April ISDy direction of produced some dynamite cartridges Emperor William Foreign Secretary and proceeded to set them off in a Tchirsky accepted tho resignation of vacant lot wero mutilated for life by Varon Von Holstein chief of the dethe explosion of one of the cartridges I partment of higher politics In the for ¬ Their ages ranged from 11 to 14 years oleo ¬ ¬ nclccltecl ISAttorneyI oermnu1Itlll 9 Once a week or once a month They Were All Represented by Dis ¬ tinguis med Audiences From All Parts of the World and P or tcme1banb AND LITERATURE Dowle Rejects All Propositions 13 NO Will ¬ SCIENCES f It + Two Hundredth Anniversary Cel ebration Was Formally Open ed in the Quaker City ARTS tI One Dollar a Year ¬ ¬ it i FRANKLINS BIRTH MOTHER AND HER SON WERE THE VICTIMS Family Newspaper Eight Pages A COUNTY KENTUCKY APRIL 10 1000 New York April 15A double trag- ¬ edy In which mother and son were killed through an electrical apparatus used to operate a chicken incubator the invention of tho young man himself occurred Sunday at Croton Falls West Chester county The victims ol the accident were Daniel Jeungst Jr aged 30 years and his mother Mrs Anna Jeungat aged 50 years The lius band and father Daniel Jeungst made the discovery an hour afterward The Jeungut brothers own tho electric pleat which supplies tho lights for the etatlbn and streets of Croton Falls New York April subcommit Tho younger Jeunget was In the tee of presidents of tho anthracite coal chicken raising business and he tin IN OUR OWN COUNTRY carrying railroads and mine operators vented an Incubator which was oper Tho Louisville Times well says hold a meeting tn this city and drew ated by electricity which he got from Hint the Czar is fortunate in having up a letter to President John tho cause of his enemies represented of tho United Mine Workers of Amoin this country by Maxim Oorkoy ion In which the operators again de hoped to hatch GOO chickens at a time nothing to arbl that This writer lies come to tho Untied Glared exceptthero isquestion whether the younger Jeungat early Sunday trate the attempted to shut off the electric curStates with an actress who passes a rent and in reaching for the switch his wife tho Iwtii acknowledge thacaught hold of a live wire and 5000 three Oorkey has a wife volts of electricity shot through his The writer is a socialist in Russia accept body Tho mother who aompsnted if not an anarchist and sent n toes however refuse point blank to who to sago of cheer and encouragement to Mr Mitchells latest plan Thoassort him the the Incubator house and son held lantern teallzed that her that all the dlcffrenco between tho was In peril Moyer and Hey wood who are yet 1o and thoughtlessly grab- ¬ miners and their employers have been Ice proved innocent of a foul assassiby the strike commission and bed tho wire to pull It sway She too nation Ho has beet refused admis decided that there Is no reason why another was Instantly killedslot to nay reputable hotel in New attempt should bo uiado to arbitrate IMMIGRATION AMERICAN York and is said to bo on his way to them After describing tho previous Chicago lit may Ira deported as n steps of the two sides and commenting A New High Water Mark Will BeSet bigamist or an anarchist Ho has upon the plans suggested by tho For Arrival of mistaken his people or else ho is miners the operators aver that tho front an aggravated case of minors have rejected all the proposl suffering Now Aprll10A new high atone and that they have nothing water York In swelled hood- II the tide of American mark further to offer Immigration will be set when the President Roosevelt delivered the aliens who arrived In this port Sunaddress at thu laying of the corner day on nine European steamships and of the Office Building of tho stone those due Monday on eight big ships House of Kopmsontutivea last Satur mission the operators declare pass In Sandy No reason Is suggested why they which are expected to taking as his subject The Man day pershould bo retried We have no fur Hook before nightfall have been with the Muck Rake Tho applica muted to land on United States soli that thor suggestions to make than those On tho vessels which arrived Sunday lion was to propositions In make a point of publishing only tho containedregret our former and wo that you have declined wore 11857 Immigrants Tho steam of life So far as this ap ¬ both of them Wo have nothing fur ers due Monday are expected to add at scandals least a like number to tho army of plies to nuspioipn and calumny or her to offer Europeans seeking now homes In this oven to the social defects of an effete Would Increase the Cost plutocracy the point is well taken countryA Tho operators assert that tho miners of the Immigrant arrivals fiut when the condition of tho upper offer to waive formal recognition of house of Congress has come to the tho miners union Is not material and Sunday is the foot that 958 of the U2 i 000 fAreUptm brought condition which now nviots tb ro it Jeolsro that the uiitient piurfram steamer Gnelsenau from in oa are Bremen is timo that some fearless but discri would Increase tho cost of domestic consigned to Baltimore to which port minating writer should hold a candle lies of coal 120 per ton Monday Philadelphia April ISTho situation the steamer will sail up to the Platts Dopows eta who regions Is per in tho anthracite coal MAKES HIS SON THE VICTIM disgrace thou toga plexjng While quiet has been unlver Secretary Root projxKUss to visit sal throughout the hard coal field it Kilts Little Child Instead of Man the Pan American Congress at Rio Is difficult to forecast what effect tho Visiting His Wife his purpose in reply ot tho operators to the mInors Janeiro in this visit is being eagerly explained latest proposition will have upon tho Quitman Go AprillGo E Lloyd the puss of the country tho Mr latter Tho miners almost to a man otMorven returned home and found signified their intention of standing bps wife with a man named Davis of has as ot said nothing It is by President Mitchol but at the name generally understood however that time tho operators have been quietly Quitman Lloyd attempted to shoot the main purpose of tho visit is to preparing for the operation of their Davis but tho latter wrenched the gun secure the cooperation of Brazil in I mines That tho wino owners con from his hand Lloyd then secured a pistol and tho enforcement of tho Monroe Doe template an extended strike Is evident waited at tho back door for Davis trine This policy of tho United from tho fact that three score of coal When the doorknob was turned ho States must come to tho test of arms b barges belonging to tho Philadelphia fired four shots rapidly through the at Koine time in tho future unless it ft Reading Co which were used In tho door to find later that he had shot is accepted more fully thou it now is hard coal trade between Philadelphia and killed his little son lie fired two by the South American states and nod Eastern ports were ordered out of shots later at Davis as ho ran out of service Secretary Hoot in meditcd with the Throughout tho lower hard coal the house but missed farseoiug project of getting Brazil fields the Philadelphia Reading Coal THREE PEOPLE FOUND DEAD under it before that day comes and Iron Co aro building barracks around their collieries It Is tho In The Bodies of a Man Woman and tention of the company not to leave a FROM THE WIDE WORLD Child Found By Boys colliery exposed in this region While In the Russian elections tho Con this apparent activity Is In progress Dluoflcld W Va April HDoys titutional Democrats have succeeded mine superintendents state no attempt found tho bodies of a woman man and will bo made to start wusherics In tho in securing tho control of the Dotimn child In the mountains south of Rich Petrunkovlch the man who for a Schuylklll region for several days It lands It la thought tho parties had Is thought this plan Is adopted for been dead at least a month A bullet Hcoro of years has awaiting tho action of tho minors constitution is the IIcCtJptcdcnndlj leaders after they have received tho hole In the mans forehead and crush ed skulls of tho woman and child toll date for President of the Douma and reply of tho operators committee a story bf foul play Though hundreds it is said that the Emperor approves have viewed tho remains and exam DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE of both the majority and tho propos ined their belongings tho parties have ed President It is also said that Retains Couniel To Probe Into Coal not been Identified of Yitte has oven if the Business In Interstate Commerce CRUISER PENNSYLVANIA ¬ Hiniir ¬ ¬ ¬ 0ARC L British oftlcaI r

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