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Image 7 of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.), April 15, 1920

Part of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.)

dMaae4 pac(s) Untd as waived - local or long distance truck service tumm coal call TV A. Davis phones 127 orl30 The Cost is Only On Cent a Word snd Son. Cumib 37-t- f. Jeffersontown. For Each Insertion. WANTED Jersey cows': fresh snd heavy springers; good ones. F. S. FORSALE Fisher, R. 17 Anchorage, Ky. Cumb. 4W- -. FOR SALK Sewing machines. 122-Drop heads. $5.00 up. 642 E. WANTED: A crood reliable col Jefferson St., Louisville, Ky. 24-t- f ored girl or woman for general house work in family ot three, can FOR SALE S. C. White Leghorn st-.-y on place. Call Jeffersontown 43-- Z eggs, splendid strain, the kind that 102. till the winter egg basket; price $2 WANTED Pasture for yearling for 15; $10 for 100. Mrs. Chas. L. Goose, Jeffersontown, Brentlinger, Ky., Cumb. colt. H. L. 53-Buechel, 44-- lt Cumlb phone 37-- tf phone Fern Creek exchange. WANTED 20 straight cedar or m n n ri t- n i r n run oALiL anting eggs irum black locust posts 10 feet; one ShetC. Rhode Island Reds. Mrs. pure S. land pony. Address with price. Geo. E. O. Burdon, Fisherville Ky. Tel 61-- I Rohers, Jr., Koute 20, St. Mai- 36-1Jeffersontown. 44-l- t. thews, Ky. Orpington eggs FOR SALE: Buff WANTED Housekeeper: no laun Miss Lillian $2 per setting. dry work. James Brentlinger, R. 14 Buechel, Ky., Home phone Jeffersontown. 44-2- t. 37-tf Fern Creek exchange. CLASSIFIED ADS R. - . 3t NOTICE. FOR SALE Pure bred Barred rock eggs for hatching, $1.60 per 16 39-tf W. H. Westerman, E. 461-FOR SALE Ford touring cheap if sold at once. Call land 1455. ....... ' w. H I. .'i.t. want it good, through C. G. JefTpi SU fiiml, nhnn . .NW you I'uik car, High- . 30-t- iontown. 40-t- f. f WE BUY, raise and sell FOR SALE Fresh Jersey cow, nihil.; and other calf by side. Chas Gorbandt, Cumb animals. Place your order with us, 42-tAnchorage 67-phone and list what ever stock you have FOR SALE 1 Oliver Chilled with us, stating lowest flat pricesAddress 515horse corn culti- on large shipments. plow No. 20, 517 N. P. Ave., Fargo W. U. 4S-41 2 cultivators, vator, wagon, 1 harrow, and 1 G. A. Conrad, Misr plow. IN MEMORIAM. Kmmu. Snyiler Place, R. F. D. No. 14 In lovimr memory of our beloved 42-3- t. Jeffersontown, Ky. husband and father, Elijah Yager, ho died April 14 1918. FOR SALE Poland China, Bifr Type, prue bred boars. S. Edw. Dear father how we nlss you, Tears of silence often flow Vogt and Sons, Buechel, Ky. 43-2- t. Memory keeps you ever near us Ft Hi SALE; White seed corn. A rhoiMrh you died two years ago. C. Carrithers, Route 11, Buechel.433 Neath our eyes faded slowly, (Jrowing day by day more frail, FOR SALE O. I. C. sow and pig, Bearing sweetly all his suffering Buechel, Ky. Without murmur, moan or wail. $40. J. J. Moran, 1 East 125-Sadly missed by The Family. 2 four and five yeai FOR SALE: of my In loving remembrance old horses, broke. J. W. Cnrmichael, Jear niece, Liizzie East Copenhaver, 43-2- 1 Fisherville, Ky. who died February 10 1920. She has gone from mother, sisters County Johnson FOR SALE W. and brother, husband and three little 'hite Dent seed corn. (Squire) hildren who need her loving care. T. Carrithers. Mt. Washington, Ky. We all shall miss her, some day we 1 shall understand and to all who knew FOR SALE: Buff Orpington eggs her short Christian life here be an who nkn hiihv chicks on 28th and 29th ot inspiration to live near to One only Mrs E. W. McMahan. Jeffer doeth all things well. Lizzie has Anrli gone on before to greet us on the golden shore. Her aunt, Lucy Durr. FOR SALE Some nice shoats. H fur-bear-- fur-beari- f. 1 one-hor- se one-hor- 43-2- 49-4- FOR SALE Two mules 7 and 8 years old, 15.3 high, also two milk I also have a team and will cows. plow your garden. J. E. Carlin, 1 Jeffersontown, Cumb phone 126 44-1- FOR SALE: One good work horse and 3 calves from 1 to 4 months old, D. Severe, Jeffersontown near Tuck 44-er Station. 2t FOR SALE CHEAP O. I. C. boar Sire and Dam bred by L. B. Silvei Co. Pedigree furnished, weight 260 Poplar Level Koad, Mrs wounds. Susie Ernest, Route A. Box 398 Lou44-- lt isville Kv. FOR SALE SO emr canacitv Buck eye Incubator for $4.00 Apply Thos Thiprmnn Wildwood Farm Buechel, 44-- lt Ky. FOR SALE Nine shoats, weighing about 90 pounds. Geo. Haag, Beuch-e- l, Ky., R. 12. 44-2- t. FOR SALE One gray mare, cheap D. A. Thome, Jeffersontown on 44-l- t. Road. oom cottage FOR SALE Five and acre of ground with fruit trees Robt. Minton, Buechel and pasture. 44-l- t. Ky. Wat-terso- n Make Every Acre Do It's best SOCIETY SURPRISED BY FRIENDS. Mr. and Mrs. Jefferson Woolet, of Fern Creek, were recently surprised by a host of friends and relatives. Those motoring from New Albany .vere Mr. and Mrs. Barry Lauer and laughters, Ruth and Georgia; Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Laura and baby, nd Mrs. Mollie Laura; others present were Mr. and Mrs. Kern Woolet and daughters, Helen and Willobee.l indl Mr. and Mrs. John" Woolet and hildren, Virginia, Ludwell J., and Agattia Woolet. Covers were laid for 6 o'clock dinner, which was enjoyed by all. aea MARRIAGE ANNOUNCED Mrs. W. S. Strong of Doups Point announces the marriage of her dau ghter, Mary Catherine to Mr. Leonard H. Tyler, of Middletown, April X, at They were married 5 oclock P. M. by Rev. Elliott at his residence, at Fern Creek. Owing to the recent death of the bride's rather the cere mony was u quiet one. There were A few relatives be10 attendants. ing present. The bride wore a beautiful gown of crepe de chine and hal o match. They are making their liome with the bride's mother. The same labor, same machinery, Mr. Chauncey Berry and bride was same land with good quality of High Crude Fertilizer added will the week end guest of Mr. L. Lurding earn piggot profits. Insist on usim and family. Armour's Fertilizers Thousands of farmers use it bemuse it is evenly balanced with plant and produces the elements food biggest return for the dollar invested No over feeding of one element and starving for the lack of another, hut. each in certain proportions doing lt work like the baker makes his ( bread. CHAS. D. TYLER Specfal Agent JEFFERSONTOWN, KY. JefferCumberland phone No. 41-sontown. J. WANTED SITED TO buy ear corn. J. M. Howey, Cumb. phone Anchorage The Difference Between the Cost of Good and Cheap Printing that he who goes shopping from printer to printer to secure his printing at & few cents less than what it is really worth hardly ever makes day laborer wages at is so slight WANTED do your To If you want good work at prices that are right, get your job printing GOOD BOOKS AT PRESTON ST. ROAD $ CUa. EaiertaJaa 3. Miss Ktherino Gerber entertsined No. 3 of St ALL her Sunday School Ctass, etaere last Wednes-- a. Marks Lutheran Out home of her father, Mr. American Library Association Jacob Gerber cornor 3rd St., and games and National pike. Simfin Urges Adoption of County ware enjoyed. The inrefreshments Library System. vited guests were: Misses Minnie Pearl Stinson, FranIDEA PROVES SUCCESSFUL ces Best, Amelia AtWnson, Virginia Oelke, Louise Morgan, Ev Wemes, Margaret Steadly, Loue Weick, California, the Pioneer Other Katie Moore, Clara Atkinson, Helen States Adopting the Wick, Elisabeth Graseh, Mesdames Fred Schubach and Nick E. Finzer. Plan. CROSSROADS Lovorn Students to Pretest Play Young Man Seriously Injured in . Fall From Car. WHITE HOUSE FLOCK ALMOST A GRANGE HERD April 15, 1920 SHOES AT ! REDUCED PRICES April 12 The play entitled, "The Deacon of Eastville Hotel", given some few weeks ago at Lovorn Heights by the faculty and High School students of that school will be repeated at Okolona Hall, this coming Saturday night, April 17th. Would suggest that every one attend who Evenieg Spent The American Library Association, Enjoyable can for you will be amply repaid for In announcing Its "Books for Everyentertainment and dance TK doing so. body" movement, which is to be nation given by the Auburndale amusement e wide In its scope, advises and urges the Co.. last Saturday nig was well at Falla From Car extension of the county library system A young man named Still accidentas a solution of the problem of supply- tended and every on present had a ing good literature to the rural dis- very enjoyable evening. ally fell oi sttempted to alight from tricts. Its Intention Is to persist In a moving car on Okolona line last udvocating the nation-wid- e adoption St. Marks Lutheran Church nitfht at nearly ten oclock, at Everof the Idea as successfully applied In Sunday School at 9:80 A. M., ser green Cemetery and suffered a deep California, Ohio and Maryland until every one of the counties In the vices st 3:00 P. M. Kverybody invi gash on Ihe back of his head. That nation have adopted the system aud ted. Psstor C W. Gemerf. station was his to get off but the car regular shipments of good books are e had not quite reached the station and being made from the central point Ik no one knows how it happened. He Prof. RagsdaU Speaks the county to the designated outposts. Professor Geo T. Rsdale of the was immediately picked up by conCalifornia stands out as the hlghpolnt Louisville made a ductor and passengers and hurried in the successful application of the Male Hitrh School speech at the Au to the office of Dr. Bates at Okolona Idea. Of the 58 counties in the state very enteresting VI have adopted and are supporting the burndale school last Friday nitrht and without making stops on the way out system St a trilling cost. This It urges many more people of this school dis for passengers. He was thought for us a part of Its enlarged program which some minutes dead but revived enough trict should have hesrd him. alms to promote a better citizenship to make himself known. Today he and to combat the social and industrial is doing very nicely at the home of Glee Club Entertainment unrest through the teaching of AmeriMr. Ed Bridges, with whom he lives. Tickets are now on sale for the can ideals aud traditions to the foreign born. Lutheran Glee Club entertainment Repairing Residence The book needs of the sixty million to be held at the Auburndale school or more Americans who live outside of auditorium Saturday night, April 24. Mr. Herman Weber who recently the M cities will be called to the atthe little home of Mrs. 21 young men in his club purchased tention of those In a position to serve There are music and sintrinK ;rreat Mary Jones, near Okolona is having and their them. County Libraries Urged. and every one should he sure to hear same repaired and will move there The county library system provides them, as these young men are well soon. eee for establishing one central library at trained. Tickets 86 cents; children Enthused Over Tractor the county sent or In the largest town 20 cents. The proceeds will go to the Okolona was alive with interest in every county. This does not mean benefit of the St. Marks Lutheran Saturday when necessarily ihe erecting of a library the elder Mr. Weber, building and the stocking of Its shelves. Church. who recently moved here from Buech e ee In many cases the tools already exist. el, started up hi new garden tractor Das fare Members p renal Prom this central station books will The Auburndale improvement club and plowed it all in a hurry. He be loaned to dslgna;ed witpost stawill probably persuade others out of tions. The hooks will be delivered by meets next Saturday night April 17, his crowd of onlookers to purchase cnicks. parcel post or whatever method and every member should be present one for themselves seeinw ii w.,ilt..,l may he adopted In any given county to as we would like to have their opinion so splendidly. the country stores, tollgates, post ofe and suggestions in regard to investfices, schoolhouses and private homes. Complete Surprise When one shipment has bee circulat- ing the suplus funds of the treasury Mrs. L. K. Helm and daughter sured uiul returned another will be sent to best advantage. prised her husband with an alamnt ee out. Also, In communities of any size dinner April 7th the occasion being In the county, branch libraries will be I have not seen my dear old friend, nis oinnaay. it was a complete surmaintained. J. B. Priesler for sometime and it prise to Mr. Helm makinv it nil tho more enjoyable. The American Library Association, would give me great pleasure to look oe with its 4,000 active librarian memthe meeting Surprised on Birthday bers and Its 40 years of practical func- upon his shining face at Mrs. Albert Priest entertained n tioning. Is In a position to know the of the club next Saturday niuht, needs of the country and In the fight April 17, and if I knew he would be large number of guests at dinner Sun for wider knowledge Is a force to be there I would get some of that im- aay in honor of her husband whose birthday was yesterday. Mr. Priest reckoned with. ported sausage that he and I relish was also much surmised to sop hvn Enlarged Program calls for sn so The much. large tables filled with good things expenditure of $2,000,000. There will No reports from the horseradish to eat ana just tnen realized the day i;e no drive or Intensive campaign. was his birthday. The money will be raised by the libra woman. ee The Auburndale sehoiriimaditorinm eimiR, library trustees and friends of Mrs. Will Spybey spent Monday libraries. The movement for better will be elaborately decorated for the afternoon with Mrs. W. S. Bates. citizens and a well read population Is Boys Athletic Club dance. Wednesday Misses Mary Jeffries and Imogene on ami the slogan la "Books for Every- night, April 21. Cooper spent the week end with their body." aunt, Mrs. J. W. Gjjmore. A Bouncing boy arrived at the Mr and "Mrs. Crawford, and dau-home of Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Gordon ghters, Mr. Reynolds Crawford and BOOK8 FOR EVERYBODY! last Saturday night. Mother and friend, all of Louisville, Mr. H. D. Robb and family, were guests at din Four Thousand Llbraidan Members of child doing well. the American Library Association Miss Mary Elizabeth Oswald and ner Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Miller Mrs. Alice Jackson and Eulah In Nation wide Movement Wm. Bailey Oswald spent the week Bates were all day guestsMiss of Mrs. Sine the advent of peace the American end 'with their aunt, Mrs. Nick E. Jesse Miles and mother at South Park Library Assi elation haa turned Ita efforts from war work Into other channels. With Finger on the 3rd St. road. after attending services at Mt. Hollv . w v. lilt lifl,lll .Ji no iu.ij J Mr. Kern Smith and Wife and1 Miss of lta membership Mrs. Micheal Krupp, Miss Ida and . ...... ........ ,,. the .. . ..II Alta Smith, called Sunday 01 ,,UU aeilVO iimim in Mil njH . Krupp, Miss Buradine Gilbert, Miss to see Mr. Chris Smith who afternoon the United States, In addition to continuihas been ng; certain war actlvlttea not taken ever Lyda Gilbert and Miss Helen Zirnhett very bad with Pneumonia. They by the Kwverninent. It proposea to promote the development of the library of the city motored out last Satur- found his condition somewhat imthroughout the country and to proved. the reading habit In all ways day night to attend the entertainMrs. Geo Bailey and daughter, of possible. The A. L. A. supplied ovsr ment and dance. 7.000 000 volumes to our flshtlng men Hebron, were guests Sunday of her her "id overseas and on board vea els, daughter, Mrs. Sam Smyser. nd It has the ojnrldence and th adMiss Mellie Smyser and Mr. Albert miration of the nation back of It In InPRESTONIA augurating' its "Books for Everybody!" Drescher were among those who a movement. The money to carry out toe tended Miss Mildred Sanders' birthprovisions of the campaign will not be Prestonia, April 13. The Bush day party recently. inlsod thiough nn Intensive drive, but Mr. and Mrs. I. W. Roberts visited will be oLtalned by the librarians, library kfamily, of the Bush Sanitorium have wli ..n.4 .......... ii unices uiiu rrlundd c1 HhrnrlAa relatives in Louisville Sunday. enthusiastically pledged their co have rented the furnished home of Judprc Mrs. W. J Smyser, Mr. an l Mrs. operation lu ouiaimng iue ueevaawr? and Mrs. W. G. Dealing and will Ernest Smyser, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. (2,000.000. live here during the summer months. Smyser, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Smyser Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Holsclaw and Miss Mellie Smyser, were recent and little son, Harvey Jr., were re- all day guests of the former's daughter, Mrs. Annie Seebold, of Louis cent guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. ville. Gilmore. Mrs. C. W. Brooks, has returned Mrs. Laura K. Hurrington is spend- home after a months stay with relaing the week with relst ves at Huber tives in Indianu. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Bell, and station. children were guests Sunday of Miss Miss Durrett Ogler.Ly is visiting Stella Hedges, of near Hebron. Miss Mary Timonoy, of Danville. Mr. and Mrs. William Marshall Miss Anna Hujo was confirmed in and children spent Sunday afternoon St. John's church, Clay and Ma ket with relatives at Fern Creek. Sunday Mrs. H. C. Ireland and Mies Maroffering some Streets, unA Mrc mornii:g. We are Mr .Inhn HAt4lmi-uama .'. , "' ' Till guerite Ireland attended services at guests of Mrs. Sarah Sumneri at the Methodist Temple Sunday mornspecial grocery dinner Sunday. ing. Mr. and Mrs. Clnir Brown, Mrs. as quoted below: Mr. and Mrs. Irvin W. Roberts, of W. H. Johnson, of Louisville, and Blue Rock WellyRoad, have come to Flour, Ballard's Obelisk Misses Mary Jeffries and Imogene make their home with her mother, ...$1.80 Cooper were guents at dinner Sun- Mrs. Lillie Landers. 24 pound sack day of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Gilmore. Lee Misses Marion and Verna 90c 12 pound sack Mrs. Agnes Miller r turned this Brentlinger will leave tomorrow for week from a weeks' visit to her son, Bowling Green to attend Normal TableTulk Flour, $1.7B Thomas Miller, and wife, of Indian- school there. 24 pound sack apolis, Ind. Mrs. D. A. Bates returned home 85c 12 pound sack Mr. SvHr.ov Crutc'ier and fritho last week after a delightful week's 5c of Woodford county, spout several stay with her sister, Mrs. J. O. Marrs, Large Box Matches s with friends here uks week. and family at Lexington. MiQa Vafn f'nlt r nf T..ii:n..:u. Macaroni, per box 14 visited Mr. George Mill's family Sun- Canned Corn aay. MRS. BRENTLINGER 14c Canned Peas Mr. Charles Hujo and family were CONTINUES ILL. 28c entertained at dinner Sunday by his Vissman's Best Lard sisters, Misses Lizzie una rnona Hujo Mtb. James Brentlinger, who has Sugar, standard granulated (2 Bishop and family been confined to her room at her Mr. Alfred Mr T D.'.t urero minal. Q,lat.pounds to a customer), per home on the Heady Road for someop's family of near Brooks Station. time, on account of illness is still un23e pound Miss Treain Flecker of Louisville able to be out. Mrs. Brentlinger 21c spent the week with her sister, Miss was before her marriage, Miss Lou-ett- a Brown Sugar, per pound Susie Becker. Hoke, one of Jefferson county's 10c Navy Benns, per pound school teachers. She has many 10c Bread, per loaf friends who are hoping for her early MT. ZION NOTES recovery. 18c per can Salmon, A 9HninHinV3V VL Dark Brown English Dark Brown Blucher Black English Black Bluclier Men's Men's Men's Men's . . ... ... . . $6.95 $6.95 $5.95 $5.95 OXFORDS Men's Black English Oxfords Men's Dark Men's Dark ; Brown English Oxfords Brown Blue her Oxfords $5.95 . $6.95 . . . . $6.95 PUMPS AND TIES Ladles' Black Dull Kid Pump, High Heel . $4.95 Ladies' Patent One Eyelet Tie, High Heel. $6.95 Ladies' Brown Three eyelet tie, high heel . $5.95 Ladies' black five Ladles' brown oxfords, high and low heels $3.95 oxfords, low heels . . . eyelet $4.5 Misses and Children! Patent Baby Doll Slippers Sizes 6 to 8 to 11 Sizes 8 Sizes 114 to 2 $1.45 $1.95 $2.25 Misses White Baby Doll Slippers and Oxfords Sizes Sizes Sizes 6 to 8 84 to 11 11V4 to 2 $1.45 $1.75 $1.5 WHITE SHOE STORE 1 LOUISVILLE, KY. 34 W. Market St., Between First and Second HEIFER HAS FIVE LEGS NORMAL ' I P, LanjIeKH enrSsSBE9l$m$SlM&HE ays-tem- Specials bargains At This Office hauling, AUBURNDALE For Saturday Only this unpleasant task. 21-- " 79-- JEJTEitSON CetJNTT THE JEFTBESONIAN, DEVOTED ENTtttELTTC .' Lnwlnr Ma - sisruui Another freak of feature, a cow with Ave legs, has come to the to Ben Lapldes attention of the nation la the sale of the Of Oatee, JL V., by the Rochester Abbatolr Co. "Mirabel" Is ks norwith the exception that she has a filth leg, mal as any Which adorns her shoulder oyer the left treat leg. three-year-o- ld three-year-o- Ten Per Cent Discount On All Tires and Tubes We have on hand a large stock of different makes automobile tires and tubes on which we will give a ten per cent discount on all purchases made this month. A. - SHI Best Pnk Salmon Libby's Chilli Mince Meat, per package Kisfti!ibfettjH jbF mmmam The White HVconsldersMe jgyjg,, naTlng lambkins ton (Jhsrges the business. The flock has 0 i.mho prwni w pon ow m ; mnrA. gone Into the sheep-ralsln- x u u now a gang totaling about Robert Buter feeding part of M edition to , Rev. J. C. Waltz of Louisville is holding revival services at Mt Zion this week; good preaching td every body welcome to these meetings. The Ladies Aid met with Mrs. A Tag Soap, per bar C. Durr last Thursday in an t day Star Soap, per bar meeting and the elegant dinner that was served noon made every Men's and Boys' Shoes present feel at to be there, jn one glad tj,e was and Ladles' Slippers on afternoon an electionelected held. Mm Ella Painter was President and Mm. P. D. Durr was reduced prices. sale secretary and Treasurer. Mr. and Mrs Landersaw and familv and Mr. and Mrs. Ernest and family of Betheny Church attended services KENTUCKY nere ounday afternoon. JEFFERSONTOWN, at Thft half Atxman until now official Washlng-jtoec- y jjSIVrl Ths '.:,fi A. H0FELICH s 20c 13c 13c 8c 9c GARDEN TRACTOR DEMONSTRATION. A garden tractor demonstration under the direction of F. E. Mem-maAgent County Agricultural will be conducted April 20 and 21. On April 20 the demonstration will be on A. B. Driesbach's place on the Bardstown road, at Tyler station and at John Wurtele's place on the 18th 21. Street road, near Shively on the will which These demonstrations, of instart at 10 a. m., should begarden-er- a terest and value to the truck of the county. HAVOLINE OILS Medium Grade 5 gallon can $3.75 We Heavy Grade 5 gallon can $4.00 also have for sale some Used Fords and One Dodge Touring Car. ALL REPAIR WORK GUARANTEED Central Garage Automobile Accessories and Supplies Goodyear. Goodrich and Flsk Tires Cumb. Phone 117 JEFFERSONTOWN, KY.

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