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Image 5 of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.), April 15, 1920

Part of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.)

-- ftlMd as waived - THE JBFFEESONIAN, DEVCTED ENTIRELY TO JEFfi'Efc&M COUNTY' April IE, 1920 Jefferson County Boy Climbs Up to Important Government Post (By The Jeffersonian Light Your Home Local Staff Correapomlent of Fairmount.) 111 nil 11 t M,ijL.;:.t.H-s- . runs aw mm n um m mt,mev We have on hand a "Lally Light" Farm Lighting Plant which we will sell and install at a big re- duction. slll I M I II l III Mil 111 II This plant was used for only XJHMLTLM PI three days during Xmas holidays. It carries full guarantee; can be seen at our store. Labor Saving Appliance Company 309 Outhrie Street, LOUISVILLE, KY. Phones City Main 1711 Slot Out Your present .lust received a car load, including the several varieties in the celebrated Ford line. This supply, which we bought before the price advanced, won't last lonj;. Use. Gasey-Tlchen- or JEFFERSONTOWN, .jaaKsttftUBM Go. HK j- txtravagoijces KENTUCKY can come out of nothing, 'til tail If a person spends all in EXTRAVAGANCES he will have NOTHING left His bank balance will VANISH. His tide of fortune may ebb suddenly, tragi: ally. He turns to his bank in VAIN. Nothing can come oat of nothing. Such a person should BLOT OUT his extravagances. This is the tunc to lUrt. Stop wasting your money NOW. This bank can help yon. NOTHING Time To Get Fertilizer Now Your Potato and Corn Grower at our place. DAVIS & SON JEFFERSONTOWN, RECEIVED FRESH DAILY Spoonbill Buffalo Carp Word has been received here by from his father who was himself a friend;: of Robert Lee Maddox of his teacher, and at the early age of 18 further promotion in the service of years he was chosen to assist his fnth- the United States Government. er in a large echool, but his father The president lias recommended becoming ill he ass umed all responsi-biltiin the school and conducted it lo the senate Mr Maddox's appointment to the position of Purchasiru; to n successful close. Opportunity Thru Merit System Atfent of the Post Office Department of tha U. S. government. This office Government positions under the ranies with it the annual expendi- new Civil Service Law were now atture of millions of dollars and it re- tracting many of the younpr. The quires the most uccurate knowledge Merit system by competitive exam- of every detail of the postal system ination opened the way to those in- of the government; All of Lee's old to seek them and through this friends here rejoice to see such high method of merit and not of favor honors fall upon him ami all who as of yore, Mr. Maddox was made a know him well feel assured that in clerk in t lie Louisville Post Office, this, ns in all his business affairs, he He hud previously taken a compet-will lie faithfud to his tras1, and will itive examination for entrance to bring futhor honor on to his good West Point Military Academy, he en- name. tered West Point in June 18H(i but As a boy, Lee wns ever faithful resigned the following October and an;! true, always impressed with the returned to his work in the Louisville mcredneil of a trust reposed in his Post Office, In December IK80 Mr. he it email or great, and Maddox, through a comnetitive exam cooping, coupling this sense of duty with his ination, was appointed to n $1,000 energy ot purpose no nas ever suc- - clerkshio m the Division of Foreign coedi d in all his undertakings. Mails of the Post Office Department Was Born Near Fairmount From this position at Washington. Robert Lee Maddox was born near he was soon promoted to that of The Jefferson County Bank D. LE1CHHARDT. Cashier. com-cline- Troubles Eliminate Roof 1 KY. OHIO RIVER FISH Perch Cattish Shovelfish JllnpnWi.HlMCjyj: ei Get this Fertilizer in any amount Telephone 127 SW P. O. DEPT. PURCHASING AGENT he was honorably admitted to the bar of the court of appeals of his native stae, Kentucky In Europe During War His next promotion was to the office of Superintendent of Foreiirn H. N. REUBELT. Mails, which office he held at the out President break of the world war. A short time after our country declared war on Germany Mr. Maddox was sent to r.uropo to arrange matters with th authorities there so that our troop- might be able to keep in close munication with the home folks. He spent from June until November in Europe and his work was so satis, factory thai he received the com mendation both of General I'ershini: and of the French Army Postal Ser vice. Upon his return to the Unite States Mr. Maddox wns made Chief Portal Censor and chairman of the Censorship Hoard of the U. S. MACE Of which had supervision over BR HKHIST and control of all communications Eh MArimds whether by mnil, telegraph or radio. Mr. Maddox gave his entirp time to this, one of the most dericate yet im nortant ousts, of the government during the war. He continued as Fnirmount, Jefferson county, Ken Assistant Superintendent of Foreign .chairman of this board until it wa tucky, October 8, 1865 and he has Mails, in me mean-tim- e to further dissolved by order of President Wilmade this county his legal residence perfect, himself for his k Mr. son, following the signing of the ever since. He is h son of John W. Maddox had obtained a diploma Armistice. J' nil the late Lucretia Shaw Maddox from the Siiencerian Business Colleire He was then to the poand a nephew of Mrs. Mary Hall of and later a degree of Bachelor of sition as Superintendent of Foreign Fairmount. Law from Columbia Universitv. and Mails, which office he held until he Mr. Maddox received his early 'later still the Master of Law degree assumed the new one of Post Office training in the public school and from the same Institution. In 1!)00 Purchasing Agent. R9BpiJER We have a full stock on hand, D. A. (IsssmsIs Etc. "THE" WILL r MAN CONDI IONS j life-wor- LAKE AND OCEAN FISH Halibut Red Snapper Salmon Spanish Mackerel Roe Shad, Etc. Clams Oysters Jumbo Frogs 1- - BARDST0WN ROAD AND BUECHEL NEWS. Un. JttT MEETING honor of Mr. Norman Heckman of TO BE SEASON'S LAST Maryland. Those present were: Mr. (Parent-Teach12 The April and Mrs. J. W. Borders, Miss FlorAssociation will meet Friday, April ence Alois, Messrs Robert Barnett 88 at 2:30 oclock at Hikes school and N. J. Heckman. house. This will bo the last meeting Miss Klmira Brooks is expected of the season and all ladies are urged nmio arter spending the winter in to be present. It is the mother's 'iVnnwoe Miss rnks I tie duty, no matter how busy, to attend jar. r of Mrs. Ernest K. Miller of ut least once a month, and the after- Kr Ceek. noon is well spent with other mothers Mrs. Thomas Skiies enter'.alnea and our children's teachers. Visitors Wf di esday ut dinner. Those invited are always welcome. Mesdcmes Charlei Hart, Vernon Thompson, J. H. Shively, Fielden Frederick, Orville Stivers, Dorothy Citizens Want Road Opened A mass meeting largely attended! Jackson Stivers and Vewion Thomp-- , was held at Hikes school house Mon- son. day night. The object was to have Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Koellner a passage way for the traffic along entertained Tuesday in honor nf Mm Bardstown Road', now Impassable be John Becker and Miss Mary Edwards cause of work being done on various of Buffalo, N. Y. Their bridges and culverts. The road is eluded Mr. and Mrs. Fred Dahl, Mr. closed from Watterson Pike Station and Mrs. Roy McDougall, Mrs. to Meyer Lane a distance of more Charles Moran,Jtflss Christine Mor-an- , Messrs James McDongall, Eugene than th ree miles, and1 traffic is compelled to go five or six miles out of and Carl Koellner and Lawrence the way to reach the city. Windhorst. Mr. and Mrs. Ccorge Hawes enMrs. Henry Hikes is on the sick tertained Sunday in honor of Mr. Emory Hawes and wife. list. Mrs. T. A. Aulsebrook andi Mrs. L. The following delegates from Fairview Christian Church spent Fri- S. Jamison were callers Tuesday at prea Johnson, who day at the Orphan's Home, Mrs. tne nome oi Walter Williams, Mrs. J. B. Seay, Mrs has been very ill at her home on the George Hawes, MisBes Edith Williams Ferndale road. Zilpha nmfi Mary Miller, Ella Alvia Mr. and Mis. J. B. Standiford had and Ruth Rommel. as dinner quests Sunday Mr and Mrs Mr. Russell Frederick of Detroit W. B. Crenshaw of Mt. Washington, visited relatives here last week, and Mrs. Mollie Zilphart, Mrs. Ida Standiby his wife and ford, Mrs. Addle Connella, Messrs was accompanied! little son back home, where they will Russell Miller, Hugh Boydi and James make their future home. Standiford. Mr. N. J. Hackman of Baltimore Miss Minnie Vogt has returned to Maryland, gave a theatre patry at the Richmond College after a short visit Mary Anderson in honor of Miss with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. S. E. Viola Borders, one evening last week. vogt. The Ladies Aidl will meet at the Miss Zilpha Miller WM agreeably homo of Mrs. H. HikeB and Miss Ger- surprised Saturday night by a large trude Hikes this Thursday afternoon. number of her friends, complimenMiss Viola Borders entertained at tary to her bithdsy anniversary 6 oclock dinner Thursday evening in Seigts DsmeUnd Otto 8ul!ivan PARENT-TEACHE- er Corner Brook and Market Sts., Louisville, Ky. . nv rmd vr ft. tarrotectTo m VI ' u I ea'iaVJi Fire is Accidental Decay is Certain, leanUpaiidPaintllp PAINTS FOR ALL PURPOSES Our full line of Ready-Mixe- Beautify and Protect d Paints Your Property GENERAL LINE FARMERS SUPPLIES Jefferson Hardware Co. 131 E. Jefferson St. LOUISVILLE, KY. 1 W-.- m. gave a theatre party Saturday night in honor of Misses Rose Marsh and Freda Schneider. Mrs. H. P. Schneider entertained a number of ladies nt dinner on Thursday, the occasion of her birthday anniversary. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Yann and Miss Lucille Yann entertained informally on Thursday evening. Mr .and Mrs. Spats and family have taken possession of the Beckman residence at Watterson Pike Station. Mrs. Alois Frederick, Mrs. Charles Kattuu and baby spent Sunday with Mrs. Charles Zehnder. A hi S3 niiUIUaMU I CCTS0M ro Dollars ffl Some users of printing save pennies by get' ting inferior work and lose dollars through lack of ad' vertising value in the work they get. Printers as a rule charge very reasonable prices, for none of tiiem get rich ahhough nearly all of them work hard. Moral: Gloe your printing to a good printer and sat money. Our Printing Is Unexcelled wlr SJ UcnAMi building; covered with our famous Belco Roofing eliminates all roof troubles. It is made of the very best felt and asphalt compo- sition and will wear like a man's leather boot. The continuous galvanized cleats make it as well as water-proo- f. Come in and let us demonstrate to you the wind-pro- of quality of this piece of goods. E. GJHEWITT HARDWARECO PHONE 66 Save Pennies-Wa- ste MTMWM lAvwrt i JEFFERSONTOWN, KY. 1 Jack Will Make the Season This iv20ar my stable one mile south of Okolona, Ky.,on the Preston Street of Road, on the M. L. Cooper nis Is a splendid farm. Jack and has quite a number of colts in the county, and they are the very best. 1 Cash or $15 to Insure a Colt W. G. LANDERS, Owner Fee $7

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