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Image 3 of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.), April 15, 1920

Part of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.)

-- waived ftlMtd as 3& THE JEFFERSONIAN , DEVOTED ENTIRELY STATE BUREAU SPRING IS HERE BUT ARE ' ""jainea R. Howard, YOU REABY TO PARTAKE Farmore Fereiation IP of Clemons, or tne American president Farm Bureau Federation, summed up the need of the movement as fol-lo- Gaining Fast in Iowa, MantbenhipOf Great OF PLEASURES OFFERE tive enterprises of various kinds and to promote aid State Federations enterprise! on local cooperative tru'y cooperative thoroughly Import- ance to Farmers. JBfiiiisG N COUNTY! April 15, 1920 MAXWELL are cultivating "The land continue to feed, the people of mutt the Nation for all times. There are no new lands for us to take up, it means we mult conserve and culti vate our sou owner, musi work out The Most Economical Car On The Market More than five hundred new a week is the Dace of the Ken and1 economic problems tucky Farm Bureau Federation and our buainesa Gallon" Miles life more attractive t" the campaign for members in many and make farm in the hohea, schools and churches. Miles On Tires" counties has hardlv bevun. bad make agriculture so attrac oads and .sickness havinir ioined We must tive that it will appeal to and build hands to retard the work .while in are other sections no membership work the best re these building do Does the coming of Spring with all feel so tired , sluggish, lifeless and at all has been attempted becaused an organisationour own good things, but to its pleasures mean anything to YOU? generally out of fix, when they of these adverse conditions. But not only for obligation to society. full of your know they should be harmony "pep" roads are getting in good shape again fulfil our "Tort all depends", may be with and vitality in perfect Th Federation goes on record in answer and admittedly "it all depends" the invigorating breezes and sunshiny the "flu" is rapidly disappearing, so favor of many good things "Pledein the weekly rate of iniratherintr is due it all depends upon whether or not weather of Sping. of America to the largest for a biir jump. Then, too it must he farmers consistent with takyour system has withstood the exactpossible production Thousands of people arc now be remembered that ome counties good husbandry, with a view of reing siege of winter that leaves in its ing Trutona, the Perfect Tonic, to have not yet organized. world's dire necessities physical Something of the future of the lieving the wako so many many thousands of overcome this weakened condition so prevalent at the close Federation in Kentucky can be fore- and invite the workers of all other n people with completely of winter and hundrels of public casted from the results in other industries to join us in this spirit of systems. nervice." now being made daily, statements In fact, conspicuously in the min- prove that none has been disappoint- states. Those who have struggled with the Illinois, for instance, has jumped ority are those who have completely ed in Trutona as a reconstructive intricacies of the income tax sheets from r.O.OOU members to 70,000 mem avoided the ravages of winter mal- agency, system purifier i.nd body glad to know that a committee bers since the first annual meeting of will be working with the Internal adies. True, there are thousands the American Farm Bureau Fodera- - is now Department in working out who were successful in warding off Revenue Trutona does its work quickly. It nft tacks of influenza and still more speedily attacks the impurities in ion in Chicago on March 3. At that a simplified form for income tax re the speed, snap, brings time the state of Iowa in point of America thousands who escaped pneumonia, might, if alone members was the leader with 104,388 turns for farmers. but WHO IS THERE THAT DID the blood that results. It left is a new kind of car distinctly demands. rebuilds farmers enrolled. And Iowa county bring serious NOT EXPERIENCE AT LEAST .strengthens bureau shave been making wonderful down tissues, ing even to most ONE HEAVY WINTER COLD DUR- broken WHITFIELD centers and produce proper strides since then and are still hard ING THE PAST SEASON? Remem- the nerve digestion and assimilation of food, lit work. "Every farmer in the state ber, only second in severity to pneusame time throwing off any de a member of the Federation" is (Received too late for publication monia and influenza, is the heavy, at tho matter cayed1 that may have accum the slogan in that state. winter cough or cold. last week) ulated, in short, Trutona thoroughly That Kentucky will do as well as Like pneumonia and influenza, This weather reminds us more of efficiently tones up every organ her adjoining sister states according winter coughs and colds ten J to and of the body and gives to your physi to her population, is beyond doubt,, Xmas than Easter. The old Easter weaken and materially affect almost vigor and vitality, for farmers throughout the state are rabbit visited many .homes in this every vital organ of the body cial being the FOR INFORMATION CALL country to entertain the your can Only those who do not (part of the wno People who have suffered a heavy which alone mnny place within which enthusiastic. enjoyea hunting ones, pleanuies understand the movement are lndiff little eggs. A great many of winter cough, yet feel that their reach the the Easter systems have escaped the strain of spring offers to the healthy man erent and a campaign of education young folks of Whitfield were disand women. in such places soon melts indifference winter weather, are sadly mistaken they made their The Kentucky Farm Bureau Fed appointed Easter for Trutonn is sold in Jeffersontown, if they could but grasp the facts, plans to motor to Louisville and other -eration nd the like organizations of they would not wonder why they at Oatey Drug Co. inclement the states comprising the cities, but the fade American Farm Bureau Federation mad their hopes and Sallie Tennill Misses Lizzie is: were the week end gussts of Essie An organization of the farmers by of Mt. Washington. the farmers to protect the interest Swearingen of the farmers and by education, They attended the bazar Saturday 246, Home Crescent 223 services at the Both Phones: Cumb. legislation and other honorable night and Easter Sunday morning. means, to promote the largest good Methodist church Mr. Herbert Phillips, Howard Cor for all people". nell, and Miss Florence Lamb spent In all the history of America there evening with Miss Edith has not been held a meeting fraught Saturday with so much good for the farmer as Eld ridge. Mr. Jomes Tennill ami lamily vis the n ambling of the first annual ited relatives in Anderson County meeting of the American Farm bunday. Mr. Bureau on March 3 in Chicago. That last Saturday and family of seaton- the farmer will not organize and Arch Tennill and the trip. making could not be brought to n point of ville also Mr. and Mrs. J. r. furnish of CO operation with other farmers has were in Louisville last been declared so often- that most Whitfield Wednesday and Thursday. people had come to belieye it as a Mr. McDonald of Whitiicid has quit truth. But the farmers of the Unitand gone to work for Mr. ed Siaes have upset that idea com- work here Hope he ooes L. T. Tyler of Ting, pletely. good as he usually does. One million and twenty thousand Mr. and Mrs. Tom tariin enter n.m'O.OOO) was the membership on as all day guests Sunday Mr. March 3; that many farmers in the tained Logan Calbert and family, Mr. WilUnited States having joined hand? family, Ernest Tenthrough their local County Farm lie Calbert and nill. Roy Foreman and Earl McKin- Hureaus with their State Federation ley of Taylorsville, nnd through that with the American oi una Mrs. James And it F irm Bureau Federation. cken with acute mdi- must oe rememuerea xnai lBVt nW. nd was nrcn s the various state . Bnt Dr verv ill for tions have been rolling up their full J. F. Furnish, her family physician, quotas of new members. earned her through nicely and we n That the Fedemtinn means glad to know she is doing nicely the farmers of the are its work for at this time. country was demonstrated when the Mr. and Mrs. James Tennill en Executive Committee voted that tertained Monday night and Tuesday of there should be set up without delay as truests Miss Exa Clubb, Miss under the Ethel Jones, and Sergt Dewey Borda business organization, direction of trained experts, with di- ers of Rochester New York. visions as follows: Rutov Oladyse Hill was taken A bureau of transporation to Miss Deaconess Hospital last Wed1. the which will look into transportation nesday, where she was operated on matters by both rail and water, to for tonailitis. She is back home and the end that we may secure rates on is doing nicely at this time. Two of type of Western Electric d THIS and Litjht is practically automatic in farm products which shall be fair as Mr. Frank Shake's children were compared with rates on other comon the same week for tonsili its operation a child can operate it. modities and which shall give to the tis, and we are glad to know both arc Dependable electric service night and day for farmers of the United states ocean home and are doing nicely. rates which will enable him to comyour farm. The farmers of our community pete on a fair basis with the farmers have been very busy the last two Sec this plant li. operation. of other nations of the world. weeks sewing plant beds, plowing, A bureau of trade relationp sewing oats, and making gardens 2. Estimates on Electric Wiring and Fixtures which shull investigate our dealings But the bad spell of weather stop Market Street Between Jackson and Hancock with foreign countries to the end that ped them all from their work, and KY. -- INDIANA AUTOMOTIVE CO. agriculture may be they are sitting around the fire wishthe interests of Incorporated promoted, ing for more pretty weather. DISTRIBUTORS A bureau of distribution which 3. Paul Wayne Boston and Winnnd LOUISVILLE, KY. 104 and 106 Fast Broadway shall make a thorough study of the Wheeler of Clark Ky are troing to of farm products. distribution start a successful cream route thru 4. A bureau of statistices which our country next Friday week. shall inquire into world conditions We are glad they have come to our which influence supply and demand wants and wishes as our other truck and which shall especially study the men have quit business. mechanics of prices. Mr. Charles Lamb came from A legislative bureau which Louisville last Thursday with Ernest 5. shall have to do with the matters of Tennill to spend the week end with lejriiH'lon which affect his parents. National We are glad to know farming and farmers. that Charles is getting along fine with A bureau of cooperation which 6. his studies at High School. will make a special study of cooperMr. Roy Drake and family of LouMary M. and Rell to Charlie White, ative methods which have been found isville spent Saturday night and Sunto be successful both here and in day with their mother of this place. 77 neres and 28 acres on Flovd 8 Fork; $4500; March 27; stamp $4.60 other countries and which shnll Fred J. Riebel to Annie M. Lock- up standard forms for coopera draw ert, 2 acres on Brownsboro road; $1; HOPEWELL. March 31; stamp $z.ou. Louise I. und R. V. French to J. (Received too late for publication W. Vaughn, interest in 60 acres on DRUGS EXCITE YOUR week.) last liaiilstown road; $1; March 31; no Entertain With Birthday Dinner stamp. Mrs. C. W. Sertz entertained Henry C. Beahl, etc., by Com. J. I, USE SALTS 1 OLD CITY HALL WHERE WASHINGTON TOOK THE Easter Sunday with a birthday din- C. C, to Chas H. Baily, 5 0 OATH OF Of PICE A3 FIRST PRESIDENT, ill ner, it beinir her bit Inlay. On Easter acres and 34 acres on GreenThose Dresent to enjoy the day with wood road; $0050 paid; March 29; .7. Mrs. J. L stamp $6.50. your Back is aching or Bladder her were as follows:Mrs. If Alonzo Mr. and Treavnor, L. Sallie M. Smallwcod to C. 3 bothers, drink lots of water FedC.The financial Steiden, Mr. Barnes Steiden of Lou- Mathias, 66x264 ft south side Main CLEANED VERY PARTICULARLY and eat less meat exemplified in isville, Mr. and Mrs. Will Conrad street in Middletown; $750 cash and babv. William, Miss Grace Seitz and $2100 in 6 to 54 months; April Yorh of Louisville Mr. and Mrs. Jacob YOUR OLD HATS MADE OVER LIKE NEW magnificent building When your kidneys hurt and your back Klingenfus and neice, Katherine Fin- - 7; stamp $3. Lena Lenz to Bernard P. High feels sore, don't gel scared and proceed Mrs. Henry Sent and bough, lot 31 block 37 Highland1 Park of Wall Street. Louisville. Ky. to load your stomach with a lot of drugs ley, Mr and 304 West Jefferson St. Miss Jennie Lucille $1 April 3; stamp $1.50. that excite the kidneys and irritate the baibv. Edsrar, same In financial Seitz, Mrs. Charlie Seitz and baby, NEXT TO PARIS RESTAURANT. WE SHIP BY PARCEL POST. entire urinary tract. Keep your kidneys Wm. E. Fleenor to J. R. Dorsey, Rapson, Mr. and of this exclean like you keep your bowels clean, Forest, Master Carl tract on Newburg road; $1; April 3; and daughter, stamp George Seitz by flushing them with a mild, harmless Mrs. emplified $1. activities a splendid All enjoyed salts which removes the body's urinous Mildred. John Malone to Richard Tunsell, of Easter eggs of waste and stimulates them to their nor- dinner, also plenty lot 46 Highland Park; $320 cash; mal activity. The function of the kid- for the children and grown folks too. March 17; stamp 50c. deposits thrift! neys is to Alter the blood. In 24 hours Quite a large number of people people of of comthey strain from it 000 grains of add from around this neighborhood nnd and waste, so we can readily understand others attended both the sales of Mr. also munity, the vital importance of keeping the kid- Joseph D. Smith and Mr. Will Potts public in confidence of neys active. safety of Fiaherville yesterday. Drink lota of water you can't drink Incorporated responsibility of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Walden, Mr. institution. too much; also get from any pharmacist and Mrs. Bennie MeQuese, Mr. and all of about four ounoes of Jad Halts; take Mrs. George Walden and children, people of wish is a tabiespoonful in a glass of water Mrs. Hartledge and son of Louisville, Bridles, Whips, Combs and Brushes, Horse After you eat always take before breakfast each morning for a few spent. Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. days and your kidneys will act fine. Brinley. This famous salts is made from the Richard Clothing, Covers, Blankets, growing with us The saving is Mrs. Anna Finley spent several acid of grapes and lemon juice, combined days last week in Louisville. policy for with lithia, and has been used for genera Mrs Ida Moody and grand daughttions to clean and stimulate ologged kid. to come. Instantly reUeree Heartburn, Blotted Cmr We manufacture all of our harness; you save the neys; also to neutralize the acids In er, Grace, spent Sunday with Mr. Ed Feeliat. Stop IwtfOMtioo, food tourlnc. reUrine so it no longer is a souree of irri- Potts nnd family end Mil. Palmer puting, and ell the many Btleerlei oaueed by with us today. See that middle man's profit when you buy from US Moody. tation, thus ending bladder weakness. 1 Acid-Stoma- ch Jad Salts is inexpensive; cannot in- your harness is stamped with our name; none genuine (uro; makes a delightful effervescent KATONIO U the beet remedy. Tent of TRANSFERS REAL ESTATE drink which everyone should wonderfully benefited. Positively without it. to pleaae or we will refund money. take now and then to keep their kidSell sad set a bit bos today, Ten will aae, neys clean and active. Try this, also Fannie F. and Gustavo Windhovel LOUISVILLE, KY. 220 E. Market keep up the water drinking, and a to Fay H., wife of W. C. Merzwiler, s. F. S. B. Held, Prei. F. C. Jean, J. Cashier doubt you will wonder what toss and $2062.60 in PhORi City 7100 Home tract in county; $1 Bet. Brook & Floyd. your kidney trouble and backaoba. March 80; stamp 6 to 64 months: KENTUCKY. FERN CREEK, KENTUCKY JEFFERSONTOWN, Advert lsemsnt . 98.60. Trutona Is Daily Winning Unstinted Praise From Hundreds for Overcoming Tired, Draggy Feeling So prevalent During the Present Season Per "Most "Most "No-Accoun- JORDAN run-dow- The Lightest Car On The Market For Its Wheelbase It the dash, the It the that refresh' blase. A. W. Bauer & Son ot'r Brownsboro Road St. Matthews, Ky. East , Buy Its 1 Service quiU-lr-trtflW- features mate, ouble-pro- A bul-iiessi- il li Western Electric And Keep Up With Your Neighbor Watch Them On the Roads POWER & LIGHT Weber's direct-connecte- d Distributors SERVICE MOTOR TRUCKS Louisville, Kentucky MY VALET DRY CLEANERS AND D Y E RS 92-10- 9-- resource of the eral government are by the activities within New at the head this way the community are by the worh and this banh. represent the and COur prosperity the the represent the and they the the this and the that Our C community may be numbered the Ladies' Dresses Cent's Suits much the resources among those whose savings are your best Insurance years the J. SCHNEIDER FATONIC C Start a bank account thoe-en- BANK OF FERN CREEK V.-Pre- H8, emer-anta- Oatey Drug Co. Street

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