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Image 1 of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.), April 15, 1920

Part of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.)

DRY RIDGE Farmer Busy Between Shower teresting Item In- of Local Happen ing Easter service church in Jefferson Mr. Jim Tennill, and small children, Mr. Arch ill and fare- ily and father spent their Easter with relatives in Washington count. Mrs. Allie B. Davis an1 W rft T.PA I Roy Omer spent sister, Mrs. Tom Bs her fam- ily of oils place. Mr. Wig Shake and family spent last Sunday with Mr Charley Fisher and family near Fairm sunt. Mr. M G. Boston and family d Mr. Ernest Wigginton and family on Easter Sunday. Mr. Phelphs Miller, wife and babies and Mrs. Victor Cartwright and daughter, Ruth, spenl, last Sunday with Mr. Jim Neal and daughters. Mr. Burdtine Bridwell, jwife and daughter spent last Sundakr in with J$rs Annie McKinley Mr. Ed Curry and wife jpf Fishor-ville- . Mr. Joseph Carrithers of this place, and Mr. Wallace Newton of Crestwood spent Sunday v.ith M. G. Boston and family. Mrs. Arch Tennill and little daughter, Miss Bessie Bridwell, Mrs. M. G. Boston and daughter called on Mrs. Ernest- Davis end daughter, Saturday afternoon. Mr. Howard Smith has sold the Maxwell car he ha.- -, had for several years and bought a new Essex, which is said to be a beautiful car, and the first of this make that has been purchased in our neignborhood. May Mr. Smith and his family enjoy many a delightful ride and have never an accident. Mr", and Mrs. Clifton Allen entertained last Friday night, their guests were Miss Elisabeth Beard of Taylorsville, Mr. Grigsby Weaver of near Fairfield, Miss Winnie Reid of this plate, anrii Messrs We;.ver and Reynolds Hefflcy of FHshervii'.e. Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Wells spent yesterday in the city. Mr. Jess Boston and son, Archie, spent Sunday with Mr. Tom Boston and family., Mary Ellen and Julia Cairithers and Lucille Davis spent night with Eva Lena Knapp. Mr. Roy Reid nd family celled on Mr. Floyd Wheeler and wife, ( n Sunday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Smith had-aguests Sunday Mrs. Clark Fulker-so-n and sons, Lynn arid Ralph, Mrs. John Lovell, Mr. and Mrs. Money and children, Cricket and Tommy. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bryiinf and babies have moved to the Alex Rob-et- s farm here, and ve welcome them to our neighborhood. nr. I I WAR MOTHERS' MEMO , SPAN KENTUCKY RIVE RIDGE TO AT STATE CAPITAL L. Griggs on Tuesday morning at the 'Fairmount Chapel, and the remains were interned In the Fairctount Cem- Month!, Improve.! etery. Club Held Tneada, Night Mrs. Borgdon was a member of the Clifton Christian church and a Items devoted member of that congregation. Mrs. Margaret Brogdon was born April 28, 1887 and was consequently nearly 68 years of age. She is survived by her aged husband, Mr. Geo. Borgdon and the following chi- Anri,,,b.?,dn.eXtTud'y night, ldren:. Messrs Curtis and Jack Borg"k me ciufb house e don, and Meadamea- - W. Q. Hansel, of Paris Tenn., E. W. CarbtVee of by Truck Mr. Charles Louisville ,0. V. Edwards ot May-fielHartiage, who went rocery bu"i"e and Frank Sauer of Buechel. Rthe on Cane Mrs. Borgdon's neighbors foal her Bun last fall, is delivering loss greatly as she was ever kind, taking orders with k,g auickdellverlWi He a truclc, sympathetic and thoughtful of them hatalt(; all; and especially was' she careful '"stalled a gasoline tank, making it and tendsr of the sick whom she for'n,otorit8 t0 mo. sought out and ministered to in every e way. e SeB. Grecery Bu.inee. Mr. Marvin Ash, who recently unMr, Tom Fey has sold his grocery der went a minor operation at the busmem to Mr. Harry Hartilage, who Norton Infirmary, haa returned home has taken possesion, and i. and is recovering rapidly. "long nicely. Mr. John Stratman Mrs. Henry Berry and Mr. Berry is assisting Mr. Hartilage with the had as guests on Sunday Mrs. Berry's grocery, they are doing good business nephew, Mr. William Davis' wife eee The bungalow of Mr. Tom Fey is and' her sister, Mr. J. E. Berry and wife, Mr. Boy Roman and wife, Mr. Progressing fast; will be to Cleveland Stout and wife, Mr. Ralph move in in a short time if it fcontirjaes Shake and wife, Mrs. Ella Shroat to be nice weather so the and Mrs. John Mahon, Messrs Tinsley not be delayed. Mr. Fe.g ' Roman, Edward Stout and Emmet farm this year. Mr. and Mrs. Willie Stout. Rev. W. I Griggs, Dr. Virgil ertained a number o Simpson, Mr. and Mrs. Bennie Tyler relatives Sunday at tl end little Miss Lucille Tyler were Misses Eva and UmmBasaBBjejmmBni Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Kriete and Mr. Ca Grance Simpson. the guests of Mr Mr. R. WHlawkins of the High- Schlatter Sr., and B n lands was an ail day guest of his mr. nuI m.n. nc sister, Miaa Nettie Hawkins and Mrs. family spent the da in Bullitt county lat Si- Lizsie Dean, on Sunday. Miss Florence Sheppard had as .Misses Katherine guests on Sunday her brother, Mr. Wingfield, Mr. Earl sBIHn T. C. Sheppard , and family of the brother spent Sunda Hftk Miss Minnie Fruchtei West End. esa. Mr. and Mrs MT. ZION LADIES MEET Messrs Ben Kaufmai, oat Sunday evenii. if ML Zion Luther- - f "'7 vte-ite- Altho nearly the middle of April are still having March wind, and rather cold weather. The men are plowing: between rains, Billie Carri-ther- s getttnfjjhlong fine with his trac- tor, breaWflHup about six acres last KSwest iDavis holds the Saturday. record when it comes to good luck with lambs, so far iot having lost a single one. Some of our neighbors are losing quite a number even after they are a month or six weeks old. will have a full crop It is hoped-wof apples and at least a few cherries and peaches, not with standing the ice and snow we have had since I last sent in the news from the Ridge. 0 School Entertainment Our teacher Miss Ethel McMahan is planning to give an entertainment at the school house next Thursday night and as she is a splendid hand at anytihng of this kind we feel sure it will be most enjoyable. The school will close the following day. we e e Formerly Lived at Dry Ridge The relatives and friends of Mrs. Mary Heady Newhall, were indeed shocked when the telephone and daily papers brought to us the news that she had been killed accidentally by an nutomobile, just after alighting from a. street car invthe city, where she had lived since her marri years ago, be-- J age Borne twenty-fou- r fore that she had lived at Wilsonville. She was noted for her intelligence, quick wit, and bright, happy disposition. Her devotion to her husband and only son, was often commented upon. Her death occurred while she was hurying uptown to meet her husband that they might do some shopping together, and he stood waiting for her, for an hour and a half after she had been killed before 7i he was located and notiflod of her She was a first cousin to miss uthere of this J place. 1 . CLARK. e e Mr. Ernest Davis, wife, daughter, and Mr. and Mrs. Lee Harris motored to Jtmersontown and sepnt the day with Mr. and Mrs. Hckman Harris. Mr. Roy Reid, family and Mrs. Nannie Cartwright, who was their guest for a week attended services at the Catholic Church at Jefferson- town on Easter Sunday, then dined with Mrs. Effie Miller and family of who entertained Mr. Scatonville John Smyscr and family the same day On Sunday night Mr. Reid and family Mrs. Cartwright, Mrs. Miller and daughter, Miss Maud attended the " G'frl d, ,d , gr0-eeri- ring By Lao L The War Mothers of Kentucky, an organization of the women who gate their sons upon call of :helr government that the world might be free, have determined thnt the patriotism ahd heroism of all Keutuckians In the lute world war sbaH biueiuorialiseu In o most lasting way try the building of a memorial bridge across the Kentucky River ut the State Capital. This splendid monument, shown above, wa given the strongest endorsement by the (Jeueral Assembly of Kentucky at the session Just "closed, with the suggestion that It be made a part of. the great public highway scheme laid out by the Assembly. The organization of War Mothers, which is made up of county units representing each of the one hundred and twenty counties of Kentucky, deter mined to uuite in a single memorial, bullded by the combined efforts of the county organizations rather than scattered monuments. They decided that he monument be an emblem repre-in- g the entire Common weal th ; that It should be a practical; useful memorial and that It should be located Obe Architect, Frankfort, A., and electric oar lraMH Qg Into and leaviffg the Capital city as well as Trail. toist passing along the Ml It Is proposed that each county of Kentucky be represented in the e tabmorlal by the placing of a let for each along the main avenue of the structure, the tablet to contain tie names of the soldiers and sailors the county furnished to the National Gov eminent In the war. J The entrance arches of the structure will contain public comfort stations, rest room and drinking fountains. there wiy be projecting bays, with sea' ts, on either side of the walk ways of the bridge. Electric light standards endlne In flag poles for decorative pu placed at the bays. Tl - who took up arms call ; and, ti. Ky. at their country's Whereas. This organization baa determined that such memorial should not be In the form of a monument, sach as has been customary to the past, but a memorial that will ever be of use and benefit to the people of Kentucky while adorning the approach to Kentucky's Capitol and contributing to making of the Capital City of Kentucky a city all will be proud of; now, there- Ky. Ken-tuckla- fore. Be It resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of Kentucky, that we do most heartily endorse this) worthy movement upon the part of the War Mothers of the State and sincerely hop to the bridge North and that their vision of a great Memorial Bridge acroas the Kentucky embellished with pertnaj plantings. River at the Capital City wUI shortly That the Capital City of K entucky be realised. a splen And be It further resolved, wo view la the proper setting for did memorial Is generally accepted by with approval the plan of having the people who nave Merest ed them each f the one hundred and twenty Kentucky represented la selves In the DMH-et- . mm le from counties' every section Ml Kentucky are this splenic. Memorial Bridge the e Ceneri Frankfort daily, That placing thereon Assembly held m this idea is show m J I t the home of Durr .1. Va "fa.'aulrl aughter, Mm. W. S. JJlund awl Mrs. P.F. Marshall and mie daughter, Hilda Lee, spent Ti.m day with Mrs. J. L. Pound and dan liter,' Katie Mrs. Oh as Downes sp nl Thursday with Mesdarnes Elizabeth and Charles Lamaster. . C. W. K Mr. and little daughter,. Janie of Prospect, Ky., spent the week end with Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Pound and family. Mr. and Mrs. James W hi taker and little son spent Wednesdav in Louisville. Miss Katie Pound an brother, Johnnie, spent Sunday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. Charle; Lamaster and Mrs. Elizabeth ter. Mr. Joe Smith, near Ki herville had a disagreeable day for his sale last Tuesday, hut there was a large crowd there, tind things sold at a reasonable price. Mr. and Mrs. Chas Lamaster spent Thursday in Louisville. Vke bridge win cro at the bead of Main street in top city ot trraunon, b women wi southern end resting on Capitol ave- cause of world freedom and sent t hew nue, a street one hundred and fifty across the seas to battle for thai feet In width and ending with the new cause, while they, remaining at home, State Capitol and Governor's Mansion. gave their energy and time tc every Architecturally the bridge Is designed war effort fostered by the. National strictly In harmony with the Capitol-I- Government, Is now engaged In pro can be se-from both the steam. motlng a Stare memorial to the men Liver t every way with tlw this project, particularly Road Department, which raiuht make of thla structure part of the groat highway scheme now being worked out In Kentucky, and would recommend to the next General Assembly that they assist In making such me- .. morial possible. and-Mrs- organization of the combined1 religious forces will bring forth great results in the near future. ST. MATTHEWS FAIRNOUNT The Okolona entertainment club give a social at Okolona Hall, Preston Street road, Tuesday, April 20, 1920 from 2:15 P. M. till ll:15 P. M. Admission 10c. Everyone welcome. will A. MaUul. o.-.-I- I swan, ueo 1 Lavon, E. W. Yager. Edw. , Tl! mm LT f7llut Painter, P. H.Jjj C J F will be the first from Cane Run mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmMammmmmMmMmaMmmmmmmmwws. JOHN DEERE No. 999 CORN PLANTER er Planter Planter trials and tests under that the planter. It and maintains its COrnPH7XturalCel..R.I the most accurate many years Plates. Planter HALL SEED CO. pr J Uliriiiiii ii iHHimiim I - isV Hstlict Buchannan. P. Buchannan, A. Durr, W. R. Slaughter; Misses Maud JR. C. E PROGRAM Durr, Mary Reel, Jeannette McCon-nell- , Tabi-th- a Irene Durr, Mildred Durr, Following is the program for the Slaughter, Maxine McConnell; Beulah Jr. C. E. aociety for April 18, Master Henry Gentry, Mr . T. H. Subject, Our Missionaries in China Durr and Mr. A. C. Durr. Leader Charley Johnson. Song No. 172 Scripture 2 Thess. 3:1, 2 MEMBERS OF EASTERN STAR Prayer CHAPTER TO ENTERTAIN 17TH. Versta with the word "children" in them. ' Members of the, Jofferaontown Son No 609 What is our denomination doing in Eastern Satr Chspetr are planning a Katherine Bates. tuke place Saturday China! social event to Blackboard talk. April nth, at the Masonic evening, How can we help Missionaries in hall, bssyinnlnK at 8 ociock. Several China? Iva Bates What good are Missionaries doing? features of sntertalmnent will be inRoy Griffin. cluded on tli- evening"! program, Song No. 41 such us vocal and inntrumental music, Sentence prayer .n.kino and H ncrformunce by a cel Offering ebrated magician of Uulsville. RePrayer will be lerved, and all freshments Missionary Benediction. Masons and their families nre invited'. Attend Church Conference Quite a good representation of ofB. C. Reports Community Activificers and teachers, from Beargrass Double Pneumonia Causes Death of Church attended the Conference at Brogdon, Good Mrs. Margaret ties; Social Religious Etc Items First Christian Church Louisville, Monday afternoon, at 2 P. M. and Woman Personal Notes of Interest. also 8 P. M. The "biggest" in the reformation fired us with their zeal and enthusiasm; yes, and optimism. These conferences work wonders; we realize (from experiApril 12 Mrs. Mar Fairmount, St. Matthews, April 12 Several ence) what others have accomplished, weeks have elapsed since I had the we can also, and evet more, accord- garet A. Brogdon died at her home pleasure of a talk with "Jefferson-ians- ing to our faith and the time we are on the Brcntlinger Road, on Sunday night April 4, 1920. She was only not from choice, but unfor- willing to give to our Lord's work. tunately "handicapped; these drawbacks belong to this life, so we must HOPEWELL. accept them as gracefully as possible, as' conditions have improved somei Death of Burdme Potts The death of Mr. Burdine Potts what, tho not eliminated!, I will try to tell of the happenings in this vi- occurred at his home Thursday morn ing, April 8, at 3 oclock aftor several cinity, past present, and future. weeks illness of the flu wliich after wards resulted in brain fever. His Gives Good Minstrel funeral services were held The Vaudeville and Minstrel given Hopewell Presbyterian Churchat the Fri under auspices of "Parent-Teachat Greathouse school day afternoon at 2 oclock by Bro association" Price of the Jeffersdntown last Friday evening was a great suc- Church, and burial was at the Baptist Hope composed of ThompThe cast cess. was 35 well Cemetery. son, Nuxol and1 Flyn, with the Jazz years of age and Deceased is survived Baby, little Thelma Cuscaden, was father, Mr. Tom Potts, ami by his many minstrels in perfection ; Johnny Ford otner relatives. realy 'did the impossible in hoop and e e club juggling; a splendid appreciative The Full Expects to Leave Infirmary Soon attended1 and quite a large The audience Mr. Jessie Smith, who was taken Variable sum of money was taken in, which several weeks ago to Lcuisville to Accurate will be appropriated for school im St Mary Drop and Elizabeth Hosnital provement. Drop where lie underwent an operation, is reported as doing , nicely and ex- SchooT Dance-Frida- y . . . Evening r.cme es soon as pecis 10 iDe Friday evening April 16 at "Great- - he is able. Drougni house school" will be given a dance, e e music with the same excellent List of Sick "Schillings" band; those who have Mr. John who has been not received invitations apply to Mrs very sick Will Stout, is flu, 0. T. Bennett, St. Matthews. On not being with the well, andreported as so Mrs. Harthe same night, beginning at six ry Lee Jones very is also on the sick list, oclock, a regular supper will be ser and also that Mr. Will ved in the basement of "Beargrass Taylor is have heardlist. on the sick by the "Ladies Aid , Church", gayen Bro. E. M. Taylor filled his regueverybody invited, moderate prices. lar appointment at the Presbyterian Those who attend1 the dance can be Church Sunday afternoon, aho Sunvarylnj; conditions have proved concluserved with supper, anytime from day School Field at the usual hcur six to eleven P .M. variable Mr. and Mrs) Edward Fairfax e John Deere No. 999 Planter Is sively spent Sunday with his brother, MiT tc Impressive Address by Transylvania' and Mrs. Marshall Fairfax and family Is simple In construction, convatilent drop corn President Mrs. Charlie Seitz and babv. For longer evening at Beargrass est, and Miss Bertha Seitz Sunday high degree of accuracy Church Professor R. H. day afternoon with Mr. 3pent Sun Christian and Mrs Crossfield, pendent of Tansylvania Will Taylor and family. A Combined College, spoke to the congregation Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Walden spent Edge Delivery Seed in a clear, convincing and inspira ounaay witn mr. ana rars. George 1 tional way, which awakened us to a Check-Ro- w and Drill. ana iamiiy. sense of our individual responsibility nuiuen Bennie McQuese was Mrs. the in the work our Savior gave us to do, guest Sunday of Mr. and Mrs.' Henry and our influence on others. Seitz and family. Mrs. Will Potts, gave her school Pastor in Inter Church Work pupils an Easter egg hunt the Friday Our minister, Rev. C. I. Spephen before Easter; those finding the largson, left this morning to tour the est amount of eggs were given a state, with several other ministers, prize. AH enjoyed the hunt very Incorporated Louisville, Ky. in behalf of the Inter Church move much. ment; he is always ready to give his Preston and Jefferson Sts. Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Brinley and life and talents for his JJaster. This family spent Sunday with her mothis a worthy work and the excellent er, Mrs. Ida Moody. ", OKOLONA SOCIAL PLANT - THEY'RE NOT COMING DOWN m e. 2rmmt Clark, Ky., Apr Imaater and Wat Native Kentuckian It was with regret that I saw in The a short notice of the Jeffersonian death of Mr. George Summers of Indiana, he was a first cousin to my father, to the late Mr. John Henry Gilliland and to Miss Elrnira Gilliland and her brothers of near Eastwood. We want to thank the cousin in Indiana who sent the report of death to our county paper so that we relatives here might know of it. e a Upward Trend Leon Boston attended1 the box party at Fisherville, last Saturday night and from what he reports the boxes brought, I gather that boxes, seed potatoes and like shoes, flour, everything else are still going up. ill a few days, her death was caused bv double rjneuanonia. The funeral services were conducted by Rev. W. oate. than otner ll

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