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Image 9 of Jefferson reporter (Buechel, Ky.), December 12, 1973

Part of Jefferson reporter (Buechel, Ky.)

C 5 -- V 1 F-r.Cs-) JEFFERSON REPORTER, Wednesday, December 12, ledum n Named 'Crash i eta Jcd Conch if Durrctt High Robert Redman, a former center for e University of Louisville under Lee 'orso, will be coming to Durrett Hi Jiool next fall to replace Bill Wyatt as "Crash-Fire-Resc- ' Redman attended Durrett and Thnma efferson and then went to the University f Kentucky where he played under pharlie Bradshaw. Transferring to U of L n 1970 he was Corso't center for a year :nd upon graduation he became one of Corso't assistants. From U of L, Redman vent to Fairdale ISgh School where he vas an assistant coach under Corky Miller. I Redman's duties at Durrett will begin with football practice in August, 'according to the Jefferson County Board of Education. L PEST CONTROL M7-60S- 6201 Dixto Hwy. 4140 SMbyvilto 6. i ur En-la- M. i. 895-521- JOIN OUR NEVJ YEAR'S EVE GELEDOATI0:i ' The CFT House is equipped with hot-lin- e communications with the Air Traffic Control Tower. In an emergency situation, use of the communications system activates lights in the bay area and living quarters and signals the monitoring equipment A button it pressed in the CFR alarm room, electronically opening all four bay doors. After a laps of 34 minutes, the doors close automatically. mitrzciu. 19.95 CALL 447-633- 3 r The structure includes bays for four vehicles, office space, training rooms, kitchen facilities, and living quarters for nine men. It replaces use of the Air National Guard building near the southeast corner of the airfield. The building was constructed at a cost of $143,928, half of which was covered by a matching grant from the Federal Aviation Administration. China To Be League Topic An address on modem-da- y Mainland Christopherson served as president of the China by Katy Christopherson. member Louisville League and of the Kentucky of the League of Women Voters of League before her election to the national Louisville and Jefferson County and a board in 1964. She currently serves as vice president of the League of Women president of the Overseas Education Voters of die Ihited States, will highlight Fund, an international affiliate. the December general meeting of the The meeting is scheduled for league. Thursday, Dec. 13. at Lang House, 1 15 S. Mrs. Christopherson visited the Ewing Ave. Coffee will be served at 9:45 People's Republic of China for three ajiu, followed by a program planning weeks last summer as part of a delegation session during wluch League members from the National Committee on UJS. -will discuss priorities for national study China Relations, a private organization Mrs. Christ ophcrson's items for 1974-7founded in 1966. A high spot of the trip talk will follow a noon luncheon. visit with Premier Chou was a two-hoReservations for lunch and for Active in the League of Women Voters babysitting service must be nude in Mrs. -- dvance by calling "since 1 came of age, A new House" at Standiford Field was officially opened during ceremonies last Wednesday. The facility is located approximately 100 yards north of the Air Traffic Control Tower and should provide easy access to any part ,of the airport J LIK3SEY-NATI0NA- 1 Rescue House' Open At Airport i aa iooioau coacn. Fire t INCLUDES NOISEMAKERS& HAT BUFFET BREAKFAST ALL DRINKS CHAMPAGNE hit I iH- - "SUMMER SHADE" 2 FLOOR SHOWS 10:30 , & A.L3. TO UNDER f- INCLUDES FREE SKATE LESSONS & SKATE RENTALS -3 453-SS3- 1 ( ml n! WW 7 ' V. V V I t FREE RENTAL GLIOLOnn SGATTGLOnD ttZZ CALL ! 12 PARENTS FREE! FREE ADM., FREE LESSONS 12:00 JU 8G85BM 12 YEARS & MAKE YOUR RESERVATIONS NOW $20 SINGLE. $30 COUPLE 25c LADIES NIGHT CHRISTMAS EVE Tuatday & Thunday Lin Music 9:00-- 1 .30 BON AIR MANOR 10 AT MIDNITE LIVE UUSIC featuring Photo Cm mqz SIT. UZZZIZZ 1973-- A9 CLUILICX HO. ' C:4-C23- Photo by GU Couraon HUSTLING after the ball, Durrett Demons Dan Rigney (22), Ron Hasting (35) and Skip Martin (1 1) try to get the jump on a Southern Trojan. But'i all in vain, because Southern won in the end, 61-4- 3 8. 7405 FEGENBUSH LN. Demons Drop Fifth By Popular Request! MM). .MIEHft Featured Every Fri. 6-1- u Sheraton P.M. 0 East Inn-Louisvi- lle A W.ridwld. Srlt At HurtttMurn of ITr lan 71-6- IN CHARGE COMMERCIAL LINES 61-4- 1 2, Children $3.25 Adult S6.2S r edge Thomas Jefferson, The game was up in the air until the final seconds when Westport's Greg Mayfield sank two free throws to seal the win. Mayfield led dropping their first five games. 8 The latest loss was a decision at the Warhawks in scoring with 21 points the hands of Southern last Friday night and teammate Cary McGlaughlin added But the Demons gave the Trojans a scare. 20 while Ronnie Smith paced TJ with 1 7. Durrett After falling behind 12-came back to outscore Southern 24-1- 6 in he second quarter to take a 32-3- 1 halftime edge. But Southern, led by Bill Cofer and Mike Hilton, combined for 19 points after the intermission to outscore the entire Durrett team during the third period. For the game, Cofer and Hilton each had 13 points as Southern won its first game in three tries. BY JIM MOORE 426-450- 0 loultvillt, Ky. Seneca Wins Seneca won its first game of the season Both teams' by downing Moore, 64-5efforts were hampered by cold shooting; Seneca made just 23 of 67 shots for 34.2 per cent while Moore hit only 22 of 70 for a percentage of 3 1 .4. Sam Boswell, the Seneca center, led all scorers with 17 points, most of them coming in die first half when the Redskins built a lead. After two complete lineup changes by Moore coach Gene Carroll the Mustangs got untracked in the second half and closed the gap to three points on several occasions. Turnovers by Seneca kept Moore close, but inability to hit at the free throw line dampened Moore's effort to grab the lead. Guards Billy Campbell and Mike Sheilds added 10 points apiece for Seneca, and Tommy Perkins led Moore with 1 5. Winless Jeffersontown surprised Fern Creek by a 60-5- 0 score after Fern Creek had won its third straight game on Tuesday by beating Durrett 70-5In the Durrett game Mickey Sartin and Kieth Bartlett provided most of the punch for Fern Creek, Sartin scoring 32 points and Bartlett adding 23. Dennis Layman topped Durrett with 16 points as the Demons skidded to their fourth straight loss. On Friday it was a different story for Fern Creek as Jeffersontown center Dave Martin gunned for 32 points while the Chargers held Sartin to just 13. Nevertheless the game remained close until early in the fourth quarter when a J'town surge proved to be too much for Fern Creek. Westport bounced back from an earlier loss at the hands of Oldham County to P YOUR REALTOR IS YOUR HOST RELIABLE GUIDE TO.. i 13 MB compl.t. Ibtlng of hom.i A member Realtor always hat an .. for He can a You a ot ot nteaiw numing 5k, lapl nd financial transition.. Look for withyour a member J home buying guidance where you SM tht Realtor of the Louisville Board of Realtors. up-toa- ta heu .. UTILIZE THE SERVICES OF A Somebody cood to have working for you ALTOR' Lcuizvilb Csarcl el Realteri leuUvlll., Ky. 40202 513$. tni St- - iJ DO Sao Us for ID: "110 UHIIAFPY Precision Repairs GUSTfX'HnS!" AITO nt 3. A s MARION GLASS Service Manager 9. DHJ! VIM 81 FAY PRANGLE Durrett High School's basketball team has gotten off to a bad start mis season, Sheratons Fabulous A-S- W 233-03- SPEGIflL! 0 u ey INCLUDES ANTIFREEZE (PARTS EXTRA) HERE'S WHAT WE DO: DRAIN YOUR RADIATOR CHECK YOUR THERMOSTAT CHECK ALL HOSES 8t CLAMPS CHECK YOUR BELTS INSTALL ANTI FREEZE PROTECTION TO 20 BELOWI PRESSURE TEST Our trained mechanics and modern equipment can give you what you want: a h AB $3.95 on 50 GOING THIS WEEK ONLY! LOIlGOn -- iilpiiii ::iir;MY5 INCLUDES: FOR LESS! "! put ovncvts wis n::sTCN flMBCEELTji SPECIAL KEEP YOU WAS EE job, sensibly priced in your own neighborhood. WE OIL FROU WINTER WEATHER! top-notc- Fast, Complete Work Business Frances Crocetti of 8002 Red Cedar Way in Okolona was recently appointed as one of the directors of field training for Viviane Woodard Cosmetics, a subsidiary of General Foods Corporation. Also named was Gwen Shirley or N;w Albany. The two women recently returned from a three-da- y seminar in Knoxville, Tenn.h where they received intense training. They will be in charge of training distributors in the area. PROTECT YOUR CAR fa yMr shoes!" SET CAMBER SET CASTER SET TOE-I- ROAD TEST 1

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