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Image 3 of Jefferson reporter (Buechel, Ky.), December 12, 1973

Part of Jefferson reporter (Buechel, Ky.)

nzczw ?z: VS.: Rc3o( kilned as J JEFFERSON REPORTER, Wednesday, December 12. 1973-- A3 Forest Hills Will Block Mohan Ave. BY DAN RITCHIE The City of Forest Hills, in the midst of sewer construction, has decided to block off two sections of Malian Avenue to through traffic so construction equipment will have easier access to Cherian Drive and Janlyn Road when Skilton Construction Corp. begins work on those streets. Jim Wiseman, outgoing chairman of Forest Hills' board of trustees, said in a board meeting Monday that Skilton Construction told him that sewers are Proceeding on schedule. The dead end jection of Mahan is presently being used a "shake-ou- t area" where pipe, sand, nd gravel is stored. To transport that Equipment to Cherian and Janlyn the bompany will have to move it over Mahan, and to avoid a safety hazard the fcoard will let Skilton close two parts of Mahan as long as the company docs not Slock the driveways of people living on ahan. Presently, Narwood Drive is Closed to through traffic. : Wiseman said that Skilton has set no Completion date for the collector system, f ut he expects that since the company fill not be paid until completion, delays ! 11 be avoided. ! v. - I Commanders To Meet The annual meeting of the Past Commanders Club of Highland Post 201 will be held Dec. 12 at the Holiday Inn Southeast on Bardstown Road. Dinner will be served at 7 p.m. On Community Center J 'town Still Awaits Grant building and five feet of land bordering it. However, the board voted down the addendum at a meeting this past July. About two weeks ago, Ches Wheeler, community center president, received a letter from Sue Duvall, development specialist with the state Department of Parks, saying that the present lease agreement did not qualify the center for federal funds and only 10 more days would be allowed to work out a settlement. Wheeler asked that the deadline be extended until the new city administration takes over and the request was granted. Hoping For Reconsideration At the community center's monthly meeting last Thursday, the board passed a resolution which maintains the the center is an "agent of the city" operating for the city's benefit. Under the resolution, the center and grounds must be used for the and, upon City of Jeffersontown, violation (without the city's consent), the lease agreement between the center and the city would become null and void. This provision was designed to assure the department that the city doet have adequate control and tenure. The resolution also insures that the city park "will be available for use by all members of the general public on an equal basis" and that charges for the use of the building will go only toward defraying the cost of normal upkeep and repair. BY MIMI LORD Board members of the Jeffersontown Community Center have asked the state Parks Department to supply them with additional information that will hopefully clarify the requirements for receiving federal recreational funds. The department has held that the center is ineligible for funds because of certain legal technicalities involved in its lease agreement with the city. The U.S. Bureau of Outdoor Recreation (BOR) granted $15,000, to be matched by city funds, to Jeffersontown several months ago. The city intended to use the funds to help develop recreational facilities for the community center park on Taylorsville Road. However, the BOR specifies that the money can only be used for services or facilities which are publicly controlled. The dispute which arose, and still lingers, concerns the question of control over the center. In 1965, after tax difficulties, the center's board of directors deeded the land to the city and began leasing it for 99 years for one dollar per year. The least was for the building on the nine acres, 'but also gave the board control of the land. Lease Addition Rejected In order to qualify the center for federal funds, City Attorney Joseph Pike wrote a lease addendum that would turn control of the park land to the Jeffersontown Park Commission, a city agency. Under the lease addendum, the center's board would retain control of the . first-com- that, hopefully, Sfl A I constat j 1 the TV yY first-serv- BETWEEN SIXTH AND SEVENTH 3926 UPPER RIVER ROAD additional 3401 BARDSTOWN ROAD 7483 DIXIE HIGHWAY information to be supplied will clarify themattcr. lie said the center board will then attempt to make any necessary legal alterations so that the center will be technically eligible to receive the funds.' 584-432- 1 896-446-3 459-143- 2 935-811- 0 ; The Several choral from groups resolution written was by a and Assumption High. Special events have been added to the Christmas Music Festival this year on opening night and the final day. Monday at 7:30 p.m., Mayor Harvey Sloane helped kickoff activities with the first "Belvedere Tree Light Up." On Saturday at 2 p.m., in the 600 block of the River City Mall, Santa Claus will give away ice cream from his giant "Santa's Super Sundae." Reporterland will be featured during the second annual Louisville Christmas Music Festival scheduled this week on the River City Mall. Participating groups include singers from Bethany Baptist Church, Moore High School, Buechel Methodist Church, Thomas Jefferson High, Fern Creek High i 'Mil Mm i - 2723 Preston Hwy. TELEPHONE , 4 " H '1 " i i Saturday night will feature the first free professional ice show on the new Riverfront Plaza ice rink. The show will be performed by the Louisville Figure Skating Club starting at 7 p.m. Barry Kamber, choreographer of the show, is a U.S. Gold Medalist. Christmas music by the Agape Singers and the St. Therese Choir will bring the festival to a close immediately following the ice show on the plaza. 1 Vmuui 8115 Pretttn eijhnay C24-334- 2 AMPEG The Complete Music Store Guitar Amps TOP NAME BRANDS fJ AMOUNT TO FINANCE NM!THtYF 36t 2500 KuiAfe Cctiien ' ' ! 2000 B3-S3- 71 Guitar Amplifiers committee that had been established to study the BOR regulations. Committee member Jack Orlandi said, "It appears to me that we do comply with the regulations." The resolution passed by the center board had previously been submitted to the Park Department, but the legal weight of such a resolution is questionable. It seems as though one of the principal points of dispute is whether or not the building itself is eligible for funds. Orlandi says it is as long as it is available e to the public on a basis while City Atty. Pike doesn't agree. 'The problem is one of legal title, in the strictest sense, to the land," he said. Nelson Worden said the letter received two weeks ago from the Parks Department did not specify the reasons for denying the funds to the center but Local Groups In Festival mm ,tj Boneless Whitefish, French Fries, Slaw and Hush Puppy Stiff Photo at a lot on Taylorsville Road gets close examination from John Hawley, Y. G. Yuodis and Mrs. G. M. Buehler. They were buying the tree for use at Buechel United Methodist Church on Hikes Lane. A CHRISTMAS TREE OY-C9SS- E '!,-- wannF BOH Hearing Discussed Forest Hills' trustees also discussed the recent public hearing held on "Sutton hace," a proposed development of the lames Graham Brown Foundation which B comprised of four large tracts of land, tome of which is contained in Forest Hills. Wiseman said that a decision on the ttzoning of those tracts is not expected from Fiscal Court for some weeks, and ight now what decision they will make is Anybody's guess. "A lot depends on what pie Highway Department will commit Itself to," Wiseman said in regard to a proposed new exit at Hurstbournc Lane nd Interstate 64 which should in part relieve the traffic problem there. ! Street lights which Louisville Gas & Electric promised Forest Hills months ago will not be going in until after the sewers. LG&E official Jack Evans told Forest Hilsl that it would not be practical to put in the lights with so much construction around the sites. Ililmcr Sundsliom, Forest Hills' treasurer for four years, received a pen and pencil set from the board in Appreciation of his service to the city. "I won't think you'll find a sixljt thiss city in JeffeVson County with books that arc any belter kept than the City ol" Forest Hills," Wiseman said. Forest Hills hopes to use revenue-sharin- g money for drainage improvements in the city after sewers are in. According to the board, sewers will Improve drainage in some areas but will make it even worse in others. The board also heard complaints about loose dogs intimidating some residents. Since the city's dog ordinance is basically the same as Jefferson County's, residents nn call the county pound, said Wiseman ' .. MONTHLY PAYMENTS . i' ANNUAL TOTAL OF PAYMENT PERCENTAGE RATE 63.05 2269X0 0.41 36t 78.81 2837.16 &41 3000 36t 94.58 3404.83 8.41 4000 36t 4539.96 8.41 PAYMENTS 126.11 Bass Amplifiers Bass Amplifiers P. A. Amps. & Systems MARTIN D28 GUITAR and CASE P. A Systems & tLon9c or shorter terms if preferred Amps. $660.00 $600 Christmas Special STOCKING STUFFERS If 15 Bar Auto Harps GRETCH NASHVILLE GUITAR Banjos Harmonicas with Case $665.00 and CASE $67.50 Melodicas Guitar Strings And Many Other Gift Items. 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