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Image 1 of Bardstown herald (Bardstown, Ky. : 1851), June 23, 1852

Part of Bardstown herald (Bardstown, Ky. : 1851)

THE HERALD IT TP X JUL BY JS reSLISHED EVERY WEDNESDAY ELLIS & NOURSE. TERMS. ::!tt2 advance, t2 Per locvm, l six months, advance, : : : 5 J0 Three cosies, in : TO CLUBS Of 10 the Of M Of 30 Hild will be - : tl " M l 50 25 1 ' : 00 50 JOB PRINTING. EKALD BARDSTOWN 1 H We have. inca the eip-ratircf the f.ra? io!nin of the IlrraW. made several cry rwcr-ar- y nand.ome adJ.tiorta to our JOB OFFICE, which will enable es to get np oar work io a aTyle that can not fill to please. BOOZS, JAMES D. KOXJKSE, Drfcotcir Editor. per copy 00 ELLIS tt JT0T7HSE, to JJoUtCcs, 2Lftrraturr, Science, Commerce nutJ ilc&s. PXOrRIKTORS. tnt BARDSTOWN, NESON COUNTY, KENTUCKY, WEDNESDAY, JUNE, 2:j, 1852. VOL. 2. the BALI. CAHDS. EILii. C., will be printed on fine white or fancy paper, mra Black. Blue, or lied Ink, on short notice. We to use all mexs within oar power please tliosewho favor us with their patronage. " alwaya accompany yThe money Dimes of Ciuh subscriber. PAMPHLETS. TICXETS BLAKIS. PCSTEHS, NO. 24. CO"GlTt V A CALL. ZIP COON the fare will be 13 dollars ; that is two has since been continually occupied in United States on tho 1st Jan., 1852 : 4,VVhy is the smile of a pretty wotwo cents per mile. man like a cannibal devouring a prison, recommending them to the favorable 2; o 2 to P . States with t3 75 WEDNESDAY, - - - - JUNE 24, 1852. er of war? Do you give it upj Be- attention of the government and the ASD nCL" SEDiXO'C TEE ARIES. " HM Square, ten lines or leas, firat insertion, Belisving that the history of the Kail Roadj "E. 2 23 Each aabscqacnt iusertion,........-.-........orgin, condition, and extent of the railin opera- g The youth people, with great ability hnd zeal; S cause it's captiv-aling.- " 00 g & AX ARAB DA5CE. months, f)ne qire three Uon or in 6 00 - me ? S roads in the United States forma'one THOUGHTS ON GOVERNMENT. who perpetrated the above, fled the but with what success remains yet to j? process " Yankee travelers 6eat the wciL'. tlO 50 twelve " of the most important subjects of sta Without expressing any construe' of S, country by the last 6teamer. Wheth- be seen. 5 00 n Half column, one insertion, -" ! CONTINUED. view with reference, thereto, it may tistical investigation, and one .not gen whether editors or ami teur. Whili 20 00 er the Governor will send a requisi' one year, Half 127 315 30 000 583133 erally understood, 9 00 I have devoted a Bayard Taylor is playing with tiger. One column, one insertion, tion, and bring him back, is yet to be said that his project is considered im- Miine 433 N.Hamo. 47 92 SJ 317 961 f35 00 One column, per annum, the notions of the most consistent seen. practicable, from the. fact that of the Vermoni portion of mv time to the preparation leopards and hjenas, in Central Africa, Ir 380 10 212 59 314 121 Transient Advertisers will be required to pay in and thoroughgoing 1 039 two thousand miles of territory which Mass. 67 Jacobins of Europe, 7 b'JO 934 43J of a complete history and de tailed state is singing a citizen of Washington dvsnre. When an Advertisement is handed in the 1 306 53 32 147 5M ment respecting each of the railroads in his route across the country must tra- R.Island number of times it is to be inserted must be stated, if as to who are the people, differ widely 547 261 Conn. 4 CSl 370731 "Old Zip Coon" and "Uncle Ned" to the United States, to accompany th verse, a large portion consists of desert N. not siated it will remain in the paper until ordered from York 726 745 their less philosophic brethren in! 45 000 3 097 394 cat, and charged accordingly. From other statistics to be embraced within the the wild Arab of th3 Desert! or of sterile and very elevated mountain New Jersey IN TIIE EXITED STATES. OF RAILROADS 226 111 8 330 433 555 districts, in which can be found no ma- Penn. Those who a lvertlsa far six months or one year America, not less different are their views 1 146 774 46900 2311 737 seventh censsu;but, as Congress may ex- the interesting leter of the Intte i to tha have the privilege of changing and renewing not as to the manner in which the people may 11 16 2 121 terials ofconstruction, and which would Oalware 91515 ercise their right of abridging the work Cexsus Office, Washington eaceeding once in three weeks. National Intelligr ncer.da ted Jt rusalec-- , 9 356 376 125 C33 035 on this and other subjects, it is impos afford no business for the support of Maryland March 1st, 1352. We have now Virginia 478 61 352 1 421 631 813 the above will be plain enouyh to be exercise their sovereignty. We hope that sible, in advance, to say what the December, 1851, we copy some ad?n-ture- s In compliance with your request. I the road, were the difficulties of build- N. Carolina anJritwil tv .11 nd that nil who advertise w ill before us, in a late number of the West? 243 335 45 01)0 663 903 of will conpublished, Many intelligent S. Carolina no body but an American cculd act in accordance with our requirements, instead 310 233 24 50 3 653 507 census, when proceed to answer your inquiries con- ing it overcome. a he r oremtn minster Review, an article entitled ' Ditrvm for hours to lower our pru-eI enclose to you herewith a copy have got up or described ao well. 04 229 53 033 935 933 tain. cerning railroads in the United States. men however, are convinced of its prac- Georgia of the Office has no time to spend in bargaining121 Alabama. 190 50722 771 671 of the census of Maryland prepared in This article is a review This is without respect to persons: we have no dispo- rect Legislation." The number of miles of railroad'in op- ticability and expediency. fpoken of, i the Arb guide aud 93 273 .Mississippi 47 155 606 565 advance, for reasons which will appear sition to do work cheaper far a close fisted customer of two works o:i political philosophy, one eration iu the United States, January The Railroad sjstem of the United louisiana 63 47 156 6)6 555 than for our liberal patrons, who are willing to let interpreter of the writer: f320 23 733 212532 in its preface. cf a German, M- - Ritiinghausen, a member 1st, 1852, was as nearly as can be ascei-taine- Statesmay be considered as having com- Texas Printers live. I have the honor to bz sir, with great In traveling through Sjri. as in 112 "43 45 609 1002 625 Tennessee 10 814J. At the same time was menced in 1830. extensive circulation, an of the national assembly at Frankfort on The first one put in Kentucky EThe IIcrald has an 93 414 37 633 932405 respect, your obedient strvant, other parts of the world. 1 always carof construction an extent of operation was a short road built for Ohio make ue in course baainess men will find it advtantageous to 8 23 lb32 33 954 1 933408 the Mayne, the oilier by Victor Considerant ried mv fiute with me to elieve the Jso. C. G. Kenscdt. railroad amounting according to the the transportation of ice from a small Michigm 427 fits columns as a meaus of communicating with 56213 3J7 554 . a distinguished member of the constituent Jules Coutin, Minister Public works, lonely hours of night and excite a 600 915 most reliable estimates, to 10 S9SJ lake to the sea, in the State of Massach- Indiana 33 8)3 93G416 the public generally. I bad feelin among the natives. 136 1 409 55433 851 470 and also- of the national assembly of France, miles. By far the greatest portion of usetts. The length of this work was Minois Missouri fluted my way. after the fashion of 515 515 67 333 632 043 whose sessions Louis Napoleon brought to the lines commenced, but now incom- four miles. It was finished in 1830. Wisconsin 23 421 53 924 3J5 191 THE TEHUiNTEPEC THE Goldsmith, thr'oiuh many a diCculty; CASH. ROE plete, will be finished, nodouot. with- In the same year the Slate of South CarThese 60 unceremonious a concision. and now I was resolved to see what the ISTHMUS. 10 814 10 833 CPSince we have enlarged the B AUDSTOWN two philosophers are in favor of the peo- in the ensuing five jears. The length olina caused to be commenced a road magic of muic would do in removing of railroads brought into operation from Charleston, its principol port, to HERALD our expenses have been considerably As soon Nearly parallel to the Atlantic coast A dispatch has ben received by Jas. the prejudices of the Arabs. increased; we are therefore compelled to adopt th I ple voting directly upon every law, whethsince January 1st, 184?. is 5 234 miles. Augusta, in Georgia. The distance is of the United States, from Maine to Wiles. Esq , fom New Orleans, stating as it was dark, we had a good fire lit ia object in doiug this, is to er it belong to the class of constitutional Within the last year 2 153 miles have 135 miles. Our CASH SYSTEMThe work was finished in enable o to meet promptly the demands on us for been finished. Nearly all the lines in 1833, at the very remarkably small Alabama, runs the range of mountains that Col. SIoo's proposition for the the corner, and pulling off our shsei, as or ordinary legislation. Under their sysour mitt The right of way across the Isthmus, custom required, we apr-a- d CASH for Paper. Ink. Labor, Oihcerent &c.,kc. progress have been commenced since costof SI, 336 615, which sum inclu-clude- knovn as the Alleghany chain. eastern bases of these mountains are through Mexico, has passed the House close, and sat ('own cosily ta enjoy Could we collect as wc co. it would be better for tem however there could be no such as 1813. It is supposed that one thoualso the expense of furnishing from the seaboard more than of Deputies by a vote of sixty to twen- the cheerfull blaze, my friends (the us as well as far our customers. From those who constitutional legislation not in ths proper sand miles additional to the 10 693 now the road with engines aud passenger a distant advertise yearly we enpect payments quarterly hundred miles, and they form a very ty, and will pass the senate by a large Southerner an.l the English Captain; those terms, for there would be Kno vm tr be in progress will be put un- and freight cars and all other necessary sense of their chibouks while I For all transient Jub Work and Advertising, the formidable obstacle to the construction vote. This is most gratifying intelli- smoking der contract during 1852. v. equipments. This was the first railmoney mast be paid when the work is done this no machinery except hat might'kbe necesforth my knapsack and d There never existed Kreater activity road of any considerable length con- of railroads bet ween the great eastern gence to the business public, but par- brought rule is without exception. sary to take the vote of the people and then putting the pieces of my flute cities an the 'interior. In nearly all ticularly to the friends of Col. S go in the making of railroads in the in the United States, and it is together. The Arabs who had begun tc execute their enactment?, and even that United States than at the present time. structed the great enterprises which have been Ci believed to have been the cheapest and undertaken with the view to effect such and Mr. Wiles, who are citizens of These gentlemen have been crowd in. were greitly interested in the slight organization might be changed or Many of the lines projected have taken most successful. iprctal connection, great additional expense spending the past wiuter in the city of Strang: instrument I was getting under set aside entirely at any time, and any rule, the place of plans for the construction longest continuous line of rail- has been incurred to overcome or pene Mexico, prosecuting thei r important way; and Yusef, who wa3 rather proud The AccorMASONIC. presciibed by the people en masse to day, of canals and turnpike roads. In the measures with the Mexican Govern of his superior civilization, sat by enroad in the world, and that in the con- trate this mountain barrier. Rowan Chapter No 31, of Royal Arch Masn, for their own overnu;ent or that of their dingly, these works of public improveof, which the greatest natural plan first adopted for the general sys ment and their efforts have been crown- joying their remarks and giving us a. ment are not prosecuted with the same struction meets regularly on the 2nd Saturday in each month running interpretation. Some thought servants, might be rescinded ardor and energy as formerly, although obstacles have been overcome, is thit tern of State improvements in Pennsyl ed with success. Perhaps no measure Major Barbour Lodge No 181. A Y. M,me.t exisig in the construc- which extends from the Hudson river, vauia it was proposed to effect the cros has received the consideration of any it mis a suit of a pistol ritha large day and They denounce representative government much activity reguiarlyon the 2nd Monday count court touch-hole- ! but this notion was ridiThe labor and through the southern counties of New sing of the Allehenies by means of in community, so full of grand results to culed by the more knowing ones, in any and every shape as a nuisance, tion of plank roads. on the 4:h Monday ia each mouth. who No 93, A.Y M , meet regularly on capital which they would require are York, to Lake Eiie. Its length is 469 clined planes, with powerful stationaiy the commercial world. It will aiiord said it was plain enough to see Dova21Lod?e and what is still worse in the opinion of that it These planes the shortest route from New York to miles, and it has branches of an aggre- engines at the summits. Saturdays in each month. absorbed in the numerous and almost the 1st and 3rd 1 pipe, and soleci-m- . that Assuming the colossal schemes of railroad building. gate additional length of G5 miles. were built and have been used for sev Asia, opening up a trade which the Eu- was a ne Transient brothers in good standing are respect philosophers, a fally invited to attend. inherent sovereignty of tie people wiihoj1 Since 1S43 the extent of railroad open- Nearlj its whole course is through a era! years, until experience have proved ropean world has long desired, and they would soon see ne put the bowl to At last got The bridges by that their operation was too slow aud bring our California treasures and the it aud begin to smoke. regard to sex or any other distinction, ex- - ed for travel and transportation has region of mountains. ithiu a month's travel all the pieces adjusted, ard commandnearly doubled, and there is reason to which it is carried over the Delewaie too expensive to maintain a success Pjcific trada peMOl.S Voting shall be old SoLodeeNo.of'the'lnd'ependentOrderof, and Susqutihana rivers and other streams, ful competition with other methods of from the remotest points of either side ing silence by a mystenou motion of enough to know what ihcy are about, they believe that the increase in the lfngth the hand, corameo ed p'aying that Odd Fellows meets regularly every Wcducsdcy of road brought into use will not be and the viaducts upon which it crosses conveyance, and other improvements of the Continent. classical airof"OZi Zip Coca,' which Evening Transient brothers ia good standing res- go on to show by very plausible The route commences on this side of I less rapid during tins next period of four the valleys that intercept its route, are have since been finished designed to dare sy was never heard before tmon; pecrfaily invited to aiu-nthat the principles upon which that years. By the year 1860 we may ex- among the noblest monuments of power supescede them. the Jitbmus, at a point on the Coitzico-alco- s There tvas the the rutus of Baalbec. and skill to be found in our country. The railroad from Baltimore to the River where the largest clas theory is based are irreconcilable with re- pect that the territory of th-- United The most of these works are of heavy Oh o river is carried over a passage in steamers can run. The stream empties most breathless attention on all sides, SOICS Cr TIMFEEAKCE' States will be traversed by at least presentation in any practicable shpe. masonry, but oue of them is a wooden these mountains where the eleration ii itself into the Gulf of Mexico, about interupted ouly by suppressed acclamamiles of railroad. Nelson Division No. 43 Sons of Temperance meets The people, they ad. nit, indeed it is a bridge 184 feet in height, and having up wards of three thousand feet, aud a seventy-fiv- e A tions of laii.' tahib! fgoou! good!) miles from Vera Cruz It is very dicffiult to form an regularly every S itur.lay Evening. Transint browhenever I blew a very shrill necessirv part of their scheme, may apthers arc invited to attend. cf the average expense per mile but one arch, the span of which is 275 ! part of that height ia overcome by tun wr-T- , well informed upoa the subject, soon the women and children uote;asi from the feet. One of the viaducts is 1200 feet nels, varying in length from one-sipoint one or u.ore ager.ts to do a particular of building say: raiiroads in the United neighboring houses began to crowd ia. s The aggregate teenth to 1100 feet high. a mile. c of The The advantages offered by the In fact no average can b; as- long, thing ia a particular mode, but if they du States. and there was gradually a large circle STftrrtformrntt?. as applcable to the whole coun cost of this important work was 23- road from New York to Albany "along routa to compensate for its inanything else, or even vary fto.n the mod sumed 580 050, and the expense of the con the banks of the Hndson, has three tini- - creased length is the saving of sea dis- formed arouud the room, the atidieuce try. The cost of the roads in New squatted down iu row?, till prescribed, their aciion would have no vaThe AN ORDINANCE. was S43 The work Enslal " about $15 000 per mile ; struction originally 333 per mile. 1823 ; U.proposedgreatest United of this iskind tance from each direction to its tetnini scarcely space enough left tothtre was breathe. Bards-towAt a meeting of the Botrl of Trustees of suggested in in the States the on the Gulf and on th- Pacific, yet lidity, for if the people may invest a man in New York, Pennsylvania and Mary road was 1 blew away with lt my might, for not on Friday, the 2Sth day of May, 1532, the ful a company was organized in 1832; sur tunnel throuih the Hoosack mountain, 1,200 miles north of Panama. This But in the inor body of men with discretionary power land, about I by the success of my lowing Ordinance wts adepted, vir : were made in the same year, and which, if executed, will be four miles saving in sea distance is estimated at only was excited for a year or a month, they may abdicate terior of these Slates the surface of the veys It is ordained that, from and alter ih 2'yth dsy of operations were begun by grading a in length, and fifteen hundred feet be- 1,700 miles in making the trip from experiment, but rather inspiredI by tie country is broken, rendering the cost I assure Jane next, no article ot Marketing hhall le sold on their entire sovereignty for any length of It was low the summit of the ascent. The cost New Orleans to San Francisco, the dis- music wn making, which of grading heavy; and nearer the sea, part of the route in 1833. and Market Days in Uards'.own. before The familiar airs of you was not bud. On the tance being stated at 5,000 miles from in May, 1851, and oper.ed with is estimated at 82.000.000. every peron who shall violate the foregoing order time, which isabs'jrd. It is impossi:.le to pit wide and deep streams interrupt the me sentimenti, and I merhalf forfeit and pay the sum of Throe Dollars for great ceremony, lor travel ana trans road from New York to Like Erie, tun- New Orleaua to San Francisco by way horn? made each tndevery vi.iluion of the ame: and it i.j hereby wi h absolute power, andihe talk about de- lines of travel, and make the expense ged into the doleful air of "Give rae portation in that month. The state ad nels have been avoided by very expen of Panama, and as being only 3,333 by made the duty of the Market au-- to see the legating portions of that which from its very of bridging a serioti3 item. back my he3tt again; oh! gite it back r, i s,;n r t.i fareoqing order is strictly executed .,i.n.r.i In New England and the more dense- vanced six millions of do'lars toward sive works, which overcome ascents of HAltT, Chairman. JOS june 3 nature has no pans, and can have none, is and afterwards released the 1.400 feet. ly inhabited parts of all the old States the work, New oik to San Francisco by way of . One power may be checked upon the Atlantic, as in all European company from the obligation to pay the Liasecd Oil. prepostcous. No authentic statement has ever beri Panama a. S33 miles, being bv way of not a damsel disroscd to listen WHITE LIME, WhiteforLead. bv to They coifiUiucej i a the middle 1 sale;; md Hut It will thus be seen that the ex given of the capital invested iu the Tenuantephc ouly 4,744 miles, being a of modified in its action by another power countries, the exunuuliment of pri- loan. or WILSON may 6 th most pathetic Mrain. to call fat . was railroads of the United States, but we saving bv Vp Tehuautepec of 1.100 miles. vate titles to the real estate required ecution of his great improvement distinct from it, but each of these power the first tune;,. so I had to retura to . ?LEMON SYRUP. for railroads frequently forms a large pursued through nineteen years, and it Inve the means of forming an estimate T us immense difference in the sea di9 I A SLTHRIOit article sale bv in itself is indivisible ar-- infini'.e. I bad onclu- The 'Old Zip Coou. actompll-he& NOURSE. without calling upon which reliance may be placed. WILSON mav25 part of the expenses included in the was not tance, other things being equal, wou'd ded there was no eud to the , . r .v. people in delegating their power must do item of construction. In the Souther. into requisition both the resources ol The railroajs in operation at the be- seem to oe conclusive iu utui ui iuc Mr. Coon was a decided hit. In orJer"! quantity of very on hand WE have Cider a . large We ask all who wex one of two things, either appoint agenis for States and the valley of the Mississ- the Stale and the means of her citi ginning of the present vear. may be as Tehnantepec route." an K'J ) ni j wit; v ii.iiiiiviji, sii.iig cool article to come and tT ours sumed to have cost S243.000.C03. This measure will secure to i 3 en purposes to be carried out strictly ippi $20 000 per mile is considered a zens. WIL-O- N & NOUR-Ewa j 'test-re- d mav36 The amount invested in the lines under terprising friends the control of the commauled aain. and Yuef safe estimate. There, ia most cases, d In the infancy of the American to explain thei nss sou? .of . like Go'den S.iup aie ie-- accord. ng to iusiructions, or choose men to ;v. : i is impossible to esti Stupe UUUUl riIIOSC whocome and try ours: t;:ey willI , all the lands necessary for the purpose unci nuuu II utiiiutul - jaaold Liack gii'tleman '.vuj i lived ia system and for ten years thereaf construction, it quested to act at their own discretion both as to the ot the companies are given them in conmate with even an approximation to sweep over our continent to . the hereto1 article. was the rule to extend to every fuid n N .. . America, who was a Pacha smou; :be , r, c things to be done and the mode of do sideration of the advuntjges whij'n pri- ter, it ,. Their cost when comple lore in:iccessi wis uiiu un uc im-'- -i NOURSE. WILSON ,nav2G importaut enterprise of that character correctness. considerably less than ' ted will be the im-- j that nd the Uni ted States will reap tug mem. in Hie lurmer case, it is vate proprietor expect Irom the loca the assistance ot the state in which it yesterday a fpVndi.i plain that the people vote directly n ,v. 5 y of an equal length of road now in oper ,. : it wiiir:. the r Rrc-ivr.- of new FLOUR tion of the roads iu the vicinity of tiieir was to be built. warranted s.ijie :,, i. u. upon the h3.r in :eit Our 01 nis . nfaa. . ation, for the reason that the greater estates. j iioi at $3 75 per buTt-lV law, for if you take away from a la the 7 . Pennsylvania, Michigan, Illinois, number of new or unfinished Iine3 are r;cti trade which will bi conducted i and there was no hjir atall in the place , , . WHS1X & NOURSE. ma v.'fi In many of the Western States the thin; to bi done, and the mode of doins cost of grading a long line of road does Mississippi,, and some other states, in the West and South, where, as has through this channel by the Europeaa ' , Mill Creek Mills. . ...ind we should like to know what would be not exceed 1,000 per mile, the cost adopted extensive systems ol improve been shown, the cost of construction is world, with Cains, etc. Oir advan - in.iitulltf u- 1 h nnal "w and fist nulls are now completed jt, H OUR ready lor b:iine. We o'irit thf left. But if on the oiher hand the person of timber amounting to nothing more men is. consisting of railroads and ca far below what it is in the northern cazes will be incalculable. n U nni irall nr thin J !. lh"t ia which they pursued until their and eastern States. The same writer from whom we quote , Tjs.tronge of the pub!i; nnd will endeavor to thar. the expenses of clearing it from ual-bs deficient i:i eyes; that or persons chosen are invested with power IU.1NC R Si. M UK PHY. rie.erve it. failed: an event which happen The management of the American above, when speaking of constructing supposed to the tiack. For these reasons, the ex credit to legMate at discretion, t'lis, Mr. Consid- pense of building railroads in the Soutli- - ed in most cases before any ot the railroads is entirely distinct from the a railroad across the Peninsula of Flor neither had he teetli I eal breal with, Wheat. to a!o:u -. . WE wh to contr.icl for n few hundred bush. erant very plausibly argues, would not be em anai HI . Their ida, thus speaks of the great measure aud he had else,let bread fi:ige s and eat western states is now much works had been completed and brought administration of government. were as that hi Upl something e!s of fool met char tiMe Wln-atprofitable use. Bat the general concerns are managed by corporations, It is a magnificent idea to dwell an ciercise of popular sovereignty, but less than it will be when the country into , ltI.lNCOr.& MURPHY. msvl'!:f wmca companies consisting of a president, secretary and on, that by the construction of two, long as tae canes 1:1 me orea-cpractice was to charter merely a choice of masters, and it is difii. becomes as densely settled a the older was about an average of sixteen feet; Wanted. Each of the directors must hundred and feventy mils oi railroad, each of which was charged with the directors. rriWO hundred flit hooded Flour Barrels cult to sec how lie can b refuted. To States of the Union. of 'a"d eventujllv, that one day nats . They New York and San Francisco irei. The central railroad Illinois is an execution of some particular work, and own a certain amount of stock. I alo some ha'f harre'i if the nme kind. he was out in the field, a horrible inon- I u. ... .U : - r .. - . I. give another man for ever so hort a time enteprise which lurnishes a remarkable to aid them by loans of state stocks. are chosen by the body of stockholder?, BUNCOED MURPHY. myl3:f . Although this practice has lallen into who have votes in proportion to Ihe dred miles ot each other, aud .New Ur- the absolute diercsal of ores- life, libert) example of the energy and spirit of im Telegraph Flour. ' 6 , The di- lear.s within three thousand miles, thus, ' provement in the new States. Illinois so much disfavor in some ot the Mates number of shares they hold. lot of Telfgrnpli Flour just re ard propeity or either of thctn, is to make uo licici ucai.i ui u j admitted into the confederacy as that the citizens havt incorporated in rectors choose one of their boly presi- cutting off ten thousand mile of avat, except in this ong, which was AFCTS'I for sale by more oneself a slave ti that man, and we do not was articles prohibiting dent, and appoint the secretary. The the voyage round Hape Corn; and it their constitutions WILSON & NOURSE. a State, in 1818. with 30,000 inhabijune 3 see whi.t else can be made of it. But it tants. It has 55,405 square miles ol advances bv their legislatures for such president and secretary have generally will not be deemed an extra vagant sup- written in csmrceu oration of all ihesa New lot o( Fiencli Lawn for ssle cheap at facts. Thereupon, hiving txiked the by purposes, it i3 liberal when my2. RAUH &, IIROTIIEIIS. will be Slid the people would in the first territory, and a population, according and Virginia, yet continued and olhers directorssalaries, but the services of the position, thitsuffice constructed, twen- most profound iaiT-s- t iu the histjry other FranTennessee, are giatuitous. to reach San ty days will The place by means of iheircho?en agents have to the census of iSoO, of 851,476. of Uucle Ned, 1 launched forth into the LOVER Seed, for le hv now prosecuting expensive The rate of speed on our railroads is cisco from New York, and sixteen days established a constitution, and fixed cer. Central railroad is to extend from its states, are song, keeping at near the tune as possiWII SON & NOrRSE. fm t 041 J from New Orleans!" Ct. Atlu$. southwestern extremity, at the. conflu works, considered essential to their not so great as on those of England. ble, and going through all the motion SAMUEL CAKPENTKK. & SON. tain limits to the power of thosa whom ence of the Mississippi and Ohio rivers. prosperity, by means of advances from The orJinary velocity of a passenger descriptive o! the baldness of his head, ihey might select to make laws for them. to the north line of the State, with two their respective treasuries. train is twenty mil.s an hour, but on Anew version of the absence of his teeth, and the leng'.U Adam asdEts. ATTORNEYS AT LAW, Wc wiil see hereafter how this comports diverging branches, and is to be 630 In Midyear 1S50 Congress passed an some routes it is as hi&h a3 twenty an old affair the fall of our first pa- of his fingers. At length, when I arriBards'own, Kr eight and thirty miles. Express trains rents has been given by a pious Welch ved 6A.M L. CARPENTEH has resumed the pracwith the theory of inherent popular miles long. The cost is estimated at act, after a very protracted discus-ioat the final catastrophe, where Grim tice of Law. and will, in partnership with SA "'L 20.000 per mile, or $13 600,000 for granting to the State of Illinois about on such occasions as the conveyance parson, as thus: Death seizf-- s the old gentlemm by the and the sovereignty and conclude our present CABPENTEK. Jr.. rractice in of the President's message, frequently the entire work with, the equipments "Our great grandfather Adam was a heel, I made a sudden motion at the public lands to aid UTnundiiic; counties ar d tho Court of Appeals number with a suggestire extract from for operating it. This is the longest 2,700,000 acres of for as high a very good man, he was; as for Eve, she All baainess entrusted to their care promptly attend in the construction of the Central rail- maintainforty-fiv- long distances heel of our worthy host, who was jit-lied to. the wont of Mr. Considerant reviewed continuous line of road now in contemas Jan. 14. 183: miles an hour. And was one devil of a woman. She must road, to which allusion has been before speed near by, completely upsetting hitn plation in the United States, of which made. This magnificent donation is one road that between New York and needs go and rob an orchard, and not with fright, and causing a kngh, fro a T. W. E1I.ET. P.B.MCIR. J. C B ILtT. in the Westminster. Albany forty-fiv- e miles per hour is there is any of speidy with eating herself, she temp"The aw is a contract interposing pletion. It probability commenced com- reckoned by the company to which Il- the regular rate for all passenger trains satisfied good father Adam to ' too, the audience that seemed as if it would has bjen with linois has confided the building of the ted our RILEY. MUIR. BAILEY, come to an end. It was tha best between all the members of society. such facilities for executing the plansof The fares or rates of passage are not and thna brought a cure upoa the earth, never This ATTORNEYS AT LAW, road, to be worth 818,000,000. hitof the evening, enl completely reBAUD TOWN. k'Y It could not without an iniquitous ser- its projectors that there is no reasonable was the first instance in which the aid uniform. In New England, the aver confound her!!' moved all restraint. N Will practice Law id the Nelson Circuit and County A woetht bnt poor minister, recentvitude be obligatory on those who ehoulp doubt that it will be finished within a of the national government had been age price per mile for the conveyance Curta. Office, the an formerly occupied by The women had gradually uncovered of passengers is undei two cents; from ly requested a loan of fifty dollars from few j ears. Riley &. nir. Tliey will pi ve prompt and diligcn; extended to a railroad project. hart been precluded from the formation and the men were in suclk New York to Boston it is two and kicuuuu lu mil UU3IUISJ Luuuuca to ttM.m. Mr. Asa Whitney proposed to conof a bank; and in the note their But since the above grant, innumer- four tenths; from New York to Phila. the cashier good humor that they pai l no attention this contract; consequently every struct a railroad from St. Louis, or ff requesting the favor, he said he would have been made from as possdelphia three and four tenths; from Frenchman and every Frenchwoman ol some other place on the Mississippi able applications P. B. MUIR t. vr. KiLrr. days on the faith of Abra- to it; and we were all ai jovial new states for cessions of land Philadelphia to Baltimore, three and "pay in ten all the word that ible showing that people all over the full age makes with perfect light part river, to the Pacific ocean, terminating for'railroad ham." The cashier returned Whether such purposes. world are pretty much of t.le same naof the legMative sections in which his at San Francisco, in California, or at further aid shall be extended is now a one tenth. From New York to Cincinn by the rule of thu bank, the "endoraers ture, and that there are few races S9 AT LAW ati, the distance is S57 miles by the must reside in the State." the mouth of the Columbia river in question in American northern or her domical is situated.' barbarous as not to be moved by raus!; LOUISVILLE. KY., of which 143 miles aro Oregon. He solicits the patronage of much agitated Bills are pending in Con- travelled route, politics. L aw in the srsrious Courts held in mi a spirit of sociability. I never Win practice by steamboat. The price of Wanted. the national government for his progress proposing to cede for theie pur passage for the whole distance is 16 fonnd it t' fail any where: and terer Lsville the Court of Appeals, and in the Cir susii corn t : eak Cours of Spencer. Nelson. Bullitt, Larue, Har Sometimes, in musing upon genius digious work, and petitions for a grant poses about 30,000,000 of acres. busnela knew an instance of any advance fcciog in and Meade Counties. dollars and a half, being slightly under in its simpler manifestations, it seems of a tract of land eqml in extent to 2003 lb Faataera; way, where it Ojjire o Jffftrion, betveeen 5ri and 6JL The following table presents, in a two cents per mile. The Hues between For whic wt will give sixty miUsin width by two thousand rnirtat pries made in a hearty aiest as if the great art of human culture was not returned even mora cordially, '' nere on or both may always be found to ci plans were firt convenient form some of the principal Baltimore and Cincinnati, soon to be ioCaahorGrariaa jdscI or transact csy hasicM ca&Sded to them consisted chiefly in preserving the miles in length. His fcotn the fact, perhayj, thtt it is rarely COLLINC.5 & WELLS. je3 laid before Congress in 1&42, tnd be facts connected with xailroadi in the opened will bs 650 miles in length, and Jan 14, 1853 if glow and frr bUness of the heirt. TERMS Or ADVERTISING. BARDSTOWN : Jl 0 " STATISTICS 1 Yu-se- - d, ?oci-Paris- ! Il - d com-mence- 1 iiotfecs. 1 j argu-nients- ,, i 33,-06- 0 esti-mat- e four-fifth- Urto Tehu-antepe- - d r d faii. . i Vim-aar- 1 rail-toa- -i, I "l :r":; r:" .:::; . ,.,. . l . i .k.V,. : i i - uj A n ng e A t fre. ATTOHXEYS x nn 0JU Flai-Fted- off-han- d

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