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Image 2 of The Adair County news., January 5, 1910

Part of The Adair County news.

I r 3dL i I I I- f I I J I I fr l v THE ADA1R COUNTY NEWS I 1 I I dress was floundering in a wa ¬ tering trough near Seventeenth following make up Presid ¬ and Market streets early the IThe der Hulse appointments for other morning was a gentleman the Columbia District going over and a hero the territory for the second time The poor fellow was so helplessis requested that the member- ly hopelessly intoxicated that It ship keep these appointments be- ¬ had it not been for the timely ad ¬ fore it and attend the meetings vent of apoliceman he assuredly Monticello Locketts Chapel would have been drowned When January 67 the policeman seized him by the Vest Monticello Keens Chapel slack of his trousers and his coat January 89Clinton Lands Chapel Janu collar however and attempted to V ary 1112 lift him from the trough he re Albany Oak Grove January sistedvigorously 1516 Shay offisher he spurted Burksville Marrowbone Jan- ¬ you save the women an chil ¬ uary 1819 Bear Creek Parrish Chapel dren I can look after myself Philadelphia Times January 2223Peytonsburg Pleasant Hill January 2526 The Man Who Does Things Renox Breeding January 29 30 Every institution wants him Greensburg Greensburg Feb ¬ He is not looking for positions ruary 56positions are looking for him Thurlow Honks Chapel Feb He does not complain he acts ruary 1213 H e accomplishes results and CampbellsvilJe Circuit Asbury these accomplished results speak Feb uary 1516Spurlington and Early Taylors more loudly in his favor than Chapel February 1920 acres of snbsidized newspapers Campbellsville Station Febru ¬ What the world wants what the ary 2627 world rewards is the man who Wesley Chapel Mannsvilje does things Discouragement and February 2728Columbia and Tabor Columbia failures are meaningless notn ings to him results are the sub- ¬ March b6 Cane Valley stantial things for which he Cane Valley March 67strives and attains There is a Gradyville March 1213 settled air of assured success in West Tompkinsvijle March 19 EMERGENCY Section section 3 of his manners and movements Sec 2WHEREAS Many crops 20Tompkinsville an act entitled U An Act permit There is no trouble in selecting March 2223 ting persons to combine or pool of tobacco and other products For any breach or violation of any contract entered into for the Dig purposes set out in the foregoing At the last meeting of the trict Board of the Burley Tobac sections the injured party may December 7 g and recover the damages sustained co Society 9 a resolution was passed to ask him by reason of such violation > all newspapers in the counties oi such contract of the persons in which tobacco is pooled to puI violating the same and also of s any person who shall induce or lish a copy of the the Crec Law and the Little McChord Bill persuade another to violate such This was done because certain contract which damages shall t persons had violated their con include the reasonable expense tracts claiming that they didnot and attoreeys fees incurred by know that the above laws were the injuredparty in prosecuting in existence the Record publish- an action to recover such dam- ¬ es these laws as followsages or to prevent a violation of CRECELIUSLAW suchcontract if the party com Chapter Acts of the Gener- laining shall succeed in doing al Assembly Commonwealth off which may berecovedjn the Kentucky 1909 same action or original proceed An Act to amend section 3 of ingPenalty for Breach of Conan act of the General Assembly of Commonwealth of Kentucky tract approved March 21 1906 en ¬ Said agent when so elected as titled An act permitting per herein provided shall have the sons to combine or pool their sole right to sell said crop so pool- ¬ crops of wheat tobacco and oth ed or combined and it shall be er products and sell same as a unlawful for any owner of such whole and making contracts in crop to sell or dispose ofsame pursuance thereof valid being and for any person to knowingly Chapter 117 of the Acts of the purchase the same without the General Assemely of the Corp written consent of such agent monwealth of Kentucky for the and upon conviction thereof he year 1906 or they shall be fined in any sum Be It Enacted by the General or amount not exceeding 25000 Assembly of the Commonwealth h for each offense to be fixed by the jury in their discretion of Kentucky Second Round Columbia District The Crecelius Law Cigarrette News Notes I R I > j j i < i j x ¬ ¬ ¬ I IThat ¬ purs ands deg their crops of wheat tobacco or have been combined and pooled other products and sell same a ¬ a whole and making contractin pursuance thereof validap poses set out in the above sec proved March 26 1909 bein Chapter 117 of the acts of the General Assembly of the Corn monwealth of Kentucky for th year 1906 be and the same is hereby amended and reenacted so as to read as follows Such persons so entering into such an agreement for contract as is set out in the foregoing sections are A itse clared to exist which requires that this act should and shall and approval by the passage GoernorI 1319081 Approved March LITTLE MCCHORD BILL Chapter Acts of the General AssemblyCommonwealth ofKen tucky 1908 An Act to prevent the sale or with whom said parties so enter transfer of personal Property ing into such an agreement may where the possession is in one classify grade store hold sell person aud the Title is vested in or dispose of sail crop or any of anotherBe them anti said agent or agents Enacted by the General shall have the right to take reI ceive hold store of Kentucky classifygradeI sell or dispose of It shall be unlawful for any placed in said agreement for the person having the possession of purpose of accomplishing the ob personal property the title of ject of such combination of which is vested in an other to agreement between such princi sell or otherwise dispose of such pals and contracts and agree property without the written ments entered into by such agent consent of the person in whom or agents for the purpose of the little is vested Any person classifying grading storing hold guilty of such offense shall be ing selling or disposing ofsaid fined not less than One Hundred crop so combined united or pool Dollars nor more than Five Hun ed either in parcel or as a whole die gDollars for each offense ny person having notice of the in which such propertynation or purpose of such origi is held who shall purchase it of nal agreement of such principles the person having the possession so entering into said combina thereof or of any other person tion or of such agent or agents without the written consent of be declared illegal or invalid All the person in whom the title is contracts heretofore made by any vested shall be fined not less person or persons for the pur than One Hundred Dollars nor poses set out in the foregoing more than One Thousand Dol sections are hereby declared tars for each offense valid it othewise legally binding 2An emergency exists for the on the parties operation of this law i immediate Injunction may Issue to Pre therefore the same shall be in force from and after its enact- ¬ vent Breach of Contract 9 Itagent I I CommonwealthI llJnot I w < I To prevent any breach or violation of any contract made for the purposes set out in the fore ¬ going sections a restraining or der and writ of injnctlonmay be issued by proper officer as prescribed in the Civil Code pf ment Approved March 24 1908 I y > > it i < < 0 c < x 1 I C ick bd < coS hr w rn t 1 > ft him from a crowd He can be picked out just as unerringly as his opposite who abides with discouragement and failure and they leave amore attractive im ¬ print on the countenance Men who can do things in industrial commercial and financial life are as scarce as their opposite are plentiful Opportunities are not scarce they are plentiful more plentiful than ever since history was written They await the poor boy who does things without looking at the clock People who are always looking at the clock never amount to much in any- ¬ thing Men who do things never consult the time to see if they can stop they know time was made for slaves not for virile men who enthusiastically do things Employees who frequent ly consult the clock will always be employees with no hope of raising The man who does things may in his absorption forget his meals or his bed but this opposite will be ever ready ahead of time for both or either d tft > i7 i t lcY r G = t fL i iwtr V v Y k n t t SS w rCamillusbrnett sight and impair digestion Ask the athlete and he will reply If you expect to matte your mark in athletics you must let cigarettes alone Ask the edu ¬ cator and he will answer that the habitual cigarrette user can not keep up with his classes Ask the moralist and he will tell you that the practice makes crimi nals byblunting the moral faculties Ask the business man if it makes any difference to them if employes use cigarettes and mark the chorus of denuncia ¬ tions Burbank the plant wiz ¬ ard Moore of the United States weather bureau Edison the fa ¬ mous electrician all add their protest to those of railroad and street car managers superin- ¬ tendents of factories and propri ¬ etors of great business enter ¬ prises unite in saying that cig ¬ arette users can not be depend ¬ ent upon physically intellectu ¬ ally or morally If further testi ¬ mony is wanted look at the cigarette user himself and the anwer will be anything but favor of the practice Ex i h > il > YorkTwelve deaths resulted from the wreck on the Southern rail ¬ way at Reedy Fork trestle 10 miles north of Greensboro N C Frederick Greenwood the author and journalist died in London Mr Greenwood found ¬ ed the Pall Mall Gazett of which he was the first editor Adjournment of the 24th Mex- ¬ ican Congress has been taken until April of next year At the moment of adjournment a salute of 21 guns was fired The proposition to extend the franchise o f the Metropolitan Street Car Co for 26 years was Mol mother its not loaded the 12 year old son of Mrs James Mc I Laughlin of Santa Fe N M She Was the Ghost shot his mother through the heart killing her instantly A certain lady and her fam The supreme court of Indiana ily says Sir Mounts tuart Grant heljd constitutional the county op ¬ Duff in his Diary hired a tion electionl w enacted in 1908 place in Scottlandwhich was under which 65 out of the 92 haunted by the ghost of a wo counties of Indiana have closed man who was to be seen con stantly a t night wandering their saloons through the rooms and passages IBartlett Shepherd Haggard ¬ ¬ ¬ When the family arrived the lady was much struck with the place and said I must have been here s before for I know this place so well only there ought to be two rooms here and there is only one The agent replied that with- ¬ in a few weeks the owner had caused a partition to be taken down and made the two rooms into one Still the lady was zled at her knowledge of puzI place till she remembered was a house she used to go to in 55 her dreams Well some time passed r 5 J a < ot r a t k < f it Y a > sentence at Sal rel rt I > i > c 5 f5t < t u i The Supreme Court of Ala ¬ bama finally established what is known as the looker club decision wherein it is held that a man may own and store liquors where he pleases and as much as he pleases if ac quired legally B S Osbon secretary of the Arctic Club announced that Capt Loose had verbally con- ¬ fessed in the presence of wit nessess that he faked the recent affidavit in which he said that he had prepared data for Dr Fredr reick A Cook the explorer 44 A dark cool house is an ideal place to store potatoes for the next 60 dayI V A lister vis a good substitute for a potato digger it ia jbetter than do ubde mold a plow as I board r- r O1 1fi8 ituC J v r i > fit1Y N 1F 3X11 4 ft 0 The directors of the Louisville and Nashville railroad company declared a semiannual dividendof 3z percent an increase of per cent over the previous half year dividend declaration King Leopold of Belgium died atBrussells aged 72 years Ther e being no direct male heir the throne passes to Prince Albert son of Leopolds brother the lat e Phillippe Count of Flanders Appointment of a receiver for the Burley pools of 1906 and 1907 was premature according to the decision of the court of appeals and the decision of Judge Ben ton of Winchester is reversed Two persons were killed and seven seriously injured when a passenger train on the Central of Georgia railroad collided with passenger train No 42 on the Ma- = c n and Birmingham railroad at t r- > county Friday aged 82 years He was the last sur- ¬ vivor in the county of the veter ¬ ans of the Moxican War and one of the few in the State Harris City Ga e F was given a 12 Anderson R W Brown of Louisville ceived Hour votes for president of the National League of Profes ¬ sional Baseball Clubs in New ¬ 111lort SYii0i ti year jersville for the killing of GtV ¬ Z 1 The net poceeds of the charity ball given in Chicago last week reached 26000 maleI and the agent was up at the house again when the lady complained that one part of the contract had not been fulfilled They had hired a house and a ghost for the summer andno The agent Wheu the President Lost his Oat ghost had she seen replied Of course not beco use The Crystal palace exhibition you are the ghost We recogniz opened at New York July 15 ed you the moment we saw you eo 1853 was the first affair of this Declines to Commit Himself kind in the country for which foreign exhibits were solicited Its a little early to be making The big show began with a announcements for anything so procession in which President far away said Congressman 01 Franklin Pierce mounted was a lie M James of the First dis conspicuous feature The hero trict when asked in the new of the day rode a mettlesome capitol Tuesday whether the re ¬ steed and while proceeding up ports were true that he will be a Wall street the presidential candidate for United States Sena ¬ headgear a new silk hat of the tor to succeed Senator Paynter arevalent style was incomtinent Ut1 will let my friends know ly tumbled to the pavement to do when the what I intend Another horse recklessly steppe time comes said the big Re- ¬ upon the unfortunate tile crush- ¬ presentative as he puffed up the ing it out of the semblance of it ¬ marble strairs on his way to see self besmenaing it with mud new House and Senate chambers real Wall street mud What was Mr James s ia4 on his way left of the misshapen and be ¬ to Marion to spend the daubed hat was worn by the holidays He stopped president to the great amuse- ¬ Christmas off here from Washington where ment of the spectators until a he has been attending the con¬ substitute could be secured gressional session In order to loojc t Sandwjky CoNile PlakiincMm after j case which he has before tile 1 Court of APpeltls Frtnk peop1eti ouid iirJoW out when faculties are under the then Liver Kid toxic influence of alcohol 25c mt Pauir the man of apparent wealth and refinement who in full evening to tbey1Vbol1ycuredhimIThey F i for youll take a big drink and your fears are quelled and the shadowy visions are all dispelled But ere you repose for another snooze take this adviceHCut out the boozerEx > I t o Em- One of these nights while you lie dreaming into your room therell come ascreaming t a big black wompus with greenish eyes and a plumaged devil with awful cries and an Orrie shaped thing all covered with hair will shriek and howl while you tremble there And a slimy snake with a glisten ing hide will coil and sing just by your side and a greeneyed monkey with a pink phizog will about astride a hog and back in the corner where you threw your coat is the warlike image of a William goat And the face of a friend who has long been dead will lurk in the shadows around your bedwith palid face and deathgazedeye and on his lips a cry and then by your side he will come and stand and soothe your brow with his clammy hand And there on the floor where you left your hat with back all arched is a Maltese cat and a tall giraffe with bow and smile is making love to a croco ¬ dile and a polar hear with a growLand a roar will enter your room through a tightly closed door And you fuss and fume but you cant make out just what the dickens its all about and youll tell yourself and twill be quite true that you didnt start out to see the zoo and for your life you cant see bow you hap ¬ pened to reach this menagerie Then youll reach for your bottle your dearest friendand hallucination will reach an end s Drug r Then Youve Got i 1 ney and Bow I aTOii1J1lI for Breach of Contract II A Chivalrous Man Stung ror 5 Years by Indigestions pangs trying many doctors and 20000 worth of medicine If it be true that what is in a in vain B F Ayscue of Ingleside N G at last used Dr Kings New Life man when he is sober will come PraeticeS y Temple Hill March 2627 T L Hulse P E Ask the doctor he will tell you 4f s 44 S

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