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Image 88 of Bulletin of the University of Kentucky, Volume 21 (1946-1947)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

V»-» ` Iii if I ·‘; · · ~ E · ` I _, .; S4 UNIVERSITY OF 1<1sx*rUc1{Y . Faculty. To accomplish these aims and purposes the College A of Agriculture and Home Economics has built up a scholarly, able, _ li AR and forward-looking faculty. The men and women who compose ·_ ai ‘ _ the faculty are selected because they are good teachers, have a H i thorough knowledge of their chosen fields, and have the ability to ci . guide and inspire others in their study of these fields. Some devote i . S} part of their time to the Experiment Station or to the Extension N Division. Many have national and international reputations in j o‘ _ T their respective fields. Some have brought distinction to them- p Sl ` selves and the College by their discoveries and investigations, V _ ‘ others through books that they have written, and still others by V A their work on state and national problems of many kinds. The s1 privilege of associating with and studying under men and women `4 tl who know how to teach and who have the ability to contribute to s1 _ the solution of current problems in agriculture and home economics q - l is an important point to consider in the selection of a college. te l Buildings and Equipment. Adequate, modern buildings and Y P ` A equipment are essential for good instruction in agriculture and , \ · home economics. In addition to the general University buildings L n the College of Agriculture and Home Economics has several build- ings devoted specifically to the work of the various departments. l S‘ The Agriculture Building houses the office of the dean, the de- j . 'I partment of horticulture with its student laboratories, class rooms L for farm economics and marketing, and laboratories for the use of ` ; students in crops, soils, and agricultural entomology. The Dairy V Building has modern, well-equipped laboratories for work in dairy fi · manufacturing, incubation, and genetics. The Stock Judging if » i Pavilion has classrooms and an arena for livestock judging and other phases of work in animal industry. The Agricultural Engi- . neering Building has shops and laboratories for tractors, stationary g engines, and machinery, as well as a commodious drawing room. The Animal Pathology Building has classrooms and laboratories · , of the most modern type for the study of animal diseases. The Q 6 Q Tobacco Laboratory is well equipped for the study of plant diseases. ‘ { C Q In the Meats Laboratory are modern freezer lockers, and rooms for i E i slaughtering, cutting, and curing meat. The Experiment Station i ( . Building contains no classrooms, but offices of many of the mem- bers of the staff are located there. , The Home Economics Building was open and ready for occu- 1; pancy in September, 1940. As conditions permit it is being equipped l C with laboratory fixtures of the latest design. In addition to offices i S and classrooms the building now contains laboratories for foods, L G clothing, nutrition, dietetics, experimental cookery, costume design, I and interior decoration. A home management house and a child- E care center are located near the Home Economics Building. The { cafeterias of the University School and the Student Union are used t as laboratories for students in institution economics. 8

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