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Image 36 of Bulletin of the University of Kentucky, Volume 21 (1946-1947)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

. ‘ er 32 UNIVERSITY on KENTUCKY ‘ A ` · ment is completed, and it shall be counted as a part of the load of he _ Q that quarter or term. cla; Z · · Auditors or Visitors. No instructor is authorized to admit an lea auditor to any of his classes except on presentation of an auditor’s m I . 1 card from the Registrar’s Office. A student who visits a class as an l auditor is not allowed an examination for credit. to . Probation. A regular student who fails to pass in three- the fourths of the normal load required by his college in his preceding coll F quarter may be placed on probation by the dean of the college. ma If during the quarter of probation, he again fails to pass in three- , fourths of the normal load, he may be dropped from the University Un; by the dean of his college. A student who has been dropped from the the University may be reinstated only by the Committee on deg Scholarship and Attendance. AE The above rule will apply to a part-time student, carrying less XE, i than three-fourths of the normal load, if he fails to pass in half of - , the scheduled load. hou , I Transfer from One Curriculum to Another. A student trans- spe, \ ferring from one curriculum of the University to another will not Of ( § be allowed credit in excess of the normal load of the curriculum to Exa; which he is transferred, except as the student may be eligible for extra work. by Poor Work in English. Any instructor who finds the written Uni· t work of any student seriously defective in its English is expected bee] i to report the case, together with specimen papers, to a committee in 1 · consisting of the dean of the student’s college and the Head of the incl E Department of English, who shall have power to require additional work in composition without credit. pres Unsatisfactory Scholarship and Attendance. Students who are dem _ · doing unsatisfactory work, or who are irregular in attendance, are . reported to their deans. Such a student is under the special super- Ente , vision of his dean. If after a suitable length of time it becomes plac Q apparent that no improvement is being made, the student may be t dropped from the course, on recommendation of the dean to the dey i Registrar. l _ Wha E Repeated Failures. The head of a department may refuse to bec,] g allow a student to register in a course for a third time. Stud ` Classification. A student in any college; except Law shall be a co1 A classified as a sophomore, junior, or senior, when he has within 10 tion i quarter hours of the normal requirement and a standing of 1.0. thej However, no student may be classified as a sophomore until he has time had college residence of at least three quarters, nor as a junior . until he has had college residence of at least five quarters. ing c A Law student is classified as a second year student when he and has completed 36 or more hours and as a third year student when unle: 1.

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