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Image 321 of Bulletin of the University of Kentucky, Volume 21 (1946-1947)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

’ A MUSIC EDUCATION 315 g 136 SURVEYS IN INDUSTRIAL EDUCATION. i (3) I, II, III, IV Hankins and Crumpton - Techniques and methods for making various types of surveys to i determine needs for vocational training in trades and industries. Forms, questionnaires, outlines, interviews and conferences are studied as means of evaluating the effectiveness of industrial education programs. ` ~ 137 SPECIAL PROBLEMS IN INDUSTRIAL EDUCATION. (3) I, II, III, IV Hankins and Crumpton K The supervised study of approved problems in industrial educa- t tion on a research basis. 143 MODERN INDUSTRIAL ANALYSIS. t ~ (3) I, I1, III Hankins and Crumpton t Modern industrial organizations; trends in industrial educational . policies; the proper approach to and analysis of these problems { as they atfect the industrial vocational teacher. . 2 K 17Ia, b PRINCIPLES AND PHILOSOPHY OF INDUSTRIAL - EDUCATION-. (3, 3) I, II, III, IV Hankins and Crumpton A course planned primarily for the advanced student in industrial i A education. It covers the general philosophy of vocational educa- . tion as it is tied up with the problems and principles of industrial { — education. , * » L 183:1, b METHODS IN INDUSTRIAL EDUCATION. T G (3, 3) IV Hankins and Crumpton , ` The most approved methods in instructional management, including j t lesson planning, in the field of vocational industrial education. P MUSIC EDUCATION “ Alexander A. Capurso. A 251 PROBLEMS IN PUBLIC SCHOOL AND COMMUNITY . < MUSIC. (5) II, IV Capurso . V Problems in teaching, supervising, organizing, and leading public school and community music activities. Students in-service have an opportunity to bring problems from their own school or com- ’ munity situations and. when possible, the instructor visits them in the Held. This course includes projects, demonstrations, readings, and { L discussion. ‘ E 252 FIELD PROBLEMS IN MUSIC. (2) III, IV Capurso A A course designed to permit the teacher or leader in the field to work v out his local problems as an independent graduate teaching project ‘ under the guidance of the music staff. I 253 INDEPENDENT WORK IN MUSIC EDUCATION. i Q (5) III, IV Capurso , “ A course designed for graduate students who undertake research , i problems in music education, conducted in regular consultation ; ;i with the instructor. ' I

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