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"They also serve Who . . . Stand and wait." (Printed verso reads: "Since the war began, eleven of our old British nurses have returned for duty in the British Isles. We set up the Frontier Graduate School of Midwifery to give our American nurses training for 'overseas' or 'frontier' work which British nurses already had, and which American nurses went to Great Britain to get. In the past you have supported the work of the Frontier Nursing Service. We do need your support in this new venture. Please forgive this inexpensive form of reminder, and help us save postage. Please send a check to our treasurer, Mr. Manning, who will send you a receipt on which he personally pays the postage. We thank you in the name of the lonely outpost women and children whose distresses and dangers you help to relieve. Yours sincerely and gratefully, Mary Breckinridge, Director.")

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