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Traxel's Restaurant, Bakery, Confectionary has an established reputation for the best foods - served the best. Established In 1878. (Printed verso reads: MAYSVILLE, KENTUCKY, was known for many years as 'Limestone' from the creek of that name which empties into the Ohio River at this place, and later was called Maysville after John May of Virginia, then owner of the land on which the city now stands. In the spring of 1775 Simon Kenton passed down the Ohio and landed at the mouth of Limestone Creek. The first settlement at this place was made in 1784 when a double log cabin and block house was built, on which at the present time now stands the High School Building. Daniel Boone also resided here in 1786.") [Foldout Card Lists Distances To Scenic And Historic Places In Kentucky.] 2 copies

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