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FIVE THOUSAND CHILDREN - PLEASE DON'T FORGET THEM THIS CHRISTMAS. (Printed verso reads: "Christmas Gifts In Supplies. The Frontier Nursing Service is getting ready for Christmas and would like to haul the bulk of its supplies in from the railroad early. Will you please send: Whatever toys and dolls you can find, new and old, for girls, big boys, and tiny tads? Please send warm clothing, new and old; woolies for babies; and candy. By Parcel Post to Hyden, Ky. By Freight Or Express to Hazard, Ky. CHRISTMAS GIFTS IN MONEY. Money to carry on the work is needed during the hard winter season and in times so shattering as these. Please send gifts in money to The Frontier Nursing Service, care of The Treasurer, Mr. C.N. Manning, Security Trust Company, Lexington, Ky. [Signed] Mary Breckinridge.")

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