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(Printed verso reads: "The Brunson Inn, Cumberland Falls, KY., The Niagara of the South (Fall 80 Feet). This beautiful resort is in the heart of the Kentucky mountains; on the grand old Cumberland River. Wonderful scenery; atmosphere cool, crisp and invigorating. Here is an ideal place to spend your vacation for rest, health and pleasure. Boating, Bathing, Dancing, Music (No extra charge), Canoes, Saddle-horses and Pool (A reasonable extra charge), Several Fine Mineral Springs, Hay Fever Relieved, Telephone, Daily Mail and Electric Lights. Rates: $2.50 per Day, $15.00 per Week, Wagon Fare, $1.25, Automobile, $1.50, Cumberland Falls Station (Q. & C. [Queen and Crescent] R.R) to Hotel - 13 miles. The Brunson Inn - Open all the Year - Round Trip Tourist Tickets at all Q. & C. R.R. Offices." No Postmark)

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