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Page 6 of Kentucky Negro Educational Association Journal

Part of Kentucky Negro Educational Association Journal

up to the year 1937. In this pageant, the founding of our leading in- stitutions in Kentucky for the education of the Negro will be por- trayed. The progress in curriculum development will be vividly por- trayed and in pantomime, dance, and music the history of Negro edu- cation in Kentucky will be displayed. More than one thousand peo- ple will participate in this pageant and elaborate plans are being made for its presentation. To further celebrate our 60 years of existence, there will be a theme that is vital to the welfare of our race discussed by leading educators of the country. This theme is "Education for Improving the Economic Status of the Negro." Note, in the program plans an- nounced elsewhere in this Journal, the array of speakers who are to appear at our 61st convention. It is hoped that no teacher in Ken- tucky will miss this 60th anniversary convention. On the program mention will also be made of the services of the present secretary- treasurer of the K. N. E. A., the year 1937 being his 15th anniversary in that office. The president and secretary-treasurer, with the ap- proval of the Board of Directors, are making elaborate plans for this celebration and we seek the cooperation of all superintendents, princi- pals and teachers in Kentucky. L. N. TAYLOR Among the most faithful and interested leaders in Kentucky is Mr. L. N. Taylor, State Rural School Agent and a representative of our State Department of Education. Mr. Taylor has a keen interest in the education of the Negro and at every opportunity he seeks to make a reality "an equal educational opportunity for every Ken- tucky child." Space does not permit mention of the specific achievements of Mr. Taylor in correcting inequalities in the education of the Negro. The K. N. E. A., nevertheless, pays tribute to Mr. Taylor for the out- standing work which he has done and wishes him continued success in the noble work to which he is devoting himself. Each year, through the efforts of Mr. Taylor, the Rosenwald Fund cooperates with him and the State Department of Education in the publishing of a School Improvement Issue of the K. N. E. A. Journal. This issue of the K. N. E. A. Journal is sponsored to a large extent by Mr. Taylor and it is because of Mr. Taylor's interest that the K. N. E. A. Journal has been able to grow to its present status. Mr. Taylor is ever interested in articles that would prove beneficial to the colored teacher of Kentucky and is alert and active in his suggestions to the secretary of the K. N. E. A. We appreciate Mr. Taylor's interest and feel greatly the kind influence which he exerts and which he causes to be established in Kentucky relative to the education of the Negro. Negro education will march on with men like Mr. L. N. Taylor as one of its leaders. 6

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