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An Appeal! Our great Commonwealth has been struck by the most serious flood in its history. Three of our largest cities, Louisville, Paducah and Frankfort have been seriously damaged by the raging waters of the Ohio River. Many of our smaller comminities have likewise been ruined. We have had to flee from our homes by the thousands in search of higher ground. Thanks to those dry cities which cooperated so beautifully in caring for those from the unfortunate areas. Word has come to the secretary of the K. N. E. A. of the work done all over the state by our teachers and principals. Our colored school buildings have been our most convenient places of refuge. 'Thanks for our school buildings! Our colleges, K. S. I. C. at Frank- fort, Louisville Municipal College, and Lincoln Institute did all they could to help and deserve commendation. We greatly sympathize with Paducah, the city where our West Kentucky Industrial College is located. Now that the flood waters are receding, let us turn with renewed vigor in rededicating our schools to their purposes. We must push our school beautification contest with more enthusiasm a'nd re-build wherever we can. THE K. N. E. A. MUST GO ON! Our program must be enlarged to meet newer problems. Already about one-fifth of our colored teachers have enrolled for 1937. I am now appealing to every city that was not hit by flood waters to send in at once the enrollment fees of its teachers. This will greatly facilitate matters and let us have a9n idea of our financial status in planning for our 60th Anniversary Convention in Louisville, April 14-17, 1937. Cities in the flooded areas may send in their fees after March 15. President W. S. Blanton joins me in this urgent enrollment plea. ATWOOD WILSON, Secretary of K. N. E. A.

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