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Image 1 of 1970 - Board of Regents Meeting Minutes.

Part of Murray State University Board of Regents Meeting Minutes.

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M? MINUTES OF THE M ETING OF THE BOARD OF REGENTS MURRAY STATE UNIVERSITY April 22, 1969 The Board of Regents of Murray State University, Murray, Kentucky, convened in a regular quarterly meeting on April 22, 1969, in the Board Room in the Administration Building on the Campus of the University at 1:00 P.M., C.S.T., pursuant to a call of such meeting by the Chairman of the Board, giving each member notice of the time and place; of such meeting as stated above, upon request of the President of the University, in accordance with the provisions of KRS 164.340. I 0. B. Springer was in the chair, presiding as Vice Chairman, and upon call of the roll the following answered present: Lochie Hart, Charles E. Howard, Bill Powell, Joseph M. Whittle, William G. Read (non-voting), and Max Russell (non-voting). There were absent Wendell P. Butler and E. G. Adams. Present also for the meeting were Harry M. Sparks, President; Patsy R. Dyer, Secretary of the Board; Thomas B. Hogancamp, Vice President for Administrative Affairs; M. O. Wrather, Executive Vice President; Fred Bradshaw, Director of Development; and Don Bradshaw and Tom Dupree, F. L. Dupree & Company. It having been determined that a quorum was present for the transaction of business, the meeting was called to order. Dr. Sparks opened the meeting with prayer. Agenda President Sparks presented the following Agenda: Agenda for Meeting of the Board of Regents Murray State University April 22, 1969 I. Oath of Office administered to Max Russell. II. Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Regents held on March 1, 1969. ACTION ITEMS: III. Resignations Recommendation: I recommend that the resignations as listed be accepted. Name Assignment Effective John C. Williams Professor, Biological Sciences 8-31-69 (paid by SSI for summer session) Joyce S. Herndon Sec., Military Science 4-26-69 David Alexander Asst. Security Officer 3-31-69 Emily W. Wolfson Assoc. Prof., Art . 6-30-69 William D. Bonham Asst. Prof., Communications 6-30-69 Ronnie L. Moubray Inst., Accounting & Finance 6-30-69 Phyllis Poole Sec., Accounting & Finance 6-30-69 Louise Turner Clerk-Typist, Library 5-31-69 Jenny Newberry Clerk, Library 6-30-69 " Johanna Gaeta Clerk-Typist, White Hall 6-30-69 Roberta Staples Inst., English 6-30-69 Sally V. Spagnola Sec., Education 5-31-69 Lola Saffer Bookkeeper & Clerk, Bookstore 5-31-69 Marjorie S. Stewart Assoc. Prof., Home Economics 6-30-69 Parrick McCarthy Inst., English 6-30-69 - Arlene Crant Sec., Physics 5-31-69 Frieda K. Bradsher Inst., English 8-31-69 Mary D. Crum Sec., Chemistry & Geology 6-26-69 Earl Lockhart Janitor, Fine Arts ‘ 1-31-69 Charles L. Obert Asst. Prof., Management 6-30-69 Floyd Usrey SU Cafeteria 3-10-69 Doris Gorrell Instructor, Nursing 9- 1-69 Ronald W. Beeny Press Operator, Printing Services 4- 4-69 Frankie Ainsworth Secretary, Psychology 6-16-69 Marilyn Kimberlin Secretary, Psychology 6-16-69

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