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Image 8 of Kentucky fruit notes, vol. 1, No. 13, December, 1939 to January, 1940

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

V i` that entire tree can be sprayed and "You know that correct apple the fruit l1_arvested at a 1·easonable use table that you printed in your cost, will naturally be desirable last issue of KENTUCKY Fmnr _ pruning. Such "skyscraper" trees Norms, well I was copying it off on. . can be prevented by a small amount a large cardboard 18 inches square of constructive pruning the first to tack up on my apple sales house T · - 10 to 15 years ofthe orchard. This doo1·. 1 think that is one of the best t . is done by pruning out thc small things you ever published. lt will inside branches that are iff; to 1% be a big help to apple growers and `¢ inch in diameter, causing the treo consumers too. Why, nearly every - to develop a drooping appea1·a11ce day and sometimes several times a - ( during its early years of heavy pro- day, during apple SCZISOII, women ’ · duction. ask me what apple is best for sauce, . Wl1_ere a grower needs to econ- pies or eating fresh. 1·`romnow on I- , i omize on his orchard operation 1 will just point to my placard and S · costs it is suggested that he start by let the customer pick the variety C V doing less pruning in his bearing that suits her needs best. This { T » f1`€€S. information should help us satisfy t ` our customers and cause them to j p NOTICE come back." i .‘ _ In the next issue of Kclltllclry TTIC gI`O\VCI.' \\’£lS lllfll ZlSl{Cd ll€ f V Fruit Notes we will present a dis- ilL¥i`€‘o

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