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Image 1 of Kentucky fruit notes, vol. 1, No. 13, December, 1939 to January, 1940

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

Vol. 1 December, 1939—January, 1940 U _ No. 13 I ir KENTUCKY FRUIT NOTES ,.4 VV. D. Armstrong, I-Iorticulturist, Editor · UTR . J" THE SPE C IAL HORTIGUL- fruit has been favorably accepted TURAL APPROPRIATION in the central markets in thepast. The work that has been eamea U<>i~‘<>~‘~¤: St¤¤1`Z1Ct1CCS that will protectlthe good · A must by the U¤*m‘St*t>‘ of tEEII$£i’·"? I‘i?5Jl$€E€$?EZE1LiE§dti3€ Kentucky for the continuation of in Hx i . asi _ ti this appropriation has been made P I f'_°C tic luiirg Pg Conga ' A and is subject to the action of the 10} wm 0 mr pw ucmg STC Ons` General ASS€mb]v_ Growers are also expressing the ' need for a wider use of inspection itlltl gfittllllgl of St1‘£t\\'l)€I`I'1€S HI i Slllllplllv DOIHTS. 1‘·€(l€I‘3.l-Stiii.8 H. B. PRICE, Head, Department of SITPPIUE pomt mSp€Ct1O1}’ by a' CQ` Markets and Rural Finance, Agri. operative arrangement ot the Agri- cultural Experiment Station eultural lixperinicnt Station With stra,vbmy_gt—OmS of Kentucky §lQ§€T;\_,;· ;,’,?g}§‘QQ‘;i‘§,Q,‘§ $§l§;;‘;1,; ( are g1v1ngser1ous thought to means mink in Kemuckv both in 193; of improving the marketing of Tmd 1,,.;,, The Seiwice proved SO V Stm“`b€m`1€S` RQCQMITU Tcctmgs helpful both in providing a better gg sgsmetg we $¤l

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